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she is perfectJack had the girls standing naked before him. There was eight of them in all different stages of pregnancy. He had a very smart business. He would breed these beautiful sexy girls and then the babies would be sold to couples that could not have babies. He had a long list of want to be parents waiting for babies. They paid a lot of money for a baby. He now looked at each girl. Liz was about to give birth to her fourth c***d. Then she would rest for thirty days before he would begin fucking her and breeding her each night. He kept the girls for ten years and after the tenth baby he would let them either leave or they could stay and just have sex with Jack. He sucked on each of Liz’s tits and ran a finger inside her cunt. He then sat her on the exam table and sucked her clit then tongue fucked her cunt. The knocked up girls needed sex and he gave them oral as he never wasted his cum on a prego girl. When he made her cum several times he licked her clean and helped her off the table and then turned to Joy. Joy had enormous saggy tits as she was six months with her fifth c***d. She was easy to breed and it took no time to knock her up. He lifted her heavy tits with his hands and kurtköy escort sucked them then fingered her cunt and sat her on the table and gave her clit a good suck then tongue fucked her till she also came several times. Next was Pam.Pam was the youngest and this was her first baby. She was just two month along and it took her a long time to be knocked up. Her young tits were starting to swell and he kissed each one and sucked it as he fingered her cunt. She had been a virgin when he first fucked her. He then fucked her morning and night to get her pregnant. He now sucked her tits as he fingered her cunt. Then he sat her on the table and sucked her clit as he kept finger fucking her cunt. She loved fucking and she was cumming faster and faster for his fingers. He then put his tongue in her cunt and a finger in her ass. He sat her down and moved to Jane.Jane had her first baby at the age of sixteen and it was rough for her as she gave birth to twin girls. She had to wait a full three months till he could breed her again. This was her third pregnancy and she was just nineteen.Jack went down the line pleasuring each girl then he took the hand of Marcy and took her with him as she aydıntepe escort was now ready to breed again. This would be her fourth. When she had the second baby it was a different deal. The couple wanted a black baby so Jack promised them a black daddy to breed white Marcy. He brought a black stud in and the stud fucked her constantly for two months till she was knocked up with the seed of a black man. It was the only time he had ever let any one else fuck one of his girls. Marcy gave birth to a half black baby and the couple paid a lot of money for the c***d.He took naked Marcy to the breeding room. Here he would fuck her many times to get her knocked up. It would be a pleasure and he always gave the girls finger sex and oral sex along with the cock fucking. Jack had a rock hard cock from sucking the girls pussy and he laid Marcy down and right away pushed his cock in her and began to fuck her. He came fast and then he began to give her pleasure by sucking on her tits and playing with her clit. She rubbed his cock and balls and it took him no time to get hard again. That evening and night he fucked her four times. The next day he fucked her twice more then again that tuzla içmeler escort night. He only left her side when he went to the room to suck and finger fuck the other girls. He always came back with a rock hard cock and fucked her fast the first time. He liked fucking Marcy and loved sucking her clit as she had a big thick clit and it would swell as he sucked it. He loved pussy a lot and that is why he sucked and fingered the girls each day. He had all the pussy he could handle. One night he went and got Jill and took her to the private room. She was naked and her belly big with baby. Her tits were huge as this was her seventh baby and she always stayed full of milk and he loved sucking the big filled globes. He pulled her to him and he began nursing her and as he did he fingered her clit and her cunt. She spread her legs wide wanting the attention from him. He nursed both tits and drank the milk when he then sat her down and began to tongue fuck her cunt. The milking and fingering made his cock rock hard and he then carefully bent her over and shoved his cock in her ass. He loved fucking the ass and he seldom did as he liked the cum in a cunt to make a baby. She loved getting her ass fucked a lot. He was careful to not hurt her and it did not take long to cum for her. He sucked her tits and played with her cunt for a couple hours before he took her back to the room with the other girls and went to his room to breed Marcy more that night.

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