She Is Seduced

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Somewhere in the distance police sirens rang out. Beth turned her head in curiosity. She wondered if it was something serious. Coming to a conclusion that she wasn’t going to get to see anything, she returned her attention to the conversation going on between her friends. Feeling kind of bored, she took another long sip from her rum and coke. It was nice and strong, and she was starting to feel a little tipsy as well as a little horny. She could feel her nipples tighten and her pussy throbbing. Alcohol always had that affect on her. She took another sip and finished it, putting the glass on the bar. Steve, the bartender, smiled and asked if he could get her another one. Beth looked at him, smiled, and nodded her head, saying that it would be very nice if he could. He smirked and poured her another. This time he made it a double.

Beth, looked over at her boyfriend, Scott, sitting next to her and decided to tease him a little by reaching down and grabbing his package. He was trying not to laugh, as he continued to talk to his buddies Mike and Brad. Beth began to rub the head of his hardening cock though his pants. She never noticed that Mike was watching.

Mike was wishing it was his cock she was stroking. Mike was horny as hell and he often loved to think about what it would be like to give it to Beth’s pussy. He wondered if she was tight, if she shaved or not, he often wondered if she liked it up the ass.

He couldn’t get the site of Beth’s perky titties out of his mind. She came out that night with her long brown hair worn loose and she wearing one of her little tops and a pair of low cut jeans. Several times Mike noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra, but he never saw any clues to whether she was wearing any panties.

He was getting fed up with waiting around for an opportunity to get some time alone with her. He knew he was skilled in bed, he had plenty of experience and he knew how to please a woman. He could last for hours, fucking until she was beyond satisfied. He knew Beth would thoroughly enjoy some quality time alone with him. Mike finally concluded that he had to do something about it. He decided that later that night, he would drop by at Beth’s place, once she got home, and ask if she’d like to go for a swim with him. Two things could happen from this. First, she could turn him down, causing much awkwardness between the two. Second, she agrees and they fuck each others brains out, and no one had to know. Mike shook his head and hoped for the best. The plan was set.

Beth watched as Mike stared at her tits. She didn’t mind, deep down inside her biggest desire and turn on was to be a tease. She leaned her shoulders back a bit and uncrossed her legs, opening them slightly. Her hand drifted to her thigh, and she rubbed it softly. She pretended that she didn’t know Mike was watching. She knew Mike was getting turned on. This thought alone caused a couple of drops of wetness to soak her little pink panties. She couldn’t stand it anymore, she was getting so horny. When no one was looking except for Mike she brought her hand up to her crotch and rubbed it a little.

Mike’s cock was growing more and more. He knew that Beth was doing it on purpose. She pretended to be innocent, but deep down inside, Mike knew, she was a naughty girl. She had the potential to be a real slut, if it wasn’t for her damn boyfriend.

Beth smiled, fixed herself, finished her drink, and pulled on Scotts arm. Scott got his keys out and helped Beth down the stairs, and out towards his car. He only had a couple of drinks, as oppose to Beth who was downright tipsy. She got into the car and smiled a naughty grin at her boyfriend. He smiled back, and watched as she unzipped her jeans and slid them down a little. Scott slid one hand up her thigh as he pulled out onto the road. She moaned and leaned back as his large manly hands fondled the folds of her pussy.

His fingers pushed aside her panties, and rubbed illegal bahis on her clit as she moaned. Some of her wetness leaked down onto the seat, as she reached over to pull out his big hard cock. She leaned over some, and licked the precum off the head of it. He continued to drive expertly, as her lips opened and she took his dick all the way to the back of her throat and then some. She began to moan. His fingers massaged her clit, and within moments she was cumming. Her entire body shook with each orgasm, yet she managed to continue sucking on his dick. Her tongue now whirled around the head, as her head bobbed up and down, sucking on it. He moaned and pulled over to the side of the road so she could finish him off. She took his balls in her hands and played with them. She sucked on his pole so hard and so deep he couldn’t hold it much longer. He moaned and warned her that he was about to cum. Beth then went even deeper with his cock, allowing most of the cum to squirt right down her throat. She pulled away a bit, swallowed and allowed the rest of the cum to leak down her chin. He pulled back onto the highway and drove back to town. They arrived at Beth’s place, Scott kissed her goodnight, and then she got out and went inside.

Once inside, Beth went and took a nice hot shower. She had just gotten out, when she heard a knock on the door. She wrapped a towel around herself, and opened the door to find Mike. “Hey Mike, what are you up to?”

Mike gave her a naughty grin and watched as her wet hair dripped down onto her chest which was barely covered by the towel; “Beth, I’d really like it if you would come for a swim with me.” Beth blushed a little and asked why. In response Mike walked up to her and gently stroked her cheek with his hand; “I’d like to spend more time with you, get to know you a little better.”

Beth tilted her head to the right as she thought about it. Deep down inside she wanted to. She’d been attracted to Mike for so long, and she’s always wanted to get to know him better. She glanced down at the ground, and then looked into Mike’s blue eyes. He wore a hopeful expression on his face. Beth couldn’t say no to him. She smiled and told him to hold on one moment. She went into her room pulled of the towel, found her little white bikini and threw it on. She found a dry towel, and threw on a sweater and some jeans. She went back to Mike, took his hand and pulled him out the door.

Once in the car, Mike turned on the tunes. The bass rattled though Mike and Beth’s bodies. Mike could feel his cock twitch already in anticipation, Beth on the other hand was a little nervous. She wondered just what Mike had in mind. Scott was the only guy she ever made love to. She wondered if Mike would seduce her. To be honest with herself, she hoped he would. The thought alone brought her once again to a state of arousal.

They got to the beach, and Mike help Beth out of her sweater, and then watched as she pulled down her jeans. Her little white bikini didn’t cover much. Her titties almost popped out of the material, and her mound and camel toe were quite visible through the bikini bottom. Beth looked shyly as Mike took off everything except for his boxers.

He then ran into the water. Beth followed in slowly. “Come on, the waters nice.”

Beth laughed and replied; “Humm, I kind of disagree on that one.”

Mike smiled at her and looked into her eyes and said softly; “I’ll warm you up.” Beth looked at him shyly as she got closer to him.

He took her hands into his and looked into her eyes; “You know Beth, you’re so beautiful, so sexy and sweet.”

She smiled, and chewed nervously on her bottom lip; “Really…?”

Mike stepped closer to her and kissed her gently on her nose. He then caressed her cheek with his strong hands, and tilted her head so she would look into his eyes. Beth took a step closer, pressing herself against him. He leaned down and kissed her gently on illegal bahis siteleri the lips, as though not to frighten her. Her heart beat quickened its pace; she slowly wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him back. He tasted so good, smelled so good. Mike kissed her a little more passionately, and then splashed her playfully. She gasped and splashed him back. They continued to wrestle in the water like that for a few more minutes, only to return to kissing and caressing. Mike finally pulled away from her when he realized she was shivering. He smiled at her and asked if she’d like to go to his place and warm up and relax. Beth nodded and said she love to.

They walked out of the water, and Beth wrapped the towel around her. Mike just whipped of his boxers and through on his pants, commando style. They got back in the car, and all the way to his place they talked quietly while Mike’s hand rested on Beth’s naked thigh. He pulled into the driveway. His place was big and nice; Beth had been there once before for a few drinks with Scott and Mike’s family. This time Beth noticed that all the vehicles were gone. They had the house to themselves. He took her hand and led her up the front steps and let her in. He turned on a just a few lights, and told her she can go to the sitting room. She smiled and said alright.

As Beth walked into the sitting room, she noticed that the fireplace was lit up and a beautiful blanket was laid out in front of it, she stood there undecided where to make herself comfortable since she was still all wet. Finally Mike came in with a couple of glasses of red wine. He smiled at Beth; “One second I’ll get you something to wear if you want?”

“That would be wonderful.” She replied, already warming up thanks to the heat coming from the fireplace.

He came back with a white lacy nightgown. He looked at her questioningly; wondering if that would be alright. Beth nodded her head and took it from him. She turned her back to him and slowly took of her bikini top; she pulled the gown over and then slowly untied and slid down the bikini bottom. “Wow, you look beautiful in that…” Mike looked at her in awe; the gown fit her curves beautifully. He was able to see her nipples through the thin material as well as the beautiful shape of her ass.

Beth felt her blood warm up. She knew she looked sexy in the gown, and she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. Standing there, almost naked in front of Mike, as he looked at her with such desire. Beth’s love to tease and flirt was quieted by her shyness. Finally, Mike snapped out of it, and handed her the glass of wine and led her onto the blanket sprawled out in front of the fireplace. He laid down on his side as Beth sat next to him, stretching out her long silky legs. Mike had changed into a white beater and black silk pair of boxers. Beth thought to herself, that he looked quite sexy as well.

They talked a bit about the usual stuff, when finally Mike moved closer to her. Beth looked down shyly; at this point she wanted Mike so bad. She knew it was wrong, but he was so manly and he made her feel so sexy, so beautiful. She looked over towards the fire, as Mike moved so he was sitting behind her. He began to massage her shoulders. She pulled her hair up and slid the spaghetti straps down a little so it was easier for him.

“Can I ask you personal question..?” After she nodded her head, Mike asked; “Do you ever fantasize about me?”

Beth turned her head so she could look at his face. “Yes I have…many times…” He smiled and asked if she ever played with herself while she fantasized about him. “Uh huh…” Beth began to tremble in anticipation. She felt Mike get closer to her. In fact she could feel his manhood pressing up against her lower back.

She felt his breath on the back of her neck as he asked his next question. “Would you like to tell me about it…describe it…?”

Beth closed her canlı bahis siteleri eyes, and said softly; “Mmm, often I’ll start by massaging my breast, imagining it’s you, touching them, caressing them. Then I’ll close my eyes and imagine your hand sliding down my pretty little panties, caressing my little pussy for the first time. I’ll imagine you playing with my clit, massaging it until I moan and cum. Then…”

She hesitated as she felt his lips lingering on the soft skin of her shoulder and neck. “Uh huh… please continue…” He whispered.

“Then I’ll imagine you taking your manhood out and rubbing it up against my pussy, then slowly, ever slowly forcing it into me.” His lips caressed her skin softly, but more passionately. His arms encircled her and pulled her so very close. “Then, you begin to make love to me, soft and slow at first then more passionately. You tell me how sexy you think I am, and then I would imagine you watching my face in awe as I cum.”

Mike moaned and turned Beth around to face him. He brought his fingers to her lips and she suckled on them gently. He moved closer and kissed her deeply. He pulled away and they both watched as his strong hands caressed her nipples though the thin material. Beth looked up at him shyly, as he slid down the nighty and he looked at her naked chest for the first time. He then slid the nighty completely off, and moaned at the sight of her beautiful mound. It was shaved and soft, and it smelled so nice. He laid her down gently, and lowered himself so he could kiss the soft skin of her pussy.

Beth moaned his name. He kissed the skin so gently, and then he began to lick on it, tasting it, savoring it. He nibbled on it, suckled on it and massaged it with his fingers as Beth moaned more and more. Finally he leaned forward and kissed her lips. She could taste her own pussy on his tongue, and it did taste really good. He finally took off his beater and his boxers. He sat there, big and strong, looking amazing with his cock standing right up.

He smiled and leaned down on top of her, “Are you sure you want me to make love to you Beth?” “Uh huh…I’ve wanted this for so long…” He leaned down and gently began to push his hard cock into her tight little pussy. She was so tight, almost like a virgin, he couldn’t believe it. It felt so good on his hard cock. He pushed a little deeper and she cried out softly in pain. He stopped and asked if she was ok. “Yes Mike, but please be gentle.” He kissed her so tenderly, and ever so gently began to push his cock in deeper. Finally, he began to make love to her, gently but passionately.

She moaned and looked into his eyes. They continued like this for awhile. Mike on top, thrusting into her but finally he turned them around, putting her on top. Beth looked down at him as she rocked her hips back and forth. Mike moaned as he felt her pussy tighten up on his bare cock. He looked up at her and watched as she came. Her mouth formed a silent sigh, and a low groan escaped instead. Her eyes closed and her entire body shook softly. The hot juices from her pussy covered his cock, making it nice and wet. He then pulled her down, held onto her and started to fuck her much harder. She cried out and at first, but within moments she was moaning again and again.

Mike groaned each time he felt her pussy clench down onto his cock. It felt so good to take her like this. He allowed her to sit back up, and this time she took control and began bouncing up and down over his cock. The angle was perfect, it her hit her G-spot, and two more times she came. Mike helped, thrusting himself into her. With each orgasm her body shook more.

Mike finally asked her if he could cum. Beth kissed him and as a response began to make love to him nice and hard, very, very hard in fact. He moaned and watched her pert breasts bounce with her movements. He also watched his cock slide in and out of her little twat. He disappeared into her wet folds and the sight was amazing. Finally he came, his hot cum filled up Beth’s sweet pussy. Beth moaned and came one last time as well and then they fell into each others arms and lay together for a while. Both breathing deeply tired and spent.

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