She played with my ass

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Female Ejaculation

She played with my assWhen i finished my high school on the summer I decided to go at my parents house at the beach for some holidays.We had a vacation house there and there werent many houses in that part of the beach it were really quite.As i was all alone there on my vacation i used to masturbate a lot and back on those days i was still a virgin.I walk by one day to a pretty dark hair girl, she had green eyes big tits round ass and a really fit strong body.She had so much more muscles than which i was so skinny.She says hello to me as i was her neighbor and i i say hello and i blush as she looks at me.I really liked her when i saw in that moment she was so hot and my cock got hard so fast when she past me nearby.She saw at my pants and smiled and left without saying anything.I spent the rest of the day resting on the bitch and thinking how it would be haveing sex with her. I was still a virgin and sex was all i could think in that moment.After canlı bahis that i go back home and lay down to bed.After a while i hear the door knocking and i see her there she said she was feeling bored home and wanted to know if i would go for a walk with her in the beach. I said yess without letting her finish.We walked by at the beach and getting to know her she was really crazy, her was Vikki.As we walk by the beach she stops and tell me to see the moon and the see to close my eyes than and i did so.-yes Lukas keep ur eyes closed , u are really skinny and shy like a little girl, she said to me as she got behind my back.-No i am not like that i said , i said to her-shshshsh just see the moon now u will never forget this moon, she said as she massaged my shoulders and than touch my ass and squeeze it hard . Put two fingers into my ass she massaged my ass and stick two fingers inside.-What what are u doing no i said no i dont like bahis siteleri that, but hse would put one of her hands on my mouth and push me totally to her body and kept doing that.She was so strong that she could hold me with one hand and with the other she was putting her fingers and my pants in my ass.She would get my pants of than and put two fingers directly in my ass and finger it deep and hard as i try to make her stop she hold me so strong.As I tried with all my forces to make her stop we would fell to the ground but she wouldnt let me go she would get her body over mine and keep her fingers playing with my assholeher big tits were pressing my back.Her fingers started going really fast as she was doing it gentle first i was screaming but she put her hand on my mouth and shut me up.-shshshsh u little virgin at least ur ass wont be a virgin anymore,she said laughing.Than she stopped and as she let me a little free i would get up bahis şirketleri and go but she grabbed me and put me on the ground three times she was playing with me.Than she opens my mouth and spit it she spited on my mouth and than started to kiss me but for the first time i realized she had a really long tounge.She putted her tounge to my throat nad choked me with it she do it again and again like she was fucking my thoat.-Please Vikki stop please let me go let me gorrggrgrgrgrgrg, she stick again her tounge and it choked my so bad i was crying.Than she turns me around and slaps my ass till both my ass cheeks get purple.I would moan as she kept my hands on the floor each time i tried to get up. Icouldnt do anything she was really controling me like a little girl.Than she gets me to look at the moon and tells me to look only there and than get her underwear with her pussy cum on my mouth.After that she puts all her hand in my ass as tears falled from my eyes she would move her hand on my hole and make faint. I would wake up in the morning lonely in that part of the bitch covered from my cum and started feeling fear coming back to my house because of my neighbor.

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