Sheila And Her Daughters Friend Mel


Sheila And Her Daughters Friend MelSheila lives with her daughter and the day had started like most other days. Up in the morning, potter about the house, then a little while sitting on the sofa in the living room with her laptop chatting with guys and girls on xhamster.Todays chat online had Sheila more than a little turned on and she was just thinking about going upstairs to get her Rabbit when the doorbell went. Expecting a door to door salesman, Sheila answered the door and was pleasantly surprised when she opened it to find her daughters friend Mel. Mel was looking for her friend and Sheila invited her into the house saying that her daughter would be back in an hour if she’d like to hang around and wait for her.Sheila walked in to the living room, closely followed by Mel, they both sat on the sofa together, Sheila started to talk and within a couple of words she froze. Sitting infront of them was the laptop, still on and still on the xhamster page, Mel had obviously seen what was on the laptop too as the screen was showing images of the porn that Sheila was about to watch whilst she played with her toy.Sheila went to put the laptop screen down and just as she touched it Mel said in an excited tone “Shiela! I love porn, what were you about to watch?, don’t turn it off, lets watch something together” Sheila couldn’t believe what she just heard, she always had a thing for her daughters friend but never imagined a situation like this. She had always thought Mel was a naughty young girl from the way she’d caught Mel staring at her every now and then, Sheila was in her 40’s, but still had great legs and and tits most women would die for. Sheila regained her composure and replied “Oh, I was just having a little browse, what kind of porn do you like?”, Sheila had quickly decided to see where this was leading.”Mmm, I like to watch lesbian sex” Mel said in a very relaxed way.Sheila smiled to herself, she knew Mel was already horny. She picked out at random some amateur lesbian sex and pressed play. The movie started and they both sat back on the sofa to watch. The first scene was an older lady answering her door to a young teen and inviting her inside. Mel didn’t take long to say ” thats funny, thats what you just did for me”. In true amatuer porn style, it cut straight to the bedroom and them both laying on the bed next to each other naked, touching and kissing.After a couple of minutes mel said “Sheila would izmit escort bayan you mind if I sat a little closer to you?”, and without waiting for a reply, she moved close to Sheila.Sheila could feel her pussy starting to get moist in her knickers and she had a pretty good idea that Mel had a similar feeling between her young thighs too. Mel was a fit 16 year old, about 5ft 6in, blonde shoulder length hair with nice little pert tits, that Sheila had once or twice caught herself daydreaming about sucking on.Mel was already sitting right next to Sheila, then she wiggled about trying to get comfy, she ended up half cuddled up to Sheila and her hand ended up on Sheila’s leg. Sheila was still wearing her joggers that doubled as her jammies and a t-shirt. Mel was wearing jeans and and a jumper.As the movie continued and the girls started to finger each others pussy, Mels hand started to move around on Sheila’s leg. Sheila was horny and although this young girl was her daughters friend, she wasn’t going to stop her. Infact, all she could think was, come on Mel you naughty little slut, lets see how far your brave enough to go. Mel commented on the movie ” that looks so sexy, it’s turning me on!” Sheila moved around a little, letting Mel closer into her body and adjuested her legs so that if Mel was brave enough, she had a clear path all the way up her leg to her pussy.Sheila could see from the corner of her eye that Mel had raised her other hand up to her breast and was running her finger tips over her nipple, Mels other hand started to move around a little more up and down Sheila’s leg and getting no resistance from Sheila, Mel worked her way up Sheila’s leg.Without saying anything Sheila opened her legs a little further, inviting Mel’s hand onto her pussy. The movie had moved on and the young girl in the movie had got down between the older womans legs to lick her pussy, whilst the older woman had produced a dildo that she was sucking on. Mel’s hand brushed over Sheila’s pussy and it sent shock waves through Sheila’s body, Sheila closed her eyes as Mel started to massage her pussy through her joggers, her pussy feeling like it was ready to cum already. Mel was obviously quite brave.Mel stopped and said “I need to get a little more comfy” she stood up and whipped her jeans and jumper off exposing her tight little body to Sheila. She had no bra on and a pair of pink knickers. Sheila gave Mel a naughty smile izmit escort and put her hand out inviting Mel to get back down onto the sofa with her. Mel sat back down, lifted her feet onto the sofa, spread her legs and started to finger her pussy, she hooked her hand around Sheilas leg and parted them. This little 16 year old, was horny and she had obviously made her mind up to have Sheila.Sheila was enjoying Mel being so naughty and resigned herself quite happily to the fact that Mel was going to be able to do anthing she wanted to her. Mel told her “get up Sheila, get those clothes off, I want to play with you”.Sheila had her clothes off in 2 seconds flat, the joggers and the t-shirt went flying and she sat back down, this time using the end of the sofa to lean on and as Mel was sitting in the middle of the sofa, Sheila had one leg bent up next to Mels side and the other on the floor so that her pussy was presented nice and invitingly for Mel to play with. Mel swapped hands she was fingering with and put her fingers into Sheila’s mouth, letting her suck her pussy juices from them. Her hand then went down to Sheila’s nice tits which were much bigger than her own. Mel loved the feeling of Sheila’s tits and teased her nipples until they were rock solid. Sheila couldn’t wait and she moved her own hand down and started to finger her pussy n play with her clit.Both Mel and Sheila were now fingering away their eyes fixed on each other and the movie forgotten about. Sheila leaned over Mel and sucked one of her nipples into her mouth and since Sheila had moved onto her knees to do so, Mel moved her hand under Sheila and onto her pussy, she spread Sheila’s pussy wide open with her fingers then slid her middle finger into Sheila. She wasn’t messing about, Mel started to finger fuck her quite quickly and quite expertly for such a young girl. Sheila was moaning and enjoying it so much, Mel used her free hand to push Sheilas head down towards her young pussy and Sheila went to work licking, kissing and nibbling on Mel’s young pussy. Mel was fingering Sheila with 2 fingers now and started really slamming them into Sheila’s soaking pussy, she started letting her hand spank off Sheila’s clit as she hammered them in and out of her. Sheila had her own finger in Mel’s juicy little cunt now, then mel took one of Sheila’s nipples in her mouth and gave it a hard suck, that and the feeling of her clit being izmit kendi evi olan escort spanked sent Sheila over the edge, soon she was cumming and gushing her juices all over Mel’s fingers. her body shaking as her orgasm ripped through her body.Once she had recovered, Shiela was on a mission, she thought to herself, I’m going to give Mel something special. She took hold of Mel’s hand, stood her up and pulled her upstairs. Time was an issue and Sheila had to work quickly, her daughter may be back at anytime now.Once in the bedroom, Sheila took control. She told Mel to get on the bed and she did as she was told, getting up on all 4s, she wiggled her little ass about and said “come on Sheila fuck me, make me cum”. Sheila was a toy lover and had an array of weapons to choose from, she went under the bed and pulled out her Rabbit, she was going to fuck Mel good. She sank it into Mel’s tight wet pussy, it slid in nice and slowly, Mel started to buck herself onto the vibrator, she was moaning loudly and kept asking Sheila for it harder and faster. Mel was such a horny little slut, Sheila went under her bed and brought a butt plug, she had no idea whether Mel was into that sort of thing but without saying anything, she forced it into Mel’s dripping cunt, once it had plenty of Mels pussy juice lubricating it, Sheila took it out and forced it into Mels ass. Mels was screaming and moaning but she took it all the way in. Sheila went back under the bed and pulled out an 18 inch rubber double ended dildo. She put Mel on her back, butt plug still in, and started to fuck her with a good 10 of the 18 inches available. Mels pussy was creaming all over the dildo and Shiela wanted to share the fun. She lay on the bed, her legs tangled with Mel’s and she impaled herself onto the other end of the dildo. Mel sat up and grabbed the shaft of the dildo and gave them both a hard fast fuck as their tits started bouncing around, both of them starting to cum on the dildo. Sheila felt her pussy contract into an orgasm again, and she threw herself off the dildo and slammed her pussy onto Mel’s face, she squirted and gushed as Mel’s little tongue danced around her clit. They were in the 69 position and Shiela rammed the dildo into Mel’s pussy, soon Mel was screaming she was cumming and her whole body shook intensly from the powerful orgasm.They lay together for a couple of minuted, regaining their composure, Sheila’s daughter was due home now and although they both would’ve played all day. They got up, got dressed and tried to look normal, although very flushed when Sheila’s daughter came in the door 5 minutes later.Thanks for letting me write this Sheila, you know who you are xxx

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