Shelbyville Tales: Study Date Ch. 07

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Just like Tara had expected, the teddy didn’t stay on her long. Actually, it stayed on a while but it didn’t stay covering her long. Pretty much as soon as she whispered in Josh’s ear he took at as a sign to go to town on her (not that she minded). What started with her in control quickly degraded into a wild free for all.

After she had pushed him flat on his back she quickly turned around so that she was straddling his head, putting her ass in the air and pussy right in his face. He immediately took the invitation and began to nibble on her pussy through the teddy. She immediately dove down onto his cock and had his full length engulfed in her mouth, deep throating him for as long as she could before she began to gag. She pulled off and let out a groan as Josh’s lips began to search out her pussy lips under the material. Finally she couldn’t stand it anymore and reached back to pull the material to the side. Josh wasted no time and immediately his tongue began to probe her lower regions, finding her clit very quickly. Tara had no choice but to release the material between her legs and brace against the mattress as she was overwhelmed by her first orgasm.

As Tara leaned down to brace, Josh felt his cock fall into the space between her breasts. Then as she came she bucked back and forth with her breasts pressed against his crotch and thighs, inadvertently giving him a titjob. With a groan he began to explode suddenly spraying the top of Tara’s chest and her chin with his cum. As he came down, Tara turned around. Josh’s cum was still dripping down onto her breasts and teddy.

“Well that was interesting,” She said with a smile. She slowly pulled the straps of the teddy to the side, freeing her breasts. She leaned over Josh letting her breasts hang down in front of his face.

“Now clean me up,” She demanded. Josh hesitated, and finally Tara took some of his cum on her index finger and made a move to put it in her mouth. Josh felt his cock rise he was about to watch Tara suck down his cum, but at the last minute she shoved her finger into his mouth. Josh was shocked at first, but then sucked his cum off her finger. He realized it really wasn’t so bad.

“I said clean me up,” She said looking him in the eyes, “and I meant now”. He realized he didn’t have a choice so he leaned up and began to suck the cum off of her chin. Once he got the stuff on her chin he moved down and began to slowly lick up her neck. Tara moaned as he moved slowly, tantalizingly from the bottom of her neck up to her chin, and then back down her neck. She reached down and began to play with herself through the teddy.

He finished up with her neck and began to lick down her breasts, stopping to play with his tongue when he reached them, despite the lack of cum. At that point though Tara didn’t care. By that point playing with her clit through the material of the teddy wasn’t working and she had shoved her hand down the front so that she could try to get to the areas that needed to be touched, but the teddy was too tight and she just growled in frustration. Meanwhile, Josh had reached down and was rubbing his dick as he began to bite her nipples.

Finally Tara pulled away from Josh and lunged off the bed. In a flash she flipped the top strap of the teddy off and shoved the whole thing down her legs. Her fingers flew up and quickly she sunk two fingers fully into herself as her thumb attacked her clit. She stood there with her head thrown back groaning as she worked herself up to another orgasm. Josh could only sit and watch with his cock in his hand as he watched his girlfriend bring herself closer and closer to cumming, like she had forgotten he was even there.

“Oh god,” she practically yelled, “Oh god . . . so close . . . I need you Josh, I need you to fuck me.” She mumbled the last part as she bucked against her hand trying to push herself over the edge.

“What was that?” Josh asked, not being able to hear her over the wet slapping of her pumping hand. She looked at him with a look of what would normally appear to be anger, but in this case was pure lust. She stopped finger fucking herself and came over to the bed.

“I said . . .” she bent over his face and pushed him back onto his back. She got up on the bed and straddled him.

“. . . I need you . . . ” she was getting louder as she lined herself up.

” . . . TO FUCK ME . . . ” she screamed as she pushed his dick to line up with her entrance.

” . . . NOOOWWWW! OH MY GOD YEESSSSS!” she sunk down on to his dick and immediately began to cum. Josh just laid back as she rode out her orgasm, letting it milk his cock. As he saw her begin to come down from her orgasm, he reached up and began to pinch both of her nipples. She didn’t let him do it long though as her nipples had become very sensitive. She pushed him away as she began to bounce up and down on his cock. She threw her head back and started groaning as she quickly rode up to her next orgasm.

When he was sure she wasn’t going to look back down he took his hand and during one of the points where she was up and almost had his cock coming out of her, he put his hand between them. canlı bahis When she came back down she let out a yell as his fingers found her clit. She exploded as flicked her most sensitive part back and forth with his finger tip. As soon as she regained enough composure to move (because at this point she wasn’t coming down even close to completely before rising to her next orgasm) she reached behind her and gently tickled Josh’s balls. Josh let out a gasp and she felt his cock begin to expand. He slammed up and down inside of her as hard as he could as his cock released inside of her, but he didn’t back off even as the spasms subsided.

By now Tara had lost count of how many times she had gone, but she was also starting to waver. She was out of strength and it was showing. Josh noticed to and took the opportunity to push her sideways, knocking her off of himself and onto the bed next to him. In no time he was on top of her and thrust himself inside of her. He furiously began to drill her as if he hadn’t cum in a month. He did all the work as she laid there watching the moonlight glisten off of his sweat drenched skin. She threw her head back into the pillow and closed her eyes as another wave hit her.

As soon as she could move again, she reached up behind Josh’s pistoning body and grabbed his ass. He took that as a hint and sunk himself completely inside of her. But that wasn’t what she was thinking, she released his ass and while he watched licked her middle finger. Then she went back and before he could stop her she began to push her finger inside his ass. He let out a surprised groan as she met resistance, but she kept pushing until she got her finger in far enough to find what she was looking for. She began to move her fingertip around, massaging his prostate. The surprise of what she was doing caused him to release his load deep inside of Tara with a yell. He came so hard that he wasn’t sure it was ever going to stop, draining every ounce of energy he had left out of him. Finally it did though and Josh collapsed onto the bed next to Tara, causing her finger to pop out and his cock came out, leaving Tara with a strange feeling of emptiness.

“I had to find some way to get you to stop,” she said with a sleepy smile.

“Well that was certainly an interesting way to do it,” responded behind half closed eyes.

And that was it, the two of them fell asleep without further conversation.


Tara woke up a little later while it was still dark, with Josh spooning her. His semi hard cock was pushing against her ass and she couldn’t help but wiggle up against it for a few minutes to harden it up again. However, she needed to use the bathroom so she eventually had to stop and quietly got out of bed. She padded across the floor, naked, to the door for the bathroom she shared with her sister Abby. She looked back quickly and smiled as she watched Josh roll over in his sleep onto his back, leaving his cock standing at attention. She shivered slightly in excitement at the sight and almost went running back to bed, until she remembered why she had left him in the first place, and headed into the bathroom.

As she was sitting on the toilet, she began to hear soft noises from Abby’s room. At first she wasn’t sure what they were, but as she listened closer she thought that it sounded like sobbing. She finished up and quietly went over to her sister’s door. She opened it a crack and could see her lying on her bed. In the moonlight the first thing she noticed was that Abby was wearing a white, silky lingerie. She briefly wondered about that and then realized that that she had heard correctly and Abby’s body was shaking. Concerned about her sister, Tara quickly pulled her robe off the hook in the bathroom and headed over to Abby’s bed.

She sat down on the edge of the bed, letting her robe fall over her, still hanging slightly open because she hadn’t bothered to tie the sash. She put her hand on Abby’s back, causing her sister to jump slightly in surprise. Abby turned her head to face her sister, her cheeks glistening in the moonlight, covered in tears and telling Tara that she had been crying for a while.

“What’s the matter Bumblebee,” Tara asked. It was a nickname that Tara hardly ever used for Abby these days. However when her sister was really upset it never failed to put a smile on her face. This time though it got only a weak smirk before Abby looked like she was ready to burst back into tears, her shoulders heaving as she tried to catch her breath and gain control.

“She . . . She . . . left . . .” was all she finally got out.

Tara was confused, but was reluctant to prod too much for fear of sending her back into a fit. Finally she rubbed her back gently and asked, “Who did?”

“Jeeeennnn,” Abby wailed as she broke back down into sobs. Tara finally began to put the pieces together and pulled Abby against her shoulder, holding her close.

“Poor bee,” she said quietly as she held her tightly and rubbed her back. “It will be ok, let it out.” And she did until Abby fell asleep on her sister’s shoulder.


It was an hour later when Tara felt comfortable bahis siteleri leaving Abby alone to sleep. She headed back into her room through the bathroom. As she approached the bed she shrugged off the robe and stood there, looking at Josh for a minute. He was still lying on his back, his cock had gone back into a semi hard state and was laying against his stomach. She climbed up on top of him and began to kiss his chest as she stroked his cock. Once it was hard enough, she slid backwards until she was impaled on him. She began to slowly move back and forth on his cock and in a couple of minutes Josh had woken up.

“Mmm . . . ” he said with a smile.

Tara smiled down at him. “Glad you are enjoying it,” she said. Then her face got serious and she stopped moving, trapping his penis inside her. “This isn’t just a one weekend thing right?” she asked, “You and I are officially a couple and we will see each other again?”

He smiled at her, although a little worried, “Of course,” he responded, “You have captured me and I’m not planning to go anywhere. And I’m not just saying that because you have me by the dick.” She smiled at him and began moving faster and faster.

“Oh god Tara, that feels so good,” Josh said.

“You like that . . . try this,” she said and suddenly she bent over and bit him hard on the chest.

“OH G . . . ” Josh yelled as Tara threw her hand over his mouth to muffle his scream, not wanting him to wake her sister again. She felt his cock release inside her as he came hard. She reached between them with her other hand and played with her clit to finish herself off. Her spasms milked his cock once again, not remembering how many times they had each come that night but knowing for her it was more than the 9 times that he had promised her earlier. She collapsed on top of him as they both laid there out of breath.

After a minute, she rolled off of him and he rolled over so they laid side by side facing each other. “I love you Tara,” Josh said.

Tara reached down to where their juices were running out of her pussy and down her legs. She scooped some up and tasted it, “Yeah, I guess I will keep you around,” she said with a smile. Josh turned around pretending to be upset with her. She moved up so that she was spooning him, letting her hands wander over his abs gently.

“I love you too,” she whispered in his ear and then settled down against him as they both drifted off to sleep.


Abby woke up the next morning and was temporarily disoriented. She was on top of her covers and every time she moved something silky moved over her skin sending shocks of electricity down her body. She opened her eyes and it was light out, looking at the clock she saw that it was already 9 o’clock. She rolled over on to her back, looked down at what she was wearing, and it all came flooding back to her. What she had been hoping for, Jen’s reaction, Tara’s attempts to comfort her, all of it.

She stood up and walked over to her mirror. She looked at herself in her lingerie and felt the tears begin to come welling back. She quickly turned away and headed into the bathroom. She needed to pee so she went over to the toilet, pulled down her panties, and sat down. As she sat there, she began to hear moaning and groaning coming from Tara’s room.

“Oh Josh . . . Oh God yes . . . OH MY GOD JOSH FUCK MEEEEE!!” Tara began yelling. The sadness in Abby was suddenly replaced by anger, and a little bit of horniness.

“Why does Tara get to be so lucky?” she quietly mumbled to herself. “She acts and dresses like a slut, plays sneaky, underhanded tricks and gets her brains banged out while I play nice and am left alone.” She kicks her panties off her ankles in frustration and watches them sail over and hit the door to her room. She continues to seethe while thinking about how it wasn’t fair that her sister could be in there with Josh while she was shunned by Jen.

Finally she finished up and headed back into her bedroom. She picked up the panties and threw them into the back of her closet. She quickly pulled off the top of the lingerie and threw it to join the panties in a crumpled heap in the back of her closet. She turned toward the mirror and looked at her body. She cupped her breasts.

“Besides what is the attraction to her,” she said out loud, “I have bigger breasts then her.” She knew her sister was a low C cup while she was well into D. She tweaked her nipples with a moan and watched them expand until they were the size of a pencil eraser.

“I have a nice flat stomach and my curves are nicer,” she admired as she ran her hands down her sides. She turned around and rubbed her ass. She smiled as she gave it a swat and turned back around. Her eyes dropped down to her newly shaved lips and she could see the moisture beginning to drip out. Her hands began to move down between her legs.

“Hey Abby. I wanted to . . . ” Jen trailed off as she saw her friends nude back and reflection in the mirror. Abby turned around and faced her without any attempt to cover herself.

“Hi Jen,” She said a bit coldly and matter of factly, “Why don’t you head downstairs bahis şirketleri and I will meet you on the porch in a minute.” After Jen left Abby turned back to the mirror. She started to reach back down for her pussy but stopped. She was angry now and not in the mood to play with herself. She went over and picked up her robe off the floor where she had left it. She pulled it on and tied it loosely. It covered most of her front, but left a fair gap between her breasts. She didn’t really care though, she just wanted to get this over with. She left her room, headed down the stairs, and out the front door.

Jen was leaning against the railing, and a little surprised with how boldly her friend had dressed. She could easily tell that she didn’t have a bra on under the robe, and could see enough of her leg as she came out the door to tell she couldn’t be wearing more than a pair of panties. Something seemed different about her, last Jen knew Abby wouldn’t have dared come outside in less than a full outfit. Sometimes she even seemed timid wearing a one piece bathing suit in public. Jen was suddenly very worried.

“Let me start by saying I’m sorry,” Jen said. Abby just stood against the house with her arms crossed looking at her. “I wasn’t thinking straight last night and came looking for a little bit of fun. No strings attached.” She added as an afterthought.

“Yeah, I got that,” Abby said deadpan and flat voiced.

“Listen, I didn’t expect what happened a couple nights ago. I wanted more of it last night, but I wasn’t expecting you to have changed the way you had.” Jen explained.

“I did it for you,” Abby’s voice was raising now and she had pushed off the house. She was obviously getting upset.

“I thought something was developing between us and I spent all day yesterday worrying about whether I wanted it to. I finally decided I would embrace it though and that you would appreciate it . . . and me!” She finished with a yell. Abby’s change in attitude caused Jen to begin getting riled up as well. She pushed off of the railing.

“Well there is the problem, you just assumed I was looking for more than some casual sex.” Jen yelled without thinking. The instant the words left her mouth she regretted them though, especially after Abby’s anger cracked and Jen could see her holding back tears before she regained her composure and completely hid her emotions.

“I’m sorry,” Jen said more calmly, “I let myself get carried away and I shoudn’t have. I don’t want our friendship to change though, I care for you too much as a friend to risk losing you. And if we started a romantic relationship that is exactly what could ultimately happen. I just want you back as my best friend.”

Abby was visibly angry again, “Well you know what,” she yelled at Jen, “that was all changed the second our tongue hit my cunt! But you know what, you don’t want me fine,” Abby started to play with the belt on her robe.

“You can forget about having this!!” she ripped open her robe and exposed herself to Jen, and anyone who happened to walk or drive by. She stood there for a minute and decided to take it up a notch. She dropped the robe and did a short turn before facing her again.

Jen couldn’t speak. She couldn’t believe what Abby had done. Neither could Abby until a breeze came up and hit her bare skin. She shivered slightly in excitement and then realization dawned on her face. She quickly picked up her robe and held it in front of her.

“Just go,” she mumbled as she ran inside and slammed the door. Jen could only watch her bare ass retreat inside the house, and once the door slammed she stumbled back to her care in shock and uncertainty as to the future of their friendship.

Once inside Abby ran upstairs, shaking in a combination of fury and excitement. The more she considered what she had just done, excitement took over. She had just exposed herself to the entire neighborhood, she realized, anyone could have seen her. She dropped her robe somewhere on the stairs and flew into her room. She fell onto her bed and immediately her fingers attacked her dripping pussy. Three fingers on one hand flew in and out of her as the other found her clit. She gasped and moaned as she quickly approached orgasm.

“Abby, are you awake . . .” Tara said as she stuck her head through the door from the bathroom and stopped dead at what she saw.

“DAMN IT!!” Abby yelled as she stopped and tried to cover herself. She didn’t quite make it to release again and was now completely frustrated.

“GET OUT!” she yelled and Tara retreated. She sat on the bed for a minute as she came down from her almost orgasm. She was too frustrated overall to go back to what she was doing. She just needed to get away, she decided, she needed to go somewhere where she couldn’t be bothered and could think. She jumped up and headed over to her dresser. She pulled out one shirt after another, not satisfied with any of them. Her typical wardrobe was very conservative, full t-shirts and jeans or sometimes long shorts, but that was not what she wanted right now. Finally she pulled out a shirt that had stopped fitting her a few years before. She pulled it on without putting on a bra and watched as it closely hugged her breasts and barely reached her belly button. As she watched in the mirror her nipples hardened and poked clearly through the shirt.

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