Sheltering In Place Pt. 03

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Damn, Independence Day weekend and the novelty of Covid-19 is really wearing thin! First it’s shelter-in-place, now it’s social distancing and wearing facemasks and gloves! How the hell can anyone or any couple find great, new sexual experiences? My wife, Ellen, and I have already enjoyed a couple of “zoom” events with couples from around the country; but, now that Covid19 continues to dominate our social and sex life, what are we supposed to do to spice things up a little bit?

We’ve tried a number of fun things like reading erotic books to one another, enjoying mutual masturbation, watching porn together but candidly that just doesn’t cut-it after you do this a couple of times. Our last on-line cam event took place about two months ago and it was so much fun and so exhilarating that we went into a funk trying to think of ways to navigate in this “new world order”.

Over dinner last weekend Ellen and I were reminiscing about the past on-line parties and two things came out of the conversation: first, my wife told me that unbeknown to me she taped the previous social gatherings and on the nights she’s horny and can’t fall to sleep she watches them on line and masturbates. This really bummed me out because I love to watch her masturbate. The second thing we discussed was how we could change the format of the event and have them more often (at least while the spike in the virus continues).

We came to the conclusion that even though virtual sex is fun it can’t replace the acts of seeing and watching others up close and personal. So the dynamic of what to do next had to change dramatically. The rationale was that since Ellen and I are so old in years but so new at sexual experimentation we said to one another “WTF, let’s think outta the box and find a way to try something new”.

In our locale there are a number of adult only clothing optional resorts and I suggested that we consider looking into them to find out what they were all about. While doing our research we found that most of these places, at least in our area, are fairly high-end establishments with great amenities, highly rated cuisine and well appointed rooms that all practiced social distancing. The selling point for us was that the resort we settled on even allowed us to bring our pooch! So, we decided to spend the holiday weekend away from home in a reasonably controlled environment.

Since the place was only 30 minutes away and we could get back to our house quickly for additional clothing, we packed very lightly. I took shorts and tee/polo shirts and Ellen took only what she needed (more make up than clothes and her favorite vibrator). Just like the old Neil Diamond song, I “packed up the baby- our dog- and grabbed the old lady” and headed off.

We arrived at the check-in time of 11AM and were immediately taken to our own cottage. It was Caribbean or Key West style, painted yellow with shudders and really well appointed with a full bar, a king sized bed, a beautiful bath and great robes. We unpacked ataşehir escort bayan in 10 minutes and headed to the central area where there was a large pool, a bar, cabanas and lots of lounge chairs. I was in a bathing suite and Ellen in a pretty revealing bikini and, of course, we were both wearing facemasks—always a sexy addition to any wardrobe.

Since we arrived so early in the day, we thought that we’d be the only ones around; but, to our delight and surprise, at least 6 couples were already hanging out. EACH ONE WAS IN VARIOUS STAGES OF UNDRESS! Some women were completely nude, some were topless, one was just bottomless (which looked weird) and all the men, with one exception, were naked.

Ellen and I acted like this was a normal thing for us as we casually strolled to an area of lounge chairs that were positioned so that we had an excellent vantage point. As we walked the pool deck it seemed that everyone was watching us—the new kids on the block! Immediately after sitting down the pool staff person, who was also unclothed, came over with a complimentary bottle of iced champagne. He served while standing directly in front of Ellen’s face. I don’t think he realized what he was doing but my wife and I looked at one another and had a really good laugh! This young man’s cock was, literally, only about 6 inches from my wife’s mouth!

We settled in, turned and said: “now what?”! We had our first glass of bubbly and decided to people watch- one of our favorite things to do- and critique the other guests. Of the 15-20 people, including staff, that were already on site (there were only 10 cottages, so the maximum number of guests is 20) we found that almost all of them, especially the women, were attractive, younger than we, well built and comfortable in the setting. And, according to Ellen, the guys were in great shape, also attractive; and, she was excited to point out that most of them were really well hung. So far so good!

We watched as people were swimming, sunbathing, playing volleyball, etc. Some however, were playing their own games. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the establishment had no ground rules and it was an “open” environment. One could basically do whatever one wanted to do with her/his partner—including having any form of sex.

Of those that remained at the pool there were four couples kissing, making out and fondling each other, 3 women were reading books, sunbathing and touching themselves and the others were at the bar drinking. My wife concentrated on watching those in the throes of sex to see how far it would go. I was busy checking out tits, asses and how many women had pubic hair or were shaved. It was the best that we could expect while still maintaining the social distancing rules with strangers.

We were having a great time. We knew at some point during our stay we were going to meet some new like-minded people, and more importantly, we were able to “watch in plain sight”. A smorgasbord of escort kadıöy exhibitionism and voyeurism with a really attractive crowd- what could be bad?!

We can’t speak to how others react, but Ellen and I can get really turned on just watching naked people “do their thing”. Now that we understood that there were few ground rules that everyone was playing by (except absolutely no violence in any form or there was immediate expulsion) we became much more relaxed. Ellen looked over at me and saw that it was not easy to hide my semi-erection so she reached over and lightly stroked my cock until I was fully erect. While doing this she removed her bikini top, closed her eyes and began to alternately rub her pussy and breasts. She stopped before both of us came and called the staff over for some food.

Well, the most beautiful hostess arrived to take our order. Although wearing a facemask and rubber gloves, there was no missing this person’s body. She had ample natural breasts (I’d guess a C cup) that stood straight out with huge puffy nipples, a flat belly and slim waist, small hips, shapely legs and ass; and, a beautiful pussy. OMG she was the real-deal. Ellen and I were both impressed by her body. After taking our order we found out that this person’s name was Michelle and that she and Cody would be taking care of us throughout the weekend. It turns out that Cody was the gentleman that served our champagne. To say that Ellen and I were delighted would be an understatement knowing that these two 30 something people would be our personal hosts.

The remainder of the afternoon couldn’t have been any better and turned out to be just what we had hoped for. By early evening a number of couples were fucking and sucking, a couple of others were involved in mutual masturbation, two couples were napping and we were happily taking in all the sights and sounds. We went back to our suite, showered and got dressed for dinner. When we arrived at the pavilion for cocktails we were thrilled to find that many of the couples remained undressed and a few women were wearing really sexy outfits. We had shorts and tops on and felt completely out of place!

Everyone was drinking so we joined in right away. With no clothes and enough booze, it’s really easy to make new friends—even for us. Everyone was happy, upbeat and attractive; a great departure from being cooped up in one’s home for months on end. Now that we all knew one another better after a rowdy cocktail hour we all went to the restaurant. There we found ten tables for two, each spaced 6 feet apart. What went on there was like a scene from Caligula! Husbands were fingering their wives under the table, women were sitting astride their husbands, bare breasts were the norm; and, the electricity in the air was palpable. We were so aroused that Ellen got between my legs and gave me a blowjob for everyone to see. What a blast! By the time dessert was served everyone was comfortably inebriated and looking forward to finishing maltepe escort what they started back in their own rooms.

By the time we began to wander back to our cottage we were both undressed, laughing with those walking nearby (at least 6 feet away) while everyone was singing show tunes. What a fucking scene, it makes me laugh even as I write this. Once in the room we found Cody and Michelle waiting for us. Their job was to make sure that we were “comfortable” before we collapsed on our bed. The staff, still naked, escorted Ellen and me into our oversized shower and we took turns soaping each other. The staff never took off their sterile gloves and facemasks but we were allowed to touch them. Ellen gave Cody a slow and methodical hand job until he ejaculated all over her hand and stomach. I was able to soap Michelle’s tits, ass and pussy while she jerked me off. It was an unexpected but extraordinarily nice surprise.

Afterward, the staff toweled us off and ushered us to bed. Before leaving, they had one last surprise—they put on their own personal sex show just for us. Ahhhh, young bodies- they can, and did, so much more than we old coots and we thoroughly loved every minute of it; and, they did it all while standing up. Once done they asked if they could watch us have sex but we begged off—we were exhausted! When they were done, we gave our hosts a large tip and we fell asleep instantly.

Sunday, our last day, we woke up leisurely and had morning sex. With all that we saw and did the day before fresh in our minds, our fucking was intense. We each had a lot of pent up energy that had to be released and we didn’t hold back. To get things started Ellen pulled out her new “air” vibrator that is designed to provide maximum pleasure directly to her clit. In less than a minute she was warmed up and having her first orgasm. I was hard just watching and listening—I love hearing her get excited. We touched one another, kissed one another, licked one another and made sure that every inch of each of our bodies got involved in the action. After sitting on my face as I kissed her pussy in a great 69 position, Ellen ran her clit up and over my face and mouth, our lovemaking culminated in a slow, methodical fuck that constantly increased in intensity until we both had a great mutual orgasm. I rolled off of Ellen but her pussy was continuing to spasm so we took turns playing with her pussy and clit until she needed a break to catch her breath. We lay there for at least an hour before we showered and left the room.

By the time we arrived at the pavilion most of the guests were already having breakfast. We exchanged contact information with a number of people and learned that many of them were involved in private house get-togethers that we were invited to attend. Most of them within an hour’s drive time. This turned out to be a really fabulous idea for a weekend getaway and one that we truly enjoyed to the max. We were sexually satiated, met new friends, have future experiences that we can explore and look forward to once this Covid shit is over; and, we only had a few minutes drive to get home to recuperate. The weekend was expensive but so worth every penny! It also made us think what the place would be like once the world reopens for business!

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