She’s Late, Chapter 1


Jenny was running late. Seems like she was always running late, sometimes it was her fault for not planning ahead, sometimes it was unforeseen circumstances.But it didn’t matter to him. To him, it was always her fault–either directly or indirectly. She should have left earlier or she should have anticipated there would be a problem and made allowances for it.Today the traffic was heavier than usual… and then there was the road construction and the detour that took her blocks out of her way and through busy intersections to boot.Dammit, she thought as she sat waiting for the light to change, I’m going to be in so much trouble when I get there!As she sat there at the intersection, she shifted in her seat. The leather seats in her car, a Mercedes C Class coupe, were making her ass sweat and itch a bit.He had given her explicit instructions she was not to wear panties to meet him and now, with the warmth of the Southern California sun and the excitement of what promises to be, sitting there at that intersection was becoming more and more distracting!Bored and with her imagination on overdrive, she slid the hem of her already too short little black dress higher up her nylon-encased thighs.She had picked out this dress knowing that it was tight to show off her curvaceous figure, short enough to be exciting and yet acceptable in public, and naughty with a plunging neckline that showed off plenty of cleavage from her large enhanced tits. Jennifer McMillan was a former fashion model and had also done some work for popular men’s magazines, so she knew a thing or two about appearances and how to “dress to impress”.She had made a very good living at her chosen profession, and now was living quite comfortably on her retirement savings, public appearances, and her investments.She’d been smart to hire herself a very competent investment counselor who made some shrewd investments for her and they had paid off handsomely. Ms. McMillan did not lack for money!What she did lack for was companionship–specifically male companionship. Curiously, because she was so famous and so beautiful, men often shied away from her, afraid to approach her thinking that either she wouldn’t want anything to do with them, or that she already had so many men they were dripping off her like the rain.The reality of it was neither case was true. She was a beautiful, desirable, sexy woman, but also terribly lonely and sexually frustrated. Which is how she came to meet the man she was on her way to see now. A couple of years ago, she was on a photoshoot for yet another big-name magazine, when she was told she needed to attend a very upscale party thrown by the publishing company and the magazine to promote it. They were trying to bring in new markets and new investors, and they wanted her to make an appearance since she was the cover model that month. While she was at the party schmoozing the men and kaçak iddaa women with the purse strings, she saw a well-dressed man sitting at a small corner table by himself. She noticed he wasn’t paying a lot of attention to what was going on around him.He seemed somehow to be disconnected and not bothered by the persistent drone of multiple conversations going on around him. Almost as if he was above all that noise. It puzzled her since everyone was there for the express purpose of getting their pockets picked by the magazine and publisher. Jenny sauntered over and tried to make polite conversation with this nonconformist. “Hello, mind if I sit with you? I really hate these things–they call them parties, but all they are honestly are fundraisers for the magazine. And I seem to be the ‘bait’ tonight!” she said with a big smile.”So it would seem. But if you are the ‘bait’ then I have to tell you that these people know how to fish!” he said, complimenting her. Jenny blushed and thanked him for his kind words.From that point on, they talked and she spent the rest of the party not too far away from him. She had to go say hi to some of the other guests, but always kept her eye on him and returned as soon as she could. As the night wore on, Jenny unknowingly fell for this lone man’s charms and appeal. She found him very easy to talk to, a wonderful listener, and not the least bit judgemental.He let her talk about herself, her career, her goals, and other things which she loved, both as a model and a woman. He would interject every so often to show he was listening, but that’s mostly what he did–listen.By the end of the party, Jenny was very interested in the man she had met. However, when the time came to go home, he gave her a polite goodbye, telling her he enjoyed their talk and he left without any further commitment. She didn’t even get his name!Jenny went home and tried to forget about the party and the man, but his unusual comportment and behavior kept with her. He didn’t act like anyone else at the party or anyone else she had ever met for that matter. A couple of days went by and Jenny was sitting at home when the phone rang. It was him! She felt herself go weak in the knees at the sound of his voice and she went from a cool adult professional model to giddy schoolgirl being asked to the prom!He told her that he had enjoyed their conversation as well and asked if she would like to go out on a real date sometime. She accepted without even having to think about it![img][/img]Since then they had seen each other many times. Sometimes he came to Los Angeles on business, sometimes for pleasure. And each time he did, he made a point to see her at least once or twice before heading off to his next destination.He was quite secretive at the start about what he actually did for a living, but as they kaçak bahis got to know each other and build up some trust, he let her in more and more.One day, he confided in her and said that he was a semi-retired computer security expert specializing in anti-hacking and identity theft issues.He had worked with the L.A.P.D. and the F.B.I. in past cases, and now works with other well-known companies to keep their customers and company computers safe.He told her he makes a very comfortable six figures a year doing this, plus he gets to travel all over the country and the world when a company has a problem they need his help on.Jenny had been duly impressed. “I can barely work the computer well enough to email and check my Facebook and Twitter accounts!” she’d said with a giggle.He had been a perfect gentleman when they first started seeing each other, not even trying to get her to sleep with him until the third date.”I want to know you from the inside–I already know what’s on the outside. I want to set up house in your mind and then I will explore your body… one has to have a base from which you can travel!” he had said. Jenny smiled–he had certainly set up a “base” in her mind; he was all she had been thinking about since he called her a week ago and said he was coming to L.A.! She thought about the times they’d had together.And the sex! Oh my God, the sex! His gentlemanly manners and patience in waiting to have sex nearly drove her out of her mind!She was ready to go to bed with him on their first real date, but he made her wait… he made her wait while his words and actions made her melt!When he finally did take her after he had teased and toyed with her that whole evening, it was the most incredible, unbelievable, earth-shattering thing she had ever experienced! He took her to places even her most erotic nighttime fantasies didn’t know about! As she thought about their past sexual escapades, her hand subconsciously dropped to stroke up the inside of one thigh until it reached her crotch.He had, in past conversations, told her he liked a shaved pussy and after demonstrating his penchant for cunnilingus and the talent with which he used to do it, she was more than happy to shave and keep it that way for him if it would encourage him to dine on her more!She had made sure she was smooth as a baby’s bottom for him this evening and as her hand reached her smooth slit, she also felt the wetness that confirmed she was more than a little excited to see him again!At last, the light changed and Jenny was able to continue on her way. A couple of minutes more and she was able to get back on the road she needed to reach his hotel.She looked at the clock on her car dashboard. Shit! She was now twenty minutes late and she still had about five minutes, if she was lucky, before reaching the hotel room.He was gonna be pissed! One thing she had learned from him is that punctuality illegal bahis was high on his list of desirable traits. And she had blown that one!She glanced at her purse thinking she should call him and tell him she was running late. But by now, the fact that she wasn’t there with him would tell him that. Besides, it would be better to apologize to him face to face so she could explain what had happened.Not that it would do any good, but at least he could see how sorry she was. He wasn’t one to accept excuses, even if they were valid.As much as she wanted to hear his voice and see just how much trouble she would be in, she decided that she just needed to concentrate on getting there as fast as she could.After an excruciatingly long seven minutes, she was pulling up to the hotel parking lot. She found a spot close to the front door and quickly parked. She ran as fast as her high heels would allow into the lobby and straight to the elevator.He had told her what floor and what room he was in when he called her the other day. He had meetings and business to take care of before he could meet with her he had said, but the delay had only exacerbated her desire to see him. Once on the elevator, she had a chance to catch her breath and gather herself a bit. She could feel the shivers of excitement running up and down her and her heart racing. She had to will herself to calm down just as she did before a magazine shoot or runway appearance.The Renaissance, being a very nice five-star hotel, had full-length mirrors installed on the walls of the elevators for the guests to check their appearance before getting to the lobby and public view and that’s what she did.She checked her hair, her makeup, and adjusted her dress a bit. She was already in trouble for being late–no sense in compounding it by showing up looking shabby!She got to the hotel room he told her he would be in and she stopped at the door. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door softly. Suddenly the door opened. “You’re late. I said be here at 6:00 and here it is 6:35. I was about to call the police thinking something might have happened to you!” He pulled her into the room by her arm, letting the door close by itself and lock automatically. He led her over to the table where he had laid out all the toys and devices that he had brought with him.”Do you see all this? I brought all these things with me to use on you and you couldn’t even see fit to get here on time to play.””I’m sorry! I left in plenty of time to get here, but the traffic was very bad and there was…” she started.She looked at the assortment of dildos and vibrators and other “toys” and her pussy got even wetter. She felt a thrill and she knew that she was going to enjoy this visit!”Quiet! You know how I feel about being on time. You live in this town, don’t you? You should know when traffic is bad and plan for it!” he said. “Yes, Sir.”She knew it was hopeless when she started explaining, but she’d hoped to at least get the explanation out. He didn’t want to hear her excuses, though. She was late and that was that. It didn’t matter why.

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