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Since then I’ve gotten sidetracked writing a new story, partly true, about a boy I knew and loved many many years ago. I’m not sure about the final title yet but it might just be the boy’s first name. NOTE: “Shipwrecked” was started 14 and a half years ago. These first three parts took a lot of time, both in the original writing and now in the proofreading and editing. As you’ve noticed, each part is quite long. Please be patient as the next part was only partly begun a couple of years ago and, while I intend to continue the story, it will take some time. Hopefully you will find it worth the wait. *********************** Near the end of Part Three He trembled and I thought he was going over the edge right then and there. But, he seemed to gain control and his natural instincts took over. He started to move gently against me. I was surprised to find how intensely aroused I was already. I felt the beginnings of a powerful orgasm. His breathing was coming in shorter and shorter gasps. We both were nearly there. As I felt myself rush out of my penis, I slid my hands down over his small round bottom and held him tight. My hot cum shot over his young smooth belly and then he went ridged. I felt his erection throb against mine and the warm spurts of his cum covered me. The two of us were gasping in passion and holding each other tightly. We lay there enjoying the warm wetness as we calmed down. I continued to softly feel him from his shoulders to down over his bum. That bottom was so soft and warm and erotic that I could easily have gone a second round if I kept feeling him. But, we had to sleep. “Kel, could you get my T-shirt on the floor there?” He reluctantly got up and we sopped up what we could. Then we lay back down in each others arms and pulled up the cover. We were asleep before the cover settled. Part Four: Somehow I lost two days Chapter One: Two found watches, two lost days Some time during the night I had rolled onto my left side and the cover had slipped off us both. My left elbow must not have bothered me much for, as I awoke, I realized that I was snuggled up with Kel, and very comfortably. He was on his back and, as a switch, my head was resting on his shoulder. He had his arm around my neck. His other arm held mine as it draped across his stomach. My right leg was over his. I dared not move for fear of waking him. After a moment he stirred and my right arm was freed from his hold. I gently lifted it and rested it on my side. I was curious to look at his body. It was so smooth, so hairless. His people were all nearly hairless. Even full grown men had just a thin patch of pubic hair just above their penises. As I looked over his slightly rounded belly, he was a little stocky, I could see his pubic area. He had just that small patch of hair. His penis looked to be nearly full grown and, when erect, I would guess it at maybe 5 to 5 and a half inches. His testicles were quite large and round, they didn’t hang much. He was uncircumcised. The overall affect, for a young man of his small stature, was that he looked very well endowed. As I looked at him remembering our pleasure together the night before and in spite of the need for an early morning pee, I started to get aroused. Something I did, maybe my breathing, must have awakened Kel because as I continued to look, his beautiful penis slowly lengthened into hardness. My mouth watered. He moved his right arm from around me to scratch his head. I lifted my head and looked up at him. “Hi.” He smiled sleepily at me. “Hi.” “Did you sleep well Kel?” “Yes, thank you.” He yawned and stretched making little squeaking noises. I had to roll away to let him stretch to the fullest and I lay on my back. The moment he finished his stretch he rolled to me and wrapped himself around me. “Oh, I want to stay in your arms,” he sighed. “I feel so warm and safe with you here.” With his head on my chest, it was his turn to rest his gaze on my pubic area. He ran his hand over my hairy stomach but ventured no further down. “We are so different down there aren’t we.” I said just as a matter of fact. Still he moved his hand around but no further down. “Yes, but I like you down there. I like you all over.” He kissed my chest. I replied. “I think you are beautiful down there and I love you all over.” He giggled. “I love you all over more.” “I just plain love you.” I retorted and tickled him gently under his arm. “He squeaked and giggled again. Then he rose up and gave me a quick kiss. “I have to pee!” It was early. The sun was just coming up. So I didn’t even think of putting on shorts. As we walked out, Kali waved from the cook house and I rushed to cover myself resulting in laughs from her and Kel. I ducked behind the side wall and looked back around, trying to be silly. Kali held up a pile of clothes. They were the ones that Kamiki had salvaged. I waved and said thanks but quickly continued on to the outhouse. Kel was still laughing at me. “You are a silly man John. I like being silly too.” “I guess I’ll have to get used to being naked.” He chuckled. “I wont mind.” We relieved ourselves and my morning mouth reminded me of my lost toothbrush. “Kel, how do you clean your teeth here?” “Come, I will show you.” He was always pleased to show me how they did something here or explain anything. He went down the trail towards the beach looking at the bushes. When he found just the right small branch he broke it off. It was maybe one-eighth to three-sixteenths of an inch in diameter. He cleaned all the little shoots off and rubbed the end on a rock to fray it. “Take the end and rub your teeth gently. It will get looser and some of it will fit between your teeth and clean them. The sap will help and it doesn’t taste bad. A good twig like this will last weeks if you just do it each morning.” He started back. “Thank you Kel. I like learning these things from you. What about your teeth?” “I have one in the house. Let’s look at it. You can see how the end has loosened up.” I tried very hard to not blush as we walked past the cook house and Kali’s renewed laughter. Kel went to the small chest of drawers and opened a drawer. “Oh! Here is my father’s razor. We can go to the cook house and you can shave. Kali will have hot water and there are some of the roots for soap.” He handed me an old but very well kept straight razor. I had no idea of how to use it, being an electric shaver man and had visions of slipping and cutting my throat. “Thank you Kel.” It was a very weak thank you. “Oh my!” He exclaimed as he picked up a small basket from the corner. It was the one that the cell phone and picture had been in. “I forgot these. I hope you wont be angry with me. I took them off your arms when we brought you here that first night.” I knew it the second he spoke. He handed me the two watches that I had put on after I had finished rigging up the sweep and setting sail back toward Auckland. I took the first one and checked to see if it was still working. It was … but … “Oh my God!” I sat heavily on the bed. Kel looked stricken like maybe he had done a bad thing again. “Wha … what is wrong? Did I do something wro …” “No, no, Kel” I cut him off and reassured him. “Let me see the other one please.” I checked the second watch and it confirmed what I saw on the first. “Oh my God.” It was all I could say. I was amazed. Kel was almost panicky. “Please tell me John. What did I do wrong?” I put my hand on his arm. “Oh no, Kel. No. You did nothing wrong. It’s just a shock and I held up the watches. It’s two days later than I thought. Somehow I lost two days.” I was now just thinking out loud and Kel just stood there listening. “Considering the two days that I slept here, it must have been just after the wave hit when I slept on the boat by the ladder. I must have slept a whole day. Then the time I slept after setting the storm jib, I must have slept a whole day then too. That would explain the weather having improved so fast. I must have been far more exhausted than I thought. God, was I lucky! …” I continued, getting louder and almost ranting. Kel started to fidget and now had a concerned look on his face “… At any time another wave could have swamped us and killed me. If I had slept more I might have been asleep when we hit … wait!” Now I was shouting. “If it’s two days later … then … Jesus! I’m two days farther along the course. I’m not even where I thought I was. No wonder Great uncle said the Kermadec Islands were far to the south.” Kel was near tears now and grabbed my arm. “John, stop it. You are scaring me.” He was almost pleading. I stopped as suddenly as I had gotten going. “Oh Kel. Oh my. I’m so sorry.” I hugged him while I calmed down. After a few moments I looked at him and then looked down at the two watches. I had calmed down. “Here.” I held one out to him. “You share your father’s razor with me and I’ll share one of my watches with you.” He recovered as quickly as I did and put it on his wrist with a proud regal sort of flourish. “You know. I can read books and I can read the watch too. My father taught me.” I laughed. “It’s not like we have a real need for them though.” He laughed too. “Yes but we will be the only two in the village with them. Everyone will know that you are mine and I am yours.” That struck me and I remembered thinking last night that there were things that I still had to talk with Kel about and decide about. But later, I thought. “That is sweet Kel. I will wear mine proudly.” His broad smile reminded me of teeth. “So tell me Kel, am I using the tooth stick right?” I tried to brush my teeth with the stick but it was very awkward. He got his out of the drawer and demonstrated. We both got to giggling trying to clean our teeth while watching each other. I eventually got the knack and it seemed to work well enough. Then my stomach growled loudly. “Kel? I think that I will take a bite out of you if I don’t get something to eat.” I lunged at him with a roar and he squealed in delight and scampered out the door and to the cook house. I followed at a more dignified pace befitting my age. Just as I came out Great Uncle did as well. “What is after that boy?” “I am.” I laughed. “I told him I was going to take a bite out of him if I didn’t get something to eat.” The old man slapped his thigh and guffawed so hard I thought he would have a heart attack. “It seems you two are getting along and from what I heard last night …” He let that trail off as he saw my face go red. “Don’t let an old man embarrass you John. You two are in love and the sounds of love bring back good memories for this old man.” “Great Uncle? You are indeed a kind and wise man. Which brings me to an important question. I need to do my share here.” “I knew you would ask in time. Kamani, Maki and I have long talked of a need that perhaps you could fill. As you have noticed, we are aware of the rest of the world. We do like our quiet life here but there is much that we would like to learn. Kel’s father went to school and came back to share what he had learned. Then he was lost to the sea. Perhaps you would think about it and consent to teach in the school house.” I felt a surge of interest … no, enthusiasm. “You have a school house? I would like to see it.” “Yes, we do. There are some books and tools as well I think. Perhaps later we could go see.” I was excited. “Yes, I would like that. Kel and I need to bring up başakşehir escort the things from the boat that Kamiki found. Then what I don’t leave here we can take to Maki’s and Kamani’s and then the village.” “I will help you then. There is a pull cart on the other side of the house. It is what Little Kel and I carried you in when we brought you up from the beach. Let us eat first. I think that Kel is to tough to bite.” He walked with me over to the cook house cackling at his humor. Kali had some of the fruit rolled up in the bread and, of all things, hot tea with some juice to sweeten it. It was a delightful breakfast Part Four: Somehow I lost two days Chapter Two: Kamiki the salvage master After eating and brushing my teeth again to make up for so many days of not brushing, I asked Kali (Yes, I was still naked and blushing somewhat. But, I was bound and determined to get past it.) for some hot water and the soap roots. I lathered up my beard right then and there. An old cracked mirror was in the other end of the cook house. Kali watched and then quickly spoke up. “John Fuller, you will cut yourself. Have you never shaved before? You are as bad as my man was. Here, let me do it.” She took the razor and did a very professional job. I stroked my now naked chin and smiled. “Kali, you did that very properly. Thank you.” “Herumpf!” She grunted. “From the looks of all that fur on you I will have to shave you every day. I only had to shave my man twice a week.” I laughed at her delightful grumpiness. “I am a fast learner Kali. Don’t worry.” Just then Kel and Great Uncle came around the other end of the house with the pull cart. It was a rather familiar looking one too. You know, like the ones you can get for yard work at most any home center. The box was a large rectangular basket of woven palm leaves and sticks, with vines used to tie the sticks into a frame. A couple of pieces of wood looked to be 2 by 4’s rescued from the sea and a metal bar, from who knew where, made up a bed and single axle. The wheels had clearly once been part of a bicycle. It worked quite well. The three of us set off for the beach taking turns pulling the cart. When we broke out into the clearing, there was Kamiki and a new pile of salvaged items. It seemed like days since we had been here and seen Kamiki but it was only yesterday. However, much had happened between Little Kel and I, making it just seem longer. “Hello!” He shouted and waved as we came into the clearing. We all greeted him as we pulled up the cart. “Well done, Kamiki. I see you have added to the pile.” He was pleased by my praise and puffed up a bit. “I noticed that from where your boat hit the reef, much drifted around the point. Then from where it sank after rolling over the reef into the lagoon, more drifted. So I came back after lunch and went around the point. I carried all this over the bluff.” “I am very impressed Kamiki.” I was actually trying not to seem too excited as I poked through the stuff. If there was a working EPIRB I could turn it on and rescue would come within days, maybe even hours. But, I also wanted to avoid upsetting Kel again. We still had to talk about the possibility of rescue. There were some useful items but no electronics. Strange, I thought. Great Uncle was equally impressed with Kamiki. “Well done young man, I am proud of you.” I walked over to the piles that Kel and I had made yesterday for giving to those who had come to my aid. “Great Uncle. Here are some foam rubber mattresses. I thought that two would fit nicely on your sleeping platform and two on Kel’s.” “Ours.” Kel’s little voice said. “Huh?” “Our sleeping platform.” He replied with a little more confidence. I thought I heard a little chuckle from Kamiki. “Yes Kel. I’m sorry. Our sleeping platform.” The old man went over to one of the mattresses and poked at it. “It is far too soft for these old bones. Thank you John but I am happy with the bed the way it is.” “Maybe you and Kel will need all four.” Kamiki said with a snicker. “Two now and when you wear them out you still have two more.” Then he was really giggling. Kel made to run at Kamiki but I grabbed him. “Wait Kel. That is a good idea. I was going to offer them to Kamiki but maybe we should keep them for ourselves, just in case. Besides, I think he is just envious.” The last word went over Kamiki’s head but clearly Kel and Great Uncle knew its meaning as they both burst out laughing. Kamiki’s jaw just dropped and he stammered. “You would give them to me? Really?” Kel’s laughter doubled in volume. “Yes Kamiki, for you and the wild sow that grazes in Maki’s meadow,” Kel laughed. Tears of triumphant laughter were streaming down his cheeks. I felt bad for Kamiki and had to end this before the old man had a heart attack from his own laughter. “Okay Kamiki. You take two then. You have more than earned them. Great Uncle? Would you like one of the sails? You could make Kali’s roof stronger or maybe the cook house.” He looked pleased that I asked. “Thank you again John but I am an old man and do not need anything. You and Kel keep what you might use. Then you can take what is left to the others. They will be most honored and pleased.” “Okay then.” I pulled up the cart. “Let’s pile the mattresses on.” Once the mattresses were loaded I added two spinnakers on top. They were huge but light, being made from nylon. “We can each carry another sail as well and Great Uncle, can you pull the cart?” He nodded. Good. Kamiki, is your house nearby?” “Yes John. It is just a little ways past Great Uncle’s on a path to the left.” He had a very pleased look. We hauled everything back to the house and dropped two Mattresses off and the two spinnakers that I thought would be most useful to us. I took the opportunity to put on my running shorts much to everyone’s amusement. “What?” I asked, knowing full well what they all were giggling and laughing at. “Oh. Well, like Great Uncle said, I wouldn’t want to frighten anyone.” That only served to renew their laughter. With the laughing subsiding, we piled the rest of the sails on top of the two remaining mattresses and headed for Kamiki’s house. Great Uncle decided to stay. He said that he would rebuild Kel’s … ah, I beg your pardon … our sleeping platform to include the two mattresses. Then he would be sitting in one of the rockers by the door, waiting until we came back for more. The cart pulling was left to me as the two boys walked on ahead. Kamiki seemed to be asking Kel a lot of questions. Kel appeared to be declining to answer and blushing. Finally he gave Kamiki a not too friendly shove and came back to walk with me. Kamiki just laughed as he looked back over his shoulder and kept walking ahead. “That Kamiki’s nose is going to get to know my fist someday.” Kel said with some hurt and frustration. I tried on my peacemaker hat. “Kel, before I came, did you and Kamiki see each other much?” “Yeah, all the time. Every day. Sometimes we would even stay overnight at the house we were at when the sun went down. I don’t know how I could stand him then.” He looked pretty frustrated. “Sounds like you were very good friends.” I continued. “Since I washed up, how much have you seen him?” Now he looked more confused than frustrated. “Since I found you, just yesterday morning and now.” “Do you trust me Kel?” “Yes.” “Then be patient with Kamiki. He has lost his best friend to someone he feels he can’t compete with, someone you love. I’m too big and too much older so he can’t safely pick on me. But he can pick on you to show you how he’s hurting. He misses you and he will need time to adjust to the idea that things are different. Try to be kind to him too. Talking wont help. Just be patient. He’s a good boy and, if he’s a true friend, he will come to see that you still like him and still want to be his friend.” I tousled his shaggy head of hair. “I love you Kel.” He smiled up at me with a full set of dimples. “I love you too!” Then he ran back up to Kamiki, made a nasty sound and, laughing happily, ran on ahead with Kamiki in hot pursuit. The two went around a bend in the trail to the left and when I got to that same bend I realized that we were in Kamiki’s yard. A very pregnant woman came out of the small house and waved. There was a small girl with her and I knew that she must be Lani (La knee), Kamiki’s little sister. As we walked up, Kamiki was very polite to the woman and introduced us quite properly. “John Fuller, this is my mother, Leni (Leh Nye). Mother, this is John Fuller.” “Good day John Fuller.” Her voice was every bit as musical as all the islanders. “And good day to you Leni. It is a pleasure to meet you. Kamiki has been most helpful. You must be very proud of him.” Then I looked at the shy little girl hiding behind her. “And you must be Lani. You are very pretty.” Leni smiled with pride for both of her children. “Oh, Kamiki is indeed a good boy … most of the time.” Kel snickered and got a little shove from Kamiki. Lani continued to be very shy and ran around behind the house. “Well, I want to do something to show my thanks for his help. There are two foam rubber mattresses here and I’d like to … ” Kamiki cut me off. “They are for you and father and the baby! Come see how soft they are.” He was genuinely excited. Kel looked surprised but I was very impressed with Kamiki. As Leni walked carefully over to the cart and poked at the mattresses, I winked at Kamiki and he beamed. Just then a man came around the house with Lani. Kamiki shouted. “Father, you must meet John Fuller! John Fuller, this is my father, Kam (Cam).” The man was tall for these people and lanky with heavily wrinkled features from working long hours in the sun and weather. kamiki clearly took after his mother. As I extended my hand he put down his arm load of fish nets and gave me a strong, though fish smelling, hand shake. “Hello. Kamiki talks all day of your boat and the things he finds. I am sorry for your bad fortune.” He gave me a warm smile and looked over at the cart. “What is all this?” Before Kamiki could explain Kel blurted out. “Kamiki brought these for you, Leni and the baby.” I stroked the back of the boy’s neck with love. “Is this true John Fuller?” “Yes Kam. Kamiki has been a big help and certainly has earned his pick of what he saved from my boat. I think he will be a fine big brother for your new baby.” The man looked thoughtful for a moment and then asked. “Please, wait a moment.” Then he went quickly behind the house and returned in a moment with a basket containing a very large fish and handed it to me. I must have looked confused but Kel explained. “John, a gift is never left unanswered. To not accept is bad manners.” “Thank you Kam. It will make a fine evening meal and then some.” I again shook his hand. Kel and Kamiki quickly unloaded the two mattresses and carried them into the house. When he returned, Kel was eager to move along and explained; “John and I must go to see Maki now and then into the village. I want him to meet more of our people.” He grabbed my hand and started tugging. I laughed at his enthusiasm. “It has been a pleasure meeting you all. Kamiki, thank you again. I guess we will see you back at the clearing by the beach. That is if Kel hasn’t worn me out with his eagerness to show me around.” We waved as Kel pulled me down the path toward Maki’s. At Maki’s we found the man in his meadow tending to a goat that was tangled in a vine. He waved and walked down to us on the path. Kel moved over by my side and slipped his arm around my waste. My arm automatically went over his shoulder. I was pleased by his open show of affection in front of Maki. It was his way of telling Maki that he had made things right between us. Maki’s smile broadened. “Hello Kel! Hello John! I am glad to see you are both looking much happier today. How is that elbow John?” He took my arm and gently turned it to look. “It is almost all better Maki. Thank you again for that.” “Oh, it was nothing. That is what I do here. Tend to people and the goats and chickens.” Then he peered at the pile on the cart. “John, are these the sails from your boat?” “Yes. If you remember I mentioned yesterday that we would be back with some things for you and Kamani. I’m sure you could use one of these for something.” He scratched his chin for a moment and then nodded. “We can certainly put one to good use I am sure. Please wait just a moment. I must get something.” He walked quickly off toward his chicken coop. Kel spoke quietly to me. “He had to think what he would give you in return before he accepted your gift.” I whispered back. “Am I causing embarrassment or any problems making these gifts Kel?” He giggled. “No! They love it. It’s a game of friendship. You are making very good friends.” Just then Maki trotted back with a small wooden cage containing a very indignantly cackling chicken. “Here is a fine evening meal for your house John.” As he said this there came a commotion back in the meadow. The goat, or another one, had become tangled in the same vine. “I must run back to save that silly goat. I will see you on your return trip I am sure. Thank you both for the sail.” Kel hefted off one of the two remaining sails and placed it by the gate to the meadow. The chicken went, complaining loudly, halkalı escort into the cart right next to the fish. The fish was covered by damp seaweed to keep it relatively fresh but Kel was right, we would have to pour some water on it at the next stop. Then we would have to get it back as soon as we could so that Kali could cook it for both the noon and evening meals. Again we waved as we set out down the path. “Kel. Why did he say my house?” “Oh. He knows that we are together now. So, our house is your house as well.” He said it just as if it were an everyday thing. I wasn’t sure why but I thought it odd. So, I chalked it up to different cultures. We were in the open now and the sun was getting hot. Both of us were getting quite sweaty and dirty in the dust from the path. “Kel.” I asked. “Is it always so dusty on the path? I am getting very dirty again.” “It is the dry season and this is a dry area because of the wind.” He enjoyed teaching me about his island home. Then he put on a sweet little smile. “Perhaps we can go back up to the falls for a bath later.” “Just a bath?” I teased. He answered by slipping his arm around my waste again. I put mine back around his shoulders and by the time we reached the trees on the other side of the wide meadow we both showed distinctive signs of our feelings for each other. Once in the trees we stopped, looked around and then embraced. The kiss was soft and loving. “Kel, you are so sweet.” “And sexy?” It was his turn to tease a little. I chuckled. “Oh yes. Very sexy.” “We could go into the woods here and … ” His voice trailed off. He looked very much in need but showed some will power. “Perhaps we should wait. It will be nicer to lie with you up by the falls.” I kissed him again quickly. “Yes, the falls are very romantic. It will be nice there later.” Part Four: Somehow I lost two days Chapter Three: The Village We moved on down the path and by the time we reached the next clearing we had calmed down to more presentable states. This new clearing opened onto a flat grove like area with occasional palm trees and small house/hut combinations scattered here and there with paths running every which way. Looking to the left you could see all the way down to the shore. There I could see a wide long strand of beautiful grayish pink sand. Again punctuated by palm trees, this beach was the rival of any I had seen advertised in resort brochures. About 100 yards off the beach was the reef, so the lagoon was calm. Half a dozen small outrigger canoes were lined up on the shore. It was a scene right out of a south sea romance movie. There were a number of people about and some children. As we progressed through what was clearly the village, many of the adults greeted Kel with a kind word and nodded at me with a smile. The children chased after us with a bit more curiosity and it was obvious that Kel was looked up to by many of them. I patted the first little one’s head that came within reach before Kel quietly explained to me that it was considered rude to touch someone’s head. When I asked about it, he said that he wasn’t quite sure where the tradition came from. However, he seemed to think that patting a shoulder or back was okay. Then he directed me to one of the small houses. “That one is Kamani’s house.” There was no one at home so we left the cart and walked down to the beach. The sand was soft and hot. It had a gray cast to the pink coral color and I asked Kel about it. He explained. “This island is made from the mountain. The mountain rumbles and sends liquid rock down its side to make new land.” “You mean that the mountain is an active volcano?” I asked with more than a little concern. There must have been a little tremble to my voice because Kel sensed it and tried to calm my nervousness. “Oh, do not worry. It has not done that since even before Great Uncle’s grandfather was born.” Then he went on to explain the sand. “The beach is this color because the sand comes from the coral and the mountain. The coral is pink and the mountain is black.” “I see and that is why the sand is so hot.” I was thinking out loud. “The black sand gets hotter from the sun than the pink sand.” Kel was smarter than he let on. “Yes, that is right. Your feet will get used to the heat if you stop wearing those silly shoes. Just as your privates will get used to the sun if you stop wearing your shorts. I think you look better without them.” “I think he would look better without them too Kel.” The voice came from behind me and I must have jumped because of the follow up comment. “Sorry mate, didn’t mean to startle ya’.” “Kel giggled. “John, you are blushing. This is Maliki and Miki.” Before me, hand in hand, stood a very handsome young island man of about 20 or so and a clearly white man of about my age. “Maliki and Miki, this is John Fuller.” The white man stuck out his hand to me. “You’re catching flies John. Pleased to finally meet ya’. Tough luck about your boat. I’m Miki, by the way. And this handsome bloke here is Maliki” I was in shock. I had no idea there was another white man on the island. I closed up my fly trap and shook his hand. He had a firm grip. “Sorry, you sure did surprise me though.” “Yeah?” He grinned. “Was it our holding hands?” I laughed and took Kel’s hand in mine. “Oh. No, it was your not being an islander. I had no idea.” I held out my hand to Maliki and we shook. I nodded with a smile. “Oh, yeah. Well, I dropped in here about 10 years ago and this young fella’ stole my heart and I’ve been here ever since.” He clapped Kel on the shoulder. “I did help this lad’s father to go to school in New Zealand though.” Kel shuffled his feet but stood straight. “I have all my father’s books still Miki and my reading is much better.” “He got his hooks in ya’ John?” Miki asked with a good natured chuckle. “The way you two look at each other it seems he has.” My blush returned. “Well, the world could learn a thing or two from these nice people,” Miki continued” “Kel is a good man and I wish you both the best.” “Thank you Miki … Miki … ” I turned the name over on my tongue. “Your name is really Michael?” He nodded. “Yep but Miki is what they like and so do I. We have to move along but if you’re lookin’ for Kamani, he’ll be back soon. He had an errand to run. See ya’ later mate.” They started to walk down the beach again, hand in hand. I called after them. “It was very nice to meet you two. I will enjoy talking more sometime Miki.” He waved back over his shoulder. We watched them get farther away and then Maliki, who was small in stature like Kel, slipped his arm around Miki’s waist and Miki put his arm around Maliki’s shoulders. I looked at Kel and he looked at me and we both smiled and laughed with happiness. “Maliki doesn’t talk much?” I asked Kel. “I think he was just quiet because he doesn’t know you.” The lad replied. I turned and looked back toward the village. ”Well young man, if Kamani isn’t there we will have to come back. That fish isn’t going to be much good if we don’t get it back to Kali soon.” We walked back to Kamani’s house and not finding him there we started to leave. “Kel! John Fuller!” The shouts came from the far side of the village. It was Kamani and he came trotting up all out of breath. “Oh. Oh! I’m getting too old for this.” He huffed and puffed. “Good day Kamani.” I felt I should be very proper. He had been rather formal when he came to see me at Great Uncle’s. “Well, it is a good day. It is a good day to see you well and to hear from Maki that you two are together. It is good for Kel, for you and for us all. I am so happy.” His broad smile and more informal way this time made me relax a bit. “We have brought you one of John’s sails.” Kel pointed to the cart. “Perhaps you can put it to good use.” Again the ritual of gift giving had to be observed. “That is most kind of you John Fuller and I have something for you.” He leaned in the door of his house and picked up a two liter plastic soda bottle full of a dark liquid. “Enjoy this with that fine looking fish tonight.” “Thank you Kamani.” I must have looked skeptical. Kamani laughed. “Take a taste John Fuller. It is Miki’s brew and a fine brew it is indeed.” I hesitated and then did think that my throat was a bit dry. So, I unscrewed the cap and took a mouth full. It was a smooth and rich wine from some unknown fruit. “Oh wow! That is very good. Thank you again Kamani.” I was about to recap it when little hands took the bottle from me and before I could object Kel had taken a good slug and announced; “Kamani, please tell Miki that this is his best yet.” Then he recapped the bottle and put it in the cart with the fish and the noisy chicken. I just stared at him and then burst out laughing. He turned and gave me a reproachful look. “Why do you laugh John?” I slapped my leg still laughing. All I could say was; “Later. Later.” Every once in a while Kel showed a dignity beyond his years and it just blew me away. He would be a dear sweet boy at one moment and then a man with pride and dignity would make a brief appearance. So much here was understated and I suspected that Kel’s intelligence and the extent of the education that his father had passed on to him before he died was far more than I had so far seen and he has let on. Even Kamani gave a good natured chuckle. “I will pass along your approval Kel. Now, before I run off again, as I have some one else to see, here’s some water to pour over your fish before it dries out.” He handed Kel a large plastic water jug. Then he turned to me. “Oh, John. May I call you John?” “Of course,” I nodded my head. “Thank you. I have heard that you might be willing to teach. Is that true?” He looked hopeful. “Why yes, it is.” I wondered and marveled at the communications here. There must be a good grape-vine. How did he know of what Great Uncle and I discussed only this morning? Kel was excited by the idea. “Oh John! That would be wonderful! You can use my father’s books.” “Well good then. Let us plan to get together with Maki to work it out.” He excused himself and trotted off again. “Maybe tomorrow? Sorry, but I must run off again. Good day to you both.” With that, Kel and I waved and headed off back to Kel’s house. Well, our house. I hoped we were in time to cook the fish for lunch. I was starving. Part Four: Somehow I lost two days Chapter Four: Kel gives a nature talk and Kali cooks the big fish With the cart much lighter, the going was easier and faster and Kel helped pass the time pointing out different kinds of plants and what many of the uses were that we could make of them. For example; the leafy part of the soap root plant, which we never got to try up at the falls last night, is a good skin moisturizer and healer. Another leaf makes a good tea to help sleeping. There was a reddish leaf that was good to put on a small cut or scrape. Of course, there were many that were good to eat and some that would make you sick. I decided that I would leave those choices up to Kali. The wild life was everywhere. Insects I refuse to discuss. I’m sure they serve purposes unknown to me but I hate ’em all. There are too many birds to describe and they come in a huge assortment and combination of colors. They are gloriously beautiful and make the most amazing variety of sounds but, best of all, they eat insects! The one thing I was amazed to learn from Kel was that there were no poisonous snakes or lizards. Relatively nearby Australia has, if memory serves, 10 of the worlds most deadly snakes. Don’t get me wrong, there were snakes and lizards but they kept to themselves or just plain ignored humans. The lizards especially. If they were perched on a rock sunning, there was nothing that would get them to move short of rolling them off or rolling the rock out from under them. Of the animals one would be likely to see, there were wild pigs, monkeys and, of course, rats and mice. Domesticated animals included a few head of cattle, mainly milk cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and naturally dogs and cats. kel said that they had a dog but when it died, recently, after a fight with a wild pig. They had never found another that they liked. However, they did think that they might get a puppy next time a litter was born in the village. Just as we finished discussing the wild life we were passing Maki’s place. He was relaxing under a tree with the remains of his noon meal. We were just about to call out when he let out a loud snore. It appeared that it was his noon nap as well. So we quietly continued on to the house passing the path to Kamiki’s house. It was just after high noon when we entered the yard. “Kali! Great uncle! Where is everyone?” We called out. Kali came out quickly from Great Uncle’s room. “Quiet you two. He is very tired from this morning.” “Is he alright?” Kel sounded concerned. “Oh yes.” Kali said. “He completely rebuilt your sleeping platform and is napping now.” I wondered if maybe kali and the old man were more than just friends. Well, I thought. If that is so, good for them. “John, come and look!” Kel was calling from his … our room. “Look at what Great Uncle did.” The sleeping platform looked fit for a king. The supports for the platform had been cut so, with the two mattresses on top, it would be the same height as before. I noticed too that şirinevler escort some extra supports had been added to accommodate my extra weight. I wondered, with a smile, if he also pictured us as “active” occupants. The two mattresses fit almost perfectly. They were canvas covered and so, he had covered them with one of the softer blankets. He had also made a curtain for our doorway like the one on his. “Kel, your Great Uncle obviously cares for your comfort and happiness. He has done a beautiful job.” “And yours as well,” he said as he slipped his arm around my waist again, it was becoming a nice habit. Then he whispered to me. “It looks so comfortable. I can’t wait to sleep on it with you.” I ran my hand up and down his back and gave him a little sideways hug. We went back out and pulled the cart over to Kali in the cook house. My stomach decided to growl just then, like this morning, and they both looked at me. “You are always making hunger noises John.” Kel said with a chuckle. “I can’t help it.” I felt defensive so I diverted their attention from my stomach to what would soon fill it … I hoped. “Kali, look at what we have. A huge fish and a chicken.” She went over and sniffed the fish. “Well, it should be cooked right away but it’s not cleaned. Kel why don’t you show John Fuller how to clean a fish. I’ll get the fire ready.” “Ugh! I hate cleaning fish.” Kel didn’t grumble often so when he did it was for good reason. I hated cleaning fish too. “That’s okay my friend. I’ve cleaned a fish or two in my day. Show me where and let’s get it over with.” Trying to find the bright side I added, “besides, it will be another reason to go up to the falls for that bath.” Well it wasn’t long before Kel and I started getting sloppy and silly. Soon we were fooling around throwing fish guts at each other. The laughing finally gave us away and Kali came out to scold us. “When you children are through playing, I’d like to cook that fish. If there is any of it left fit to eat.” Kel’s adolescence kicked in. “I’m not a child.” He declared defensively. I grabbed him around the waist and hefted him over my shoulder. “This smells the most like a fish Kali. Where’s the fire?” And I started for the cook house with Kel squealing and wriggling on my shoulder. “Oh! Boys!” Kali was disgusted. I put Kel down and swatted his cute butt and he swatted mine right back but laughing. “I’m sorry Kali. It’s just that I feel so much better. Thanks in no small part to your wonderful cooking. May I watch as you cook Kel?” My butt got another swat. But this one not at all hard and his hand even lingered a moment. “Opps, I mean the fish.” I watched as Kali prepared to bake the fish. First she washed it off and then she filled the inside with some leaves and something that smelled like garlic. Then she wrapped it in some very large green leaves that she said were banana leaves. I made a note to ask Kel where the bananas were. I love bananas. The leaves were very moist and she applied a number of layers. She explained that this would steam the fish and bake it. The fire, on one side of the large fireplace, had turned to a large pile of very hot coals. There was a grating over them and the fish went on that. To the right the fire was still going strong and a large black pot was steaming. Kali seemed to always be prepared if hot water were needed. As this fire made coals, they were raked over and added to the fire on the left so it was kept as hot as possible. She turned the fish only once, seeming to know by pure instinct when the time was right. Then, when she felt it was done, she took it off the fire. I noticed that she had two identical and very interesting implements for doing this. They were made of what looked like two very fibrous looking strips of wood about 18 inches long, one and a half inches wide and maybe one-eighth of an inch thick. They were separated at one end by a short piece of wood and tied there very tightly. This made a pair of tongs and she used two of them to lift the heavy fish. She laid it out on the table and used the tongs to unwrap the hot leaves. The aroma made my stomach growl even louder and longer. When I didn’t hear a giggle or wise crack from Kel I noticed for the first time that he wasn’t there. “Where did Kel go?” I asked Kali. “Oh. I know he put the chicken on the work bench and then he went out in the yard. He isn’t interested in cooking.” I felt bad. Like Maybe I had ignored him. So, I set out to find him. I looked all over and then noticed that the cart was gone. Just as I started down the path towards the beach I saw him coming back up. He had gone down there and filled the cart up with the rest of the sails, the 5 gallons of diesel fuel and my weather proof case of DVR hard drives. As he came up the path I yelled. “Well, aren’t you the busy beaver! The fish is almost ready to eat.” “Good. Now my stomach is making hungry noises too.” “Ha. You should have heard mine when Kali opened the wrappings and I smelled it. It sounded like thunder.” He giggled and his eyes sparkled. “It takes a big belly for that.” I gave him a raspberry and a smile. Then I thanked him for bringing more stuff up. “What is a ‘busy beaver’?” he asked. “Oh. A beaver is an animal from where I live. It keeps very busy working very hard.” I thought again about teaching here and the idea of it was very appealing. “I will tell you more about them another time. Let me help you with this and then let’s eat.” As we came up the path, Great Uncle was standing in his doorway stretching and scratching himself. He must have just awakened. He waved and walked over to the cook house. “What smells so good Kali?” We piled the load at the end of the cook house so we could go over it later and went around back to put the cart away. We could hear them talking and laughed to ourselves. “Kel and John brought back a big Grouper.” Walking into the cook house he spotted the cooked fish. “That is big enough for two days. I see a chicken on the work bench too. Looks like John has met Kam and been to Maki’s this morning.” Kali held up the two liter bottle of wine. “They saw Kamani as well.” “Uh oh.” The old man coughed a couple of raspy fake coughs. “I think I am getting a dry throat. Pass that over here would you Kali?” “Oh no you don’t. One cup at lunch and one at the evening meal. Any more and all you will do is sleep.” “Oh you nagging old women. You’d think we were married.” “Go find those two and let’s eat.” Just as she finished scolding the old man, Kel and I walked around the end of the house laughing. I could tell by the way Kel regarded the two old folks that he loved them both very much. “I think that it would be nice if you two got married.” He said with open affection for them. Kali laughed. “That’s sweet Kel but we’re too set in our ways.” Great Uncle was shaking his head and grumbled something about the wine. “Oh here, old man. Have two cups but don’t blame me if you sleep all day.” Kel and I both chuckled and I whispered in his ear. “I think they already are married.” He burst out with a loud guffaw. We all took wooden plates and piled them high with fresh baked fish. The shade of the front sitting area of the house was nice and cool so we ate there. The fish was wonderful and the wine topped off the big noon meal. It was the custom here, because of the tropical climate, to eat a large noontime meal and then rest. The evening meal was usually cold and left over from lunch. The fish would actually be quite good cold, especially with the wine. After lunch, Kel and I announced that being covered with dust from the path, we would go up to the falls for a swim and a bath and then have our nap. “We will be home for supper and more fish and wine … if you leave us any Great Uncle.” Kel teased. “Go on you disrespectful boy!” The old man teased back. “Don’t have too much fun up there.” “Old Kel!” Kali chided him. “Leave the boy alone.” It was one of the few times I heard her speak to him like that. I went in to the room to get my boat shoes but Kel was right when he pointed out the obvious. “You will never get used to going without those if you keep using them.” Then he grinned at me. “And the same goes for those shorts you have on.” The boy had a point. I stripped off the shorts and tossed them into our room, along with the shoes. I knew that I would come back to find them washed. Kali would wear them out from washing long before I could from wearing them. We waved at Kali and the old man and headed up to the falls and a whole afternoon alone together. Part Four: Somehow I lost two days Chapter Five: Time for a bath The first time I had gone up this trail it was late and things weren’t going to well. Now it was just past noon and the sun was beaming down between the trees. There wasn’t much breeze down here but up by the falls there would be just enough to keep it from getting too hot. Kel took my hand and looked up at me, clearly in love. As we hiked along he continued his discourse on the flora and fauna. That reminded me to ask about the bananas. “Where did Kali get the banana leaves for wrapping the fish?” “Oh, she probably got them in the village from Alani (Ah la knee) and Kiliki (Key lee key). They are together like Maliki and Miki and now, you and I.” My mind wandered as I still had trouble thinking about our relationship. But, when it got romantic, well, those concerns vanished and our affection just seemed so right. “John?” “Yes, sorry, my mind wandered. Where do Alani and Kiliki get the leaves?” “They are farmers and grow many different things. One of them is bananas. They say they both love bananas so it made sense to grow them.” The nasty little adolescent side of my mind flashed a lurid picture of just how Alani and Kiliki loved bananas and I giggled. “What?” “Oh, I’m sorry. My mind keeps wandering.” “Well.” Kel sounded not at all unjustifiably testy. “If you are not interested I will stop talking.” “No, please don’t stop. I just keep thinking of how nice it’s going to be to spend the afternoon alone together.” It wasn’t entirely a fib. I really was looking forward to just lying together and basking in the love that was growing by the moment. We finally arrived at the pool at the base of the falls and it was sparkling in the early afternoon sun and the warm moist fresh aroma of the forest was heavenly. We waded right into the pool and swam across and back rinsing off most of the dust from our bodies. Like before, the water was warmer than I expected. Last time I thought that the sun had warmed it but with all that water continuously coming over the falls, I found that hard to believe. Just then a root plopped in the water in front of me. “Let’s wash each other.” A playful and huskier than normal voice suggested. Kel waded over to me making suds and gave me a sly grin. I looked down in the water and saw that he was already half hard. I grinned back. The suds were easier to make this time and soon we were both rubbing them all over each other’s chests and shoulders. First he turned and I did his back and then it was my turn. Then Kel pulled me into shallower water so we could wash lower down. He carefully avoided my now half erect penis and washed down to my knees. Then I started on him. I was surprised just how badly I wanted, no, needed to touch him down there. But, I followed his example and washed down to his knees. My backside was next and he washed over my butt avoiding or forgetting, I don’t know which, to go in the crack. When he was done I turned and did his firm round little butt and then down his legs. By now I was fully aroused and wanted him badly. As I moved my hands up the inside of his thighs, I let my fingers, slippery with the soap, slip in between his cheeks. He stiffened, moaned softly and leaned back against me. I put my mouth to his ear and whispered to him. “We should be clean every where. Don’t you think?” “Oh yes.” He was very aroused and his voice was very husky and sexy. “But, if you wash me in front I will spill my milk … ah, cum, right away.” “Why don’t we swim for a few minutes to rinse off? Then we can finish washing ourselves very carefully and meet by the falls.” “Good idea.” He dove into the deeper water and swam away. He did really have a beautiful little body. Compact, stocky and clearly very strong. His swimming was powerful for a boy his age. I swam as well. Then I watched as he carefully made sure that he was clean from head to toe. The water had cooled his ardor enough so that he particularly made sure that his privates were clean. When we were both satisfied we met at the falls. That water was indeed colder and so, we didn’t stay long. I challenged him. “Race you back!” It was no contest. Even in the short distance he beat me. When we both reached the edge of the pool we were laughing happily and when we climbed out our eyes met and we slipped into each other’s arms and kissed. Next, Part Five: Horny goats and misplaced loyalty Characters: Malaki Ni (Mal ah key Knee) – Village and Island name meaning White Reef Kel or Little Kel – the boy Old Kel – the boy’s Great Uncle, widower Kali (Cal ee) – an old widow woman, Old Kel’s friend Leni (Leh Nye) – a villager, Kam’s pregnant wife and Kamiki’s mother Kam (Cam) – a villager, Leni’s husband, fisherman Kamiki (Cam ee kye) – Kam’s son and Kel’s friend Lani (La knee) – Leni’s daughter Kamani (Ka mon knee) – Village Leader, mediator Maki (Mac eye) – Healer and Spiritual Leader, goats & chickens Maliki (Mal ee kye) and Miki (My key) – Male couple, brewers Alani (Ah la knee) and Kiliki (Key lee key) – Female couple, farmers

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