Shoe store training

Big Dicks

Shoe store trainingI was out of college and I needed a job. Any job. After months of searching, I finally picked up a part-time gig in the mall at a shoe store. My manager was a stunning woman–long black hair, thick pouty lips and loved to wear tight clothing. She had heavy, thick breasts and nipples that pushed out of her bra–she made sure to hold everything just out of my distance to make me look at her and see them…she always seemed to drop something and bend over in front of me…but I could never really be sure. It just happened too much.She loved to tease the female and male shoppers that walked into the store–slowly bending over, slowly picking up boxes, slowly rubbing her chest and yawning. etc. Men would stop–walk in the store–check her out, then leave. All day. Really, the store should of been paying her extra from all of the foot traffic artemisbet yeni giriş she pulled in. She was married. And yes, snowballs chance in hell of ever getting anywhere with her. And yet here I was, all day getting teased by what basically amount the hottest woman working in the mall. Every tight sweater day, tight jeans day, tight jogging pants day–I was building up a fantasy of her and then shooting out these massive loads of…well, you get the idea.And she knew it. She freaking knew it. She knew I want home and jacked off to her every move, every outfit. She would peak at my semi-boner all of the time. I once made the mistake of wearing boxer shorts and my hard on got a little too strong while I was watching her–eating some frosting off the top of cupcake. I just got so freaking turned on. I was debating moving artemisbet giriş on–this was just to much torment for a twenty something horn dog like myself to deal with…I just had her on my mind 24-7. I even told her at one point–look, tone it down. But nothing seemed to work or change.Until one day–she went too far. The top was black latex. The bottom: skin tight leather. The shoes were high heels and the store was partly closed. She reached up in the back room to get a box and started bending over. Very very slow. I told myself not to look…this is a bad idea. And man, my dick started talking…I just snapped and started rubbing my cock on the outside of my pants. She looked up–and smiled. I was in the back room but people could see if they peaked in through the doorway.She touched her nipples under the latex top. I was in artemisbet güvenilirmi shock. My dick was hard and I was standing up. I was walking around with a tent pole. She starting laughing…laughing that I was hard. I pulled it out…laugh at this and her eyes bugged out. And then she pulled me close–and pushed my hand on to her latex top. It felt so wrong. This was my boss. My only real job. And yet, her nipples were rock hard! People are walking by the store at this point and peaking into the room but I could care less. It was on.She kissed me. I pulled her into my hard on…pushing up against her tight body–and bent her over table in the back room. She was moaning. I was in a state of shock and never before or since have I wanted to bone this bad. I wanted control. I spanked her tight ass. She moaned. I spanked it again. She moaned harder. I pulled off her latex top and took off my shirt. I was in a banging frenzy. I don’t ever recall all of moves…she panted. I humped her like a crazy dog in heat and shot a load all over her latex top…it was soooooooo good. And yet, everything changed from that point. I was now her sex toy.

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