Shopping for passion


Shopping for passionI pulled up to the store and as I was walking up to the store this handsome gentleman caught my eye. He looked at me and kept walking then he turned for a second look with a huge smile. I walked over to the womens’ clothing section and he headed somewhere else. He had an amazing smile I could not get it out of my head. I was wearing a skirt and nice thin blouse so even a slight breeze got my nipples hard, he must have noticed when he turned for the second glance. I began to look at the clothes and then I noticed him heading my way from across the store. I tried not to stare but his muscles were showing and his half sleeve tribal tattoo. I was transfixed. I noticed a decent bulge in front and wondered if he is that big soft how amazing will he be hard. I realized I had been starring for a while because he was almost over to where I was. I was horrified so I hurried and turned my shopping cart around and pretended to look at the clothes on the back wall to hide my embarrassment. klasbahis yeni giriş I could hear his cart go past and without thinking I turned to look at his butt but he was 2 racks away facing me. My whole face turned bright red and he just smiled. I hurried and took my cart to housewares thinking shower curtains would calm me down but it didn’t, all I did was imagine him naked behind them after having had amazing sex. I felt myself getting wet and my skin was hot to the touch. I came to the end of the aisle and turned the corner and he was right there, as if he had been watching me. He smiled and introduced himself as Xavier. I stuttered out my name along with a nice to meet you. He then boldly asked me if I liked what I saw. I played coy and said yes I have been wanting a new shower curtain for a while just do not know which one to pick. He starred deep into my eyes and said you know what I meant. I swallowed the lump in my throat and before I could answer he klasbahis giriş was behind me whispering in my ear, “We both know we wanna fuck each other till we pass out.” He put his hands on my hips and gave my neck a kiss. I could feel him becoming aroused. He said “no woman has ever made me feel this way in public.” His hand slid up my skirt to my moist panties and I felt his fingers slide between my lips and I let out a gasp. Then he pulled his fingers and sucked my juices from the tips. He moaned out, ” how delicious you taste and I need more.” He quickly led me to a clothing rack and he climbed inside and got on his knees. He jerked up my skirt and pulled my underwear to the side. He thrust his tongue between my wet and throbbing lips. I put one leg on the shopping cart and held on tight. His tongue moved so fast and was so warm. I let out a whimper ubtil he began sucking my clit then I moaned louder and just then a middle aged woman went by with her cart but I didn’t care. klasbahis güvenilirmi He was furiously attacking my soaking wet pussy till I almost screamed in pleasure. He then got up and picked up a few random and said “come with me to the dressing room.” I followed him and he led me into the largest room where he ripped his shorts off to reveal his amazingly large cock that was erect with pre-cum dribbling out. He pulls my skirt and my panties to the floor and then picks me up by my ass as I face him and pulls me onto his cock with a quick jerk. I scream from the feeling I can’t help it. He begins bouncing me on his cock and kissing me deeply so I do not scream again. He tastes of my sweet juices and his cock feels as if it were made for me specifically. He bounces me harder and squeezes my ass tight. I can feel our breaths getting faster. I feel the intensity building like never before then all the sudden he thrusts so deep and so hard I squirt all over him again and again as he keeps pumping deep. I am wiggling and writhing in his arms when all the sudden he grabs my ass hard and I feel his warmth fill me deep and his lips lock on mine. He holds me even after he is done and keeps kissing me. He eventually places me gently on the floor and we both smile.

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