Short Break Away Leads To Ultimate Fantasy Part 2

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Short Break Away Leads To Ultimate Fantasy Part 2We all woke early the next morning in Marcus’ villa, the three of us had slept together that night and after the fuckfest hours earlier the room smelled of sex, which turned me on a little bit. My wife clambered off the bed and still seemed a bit unsteady on her feet, which was probably due to drilling from Marcus’ massive cock she’d had. Cum was dried in her hair and on her tits and down her legs which also gave me a twinge!! She beckoned for us to leave and gave Marcus a deep kiss goodbye and then as we were leaving she ran back to Marcus pulled the sheets down and gave his BBC a slow sloppy kiss laughed and then left with me. We carried our clothes and covered our modesty with towels we’d borrowed from Marcus and made the short walk of shame by the pool back to our villa.We spent the next few hours showering together, I gently cleaned all the dry BBC juice mixed with mine from her body and we talked about what had happened last night and spoke openly and honestly with how we felt and what this meant to us. We both agreed that the night had been great and the whole experience was a one that we shared together and would like to do again.After a short sleep we had breakfast and then went out by the pool, we spent all morning and most of the afternoon by ourselves. Later in the afternoon Marcus joined us by the pool. He thanked us for last night and asked if we’d be up for another night together and would we consider allowing one of his friends to join us, my heart leapt when he asked and then double leapt when he explained it was a lady friend of his. We all agreed to meet in the resort that night for a night of drink before we’d head back to Marcus’ villa for another night of dirty filthy fucking!We met in one of the local Irish Bars that night and Marcus introduced us to his female friend Helen. She was a very attractive young lady about 10 years younger than my wife and I, about 30. After introductions and small talk, Helen explained that Marcus had told her about last night and that she was looking forward to getting to know us better later that night. The drink flowed well and it was well past midnight when we all agreed to head back to Marcus’ villa. I could see the excitement in my wife as we took the short 10 minute walk back to the villa. Half way back Marcus & Helen snook up a side alley where my wife and I watched as Helen pulled down his shorts, dropped to her knees and proceeded to give him a blow job. We joined them and watched as Helen masterfully deep throated Marcus all the way with hardly afyon escort any effort, Marcus beckoned my wife to join them and without hesitation she dropped to her knees next to Helen taking turns to suck Marcus’ big dick, they sucked it together either side up and down, French kissing each other deeply when they met at the tip, then suddenly we were dusturbed by someone opening a door into the alley and we all s**ttered, laughing like teenagers as we headed back. Once back in the apartment Marcus brought us all drinks as we settled down in the living area, he pulled at the wall and a huge bed pulled out and lowered to the floor with just a white sheet and some towels laid on, seems he’d put a bit of planning into tonight. Helen instantly stripped off her dress and jumped completely naked onto the bed and my wife did the same, they lay on the bed and started to feel each other all over, kissing each other passionately, I looked up at Marcus who was standing at the side of the bed stroking his huge cock to life enjoying the show the girls were putting on. I took all of my clothes off and joined them on the bed wanting my blowjob from the two girls. I lay between them and Helen started to kiss and lick my dick as my wife and I kissed. Marcus just stood there watching, wanking away.Helen positioned herself on all fours at the edge of the bed offering her open legs to Marcus as she continued to suck on my dick, fucking me with her throat stopping now and again to spit on my cock, my wife then straddled me in the 69 position sitting on my face and sucking my cock with Helen which felt amazing having two mouths all over my cock and balls. I shoved my tounge deep into my wife’s pussy as she pushed down on my face grinding on me. Marcus positioned himself behind Helen licking her from clit to arse. We writhed around on the bed in an oral sex orgy for a good 20 minutes, I then knew Marcus was fucking Helen as I felt the bed rocking and her head rocking on my cock with each thrust. My wife’s pussy was leaking all over my face as I felt Marcus stop fucking Helen and walk around to behind my wife. He lifted her up slightly placed the bareback tip of his 14″ cock against the opening of my wife’s cunt just inches from my face, and eased it in slowly in one long stroke it just seemed to keep going and going deep into her womb, which caused her to cry out in ecstasy! He didn’t go easy on her as proceeded to rip her apart thrusting fully in and out with his big black balls swaying just above my face. By now Helen had straddled me and was bouncing ağrı escort up and down on my cock whilst holding my wife as she trembled from the fucking she was currently being subjected too. Orgasm after orgasm flowed over her as I could feel her whole body shaking as she collapsed on me whilst Marcus just carried on ploughing her. When he did eventually stop he slowly pulled his cock from her leaving her cunt gaping open and raw, I kissed it tenderly which made her shudder more and roll off me onto the bed as Helen continued to bounce on my cock.My wife lay there holding her destroyed cunt breathing heavily and sweating. Marcus moved behind Helen and pushed her down onto me and rammed his dick straight up her ass, continuing the brutal fucking my wife had just received on Helen’s ass. I held my cock as deep into her pussy as I could as Marcus fucked her ass deep as I felt his balls touching mine each time he ploughed her deep. Helen was a screamer and was very vocal screaming for him to fuck her harder, this girl could take a fucking and I wondered how many times she’d been fucked by Marcus as she took his cock like a champ! Marcus pulled out of Helen’s arse and moved around to offer his cock to Helen which she then greedily sucked and cleaned up for him, my wife moved behind Helen and pulled my cock out of her pussy and sucked it hard slurping up all of Helen’s Juices from my cock till it was all clean. Marcus then beckoned both girls to lay face down on the bed side by side and told them they were both gonna get fucked up the arse at the same time. He jumped on top of my wife saying to me that he needed her arse as he’d just destroyed Helens! He spat onto his hand and lubed his dick up as I watched him force it into my wife’s ass, which was already very wet from the amount of cunt juice that had been fucked out of her minutes earlier. My wife ass swallowed his cock as she ground back onto him as he instantly went balls deep and slowly fucked her wanting ass as she writhed around burying her face in the bed to muffle her screams. This was my nod to do the same to Helen as she raised her ass up to me. I could see deep into her as Marcus earlier fucking had left her hole gaping wide open. I plunged my cock into her and fucked her loose arse fast. The bed rocked all over as both ladies were brutally ass fucked. Both of them moved up onto all fours as we continued to bang away, I reached around and played with Helen’s tits as they swayed around from the fucking she was receiving from me. Both girls were fingering their pussies as we escort bayan tended to there ass and collapsed seconds apart in screaming orgasms as we were left pointing our rock hardcocks at them as they kissed each other passionately. Marcus grabbed my wife, rolled her over and proceeded to fuck her pussy, Helen and I watched in awe as his cock rammed the full length into her when suddenly he pulled out and sprayed my wifes stomach tits and face with loads of his cum, dropping his huge cock onto her belly as cum continued to droll from it, this seemed to send Helen into a frenzy as she jumped on the bed an started licking up all of his cum off my wife’s body as she lay there in a lust daze, she licked and sucked up every bit of cum swallowing it all and finished by kissing my wife again with her cum filled mouth, forcing some into her mouth which she swallowed. My cock was harder than its ever been watching these dirty sluts!I lay on the bed and my wife got on top of me devouring my cock into her soaking wet cunt and dropping down onto me offering her open ass to Marcus and Helen as she rocked back and forth on my cock. Helen licked hungrily at her arse and then took Marcus by the dick and guided it to my wife’s gaping arse where he slowly pushed it in, fucking her slowly and then pulling it out and offering it to Helen to suck which she welcomed with open mouth. I banged away at her raw twat as they played plunge and suck with her arse, after a while I felt my cock explode in my wife, I emptied my load into her womb as she shuddered with yet another orgasm. As soon as she rolled off me Helen lapped my spunk out of her cunt with her mouth swallowing the lot. Marcus then got on top of my wife again taking my sloppy seconds and once again fucked my wife with his monster cock. My spunk drooled out of her pussy as he plunged into her leaving a pool of my cum on the bed. It wasn’t long before Marcus tensed up and started pumping his black seed deep inside her. As he pulled out her pussy and ass looked destroyed as cum poured out of her. Helen was on her knees sucking me off at this point as the site of my wife lying in a sex trance freshly fucked by a huge black cock made my cock rock hard again, I filled her mouth with another load of cum which she swallowed, this girl loved cum! We were all spent at this point and all lay on the bed sweating. Marcus picked Helen up and carried her to the bedroom like the little fuck toy she was to him, bidding good night. I held my wife for a while, she was still trembling, we kissed each other. I used a towel to mop up the spunk on her and still pouring out of her. After a while lying there I could here Helen screaming again as Marcus mustn’t of finished with her yet. My wife and I giggled as we could hear her being pounded again and we drifted off asleep to her screams of pleasure!

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