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SHORT PIECES (LESBIAN TALES) – COMING OUTSHORT PIECES (LESBIAN TALES) – COMING OUT The first two short pieces depict women coming out as lesbians during WWIITHE DANCE HALLDuring the war years, most of the young men had gone to Europe or the Pacific as soldiers. In the Mid West, the Saturday night dances still took place. It was good for the morale. The young ladies dressed up, put on their make-up (or their mom’s), lipstick and went to the local dance hall. There were no chaperones of course since well…girls were with girls. Many of the girls had a boyfriend overseas but some didn’t. Marsha was one of them. Marsha was 20 and never had a boyfriend. That was surprising since she was very pleasant and an attractive girl, a little wide on the hips, but not fat by any means. She worked hard on the family farm and was in good shape. Her face was bony but that made her somewhat attractive. Her hair was down to her neck and she never let it grow longer because of the farm work. She was an only c***d and her parents needed her on the farm. She finished high school and went to work. She had kept in touch with a few girls from high school who lived in the village or on other farms. Her parents were a bit worried that she would get lonely, but they were pleased when they saw she was attending the weekly dances. She had two dresses and wore them in turn. One girl she liked to dance with was new to the area. She came from Canada with her family just as the war broke out. She was from Alberta, Marsha remembered, but she didn’t quite know how far that was. Kathleen had freckles and reddish hair. She was Marsha’s height but thinner. Marsha liked her. She was sweet with her and kissed her on the cheek when they met in front of the dance hall. Marsha kissed her back and they walked in holding each other by the waist, like two lovers. They danced together most of the time. Sometimes another girl would ask one or the other (usually Kathleen) but they would pair off for the next dance. It wasn’t the first time Marsha felt attracted to another girl. It had happened in high school, but it was the first time she felt that the other girl also liked her. Although she was a virgin and had not “been around”, Marsha wasn’t totally innocent. When she held Kathleen in her arms, when she smelled the girl’s light perfume or maybe it was the smell of her skin, something was happening to her body. She blushed, she giggled, she felt damp between her legs. She was in love. Kathleen was somewhere else. She had been with girls before and she knew she was a lesbian. In those days, it was something you kept to yourself or you shared only with your lover. When she saw Marsha, she knew the farm girl was looking for her, although she wouldn’t have recognized it herself. Kathleen didn’t want to scare her off. She wanted her. She had to wait until Marsha was ready and then she would make her move. —————————————————————————————————–In mid August, Marsha’s parents, who practically never left the farm, went to the State Country Fair for a long weekend. They always left Marsha home alone to milk the cows and take care of the house. They would leave Saturday morning in the pick-up truck and would come back Monday evening. Most farmers in the village went to that fair which took place some 150 miles away. It was a long trip in those days, and the roads were not always good. Kathleen’s parents, being new to the area, thought it would be a good idea to make the trip. They didn’t trust their old car to survive the roads, so they went with their neighbours who had a large modern car. Kathleen was left at home, like Marsha, but with a car.That Saturday night, the two women couldn’t wait to get together at the dance hall. Kathleen drove the family car. Marsha was impressed and unsuspecting. Kathleen had her plan. The two women danced for at least an hour when Kathleen suggested that, since they had the car, they could go for a drive in the area. The two women had been dancing especially close, Kathleen feeling Marsha’s full breasts rubbing against her small pointy tits. At times, their mouths were just inches apart, so much so that Marsha spotted a friend of hers giggling and whispering something in her dance partner’s ear. Marsha gladly accepted the car ride. She would navigate since Kathleen didn’t know her way around that well. Both women were wearing summer dresses over bra and panties, as was the fashion. The couple drove for a good 15 minutes before they found themselves on a deserted road outside the farm area. It was getting dark. Kathleen turned into a secondary road which went nowhere inside a small forest. Marsha was silent, her heart beating quickly. One could hear the heavy breathing but couldn’t tell if it came from Marsha or Kathleen or both. Finally, Kathleen stopped the car at the end of the road. The two women looked straight ahead. Kathleen moved her hand until it touched Marsha’s who clasped her fingers around the redhead’s fingers. They faced kadıköy escort each other, tilted their head slightly and moved it until their lips touched. The kiss grew more passionate, tongues sliding into mouths. Kathleen began to unbutton Marsha’s dress up front while a shaking Marsha fumbled with the large buttons on her friend’s dress. The dresses were off, the bras came next. Marsha opened the door and invited Kathleen outside. Kathleen had planned their first lovemaking on the back seat, but followed Marsha who slid off her panties and stretched on the dry ground covered in dead leaves and small twigs. Kathleen took off her panties and the two women rolled about on the still warm ground as they resumed their kiss.Marsha’s sunbaked arms and face contrasted with Kathleen’s white freckled skin, but then the women had more things to touch, pinch and lick. Kathleen managed to settle Marsha on her back and spread her legs as she moved her mouth over the farm girl’s bushy pubic hair, her tongue sliding in an already wet hole. Marsha groaned as no one had ever licked her cunt. Kathleen had done this before and worked on Marsha’s clit until her lover’s hips bounced up and down as the virgin had her first orgasm as a lesbian. As soon as she regained her composure, Marsha plunged between the redhead’s white thighs attracted by the strong smell of a dripping cunt. Kathleen opened her legs wide and put her hands behind Marsha’s head as she pressed it against her welcoming cunt hole, piss slit and erect clit. The redhead came as hard as she had ever before while being sucked by a first timer who seemed to have done that all her life. An hour later they were still lying on the ground, after Kathleen’s mounting of the innocent Marsha, rubbing clits with her, and making her scream her pleasure, her voice getting lost in the small inhabited forest. Later words of love were exchanged, plans were made, each cried on the other’s shoulder. They would be both 21 soon. Would they go somewhere far, and start living their life together ? It was another era, it was war. They were sure of one thing. They had found each other.————————————————————————————————————– THE NEEDLE TRADERhonda didn’t quite remember the next day how she got were she got. It had all started at the end of the working day, on the last working day of the week which was Saturday during the war. Rhonda worked in a small factory which made uniforms, caps, duffle bags, all for the soldiers overseas. In her early 20s, Rhonda had come to the big city to learn dressmaking but as soon as the US got into the war, the school was closed to allow the students to work in factories. They would learn the trade and be useful at the same time. Alone in the big city, Rhonda was quite innocent and came from a strict background, but the atmosphere of the factory had showed her a lot of things she didn’t know about herself. The work was not difficult, but it was tiring. The girls were from different backgrounds, but nobody had graduated from Harvard. One blonde woman in her 30s was a club dancer who joined the factory when the club closed (no men). Another woman, older than the rest, was Hungarian and single. She hardly spoke English but was very attractive. Still another was a former waitress who preferred to work in the factory than in a sleazy restaurant in a bad part of town. Rhonda liked them. She found herself liking the company of women in general. They got along and had fun. That evening, the waitress, Wendy, bought a few bottles of wine at the restaurant she used to work for and invited the girls in her section to join her for a bite to eat and a drink in her apartment. She lived closest to the factory. The dancer, the Hungarian looker, and Rhonda all ended up in Wendy’s small apartment.Although Rhonda was not used to the girls’ language, and the teasing, grabbing, squeezing that went on between them, she saw it as a show of affection. She got to like it as time went on. Wendy cooked some hamburgers, and fries, which went well with the cheap white wine she had picked up. Everybody was telling stories, some off-colour which still surprised Rhonda, even the Hungarian who was good at being naughty and showing off her tits. The girls insisted on giving Wendy a kiss to thank her for her hospitality. The dancer and Wendy made their kiss a lot longer than the others, and the rest were going “Ahhhhhh….Ohhhhhhhhhh”, making obscene gestures while they mouthed off. By the time the second bottle of wine got opened, the girls were loosening up, even Rhonda. Lola the Hungarian had taken off her blouse and showing the crowd her lovely tits; Wendy had taken off her blouse and Darlene had slipped out of her jeans. Rhonda had kicked off her shoes before the went to the ladies. When she came back from her piss, the Hungarian, who was taller and a little bigger, stood in front of her and put her arms around her waist. Rhonda tried to get free üsküdar escort by gently pushing the Hungarian’s hands off her hips but Lola was not having any of it. The dancer and Wendy got up and circled the couple. Lola took Rhonda in her arms and squeezed her ass. Darlene, the dancer, and Wendy were holding each other by the waist, watching the experienced Hungarian lesbian (Wendy had slept with her and maybe others had) trying to seduce the innocent Rhonda. “Let yourself go Rhonda. Relax. Let it happen. ‘ coaxed Darlene“I just….I just …have never done this before”, whined RhondaLola was not taking no for an answer and slowly pushed Rhonda against the wall. Lola took Rhonda’s hands and put them on her bare tits. Rhonda squeezed a little, then started to laugh hysterically. Lola kissed her roughly, Rhonda’s head gently hitting the wall. Lola didn’t give her time to breathe and Frenched her while lifting her skirt with one hand. “You’re gonna get it baby”, cried Wendy, jumping up and down“Come one Lola, suck her dry”, added DarleneRhonda suddenly came around and started to suck on Lola knockers. Lola was used to quick sex in public washrooms. She unsnapped Rhonda’s skirt which fell around her ankles. Lola got on her knees and pulled Rhonda’s panties down, burying her face in her crotch. Wendy and Darlene were getting real horny as they watched the Hungarian dyke start sucking nerdy Rhonda. “Oh yeah…suck it….”, cried Rhonda, suddenly happy to surrender to her dyke aggressor. In the meantime, Wendy and Darlene had completely undressed and had retreated to the couch. Lola and Rhonda were face to face, both taking off the rest of their clothes. Wendy and Darlene were sucking each other silly on the couch. Lola went back to sucking Rhonda wanting to lick the last drop of her piss. Lola was a pisser. She dragged Rhonda into the washroom and into the bathtub. Lola pissed on her face then stretched out on her new lesbian friend and began to rub cunts with her. Darlene mounted Wendy on the floor and both laughed as they heard their two colleagues pissing and fucking in the tub. The next morning, Rhonda woke up on the floor with Darlene partially on top of her. She rolled her off without waking her. She had an awful headache. Wendy was on top of Lola in 69 on the couch. Rhonda smiled remembering only part of the lesbian sex which had gone on all night. She had been broken in. Had lost her lesbian virginity. Wendy walked by going to the toilet. Rhonda followed her without being asked. ————————————————————————————————————-THE SOCIETY (this story does not take place during the war but during the 1960s)The large tents were covering a good part of the lawns of the large university. The buildings were in a circle, some older, some very recent, and seemed to stand there to protect what was left of a much larger campus which stood there many decades ago. It was “Freshman Initiation week” (at a time when the word “freshette” had not been invented) and the young first year students were going from one tent to another, from one table to another, seeing the extra-curricular activities which were offered to them. From sports to theatre, language training to dressmaking, it was difficult not to find something which interested no one at all.Annabelle wore two braids on either side of her head which was covered in red hair. Her face was also freckled and one suspected that most of her body was also. She was cute without being beautiful. She was from the deep south but had worked on losing her accent as she was attending this well-known college in the north-eastern state. She was dressed in a simple flowery cotton dress which nearly reached her knees. She didn’t wear a bra as her breasts were not huge and could stand on their own. As she looked at all the names of the groups you could join, her eyes stopped at “Gay and Lesbian Society”. Now that was a surprise. She had never imagined there was such a group, let alone a society. Annabelle was open-minded. She had had a few boyfriends in high school but never had sex with them. The whole dating thing had left her cold. She came from a social class where girls dated boys and that was it. No choice. Maybe she needed to try something else. Trish was from California and had decided to get as far away from her parents as possible to attend college. She was a stocky blonde with short hair and a noticeable rack. Her round ass rolled under her loose blue skirt which was barely covering the moving buttocks. She looked California. She had had sex with boys, but it didn’t excite her that much. She was looking for another hunting ground away from home. Her face was full and attractive but her assets were obviously somewhere else. ‘Society ? Sounds pretty formal…doesn’t it” ? asked Trish. “I know it does, but we searched for other words and this is the best one we came up with”, answered the handsome young man behind the table. Annabelle picked up a tuzla escort flyer of the Society and turned to look at Trish. Both girls smiled. “Nothing to lose, frankly”, said Annabelle who sat on the chair and filled out the application.“You’re right, and everything to gain”, added Trish who also filled out the form. The two girls were given a cardboard carrying case with some documentation. They walked together. Introductions were made. “Love your hair”, said Trish, “We rarely see redheads in California”.‘You look very California, and that’s a compliment’, said Annabelle, blushing the colour of her hair.Annabelle lived in residence, but Trish lived in a bachelor apartment off campus. They exchanged phone numbers and promised to call when the first Gay and Lesbian dance came up.A few weeks later, Annabelle got a call from Trish inviting her to the dance which took place at the University Centre. That evening the girls met in front of the girl’s residence and walked to the Centre which was 15 minutes away. They were both a bit nervous and chatted all the way. At one point, Trish touched Annabelle’s fingers as they walked. Annabelle squeezed them but she wasn’t comfortable yet with holding hands or fingers. It was their first date. At the Centre, the girls were surprised at the crowd and joined about 100 people. Of course, many of these dancers were older students who also belonged to the Society and were not all first-year students. What was not surprising was that at least 80% of the k**s were male. Lesbians tended to be more discreet and, especially early in the school year, not wanting to show their true colours right away. Trish and Annabelle danced together most of the time and each had a dance with the same girl before getting back together again. The other girl was a third-year student who was very nice. She was tall and thin with long black hair. Her name was Becky and she had a Boston accent. Her face was plain, but she had a great smile. Both Annabelle and Trish liked her. They talked about her as they danced together. “I’m going to be brutal”, whispered Trish, who laughed nevertheless “Becky is hot and ready. You can’t take her to the residence since she doesn’t live there. I don’t know if you want to go ahead with her by yourself but I’m willing to bring both of you to my apartment”.Annabelle also felt that Becky was coming on strong. She was glad Trish was open with the situation. “I was planning on going back with you but if you want to include Becky that’s great, because I like her also”, whispered Annabelle“We won’t fight over her though..will we ? ”, laughed Trish“You’d win easily”, blushed AnnabelleAfter that dance, the three girls left the Centre and walked towards Trish’s apartment. Everyone was excited. Obviously, Becky was experienced but she didn’t push the other two girls around. She let things happen. As soon as the threesome stepped into the apartment, all hell broke loose. Trish kissed Annabelle and they were joined by a half-dressed Becky who groped Trish who groped Annabelle between her legs. The three girls were undressing piece by piece and making out with each other in between. Then when they were all naked, Trish had to piss. Annabelle and Becky were on the bed.“I’ll be gentle”, joked Becky, as she moved her head between the redhead’s thighs and started munching at the reddish pubic hair. Annabelle groaned as the experienced Becky licked her clit and piss slit. Trish joined the couple and organized everyone into a triangle. Becky was sucking Annabelle who was sucking Trish who was sucking Becky. After a few minutes, orgasms raked a body then another, but everyone kept sucking for another 10 minutes. Then it was Becky who reorganized the daisy chain. Becky was sucking Trish who was sucking Annabelle who was sucking Becky. The apartment smelled of female cunt juice. The white sheet was showing large darker patches. Becky knew that Annabelle and Trish were planning to sleep together and that she was the outsider. She brought the redhead and the blonde together as they were all kneeling on the wet bed and convinced Annabelle to get on her back and moved Trish on top of her. The couple didn’t need a manual to know what to do. Trish worked her pelvis between Annabelle’s thin thighs and cunts came together under the watchful guidance of Becky. Becky was more often the butch but she was versatile. When the blonde and redhead got their fuck rhythm going, Becky fondled Trish’s ass which she had been staring at since she saw her at the dance. She slipped a finger in her hole and Trish groaned her pleasure as she continued bumping cunts with Annabelle. When that first fuck was over, Becky fucked Annabelle, then she got into a bit of a friendly scuffle with Trish to see who was going to be butch. Trish won (or Becky let her) and they fucked hard (probably the biggest orgasm for both girls of the evening). The three girls slept all night at the apartment, waking up to piss or sometimes, when two of them were getting up at the same time, they would have sex or at least begin to have sex until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. The threesome lasted all year with various temporary additions. They planned on seeing each other at different times during the summer. The Society had done its part and the rest was left to the girls. THE END

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