Show , Tell Ch. 33

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Stopped at the school on Tuesday so I could ask Elle if she’d, “… obeyed Tom Senior’s order to, “Come to my office after 4:00 PM on Monday?”

When I arrived, Allen’s car was still there, which surprised me. I hadn’t expected him to be that bold, knowing that, if I did visit, it would normally be after 4:00. So I parked in the Maintenance Staff’s lot, where I could still see his car.

He left ten minutes later.

I sat there thinking… go into the school and see if she’ll admit to Allen being with her… which I firmly believed because there would be no other reason for him to stay after 4:00… or leave and, maybe, come back on Thursday?

Fuck it… I was already there.

Walked into her classroom and found her sitting at her desk, writing in her planner. She looked up and gave me a smile… “Hi Baby… what are you doing here?”

“Stopped to say “Hi” and to see if you went to Tom’s office yesterday?”

She stood up and gave me a kiss, instead of answering my question. Then she moved from behind her desk to the table she used for one-on-one tutoring and sat down in one of the adult chairs. Sensing that she wanted me sitting opposite of her, I sat down in the other.

She looked at me for a long moment and then said, “Allen just left… I don’t know if you saw him, but I asked him to stop here before he left for the day.”

“Unfinished business?”

Another pause… then, “No… I needed to know what he’d said to me last week after I left his office.”

“What he said? I don’t remember you telling me he said anything to you?”

Now her chin dropped… her eyes closed and she took a deep breath. “Honey… there’s a lot I didn’t tell you,” as she opened her eyes and looked at me.

I sat quietly… looking back at her.

“Tom Senior wasn’t the only man who spoke privately to me on Saturday night, when he told me to, “Come to my office on Monday after 4:00…” Those words were almost identical to what Allen said to me after I’d left his office… when we were in the parking lot…”

She paused again… waiting for me to comment… ask a question?

I remained quiet and still.

When I didn’t respond, she continued… “And after you had cum in me on Saturday night… and I was still in bed with Ray… he hadn’t finished with me and I still wanted him to cum… so he was fucking my ass and he pulled my head back by my hair and when it was all the way back and I was cumming again… he asked me, “Will you tell him?” When I didn’t answer… because I couldn’t… I was just having one orgasm after another and I couldn’t stop… he yanked my head back even harder… and I fucking loved it… and he growled in my ear… “Well… will you?”

I leaned back in the chair, steepled my fingers in front of my face and quietly asked… “Well… will you?”

She confessed… tears flowing… apologies flowing… everything flowing until she had nothing else to say, no answers left to give… Yet the one question that she hadn’t answered… and probably had never asked herself… was the only one I needed to hear… “Why?”

A deep breath… an exhale that included a hiccup, a trembling lower lip and then a single tear that was followed by a hallow laugh… “Because I didn’t want you to be right again.”


I forgave her and promised, “… no more punishments…” and she promised, “… no more lies.”

We talked about Allen… and she wasn’t very complimentary… but she was very effusive about Chloe, Tom Sr and Jr, Mike, Bill, Cheryl, John, Dianne… and even Ray, although she wasn’t sure about having a man share my dick with her.

I didn’t ask her any specific questions about her tryst with Allen, knowing I would the next time I took her out.

That ended up being the Tuesday before Thanksgiving… but only after a “Friend Finder” member, with whom I’d been in contact with for some time… decided he was “… unable to wait any longer to meet her.”

Since our last few “Dates” had been largely unscripted due to circumstances that had been nothing more than extremely fortunate happenstance, I needed to make this one airtight… giving nothing away.

Elle used a personal day, her excuse for her husband… if needed, would be, “I want to shop for something Kim could wear to her, “Winter Formal,” if she decides to go.”

I picked her up and took her to breakfast, where over coffee I finally asked about she and Allen.

She led me through the entire engagement, how he had “… just sat there when I unzipped the hoodie and then, … when he still didn’t move,… I opened it and showed him my tits… and when he still didn’t move, I asked him, “… don’t you like them?” and that’s when he got up and walked over to…”

Interrupting, I asked, “Did you ever count?”

Since she had no idea that I’d listened to everything that had happened in his office… and then watched and listened to everything that had happened in the parking lot… my question was broached illegal bahis for no other reason than to reinforce that perception.

Confused for a moment… she finally realized what I’d asked. “Oh, no… I never counted… Where was I?”

“He walked over to you… and I’d guess, by now, you had his full attention.”

“Yes… Well… no… he walked over to me… but he just stood there with a goofy look on his face… staring at my tits. So, I asked him, “Don’t you want to touch them?” That was when he finally started to kiss me and he put his hands on my chest and then he started to kiss them and he put his hands on my ass and that’s when he realized that I didn’t have anything on under the skirt… and that was when I started to rub his crotch… and he dropped his pants and I got on my knees and put him in my mouth and…”

She stopped and looked at me…?

“What?” I asked.

“When I put him in my mouth… he never really got hard… I mean it was, kind of semi hard, but it never got as hard or as big as you get… and other men get, but he grabbed my head with both hands and pumped his cock into my mouth for… I don’t know… maybe thirty or forty seconds… and then he made some noises and said, “Oh Jesus Elle…” and then he came in my mouth.”

(As I recalled, it might have been… fifteen… twenty or twenty-five seconds tops… but I wasn’t going to correct her)

“So that was it? He just kissed you… played with your tits and you gave him a blow job?”

“What more did you expect?”

“I guess… since he’s Italian… I figured he’d, I don’t know… be more romantic?” giving her a smile.

Now, she paused again… and then smiled back at me.


“I just got your smart ass remark.”

“What smart ass remark?”

“The… “So he just kissed you, played with your tits and you gave him a blow job…” smart ass remark!”

“Okay… but why is that…?”

“Stop playing innocent… you know perfectly well that when I talk about Todd (her husband) having sex with me… that’s all he wants… he’ll kiss me and then play with my tits and sometimes he just wants a blow job… and sometimes he’ll stick his cock in me and masturbate… using my cunt, instead of his hand. It’s never for me… or both of us… it’s always about him.”


“So what you inferred was… Allen acted just like Todd,” giving me a smirk.

I had to laugh…, “Yeah… I guess I did.”

Leaning across the table, she gave me a kiss and said, “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For admitting I was right for once!”

“You’re welcome.”

Then… “Oh and that wasn’t all. As I was walking out to my car… he followed me and told me he wanted me to come to his office the next day, “… after 4:00,” and that is what Tom said to me… which was so crazy. When I told him that I didn’t think so because the whole trip to his office was your idea… but NOT the sex part, he couldn’t believe it! I had to explain why and then he … then a gust of wind caught my skirt and exposed me and he told me to take off all my clothes right there in the parking lot… and I said no… but then I did it anyway and he ordered me, “… as your boss,” to come to his office the next day. Then I got into the car and he asked me… I think it was when I was in the car, he asked me if I was going to tell you… tell you that I had sex with him… and I told him I’d have to, “… think about it.” I’ll never do that again…”

“What? Have sex with him?” looking straight into her eyes.

“That too,” putting an end to the conversation.

In preparation for that day, Brian had asked that we go to Newport, rather than have him come to us. I didn’t have a problem with that, something else to distract Elle from what was becoming an… all too familiar scenario.

So, I’d done a quick Internet search of the City and found that there were a number of interesting “Woman’s Wear” stores and one “Adult Toy Store,” in the harborside shopping district. After alerting Brian to where we would be and at what time, I’d planed to “discover” the Adult Toy Store just before noon.

Brian promised to be in the vicinity to act out our scenario.

But on the way… one of the Woman’s Wear stores turned out to be a mini “Seductive Nights, the clothing drastically marked down, “Designer Label” merchandise from “High End” department stores and boutiques. I found two dresses that I thought would look nice on Elle and had her model both.

Luckily… I’d brought a lot of cash!

The first was a sweater dress. “Fawn” in color… it had a “V” cut in front and back, and fell to just above her knees. While it covered probably 40% more of her than any other dress I’d bought her… the way it clung to her every curve made it extremely seductive.

Then, while in the dressing room with the second item, she called out for help. A young sales clerk responded and that was followed by… “Okay, your right arm… no… first illegal bahis siteleri hold it up and slip the bottom over your head… that’s good, now your right arm in the sleeve and… I can help you… good, that’s it. I’ll pull it right there and… damn girl… when Valentino designed this dress… he had to have been thinking of you. But before you step out, let me get you a pair of shoes.”

She looked at me and shook her head when she exited the dressing room… mouthing, “Wow!” as she walked to the “Shoe Wall.” Before she returned she stopped at the cashier’s counter and alerted the other two clerks on duty.

The three of us were standing outside the dressing room when Elle’s helper opened the door… CAH…CHING!!

A “Winter White” sheath… it made the Sweater Dress I’ve just described… look like “Hopsack!” The garment was constructed of low luster Spandex and Lycra that clung to her body… not like a “Second Skin…” but like her very own. Starting at the top, a loop of material went over her head and connected to a sleeve that covered her right shoulder and arm. Her left shoulder and arm were bare. The material also covered her chest on the right side… but on the left side it followed a line from just under the right side of her neck… crossing her chest on a descending slope that ended half way down her left breast. From there, she was covered on both sides, down to the middle of her instep… except for the split that started on the bottom hem on her right foot… and traveled almost all the way to the top of her right hip… her entire right leg exposed! To make matters worse, the dress was backless, only two tiny spaghetti strings, running from the left and right sides of the dress, just below her breasts on both sides… keeping it together…

A butterfly in the building would have sounded like a 747… the room so quiet.

There wasn’t a wrinkle… a pucker… a seam or a thread that interrupted the absolutely smooth texture of the garment on her body.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dress that was made so perfectly… that it had to be made for just one person!” one of the clerks commented. The second girl… who looked like she belonged in Middle School, added to that with, “I don’t know bout all that… but she wears that dress down here this weekend… cops gonna have a riot on their hands! Girl… you is some kind of gorgeous!”

Blushing, Elle did a slow pirouette in front of the three way mirror on the side of the dressing rooms… and still blushing, breathed… “Wow!”

I could only shake my head and say, “Wow is right!”

Then I asked the girl who’d helped her put the dress on… to help her take it off, as I went to the desk and made the purchase. The original ticket price on the Sheath alone… was $12K!

I “HAD” to ask “THE” question… which was, “Why… how… can you sell that dress for so much less than the ticket price?”

The answer actually startled me, “Because someone bought the dress at… wherever… wore it to something that required a designer dress… and then returned it to the store for a refund.”

I gave her a look, “You’ve got to be shitting me. Who has the balls to do something like that?”

“All the people who did the same thing for almost everything we have in this store. And there are a dozen like this just in New York City,” she continued.

“So the dress is used? Why don’t you advertise that?” the follow up.

“We do,” her reply, “it’s in the name.”

The store was called, “Second Thoughts.”

I had to smile… then I asked one more question, “Is it safe to wear… was it cleaned?”

“Oh yes… cleaning it properly is very expensive… which is why you’d never know it was worn once before.”

As I started to ask…

The girl leaned over and admitted… “But when the clothes come in… and please don’t tell anyone this, we check them one more time. That one had a light colored pubic hair stuck to the inside… so…”

I won’t say how much I paid… but I still had cash in my pocket as I locked the two dresses in my car and we continued to shop our way to our encounter with Brian.

Elle actually saw the “Black Rose,” before I did, my attention drawn to a leather goods store across the street.

“Hey… look,” as she pointed at the Lingerie in the window.

The shop was actually two small store fronts joined. The right side featured Adult Videos, Sex Toys, S&M paraphernalia and a small library of Sex Instruction books and magazines. The left side was stocked with Erotic clothing, costumes and a selection of lingerie.

Elle went straight to the clothing section, spent three minutes looking at styles and admitted, “… Boy this stuff is junk!”

She did, however, find two items of lingerie that she wanted to model.

When we couldn’t find a dressing room, I stuck my head around the corner, asking the young girl sitting behind the cash register, “Dressing room?”

“Under the stairs canlı bahis siteleri Honey… need help?”

“Nope… got it,” I answered.

We’d missed it because it really was, “… under the stairs!”

Since there was no door or opening for the stairs on this side of the store, it was obvious that the stairway could only be accessed from the rear of the building, or from the other side of the store. The dressing room had probably been a “Broom Closet,” in former times, but now… with an accordion folding door, it had lost all of its grandeur!

Even Elle, as short as she is, needed to pretzel herself in order to try on the lingerie.

But what I needed…, was for Brian to show up. With Elle now in the dressing room… if he was late, he’d surely miss her first performance.

What I didn’t realize, and he did, was when she opened the dressing room door… whatever she was wearing… or in this instance, not wearing… would be completely visible from the street, and especially from the sidewalk!

He was standing on the sidewalk, watching as she closed the door. Then he entered the store.

I guess I hadn’t paid close enough attention to his “Profile,” or I had ignored it all together because he was older than I’d expected, but not in a bad way.

Average size, he looked like he was in good shape… and together with his snow white hair, nice tan and sparkling blue eyes… he made a very good first impression. Add to that his, “Dressed for the Marina,” wardrobe, despite it being the week of Thanksgiving… I had no doubt that Elle would find him attractive.

I walked over to him, out of sight of the dressing room, and introduced myself, his firm handshake and an infectious smile making me like him immediately.

Aside from that, the only surprise was… “Curt…” uttered in a “stage whisper,” when I shook his hand.

My look caused him to smile and then confess, “I use Brian when I’m on the site… like to stay… kind of anonymous.”

“I’m ready,” Elle called out from the dressing room, before I was able to inquire why he might seek anonymity?.

“Here goes,” I whispered back, as I turned and walked back to my post, just outside the dressing room.

She opened the door and stepped out.

I’d seen her model lingerie styles that she had selected… which had actually been less fortunate than this… but that had been when we were shopping at 2Hot, with Kat… and no one else!

A soft pink, very frilly camisole, made from a open weave material with a “Fleur d lis,” pattern… it did absolutely nothing for her. It was kind of a letdown… especially with the two dresses she’d just modeled sitting in my trunk! By the look on my face… she knew… but before she could say anything… Brian/Curt walked around the corner, started to turn right… and then his head turned to the left, his eyes settling on Elle… before he bolted to the right and out of sight!

A moment later, “Hey, I’m sorry about that… I had no idea anyone was there.”

Elle giggled and called back, “That’s okay… I’m dressed. But I think he doesn’t like it and I’m wondering what you think?”

If the garment had any redeeming features, it was the “see-through” material that, pretty much exposed her breasts, and the G-string bottom, with garter straps that hung off the hem revealing almost everything else. Otherwise, it looked like something your first girlfriend wore to her best friends, “sleep over…” the one you snuck through the window they’d left open into,” when you were all sixteen!

Brian/Curt tentatively stuck his head back around the corner and saw Elle and I standing outside the dressing room. She waved with her hand, urging him to join us. He took a couple of halting steps forward and then stopped, his eyes riveted on Elle.

She smiled at him and then did a slow pirouette… his mouth just as slowly dropping open.

Once finished… she smiled again and asked, “You like?”

No matter how much time you put into a rendezvous of this kind… there’s always a variable that you can’t anticipate… In this case…

“Now just Curt,” stood looking at her… his mouth finally snapping shut… and then he said, “I’ve never seen anyone look as sensual and erotic… as you do right at this moment!”

I don’t need to tell you… I hadn’t put that in the script!

Elle was smitten!

Giving me the “fish eye,” she gushed, “Thank you… I’ve never been complimented like that before.” Turning to me, “I’ll buy it.”

Curt, hopefully coming to his senses, turned and took two steps away, as if to look at something on a display rack… when Elle called out, “Please don’t leave… I’ve got one more thing to model.”

The back of his head smiled.

As she closed the door, I walked over to Curt, shook my head and said, “Great ad-lib!

“Hey, I thought it looked fantastic on her. But was even better was the confidence she had while she modeled it. I mean that pirouette… com’on that was awesome!”

Well… if he thought so.

Now all I had to worry about… was whatever it was that she would model next.”

And as always… she never failed to surprise me.

When she opened the door… she was wearing “Pearls.”

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