Subject: Shower Equipment Chapter 1 “Shower Equipment”by Mike hoo Dear Readers: Please donate to fty. Their efforts bring us a lot of enjoyment. You can read donation gift details elsewhere on the fty site. Also, if you enjoy or dislike a story, please take a moment to let the author know your impression. I. My name is Barry and my partner Tom and I made plans for a short escape from LA to Baja. We had done the “Cabo” scene a few years ago and didn’t want to repeat the hassle, expense or frenzied pace. But after taking a clue from a neighbor, Barry told us about two places, one with and another without a beach, but both had charm and as yet only minimal tourismo overrun. We booked a flight to Cabo, then rented a car to make the hour drive north to Todos Santos and take in the artisanal and artsy town. With many Americans visiting, even in a relaxed environment, we ended up seeing some friends (Todd and Mitch) and made a weekend of it together, enjoying shops, meals and more than a little Eye Candy… Todos has no beach but the number of shirtless Latin Studs, young and not so young, made for lots of contacts and “party” activities. Most were eager to join us in our charming and rustic Cerritos Beach Inn Hotel, a short 15 minute drive from central Todos, and they were happy to receive a gratuity for their company and tourist “guide” services…We were equally happy with their “knowledge” and “talents”. As it turned out, Mitch and Todd were also booked at the Cerritos Beach Inn and had also made some “guide” contacts who joined all of us back at the Inn for a late night swim, meal, cervezas and fun. Tom and I were both 35 and blonde. Mitch and Todd were 30 and 31, respectively and both brunettes. All of us were about 6′ and under 200s and admitted gym rats. Mitch and Todd’s “guides” were Diego, who claimed to be 25 though appeared not more than 20, was a tall surfer, caramel skin, long surfer hair, broad flat pecs and abs that you could bounce a quarter on. His brother Rafael was older, with the same surfer haircut, deep green eyes and the longest eye lashes I’ve ever seen on a guy, with fit, ropey arms that extended from his biceps and a handshake like a vice. Both were kurtköy escort about 6′ tall and showed ample bulges and firm squared-off butts. Where Diego was smooth, Rafael had a fine treasure trail that led your eyes to that Magic Zone. The brothers immediately bonded with Mitch and Todd just outside the “Prinz’s” palapas stand that was serving iced fruit drinks; when we first saw our pair of friends. After some small talk and intros to Mitch and Todd’s “New Friends”, Rafael asked if we’d like some “company” as well and not being shy or stodgy, Tom and I both welcomed the additional company to help enjoy the long weekend get-a-way. We both admitted to liking older guys like Rafael, who immediately gave us a wink and hip thrust; raised his index finger and made a quick call. Inside of 10 minutes, Juan and Pablo appeared to join us at Prinz’s and the 8 of us began a passionate extended trip. Juan was 34 and Pablo 35, brothers and almost twins. Both stood 6′, had similar builds to Rafael, worked as carpenters and “tourist guides”. Both had that disarmingly hot set of deep eyes that drew you into them. Neither had a trace of Indian heritage; quite the opposite, more of an Italian heritage, when we later learned that their Italian grandfather had come to Mexico to grow grapes and developed an artisanal vineyard. After a few tequila fruit ades, the 8 of us made our way from one craftshop to another. The small silver shops were gated but during this warm Friday afternoon, welcomed shoppers with cash. Mitch and Todd bought each other small triangles and long chains. Tom and I opted for customized silver dog tags. Purchase offers to the 4 “guides” were declined and we were sure they preferred cash to silver trinkets anyway. Tom had to nudge me as I admired the way Juan and Pablo’s trunks sagged just below the smalls of their back, revealing a small patch of fur. Rafael’s trunks hung at about the same spot and all but Diego’s square cut trunks revealed no such tempting treasure. The four “guides” would interact with each other a bit, then with their guests, then each other again throughout the afternoon. We returned to Prinz’s for late afternoon margaritas before the subject aydıntepe escort of dinner surfaced. By this time of day, about 4pm, the mood had shifted some to the upcoming matter of the four “guides” returning with us to The Inn? Diego was ready to get there pronto; while Rafael, Juan and Pablo were lower key and knew that working up the interest for the 4 Americans would be more profitable. Realizing we all couldn’t fit in the small rented SUV, we opted for a cab for the “guides” now referred to as “guys” while the four of us led the way in the SUV. Clearly the eagerness of the night ahead filled the cab of the SUV and we only wondered what the mood and chatter was in the cab? Arriving at the Cerritos Inn, Tom paid the cabby and we gathered for the quiet entry through the lobby and to our rooms; pausing to learn the evening fare from the owner Jim, who was seated at the check-in kiosk near the open air dining room and bar. The menu sounded perfect and at first the guys declined to join, we were sure their reluctance was financially framed, but after being assured the meal was on us; they agreed enthusiastically. Jim raised his eyes at the 4 locals we’d returned with and while this was their off season, Tom quickly erased Jim’s reluctance by reminding Jim of the inn’s additional guest fees per night. The added revenue brought a welcoming smile and nod to the 4 guys who’d returned with us. After all, the Inn only had 10 guest rooms, we had two of the four downstairs on the beach that were at opposite ends of the floor. Tom asked Jim if we could get the other adjoining room instead and he was glad to make the change. We learned there were 2 Canadian couples booked in two of the upstairs rooms with even more dramatic ocean views. The whitewashed stucco exterior, palm filled open areas paved with Mexican tiles all encouraged relaxation and peaceful enjoyment. The roar of the surf and wind amplified the serenity. The “guys” had never been to The Inn and at first expressed a reluctance to feel welcomed, especially when it was obvious why they were along. The openness of the staff though and sheltered bar, pool, dining area and entry zone and especially after Tom assured tuzla içmeler escort Jim of the financial benefits, fostered a comfort level among our 4 new friends. The four downstairs rooms each had a pair of double beds, while the four upstairs rooms had kings. We never got to see the 2 remaining rooms and knew nothing about their set up. Key was the cleanliness, the amenities and service was amazing; on or off-season. And the seafood was fresh each day from local fishermen. The wifi service was an added perk, especially being somewhat remote. You had the sense of being invited to someone’s home on the beach, is the best description of the place. The amount of surfer flesh only added more interest to the beach scene. I made the suggestion to Tom, Mitch and Todd that we get some added toiletries for our new friends and left for Jim’s sundry shop for some basics. Returning, I found the guys and Mitch and Todd finishing the relocation from their room at the opposite end of the floor to the one adjacent to mine and Tom’s; since we’d arrived and already unpacked before heading to Todos. We joined the Canadian couples in the bar, made all the intros and got understanding nods and soft smiles as we introduced our four “guys” to the bunch. Mitch ordered pitchers of frozen margaritas for everyone which promptly ushered forth more smiles and toasts; followed by more pitchers of good stuff and a few rock and roll songs, more than a few show tunes and a fine solo of “Danny Boy” by one of the Canadian husbands, followed by a standing ovation all around. The fire broiled fish, huge baked prawns, fresh fruit and vegetables began to appear from the kitchen, as did more pitchers of margaritas, before silence consumed the crowd, blanketed by the surf and wind, the awkward cries of gulls and the swish swish of palm fronds. Even the staff noises seemed snuffed out as dinner moved to a conclusion and the good nights, handshakes and waves saw the older Canadian couples head to their rooms, leaving us 8 to entertain ourselves. Soon we were in the pool and while respectful of the older couples upstairs, after all, they were facing the beach and away from our pool romps and antics. The staff dissipated too undertaking their night-end duties and soon it was just Ericka and Jim remaining at the Inn, until almost midnight when we eight, made our ways to our respective rooms; Diego and Rafael to Mitch and Todd’s; Juan and Pablo to ours……………

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