Shower Steam

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She entered the shower with her honey gold hair twisted up into a loose bun secured by black enameled chopsticks. Not saying a word, her lips pulled into a playful smile, she kissed him her tongue sliding into his mouth stroking his tongue. Then gently she sucked his tongue into her mouth stroking the length of his tongue with hers.

She reached her right hand down to feel his maleness respond. She quickly knelt in front of him, under the streaming shower of water, and took his shaft slowly into her mouth. Her one hand holding the base of his erection, the other cradling the underside of his scrotum all stroking his penis simultaneously in three different areas.

Her mouth left his shaft to suck gently on his left testicle still stimulating the base of his shaft with both hands; the one hand around the shaft the other gently stroking both the sides of the base of his erection as well as the back sides of his scrotum. Returning her mouth to his shaft stimulating the base of the head with her tongue rubbing back and forth on the underside first for a minute before slipping the majority of his erection into her greedy mouth, caressing his shaft with her tongue and gently sucking him escort ataşehir to completion. She swallowed. She stood then, face to face with him; he kissed her.

They washed each other’s backs and he helped wash her handful sized breasts while she washed and conditioned her hair. By the time the shower was finished he was ready to go for round number two with her.

He patiently waited until she was dried off and applied the coconut oil to her skin before walking up behind her and bending to suck on the base of her neck, his hands encircling her reading each bump dimple and dip on their way to find her breasts. She arched her shoulders back against him, her chest thrust skyward as he aroused her, his own arousal advertised to her by its pressure against her left butt cheek. He maneuvered around her so they could return face to face. They took their time kissing and touching in the most intimate ways that burned trails of sensation and goose-flesh radiating from them to engulf her whole body. Her body clearly screamed for penetration.

She placed her foot up on the foot board as she had it moments before while oiling up her leg, but this time it was for a very different kadıköy escort purpose. He placed his palm flat against her very center, so his fingers aligned with the length of her labia the bulk of his palm pressing gently into her clitoris rubbing gently back and forth. His fingers spread her open for penetration which he provided in the form of him probing her hot wet core with his middle finger to make sure she was ready for him again. She definitely was. He entered her slowly but fully, making her moan in pleasure. He was patient and she loved it. He withdrew his cock from her core and placed his hand back against her clitoris to keep her moaning and kissed her hard again. SAo wanton for his shaft inside her again that she was nearly blinded by her passion. Her mouth hungry, she knelt to suck on his shaft again. He enjoyed it for a few seconds before guiding her back to her feet. He grabbed under her left knee and secured it to his right hip, holding it there firmly with his right arm and hand. His other hand had found her core once again. She was so wet for him that she was dripping. He placed his fingers up into her and felt for her g-spot wile keeping pressure on her maltepe escort bayan clitoris.

“Ooooooooh'” she half-sighed half-moaned and he smiled because he knew he had found it.

He fingered her g-spot until she was so wild in her passion that he could have been anyone and she would have fucked him. He loved that power. He loved it especially with her, knowing that he could pleasure her so thoroughly that she lost herself in the moment. He withdrew his hand and seconds later entered her with his shaft. This time he thrust fully into her hard. She gasped, then moaned even louder.

Slowly he thrust into her again and again, her own body meeting his with as much enthusiasm as his body met hers. Their pelvises both tracing invisible circular patterns in the air as the speed ever increased as the two raced toward climax. At the moment of climax they gently ground their pelvises together with his maleness buried as deeply inside her as they could manage. Her orgasm was so complete that it nearly wracked her body with seizure. He climaxed then as well, feeling the pulsing from within himself as well as the pulsing around his male member that was created by her climax. He wished the sensation could continue forever, but knew it wouldn’t, so he memorized as much of the feeling as he could before it faded away. He held her closely for a few moments after and noticed for the first time that their heartbeats were oddly synchronized in that moment.

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