SIL Domination

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SIL DominationI am a fairly vanilla kind of guy, 51 and married to an incredible woman. She is my second wife, and a total upgrade from my first. She also has a rather hot sister. Linda is a few years younger and is rather pornstar in appearance. She, however, is a lot like my first wife,bitchy….high maintenance and a big spender. Not the one for me. She is however quite fond of me, and what she is able to make me do…….when she wants me to do it. family functions are rather common for us, Linda does a lot of the food and ALL of the cakes. Since I am the chef around my house, tis gets us in close proximity on a fairly regular basis. This is where we start this sordid tale. July fourth picnic, first I have been around for in almost two years due to my work. We have three grills working and Linda is doing burgers, I have the brat grill and we are both grilling corn on number three. We had some things to do, me flipping canlı bahis both the brats and the corn and Linda seasoning the burgers…….I elbowed a boob, hard enough to cause a bit of apology. Without missing a beat, she reaches INTO my shorts, grabs my balls and begins to squeeze. First I am shocked, but I really like ball squeezing so I just let her do her thing. Everyone is in the pavillion and she is free to fondle me at will. She digs her nails in and I start getting hard……oops. “Well well well”, she says. “Guess you like it when I have my way,hmmm?” I just mumble “yes maam”. and continue with my turning. She laughs and continues on as well. That was fun I think to myself. But then I dismiss it as just some female thing that will never happen again. I think maybe I should wear underwear the next picnic as now my going commando is known by at least one!All good, the food is all served, eaten and soon to bahis siteleri be attracting flies… we gotta get it wrapped up. Linda runs the show, I do everything as instructed and everyone goes out to the pool to swim. Everything is wrapped up and Linda and my wife Sarah are chatting by the pool. I become cabana boy for both of them and bring them whatever they want. This is fun, as I think about the squeeze from earlier. My wife decides I need to get changed and go swimming,showing off the muscles from the new job…..! So I go up to the recording studio above the pavilion to change. Its nice and quiet here and just what I need. Got all my stuff out of the car and I am getting naked when, in walks…….Linda. “Oh my” she exclaims. “Did I interrupt?” ll I could muster was “no maam” with my eyes cast down. “Look at me” she says. I obey…. because what else can I do. “Finish getting naked and then come here” she bahis şirketleri instructs. “Of course” I reply and continue to strip. “Come here” she says and I obey. “Too soft” she spits. What am I supposed to do I think, but all I can say is I’m sorry ma’am. At this point, I can smell wet pussy, I know she is getting hot and I am loving it. “Get on your hands and knees or better yet bend over my lap” OMG…..WHAT?!! “You heard me…..get over here”. I walked over and did as I was told. I felt a warm hand rub my ass. Ooooh that’s nice. *SMAK* Oh My…..*SMAK* wow, this is hot! I, at this point, feel some stirring in my loins and feel a warm hand grasp me. “That’s what I am talking about”…..SMAK SMAK SMAK waaaaaaa! She is rubbing my dick on her leg and jerking it smoothly. I start to mumble…..”I am coming Linda” She says nothing and just keeps stroking. I cum gallons…..well not really, but it feels like it. She caught it all with her legs and her feet, and when I was done she spat “clean it up”. I just kind of knew what she wanted, so I licked her clean. She kissed me to taste my cum and sent me out swimming. WHEE!More to come

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