SIL (Younger)

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All stories are true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.


Mary is my wife’s youngest sister and was the bad sheep of the family growing up. She was in college when my wife and I got married. While she loved to flirt with me, I pretty much ignored her as I didn’t want to upset my wife and I also knew that the more I ignored her the easier it would be for me to take her when I wanted to.

My In-Laws lived about an hour from us when they sold their house to go to a condo. At that time Mary was now out of college, living there and engaged to Mark. They were downsizing which meant that they would be moving on a cold January day. I volunteered to help them move and my father in law told me the first truck was leaving at 8:00 am sharp. I got stuck in traffic and arrived about ten minutes late and they were gone. Not knowing where they were moving to, I could only let myself in and wait.

I took my coat off and looked up just in time to see Mary come around the corner dressed in only her underwear while listening to her Walkman. She clearly did not hear me come in. I was enjoying the show when she finally noticed me. She gasped, tried to cover up a little and asked me what I was doing there instead of helping move.

“I was stuck in traffic and now I am enjoying the scenery,” I coyly told her.

“You shouldn’t be,” she said with a little smile. “You’re married to my sister and I am engaged”.

“That hasn’t stopped you from flirting with me before. In fact, had you shown me those beautiful tits before now I think I would have been flirting right back,” I responded.

She seemed surprised by that, but then her flirty side came back when she lowered her hands and huskily asked, “Do you like what you see?

“Very much,” I said. I knew I would get under her skin when I said “Those luscious globes are almost as good as your sisters”

She laughed and told me that “I had to say that but her breasts were definitely bigger”.

I walked right up to her and she did not move. “Let me have a closer look,” I whispered. “I still think your sisters are bigger but the only way I will know for sure is to hold them!”

I did not wait for a response as I reached out to fondle them. I casually fondled first her right tit and then her left. I squeezed her nipple which brought a slight gasp. I leaned in and blew just a little on her left breast and then took it in my mouth, sucking on it very slowly.

She pulled me harder into her breast but gave the weak obligatory, “We shouldn’t do this”.

Ignoring her, I slipped two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. As she started writhing on my fingers, I knew the clock was ticking before the rest of the family arrived back.

“What time will everybody be back?” I asked as I continued my assault on her pussy.

Mary was attacking my jeans trying to get them off me. She succeeded and grasped my rock-hard cock. illegal bahis She gently started stroking me bringing me quickly to full alert. As brought her to an orgasm with my fingers she moaned, “My Dad said about 9:15. Why?”

As she was brought to a climax by my two fingers in her sopping wet pussy, I answered her. “That gives me time to fuck you. Are you on the pill?”

“Yes, but I am engaged”.

Ignoring her words, I turned her around and bent her over the couch that we would be moving shortly. The couch faced the road where we could see a truck and/or car pulling up. I bent her over the back of the couch and slid my member right into her smoking hot pussy.

“Oh God Pete. Fuck me hard. Make your wife’s sister cum again,” she yelled. I started pounding her with all I had while at the same time reaching around and playing with her clit. She kept pushing back and we got into a great rhythm. I was yanking on her hair and she was moaning and cursing, “Fuck me harder you Bastard!” and it was not too long before she started spasming and coating my cock with her pussy juices. We were running out of time and I could not last any longer as I filled her pussy with my cum.

It was almost 9:15 so Mary gave me a great kiss and quickly headed off to clean up while I cleaned up the couch area. Five minutes later the family arrived.

EIGHT YEARS later and nothing else has happened. Not a long hug, not flirting, NOTHING. We each had kids by then. Mark traveled a lot as he was a regional sales manager. One Saturday my wife had agreed to babysit as Mary had a shower to plan for a friend. When we woke up one of my kids was sick so my wife and Mary agreed that she would stay home and I would go watch Mary’s kids. My wife was supposed to be there at 1:00 but Mary asked if I could come at noon so she could bring me up to speed on her kids and what they needed. They were ages one and three.

I arrived promptly at noon. It only took fifteen minutes to go over everything that was needed for the kids. There was a gated playroom set up and they were in there at that time. I cracked a joke about how little she thought of my parenting skills that I would show up an hour early for fifteen minutes of instruction.

She laughed, “There was one other thing that might take some time to show you. Follow me”. We walked to the living room and she began unbuckling my pants. “I know what you can do in a short period of time” she said with a wink. She dropped to her knees and quickly swallowed my cock with her sexy mouth. She bobbed and slurped for a few minutes getting me rock hard. She looked so hot and it was a better blow job than I was used to so I tried to fuck her face. To my dismay she released me and stood up.

She smiled coyly at me, “As much fun as that was, I need you inside me. Just be quiet about it.” I quickly removed my pants and sat down on her couch. She climbed up on me and lowered illegal bahis siteleri herself on my enlarged pole. She took a minute to get used to it inside her and then slowly started her sexy ride. “This is just what I needed”, she whispered. The sight of my beautiful SIL on top of me with that look of just out and out lust on her face was so erotic to me that I think I grew larger inside her.

Gradually she picked up the pace and as she was approaching orgasm, she bit down on my shirt to muffle her scream. I followed shortly after exploding up into her once again filling up her hot pussy with my cum. It felt like I pumped a gallon of cum into her.

I pulled her to me and our mouths devoured each other. “Give me a few minutes and I will be ready for another round,” I whispered.

She got off me and took me in her mouth again to help clean me up. “I have a shower to get to. Maybe in another ten years,” she laughed. “I will be back around five.”

Watching her walk out of that room with that beautiful body had me thinking about anything but babysitting.

The afternoon dragged a little. Watching a game plus getting involved in a rousing match of Candyland filled my activity. Around 4:00 my wife called. Mary had told her the shower was running late (Big Surprise) and asked if I could stay another hour until six. She would hold dinner for me.

Shortly after five and to my surprise Mary arrived. “I thought you were going to be here at six?” I asked

She smiled, “That’s what I told my sister. I needed you one more time and this time I want to take our time”. She threw her arms around me and we kissed like lovers for the first time. “Just let me check on the kids and I will be all yours”.

Unfortunately for me the kids were in need of their mother’s attention. The one year old in particular was acting like a one year old normally would. A half hour passed and I was pretty sure I would go home with blue balls. Mary was feeding the kids and apologizing. I told her not to worry about it. “My sex life has been ruined by kids quite a few times” I chuckled.

I knew I was about ten minutes from having to go when the three-year-old went to the playroom and Mary put the one year old in there to play. She walked into the kitchen, “We don’t have time to take our time but…….”

Before she could finish, I had my tongue down her throat and was pulling off her panties. My pants were soon at my ankles. I lifted her, put her back against the refrigerator and plunged right into her. She wrapped her legs around me and we just fucked like crazy actually shaking the refrigerator. She screamed into my mouth as a wave of orgasms hit her. I was still pumping into her like a madman and pretty soon I could feel Mary cumming which put me over the top as I exploded into her. It was great, hard sex. We kissed very passionately as we came off our sex induced high.

I don’t know canlı bahis siteleri if it was forbidden, or just surprising but this sex was as good as I had ever had. As I got cleaned up to go home, I tried to talk her into regular meetings. “You need to get home to your wife,” Mary said while she cleaned up. “Let’s do this again in anther ten years.”

FIFTEEN YEARS later and nothing else has happened. Not a long hug, not flirting, NOTHING. My niece was graduating form high school and Mary was having a party for her. The whole family was invited plus friends. While they have a big back yard for everybody to hang out in, I did not think there would be an opportunity with Mary with so many people around.

Drinks were flowing, the food was delicious and everybody was having a great time. We ate later in the afternoon and once everybody was finished, we helped to bring everything into the house. I grabbed another beer, played a game of bocce and sat down to enjoy the evening. Mark was drinking and hanging out with his neighbor. My wife was enjoying talking with her other sisters and nieces. I looked up and could see Mary in the kitchen window washing dishes. I looked around and I was pretty sure everybody else was accounted for outside so it was now or never time.

I went inside, walked right up behind Mary, reached around her and began playing with her breasts over her bathing suit.

“What are you doing” she asked nervously as she looked around.

“Look outside. Who do you see?” I slipped two fingers into her pussy while she looked out the window.

She gasped, “I see a lot of people. You really should stop before we get caught”. She closed her eyes and started to get lost in her developing lust.

I whispered in her ear, “Look again. I see everybody outside. What do you see?”. I pulled her bottoms down and went to the floor so I could eat her pussy. We were both incredibly aroused by the fact that our spouses and relatives were so close by. With my tongue in her pussy and my fingers working her clit and ass it was not long before Mary came on my face. As I was hungrily slurping her sex juices I stopped to ask; “Is everybody still outside?”

“Yes, thank god. Get up here and fuck me” she whispered.

I backed her away from the window to a point where we could still see but it was unlikely someone outside could see us. I entered her from behind (Doggy style was her favorite) so we could both see the outside and be ready to stop if need be. We both knew it was a short window so I fucked her as hard as I could and she pumped back into me as hard as she could. I had to put my had over her mouth to cover her arousal.

As luck would have it just as I was ready to unload, she moaned, “I am Cumming”. We orgasmed together and just in time. It wasn’t long before we heard voices. I pulled up my shorts and quickly ran off to the bathroom. Mary was very smart and sprayed cooking spray into the air to mask the sex smell.

I cleaned up and went out to enjoy the party. That was five years ago and I am hoping for another opportunity sooner than another ten to fifteen years. Hopefully a time when we can take our time.

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