Subject: Simon – 2 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that involves graphic sexual acts. Names, characters, places, events and incidents are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. If you are under the age where these stories are legal, please leave and come back when you are. Remember, your donations allow everyone to enjoy this and other stories. Please consider a donation to fty/donate.html) Simon 2 The day after the session with his Dad and Chris Simon had to go to school so any further action had to be postponed until his return in the late afternoon. At school teachers and schoolmates had noted that the youngster seemed to be rather more cheerful than he had been for a long time. The hope amongst them was that Simon was finally getting over the loss of his mother, although, in reality, the truth lay elsewhere. Despite several offers to stay behind after school and play football, Simon said that he needed to go home as he had homework to finish before the end of term, which was only a few days away. In fact, the teenager had already finished all his assignments but it sounded a plausible reason for not staying behind. Instead, he got back home as quickly as he could, keen to find out what more his father and Chris had in store for him. When he went in through the door Simon called out and expecting to hear his father calling from his office area, was surprised to hear a voice coming from the area around heated indoor swimming pool and went to see who was there. Sitting in skimpy swimwear was Chris who grinned broadly at the teenager and said, “Hello, sexy. Did you have a good day at school? I’m afraid to say your Dad has been called away and won’t be back until tomorrow, but never mine you’ll have me to keep you company. I’ve been waiting here for you. I thought you might like a swim before we get something to eat. What do you think?” A look of disappointment had crossed Simon’s face but he replied with as much enthusiasm as he could manage, “Yeah. School was OK, you know. I do fancy a swim that would be great. I’ll just go up and get my trunks.” Chris shook his head and said, “Don’t bother. The water’s really warm. Let’s swim naked. It’s not as though we haven’t seen each other that way before, is it.” As he finished speaking Chris pulled his skimpy shorts and slipped naked into the pool. Simon was slightly slower in removing his school outfit but was soon equally naked and jumped into the water to join his father’s assistant. The pair swam for a short while before a lot of splashing and horseplay broke out and both were laughing and enjoying themselves. Chris swam underwater and slipped his hand onto the teenager’s cock which was already semi-hard. Simon responded by making a successful grab for the older man’s cock and the two drew closer together until they were squashed tightly together with their erections wedged between them. As the more experience by far Chris took charge and said, “Let’s go and take a shower together?” Together they climbed out of the pool and the older man led the way to the nearby shower which was about the size of a telephone box. With two people inside there was little room and, inevitably, every time one of the pair moved, they caused both hard cocks to twitch and ooze pre cum. Hard as he tried, Chris could not find enough room to kneel down and suck the teenager’s waiting dick. With the water still cascading down on them the more experienced man turned Simon to one side, stepped out of the shower, got down on his knees and used his lips to ease the teenager’s foreskin right off the head of his cock. A similar sensation to the one the previous night passed over the teenager as the expert cock sucker drew more of the rampant cock into his warm mouth. Chris used his tongue to tease Simon’s piss slit and the sensitive frenulum causing a gasp of pleasure to escape from the youngster who instinctively began to push his rampant erection in and out of the older man’s mouth. Chris held part of the shaft with one hand as he slurped up and down the shaft with his lips and tongue and used his other hand to gently play with Simon’s balls. From time to time the older man took the cock out of his mouth, held it flat against the teenager’s stomach and ran his tongue up and down its whole length before taking Simon’s balls into his mouth and sucking them as well. Chris knew that his partner could not last very long and soon was able to note the change in Simon’s breathing that indicated that he would soon be reaching the point of no return. Anxious to have another taste of teenage ball cream, Chris once again began sucking up and down the now-throbbing shaft as he waited for Simon’s balls to tighten. With a groan of extreme pleasure as his piss slit widened, the teenager took hold of Chris’ head and then Simon steadied himself istanbul travesti as his cum rushed out in several waves, coating the older man’s lips and tongue and sliding down his swallowing throat. Because he knew what to expect, Simon was able to keep more control and braced himself as he reached his climax. Panting hard and trying to come down from his `high’ as quickly as possible the teenage looked down at Chris and smiled ain a gesture of appreciation. For his part Chris was already wanking hard but, when he had caught his breath Simon said, “I’d like to have a try, if I may.” Chris stood up and reversed places with the teenager. The older man began to give key instructions about being careful with teeth and to decide whether Simon wished to swallow or have his partner shoot his load onto the body and floor. The horny youngster indicated that he understood not to bite the cock that was being fed him and also that he was happy to taste the other man’s spunk. Once these issues were settled, Simon leaned forward and gave Chris’ piss slit a tentative lick and receiving some pre cum on the tip of his tongue before he opened his mouth and took the fully exposed head between his lips. Under Chris’ guidance the teenage pupil began to explore the cock that was in his mouth and proved to be a fast learner. The fact was that Chris was very close to cumming before Simon began to suck him off but he managed to hold back for a short while, enjoying the explorative actions of his partner. Chris moaned with pleasure and then took hold of the side of Simon’s head as he began to shoot his load into the teenager’s mouth. The slightly salty taste of cum hit the teenager’s tongue and slipped quickly down his throat. Chris waited until the last dribble of jizz dropped onto Simon’s tongue and his spent cock became increasingly sensitive before he withdrew it from the warm mouth. Helping the youngster to his feet, the older man said, “Wow, that was very good for a novice. You catch on quickly.” Simon beamed with pleasure at the compliment he had received from his older partner. They pair rested for a short while before Chris said, “I don’t know about you, but I am very hungry. I thought we could have something delivered. Pizza? Fish and chips? Indian; Chinese? Whatever you want.” After a moment’s thought Simon said, “Meat feat pizza, please.” Chris ordered the food and the couple took the time they were waiting to clean themselves up and put some clothes on. In accordance with the pizza company’s promise, the food arrived in less than thirty minutes and Chris went to the front door to collect the delivery. Once he had paid the youngster that had come to the door the boxes were placed on the kitchen table and then opened up so that they could each help themselves to the slices inside. As they sat eating, Simon looked across at Chris and said, questioningly, “You and Dad?” Chris nodded that he understood, “Ah, yes, I thought you might ask about that, so here’s the story. “I was never a high flyer at school and knew that University wasn’t for me, so when I left school when I was 18, I looked for a job. I was lucky and found a reasonably well-paid position in your Dad’s firm. I must have done well because I had only been at work for just over a year when my line manager encouraged me to apply for the position of your Dad’s assistant. I did not expect to get the job and, I suspect, neither did my line manager but he wanted my name to be known as someone who worked hard and was keen to get on. I found out that I was up against two other people: a girl from another of the firm’s departments who was a few years older that I was and a man in his forties from one of our rivals. “As it turned out, the interview went really well and I thought I acquitted myself pretty well but still I was not expecting more than a congratulatory message saying well done but someone else got the job. However, I was wrong. When the call came, it was to say that the job was mine! “Over the next six months I worked very closely with your Dad and learnt what the work entailed. I was responsible for keeping him on track, booking hotels, flights and all the administration of his work, a responsible job for someone not yet 21! I also got to travel a bit to places I would never have been able to afford. Everything was going really well and then there was a problem. I normally made sure that we had two adjoining rooms when we went away but, for some reason, either I or the hotel messed up and there was only one room and it had a double bed in it. Your Dad was very good about it, especially as the hotel was full and there were no other rooms. He asked if I minded sharing the room and, of course, the bed. He seemed pleased when I offered no opposition. That evening we had dinner together and afterwards went to the bar where we both probably had too much to kadıköy travesti drink. “When we got back to the room I collapsed on the bed and your Dad began to undress but could not get into the bed until I moved. He decided to help me get undressed and, as he did so, I noticed that his boxer shorts were beginning to tent. Now I have to say that I was not at that time a complete virgin and had played around a bit a school and in clubs after I started work and I must have said or done something but your Dad looked at me and asked if I wanted to see him naked. I nodded and when I saw his prick I gasped and made to grab hold of it for a good feel. While I fondled his did, your Dad completed the removal of all my clothes and saw that my cock was rock hard as well. “All I need say is that after that one thing led to another and subsequently, on every occasion when we were away, we had sex. I loved having your Dad’s dick buried deep in my arse or down my throat and he is a great and caring partner. He always makes sure I get full satisfaction and he is gentle and kind. I love him so much.” As Chris was telling his story, Simon’s dick was hardening and he slipped his jeans down to his ankles and was openly wanking and the older man’s shorts were bulging obscenely. Without hesitation the teenager leaned forward, pulled the shorts down, freed Chris’ cock and slipped his mouth over it. Holding the base of the dick, Simon slid his lips down much of the length of the turgid stem, using his tongue to push the foreskin clear off the sensitive head. Remembering the experience of the previous night, the youngster began to lick and tease the frenulum and piss slit and was rewarded with several globules of pre cum. Chris moaned with pleasure as the teenager serviced his cock but was keen to reciprocate and gently pushed Simon away and said, “Lie on the floor and I’ll lie the other way and then we can suck each other.” Simon had heard of, but never practised, `69′ and immediately obeyed. He quickly realised that this was a great way to enjoy sucking and being sucked. The pair were slurping up and down each other’s cock and sending agonising thrills of pleasure through their bodies. The pace of the sucking gradually increased and it was, perhaps, unsurprising that it was Simon whose cock grew even harder as his balls churned and he prepared to deliver a second load of teenage cum onto the older man’s tongue. Momentarily pulling his lips off his partner’s dick the youngster groaned and said, “Oh yeah, take my load, Chris. I’m cummmminggggg!!!!” As his orgasm reached its climax the teenager resumed sucking on Chris’ cock and was rewarded vert shortly afterwards with a mouthful of the older man’s spunk. Simon just had enough time to swallow the load before he had to pull his own cock out of Chris’ mouth as it had become too sensitive. The older man, too, found that he had to ask his partner to release his dick as it needed time to recover. As might have been expected it was Simon that recovered quicker and again expressed his thanks and pleasure for the lessons he was receiving from Chris, “That was great, really awesome. I can’t wait until Dad is back and we can all play around together. I think my balls are empty now so I think I’ll give them time to recover so I won’t have another wank until he does!” Chris smiled, “I think that’s a good idea, even my balls are beginning to ache and I think I’ll do the same.” The pair watched the television for a while and then, because the following day was still a school day, Simon went to bed quite early. As he wished Chris goodnight the teenager remarked that in two days the Easter break would begin and he would have more than two whole weeks at home and was looking forward to learning more over those days. The last two days before the holidays dragged a bit for Simon but on the first evening, he returned home to find that his Dad had still not returned but that did not stop him and Chris enjoying another night of fun in the shower and a second `69′ session. The good news was that Marcus would be home by mid-afternoon the following day and both Simon and Chris knew that they would both be home to greet him. Although he was keen to learn more tricks and have more fun, there were also questions that the teenager wanted to raise with his Dad and he hoped they would be answered the next day. As expected, Marcus returned home the following day and was greeted by his son and by Chris with a warm welcome. He brought with him some good news, “I’m pleased to say that my trip was very successful and all the immediate problems have been resolved so, with the long Easter weekend coming up, that means I’ve got the best part of two weeks in which to take it easy and get to know my son better. Also, as I shall be at home it will enable you, Chris, to go to your family wedding without having to worry bakırköy travesti about it. I thought we could all go to the local pub tonight for a celebratory meal and then come back here to continuing the party. What do you both think?” An hour later, the trio arrived at the pub, went to the bar for drinks — a coke for Simon and red wine for Chris and Marcus – and then found a table before ordering their meal. To nobody’s surprise, they each chose their favourite dish and shortly thereafter the heaped plates arrived piping hot from the kitchen. Simon asked for another coke and the two adults had a second glass of wine each. Only Simon with his teenage appetite wanted a desert and settled for sticky toffee pudding with two scoops of ice cream. After Marcus had settled the bill, the trio returned home where it was decided they would retire upstairs to the bedroom that the two now openly adults shared. Within moments all three were naked and lying on the bed. Marcus looked at Simon and said, “Chris tells me that while I was away you made a lot of progress as a cock sucker. I was wondering if you would like to demonstrate for me?” Without hesitation the teenager took hold of his father’s prick and gently stroked the full length paying particular attention to the circumcised head, squeezing its silky-smooth spongy texture before sticking out his tongue and licking the piss slit. Gradually Simon ran his lips over the engorged head and took an increasing amount of the shaft into his mouth. Marcus gave out a loud sigh of pleasure as his son demonstrated his recently-acquired skill and said, “Chris, you are a good teacher. My son is becoming a natural at sucking cock.” Turning to Simon he added, “That’s great, Simon, suck my prick and eat my pre cum!” Chris had been watching the action quietly suddenly burst out in response to what was being done and said, “That looks sooo amazing, Marcus. Simon obviously loves sucking your dick. Suck him, Simon! Make him cum in your mouth!!” As he spoke, Chris had reached around and taken hold of the Simon’s cock and was rolling the foreskin backwards and forwards over the head of the youngster’s engorged head, the piss slit of which was slick with the pre cum that was flowing out steadily out of the piss slit. Twisting himself around, Chris managed to take Simon’s dick into his mouth and started to suck him off. Marcus looked down as his son sucked his circumcised cock and his lover was fellating the teenager’s dick and called out encouragement to both of them, “Fuck, that’s such a sexy sight! Keep on sucking, both of you! When I cum, I want to fill Simon’s mouth with my creamy ball juice and watch as he fill’s Chris’ mouth with his teenage spunk!!” Encouraged by his father’s words, Simon increased the rate of sucking and was determined to carry out his wishes. He tried hard to hold back his own orgasm but was beginning to lose the battle and he pause his own oral examination of Marcus to groan loudly as his cock throbbed uncontrollable and he delivered his load deep into Chris’ throat. Taking only seconds to enjoy the feeling, Simon resumed his action on his father’s dick and Marcus began to face-fuck him and quickly became aware from the heavy breathing that he was about to reap the rewards of his efforts. With a grunt Marcus delivered several ropes of spunk into his son’s mouth and throat and watched with satisfaction as the teenager swallowed it all. Chris was wanking hard as he watched his partner being sucked to completion by Simon and moved closer to get a better view. To his surprise as soon as the teenager had swallowed his father’s load, he transferred his attention to Chris. Simon leaned over and took the rock-hard cock into his mouth and brought his father’s lover to a shuddering climax, swallowing his second load of spunk in less than five minutes. The trio lay back on the bed for a short while as their bodies returned to equilibrium and Marcus finally broke the silence, “Simon, that was brilliant. Chris has clearly taught you very well. You are becoming quite a skilled cock sucker, but you still have more to learn and the fact that we have this holiday coming up should give us time to complete your education. What do you think?” Simon nodded enthusiastically, although this hid a degree of apprehension as he was not sure that the next stage, which would inevitably involve being fucked up the arse, would be quite as enjoyable as the lessons he had received to date. Chris recognised the look on the teenager’s face and tried to offer some comfort, “Don’t worry, Simon, I was worried when I was at the point that you are now but, apart a brief period of unpleasant pain, I soon got used to it and now I love it, as you’ll see tomorrow.” The hour was late and Simon was tired and albeit reluctantly wished his father and Chris goodnight and went back to his room to sleep. More to cum? If you liked this story, please let me know. All comments good and bad are always welcome. I can be contacted on ail If you want to do so, please look for my other stories under the author section, Steve Rose Don’t forget to donate to Nifty.

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