Subject: Simon – 7 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that involves graphic sexual acts. Names, characters, places, events and incidents are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. If you are under the age where these stories are legal, please leave and come back when you are. Remember, your donations allow everyone to enjoy this and other stories. Please consider a donation to fty/donate.html) Simon 7 A few moments before Simon left to go back to his bedroom, the telephone in Marcus and Chris’ room rang and the teenager’s father answered it warily. The voice on the other end asked if he could speak to Simon and said that it was urgent. Marcus recognised Josh and said that he would get his son. Josh replied that he had no time but he wanted Simon to know that his shift had been changed for the following day and that he would be on duty at lunchtime so he would be staying in his cousin’s flat overnight and that Simon could call round if he wanted more sightseeing. Marcus passed the message on to his son and suggested that he might like to get some rest as he was sure that, judging by what had happened that day, the following day’s `sightseeing’ would be quite strenuous. Simon grinned and having kissed his father and Chris `goodnight’ went off to bed. The following morning, Simon finished his breakfast quickly and his father told him that they would be checking out that day and he would need to be back at the hotel in time for them to get to the station and the train home. Simon said he did not think this would be a problem because Josh would need to be coming in to work by mid-morning. Simon remembered the route to the apartment building but suddenly realised that he did not know the number of the flat. Fortunately as he arrived someone was leaving and he managed to get inside without any difficulty. Once inside he knew exactly where he was going, found the door easily and rang the bell. The door was opened by a stranger who had a wrapped a towel around his waist and who looked Simon up and down and then said, “Well, hello there. I’m Sam. You must be Josh’s friend. He was hoping you would come round. He’s waiting for you just through there.” Sam pointed at a closed door and then led the way into the sitting room where a completely naked Josh was lying on a sofa. The young waiter grinned broadly at his new friend and the cousin watched for a few moments and then loosened the towel and let it fall to the ground, revealing a tanned body, with a nice long uncut cock hanging below a mass of dark pubic hairs. Simon was already getting hard as Josh and his older cousin moved in beside him and quickly acted to remove his clothes so that he too was soon completely naked. Sam let out a cry of pleasure as he saw the horny teenager and said, “Wow, Josh wasn’t exaggerating when he told me about you. I love your body.” Simon grinned and replied, “Your body is pretty good too, just like Josh.” The teenager reached over and took both Josh and Sam’s cocks into his hands and then knelt down so that he could suck each one alternately. He rolled back the foreskins and licked the sensitive exposed heads and brought moans of pleasure from both of his partners. Josh disengaged after a few minutes and indicated that he wanted to rim Simon’s hole while he continued to work his mouth up and down Sam’s rampant dick. The young teenager happily positioned himself to enable this activity to take place. Sam felt Simon moaning from the effects of his cousin’s tongue working on the teenager’s hole as the youngster worked his lips and tongue on his cock. Although it was obvious that they did not have a lot of time, none of the three wanted to peak too soon and so Sam reluctantly withdrew his cock from the warm mouth and suggested to his cousin that they should change places. Simon waited as the two took up their new position and then began to deep throat the young waiter while Sam’s tongue wormed its way around his hole and making darting inroads into his love channel. Josh changed positions again and lay in the `69′ position so that he could suck Simon’s cock while Simon continued his oral examination of his dick and his cousin licked out the horny teenager’s hole. The living room in the flat was filled with moans and cries of pleasure as each of the trio continued to explore each other. Simon was keen to move matters on and groaned, “Fuck me, Sam. I’m ready.” Helped by his cousin, Sam organised Simon’s position so that he could suck Josh while he was being fucked. The teenager was pushed onto his back and his legs were held up in the air, fully exposing the entrance to his love channel and Josh knelt above Simon’s head with his cock poised just above the youngster’s face. Sam moved between the open legs and lined up his prick so that it was directly in front of the waiting hole. Simon rested his legs on Josh’s cousin’s shoulders and Sam moved forward and engaged with the welcoming hole and pushed slowly inside. Simon relaxed as the long shaft slid deeper inside his love channel and let out a sigh of pleasure as he felt Sam’s balls slap hard against the cheeks of his arse. Once he was comfortable, the horny youngster opened his mouth to receive Josh’s cock, which slipped easily into his throat. The two cousins worked in a synchronised way as they fucked in and out of Simon’s mouth and hole. Every time Sam’s dick brushed his prostate, the teenager moaned and the sound reverberated along Josh’s rock-hard shaft. Simon tried to meet Sam’s forward thrusts with thrusts of his own and it soon became clear that he was having difficulty keeping his building orgasm in check. Josh’s cousin was breathing heavily and then shouted, “Oh fuck, yeah!! I’m cumming!!” Simon gripped the prick inside him with as much strength as he could muster and he felt it swell and throb before spurts of spunk were unloaded deep inside his bowels. Each spasm was accompanied by a gasp of pleasure from Sam until they finally subsided and the older man slowly withdrew as his cock became increasingly sensitive. Sam rolled onto the floor and lay there recovering his breath and Josh disengaged from the teenager’s mouth and, following a nod of encouragement from Simon, moved into a different position. The young waiter lay on the floor close to his cousin and his horny partner took up a position directly above him and lowered himself onto Josh’s rampant cock. The combination of the pre cum streaming from the waiter’s piss slit and the remains of the cum Sam had deposited inside Simon’s hole made it easily accessible and Simon was able to swallow his partner’s cock without difficulty. The horny young teenager rode up and down the rigid dick making loud squidgy and squelchy noises as he did so and Josh moaned as he pushed up to meet Simon’s down stroke. After a short while Sam was feeling a lot more rested and watched as his cousin and Simon enjoyed themselves. It was obvious that because their guest’s hole was still slippery from the cum already deposited in his love tunnel, Josh was experiencing some difficulty keeping his cock inside Simon and Simon in turn was finding that his grip on the invading prick was not as tight as he would have liked. Despite this, the effect Josh istanbul travesti was having on his prostate was sending shivers through the youngster’s body and he could feel the pressure in his balls rising. Simon groaned as he felt his orgasm approaching and began to wank his shaft as he rode up and down on Josh’s cock. Realising he could not last any longer the teenager gasped out, “I can’t hold out any longer! I’m going to shoot!!!.” Sam leaned forward and took Simon’s cock head into his mouth just before the piss slit widened and ball juice fired out so that he was fully rewarded with several warm jets of teen cum on his tongue and down his throat. The sight of his cousin swallowing Simon’s spunk was the stimulation needed to send Josh over the edge and seconds before his partner’s throbbing cock had finished spurting his own dick exploded and throbbed vigorously as he deposited a second copious load into Simon’s love channel where it mixed with the remains of Sam’s earlier contribution. Overcome by their exertions all three satisfied participants lay back on the floor and waited until they had fully recovered. Perhaps because he was the youngest, Simon was the first to do so, “That was amazing!! Best sex I’ve had in a long time!! Thanks, guys!! I wish I wasn’t leaving later today!!” “Me too,” Josh replied with feeling, “that was fantastic. You are one great little guy!!” “He sure is,” added Sam, “You’ll be welcome to see us anytime you’re in Liverpool. I’d love another session with someone as horny and willing as you!! However, have you seen the time? Josh needs to get ready for work and you need to get back to meet your folks.” Reluctantly, the other two agreed that they must get ready to leave. Sam led the way to the shower which was very small but Josh and Simon managed to squeeze together inside the cubicle. The older cousin watched as they soaped each other all over and was pleased that they had a few more moments of intimacy before they had to part. The younger two emerged from their shower sporing erections but sadly with no time to do much about them. Sam grinned and said, “I see you still have some energy left but no time, what a pity. I need to get to work as well so I can’t even offer to help. By the way, Simon, is your hole still full of cum?” Simon nodded and the older cousin disappeared for a moment returning with an object that Sam explained was a butt plug which would keep the spunk inside the youngster and make it more comfortable for his journey home. Encouraged by Josh, Simon took up the offer but was unsure what to do, so Sam leant him forward and inserted the butt plug into his hole and waited to check that he was not too uncomfortable. He added that Simon could keep it as a memento of his time in Liverpool, adding that they could be fun to wear at other times too but you needed to be careful using them. Simon thanked his host and he and Josh got dressed and after hugs all round they left together to walk back to the hotel. Simon and Josh walked slowly back through the streets to the hotel staff entrance where they stopped and hugged each other very tightly. As they leant into each other their groins ground together causing each of them to start to harden. Simon who was facing the doorway saw a movement and quickly broke off the embrace saying, “I think your boss needs you. Thanks for everything. It’s been a visit that I will always remember!” “Me, too”, replied Josh who added, “and remember you are always welcome here anytime!” With that, the young waiter turned and walked inside, watched by Simon who felt a sudden desire to run after him but managed to control the urge and walked the long way round the block to the main hotel entrance. When the teenager entered the lobby, he was surprised to see Chris sitting in a corner reading the newspaper. The older man looked up and waved the teenager over, “I’m glad your back! Our business here finished early and your father has arranged for us to catch an earlier train. He’s upstairs collecting our luggage and as soon as he’s settled up, we’ll order a taxi to the station.” Simon, who had been hoping that they would be able to have lunch in the restaurant so that he would have a final chance to say his goodbyes to Josh, tried to hide his disappointment, “Oh OK. I hope he’ll leave some money for Josh who has been really great!” Chris understood the youngster’s disappointment and reassured him that a generous bonus would be given to Josh for all his services. A moment later Marcus appeared in the lobby accompanied by a porter who brought their luggage to the hotel entrance while Simon’s dad paid the bill. Once the transaction was completed, the older man came over and smiled at his son and said, “Did you have a good morning with Josh? I hope so, I will look forward to hearing more details later. I’ve left him a good bonus for looking after you so well and showing you the sights!” Before Simon could do more than nod, the concierge came over to announce that their taxi had arrived and the trio left for the station. Once on the train which was not particularly crowded, Simon drifted off to sleep and only awoke shortly before their destination. Marcus grinned at his son and said in a kindly manner, “You obviously needed to catch up on some beauty sleep. Travelling and sightseeing is obviously very exhausting!” Simon grinned back and nodded. It was only after they were safely back home and the three of them were sitting around the kitchen table eating a pizza that had been delivered to the house a few minutes earlier that Simon broke his silence and gave Chris and his father a full account of his escapades with Josh and his cousin. Marcus seemed impressed with the account and visibly aroused but before he indicated that he wanted to take matters further, he said, “It sounds as though you had a very good experience with those two. However, I want to have a serious chat with you. You have just a week left before you need to go back to school few the most important exams of your life. Chris and I have one more surprise for you set up for next weekend but after that I want you to promise me that you will devote all your efforts to studying for your exams.” Intrigued by what his father meant by the `surprise’ taking place the following weekend, Simon gave his word that he would do as Marcus had asked and that he would devote as much time as possible preparing for his exams. He reassured his parent that he had spent some part of each day of his holiday revising and preparing for the upcoming A-levels. Marcus seemed satisfied with what he had heard and said that he was sure Simon would do well and that he would then go on to gain admission and a scholarship to Oxford for the following year. It would have been possible to have stayed at home on study leave until the exams began but Simon argued that he preferred to go back to school for two reasons. The first was that he could concentrate more effectively there than at home and the second was that he would have direct access to his teachers should he need to get clarification of any issues that he was unsure of. Marcus looked and sounded impressed by his son’s approach as he replied, “Excellent. I also want to talk to you about what you might do in kadıköy travesti the summer. Of course there will be time for fun and a holiday but I think it would be good for you to do some work and get some money of your own. When you go back in September for the Oxford entry preparatory course, you’ll still be the youngest of your group. Earning some money in the holidays will be good for you and set you up for when you go up to Oxford. I’ll ask around to see what might be available, what do you think?” Although he was not overjoyed, Simon could see the logic in his father’s argument and gave tacit agreement, “OK, but I’ve made arrangements to go camping with Andy and Tom. They are going to the Gower in late July but I’d be willing to do something, after I come back.” “That is fine and if all goes well, they might want to re-employ you after Christmas and you should make a lot of useful pocket money not just for Oxford but also for your trip to California if that goes ahead.” Marcus had cleverly brought up the prospect of a trip to America which was bound to appeal to his son. And his ploy worked as shortly after the conversation had finished, Simon announced that he was going up to his room to do some revision. Watching him go, Chris exchanged a knowing smile with Marcus. Over the next few days, Simon’s life resolved into a regular pattern: in the morning he did revision for his exams; in the afternoon Andy and Tom came over and the trio played cricket or swam for part of the afternoon and finalised plans for their camping trip at other times; finally, in the evening Simon listened as Chris and Marcus told stories of their sexual adventures and this inevitably led to a session of oral fun. However, by mid-week Simon’s father informed his son that he needed to save his energy so that he could fully enjoy the forthcoming weekend visit. The horny teenager allowed his imagination to run wild and, to some extent, made assumptions about what was going to happen that were not entirely divorced from reality. Shortly after lunch on the following Friday, Simon, Chris and Marcus set off for the mystery destination. After about an hour, Simon’s father turned off the main road onto a much smaller road which eventually turned into more of a single-lane track than anything else. On either side there were high hedges with just glimpses of trees and meadows beyond. Eventually the lane widened out slightly and the hedges gave way to a high wall. After a further distance, a stately gateway appeared and Marcus drove in through the open gates. There was a long drive with a large house clearly visible in the distance. They passed the sign for the car park and drove on past the mansion and turned again onto a narrow lane which took them into a large forested area before finally they came to a halt in a small area laid out as a car park. As the journey progressed Simon had become increasingly intrigued about what lay in wait for him at their arrival. He was even more bewildered when they stopped and Marcus and Chris got out indicating that the teenager should follow them. As they moved away from the vehicle, a figure appeared at the edge of the car park and smiled broadly at the two adults and said, “Good to see you again, Marcus and you, too, Chris. I suppose this is young Simon? We’ve been looking forward to meeting him in a little while, but first you all need to settle in.” At that moment a teenager who had only just arrived on the scene stepped forward and the man introduced him, “This is Miles. He will look after Simon and show him where he’s staying. Meanwhile, I expect you other two would like to come into the main house and have a drink.” Simon and Miles spent a few seconds checking each other out and both seemed to like what they saw. Miles was tall, with dark hair, dark eyes, sensuous lips which formed a slightly permanent seductive smile and an athletic body. After they had shaken hands and exchanged names, Simon was led off towards what looked like a small barn and Miles said, “Welcome to our weekend of fun and games!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I know I did very much so my first time. The others are already here so let’s go inside and I’ll introduce you and then we can get ourselves ready for the start of the party.” Simon nodded and followed his new companion into the barn. Standing around chatting quietly were four more teenagers but they fell silent when Simon entered and Miles took him over to join them and said, “OK everyone. This is Simon he is a new boy but I’m sure he’ll be OK.” The other teenagers looked the newcomer all over and Simon seemed to meet with their approval. A very tall fair-haired boy stepped forward and introduced himself as Nigel, followed by a smaller young teenager whose name was Henry. This left two more to introduce themselves. These two appeared slightly older and said that their names were John and Angus. It soon became clear that John was regarded as the leader and he quickly explained that they all needed to get changed as they would be required for duty in less than half an hour. First of all, however, John said that he was dividing the group into pairs and suggested that Simon and Miles should be one pair; Henry and Nigel the second and that he and Angus would be the third. Having heard no objections, John announced that he thought that everyone was in agreement and that they should get themselves ready. Uncertain what he was supposed to do, Simon asked his partner what was expected of him. He was told that they should get changed into their costumes. The older pair were already naked and slipping into scanty loin cloths which were lying in pile on a nearby bench. Before long all six teenagers were dressed in the small pieces of clothing that barely covered anything at all. Simon noticed that among the six only Henry was circumcised, the others, like him, were uncut although the size and colour of their cocks were all different. Just before six o’clock, John organised the three pair into line, placing himself at the head of the group and with Simon bringing up the rear. The small group marched out of the barn and along a narrow path until a much larger building came into sight. Standing at the door was the man that had greeted Simon, Chris and Marcus on their arrival and he nodded in approval as the teenage group approached. As he opened the door he said in a loud voice, “Honourable members of the Imperial Court, I am pleased to announce that your latest group of slaves who are here to provide for your every need and requirement have arrived and await your pleasure once the Emperor himself has made his entrance which is only moments away.” The group of `slaves’ waited outside for several more moments before a fanfare of trumpets announced the arrival of the Emperor after which they were ushered into the large room that had several older men sitting or lying around wearing short togas. The exception was the Emperor who wore a purple toga with gold leaf and Simon was somewhat startled to realise that the man wearing this costume was his father and standing next to him was Chris wearing a short toga and a red cloak. Marcus stood and addressed the room. “My friends, I present to you the latest batch of slaves for your pleasure and enjoyment. bakırköy travesti They are in pairs and I suggest that each group of noble senators draw lots as to which pair they will serviced by. I shall remain aloof from this process but my assistant and I shall roam around the room and join in whichever activity most attracts us.” The room was laid out so that there were three main groups of `Senators’ and friends and one from each group walked forward and drew a piece of paper from a small bowl. To their surprise Simon and his partner Miles were second out of the draw and went off to join a group of three younger `Senators’, all on their late twenties or early thirties. The `slaves’ were summoned over to join their respective group all of whom were lounging back on couches which gave them an unrestricted view of, and access to, the hidden treasures that were only partially covered by the loin cloths that covered each `slave’s’ groin. Simon noticed that two of the group he was attached to looked very similar and might even have been twins and, as he leaned over to help Miles lay out the food and drink, he felt a hand creep up under his loin cloth and take hold of his cock. Simon’s dick reacted immediately and began to harden and the young man whose hand was stroking him said, “You feel as though you have a nice cock, but I think you need to check out a real man’s prick so undo my toga and bring my cock to life.” Simon did as he was told and soon was confronted by a large uncut dick with a very large bulbous head part of which was protruding from the end of the foreskin. The horny teenager knew what was required and happily took the cock older `Senator’ between his lips and teased the foreskin off the head and licked all around the exposed glans and piss slit bringing a sigh of approval from his master. Simon felt his loin cloth being removed and then a tongue began to rim his exposed hole. Looking across the teen noticed that Miles was being encouraged to take at the remaining `Senator’ of their group into his mouth and noted that, unlike his `master’, this other man had a cut cock. The whole room was filled with the sounds of licking and sucking accompanied by sighs and moans of pleasure as each of the slaves was happily engaged in pleasing their masters. Gradually all inhibitions disappeared and the enthusiastic `slaves’ were quickly divested of their loincloths and the Senators similarly removed their togas. Every member of each group was sporting a fine erection although `slaves’ were forbidden from playing with themselves and required to devote all their energies to the task of satisfying their masters’ desires. By this stage, the only two people remaining clothes were the Emperor and his assistant who walked around visiting each group and offering help and encouragement to the already enthusiastic participants. Once he was satisfied that this was the case the Emperor allowed himself to be stripped of his clothes by his assistant and then reciprocated so that they were both as naked as the rest of the party. Although nothing was said, everyone seemed to sense when they needed to make a change. Simon turned round and began sucking the `Senator’ that had been rimming his hole and offered this option to the man he had previously been sucking. Miles by contrast was now on all fours and his `master’ was using lube and saliva to open up the teenager’s hole and then began probing inside with his fingers and tongue, making Miles ready for the fucking he was due to receive. For his part, Simon was happy sucking on the second uncut cock and enjoying having the first `Senator’ eat out his hole and probe inside him. Once again as if by magic everything changed and Miles was pushed back onto the couch with his feet in the air and his `master’ positioned the tip of his cock at the entrance to the teenager’s love channel. Slowly the cock pushed inside and Miles let out an involuntary moan as he felt the rock-hard shaft advance inside him and make contact with his prostate. Meanwhile, Simon had been positioned in such a way that one `Senator’ could slide up inside his welcoming hole while the other face-fucked him. All around the room `masters’ and `slaves’ were engaged in satisfying their sexual appetites and it was not long before Marcus and Chris were moving amongst the different groups with the `Emperor’ exercising his right to take advantage of his every whim and fancy. Chris tagged along behind offering is welcoming hole to any spare pricks that were available. The sounds of slurping, squelching, moaning and groaning filled the room and it was obvious that it would not be long before someone would reach the first orgasm. The first triumphal cry as one of the `masters’ delivered a load of hot spunk into the throat or bowels of one of the `slaves’ set off a chain reaction as each of the rest of the `Senators’, the `Emperor’ and his assistant each reached their climax. Once every one of these senior people had been satisfied, the `slaves’ were encouraged to entertain their `masters’ by engaging in whatever form of sexual satisfaction they needed to achieve satisfaction. Miles wanted to be fucked by Simon who was more that happy to oblige and such was their level of arousal the process did not take long and both teenagers shot their loads within a few minutes. The first session was brought to a close after the last of the `slaves’ had cum, at which point Marcus as Emperor announced that there would be a short pause to recuperate before the next session began. The first session set the pattern for the rest of the weekend except that groups od `Senators’ and `slaves’ changed each time so that by the end of the final session every one of the senior men had enjoyed the company of every one of the teenage `slaves’. Similarly the Emperor and his assistant had been more than satisfied with the favours they had given or received over the course of each session. Finally, Marcus announced that the orgy must come to an end and gave a short speech in which he thanked the owner of the premises, the `Senators’ and above-all the `slaves’ for their attendance and the contributions they had each made to ensure that the party had been such a success. As they were driving home the effects of the weekend exertions caught up with Simon who slept for most of the journey and was more than ready to catch up on some much-needed sleep once they got home. As he was saying his `goodnights’, Simon’s father said, “First of all, I hope you had a good time and really enjoyed yourself.” Simon yawned and replied, “It was amazing. I’d love to do it again sometime soon.” Marcus smiled and then said, “Yes, maybe sometime but not until after you’ve done your exams. You’re back to school in a couple of days and I want you to concentrate on your studies and preparation for your A-Levels. Once they’re over and you’ve had your camping holiday with Andy and Tom then maybe we can think about another weekend party but until then I want you to promise to concentrate all your efforts and energies on studying.” “You have my word, Dad”, said Simon and then he disappeared upstairs to bed and a well-earned rest. More to cum … If you liked this story, please let me know. All comments good and bad are always welcome. I can be contacted on ail Feedback is always welcome and helps writers to see what people like and dislike about their work. If you want to do so, please look for my other stories under the author section, Steve Rose Don’t forget to donate to Nifty.

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