Sioux Helps Out


She used to be Sue. But at age 19 she re-spelled it Sioux, French for Cut-throat. Sioux was punk.

Her job at the Sex Store was all she needed. It didn’t pay much, but she didn’t spend much. She enjoyed watching the people from the raised platform behind the counter. They were funny.

The nervous, laughing couples looking at sexy costumes and underwear. The antsy, giggling boys looking at the various porn magazines. The anxious, sweaty people choosing dildoes. Yeah, that large dingy room was a parade of fun.

So she noticed when the tall, skinny old guy walked in and looked around the store. He was wholly calm. He went right up to the counter.

At once he dismissed the pimply boy playing a video game and addressed himself to the strange tiny girl with spiky black-dyed hair. She had, he noticed with approval, a red bow tied around one spike — non-comformist non-comformity. Not bad.

“Excuse me, Miss. I think I need some help.”

Sioux looked at him closely. Shaggy gray beard, wire-rim glasses, stained wide-brim canvas hat, dabs of colorful stains on his gray suit, two mis-matched vests, and his boots were a mess. And he had long, thin hands and piercing green eyes.

“You’re an artist, aren’t you? And not in Manhattan anymore. I’m guessing Brooklyn.”

The old man looked delighted. “Very good, young lady. Very, very good. And they’ll find it hard to dislodge us — we’ve paid off the mortgage.”

She was pleased that he had acknowledged her wisdom. “Sure, I can help a bit. This way,” she said, indicating the other end of the counter.

Not even bothering to try to communicate with the pimply boy, she went straight to the end of the platform and down the stairs. The old guy was waiting.

“To begin with, I need to get a dildo,” he said.

“Vaginal or anal?”

“Vaginal, first. Umb, as I’ve passed 60, I find myself…less…reliable. I owe my beloved wife… options.”

“Very good. This way.”

She led him to a long wall of dildoes. “What do you want? We have rubber, jelly, silicone, glass. Any ideas?”

“I have no idea, no way to judge. Um…what do you like? Personally?”

It was a very personal question.

Siuox looked at the old man, but he was looking at the wall of dildoes. She decided to trust him, at least a little bit. “Rubber, with multi-speed vibrating. And there’s no point in having it painted up like a real cock. Over here.”

The old man chose a dark blue 8 inch dildo, 6 inches around. “It should be a little longer and thicker than mine, don’t you think? Not smaller.”

“Sure, I guess. I don’t know,” she answered. She noticed that he was izmit escort bayan getting hard, tenting his pants. “Having fun?”

“Huh? What? Oh–” he adjusted himself to be less obvious. “Sorry about that. I assumed hard-ons were standard in this place.”

Sioux laughed. “Yes they are. But most people try to be furtive.”

“I shall try to be furtive, then. Again, sorry.”

“No, no — it was refreshing. What else do you want?”

“This is even more embarassing. I need a harness and dildo for anal.”

“For her to fuck your ass?” “Yes, exactly.”

“That could be a problem. What’s her size?” The old man pulled some big black underpants from his pocket. “Size them to these.”

“These are enormous!!”

“Yes, yes they are. But they’re her size.”

Sioux looked at the old man, and he did not look happy.

“Let’s size the harness first. Three-point adjustable, I think. Would she like some extra features? I recommend a vaginal plug. But would she like an anal plug, too?”

“Vaginal, definately. Anal, no.”

“Ok, I’m thinking you need a beginner size for your anal dildo. Ok?” She noticed that his hard-on was gone.

“Ok. Where are those?”

“Down here,” said she.

They went over to the section with small dildoes. There were quite a few to choose from. Lumps and curves and prongs.

“I guess I pick purple. I have no way of making any further choices. She likes purple.”

“Ok,” thought Sioux. “This old fart has a fat old gal that he likes. Loves. He’s trying to keep her into him, and is looking for new shit to keep her hot. And he’s willing to give up his asshole. Damn, but I want to help this skinny old guy.”

“Ok,” she said aloud. “Let’s try these.” She took down four thin purple dildoes. “This way.”

Sioux darted back to the raised platform and fetched a key and a partly used tube of KY lube. She led the old man to the other back corner, where there was a small door which she unlocked. Inside was an oddly shaped utility room.

“You should take of your jacket.” “I prefer to call it a coat. I don’t like the word ‘jacket.'” “Whatever.”

She took the seat cushion from an easy chair and put it on one end of a high, sturdy table. She draped a large towel over it, which hung down over the edge. She laid another towel on the table next to the cushion, and laid the four dildoes and the KY neatly upon it. She put a stack of paper towels at the end.

The old man watched her, and, as he dumped his coat onto the now cushionless easy chair, said “Are you planning to ravish me?”

Sioux thought for a moment. “No, not quite. I am going to fuck your ass a izmit eve gelen escort bit, but only in the interest of customer service.”

“Oh, well, then, ok. What do you want me to do?” She placed a short stool by the table and sat on it. “Come over here, drop your pants, and lie down on the cushion. Face down.”

“Umb, ok.” He did as she asked, undoing his belt and dropping his trousers around his ankles. He wasn’t wearing underwear, she noticed.

His shanks were pale and hairy. His ass was round and firm. His dick was swelling. His balls were large and hairy. His pubes were still mostly black. He pulled up his shirt-tails and vests to give her unimpeded access, and bent over. And braced himself.

Sioux squirted some KY on her right hand, and started to grease up his asshole. It was very tight; she’d been right to recommend the beginner size. She had to work to get two fingers in. “You’ll probably want to do enemas or something when you really do some ass-fucking,” she said. “Unggh,” he replied.

His thickening dick was a foot from her face, and she took the chance to check it out. The vaginal dildo he chose was a bit longer and thicker, but not by much. It was a very nice dick. Smooth with a big, well shaped head. She prefered uncut, but even so it was nice.

When she thought his asshole was lubed enough, she took the first dildo and began to work it in. It was a straight shaft, 2 1/2 inches around. She pumped it a bit, two steps in, one step back. “Does it hurt?”

“Not…not…quite. It’s a very strange feeling. I’ve never been fucked in the ass before.”

“Yes, I thought so. Your ass is virgin-tight.”

“Thank you. I guess you’ve taken my ass-cherry.”

“Oh, well, big boy. Someone had to.”

“I’m not convinced of that.”

“Ok, that’s enough.” She pulled it out and put it on the towel. It was coated with a film of shit.

Sioux put some more KY on her right hand, being careful not to contaminate her left, and re-greased his anus.

Then she inserted the second dildo, which was curved. “Ghahh!” he observed. “Ok, let’s try it this way.” “Ghee!” “Ok, we’ll stop.”

“That was not as good. It hurt,” said he. She noticed that his dick had shrunk some.

“Alright, let’s try another.” She re-greased his anus, noting that it was a bit looser. Then she inserted a straight dildo with a knob at the end.

It did not go in easily, but pumped fine once in. Then it hit a point of joy. “Oh! Stop! Right there! Back and forth right there! Oh, my God! Yes! There!”

Sioux calmly pumped the dildo in his ass right where he liked it. She admired izmit otele gelen escort his raging hard-on. “We have a winner.” His dick was longer and thicker than ever, it was quivering. His face was flushed, mouth wide open, eyes bulging. His hat fell off. As he began to hump back onto the dildo, his big balls swung and bounced a little.

Slowly, barely thinking, Sioux licked her clean left hand. She gave it a good thick coat of spit. She then cupped his dickhead in her uplifted palm. He now pumped forward as well, into her hand.

She closed her fingers around his shaft and squeezed. It was throbbing and warm. His hairy balls were swinging and bouncing more than ever. Then they began to pull up, even as his dick swelled. She thought it was a very nice dick. He came, shooting several gobs onto the dangling towel.

Sioux kept fucking his ass, slowing down a bit, and pumping his dick, which dribbled cum down over her knuckles. Two drops had spattered onto her left leather boot and a third onto her black stockings; she didn’t notice.

Again barely thinking, she stopped moving the dildo in his ass and pulled his dick towards her mouth.

She didn’t kiss the tip so much as sip it. It was extra salty. Then, with her tongue pointed, she probed his pee-hole. Having tasted him, she pulled back and let go of his dick. She removed the dildo from his ass and put it with the others on the towel.

He found his hat and put it back on. His dick looked tired, and dripped onto the floor and into his pants. She took some paper towels and wiped his ass.

“Have a seat wipe yourself off,” she said, waving at the stool and paper towels. She took the used dildoes over to a sink and began washing them off with anti-bacterial soap.

The old man managed to sit on the stool. He absently grabbed some paper towels and wiped off his still leaky dick. He then began swabbing at his trousers.

“So you ravished me after all.”

“Yeah, I guess I did. Didn’t mean to. You’re very salty.”

“So I’ve been told.”

“You never tasted yourself?”

“No, I haven’t.”

When she’d finished washing up and he’d got his pants back up, they went back out to the counter. She bagged his things, including a fresh tube of KY, and he paid in cash.

“May I know your name?”

“Sioux. S-I-O-U-X. May I know yours?”

“Bob. B-O-B. Thank you, Sioux, for all your help.”

“You’re welcome. And sorry to have ravished you.”

The old man smiled and bowed a little, and left.

Later that night she thought of him fondly. Her boyfriend was fucking her hard, with his arms hooked around her knees. Her friend Cassie was vaguely watching, stoned on the couch. Sioux smiled, thinking of how polite he had been, and how salty he was, and what a nice dick he had.

The old man never forgot the feel of her hands on his dick and in his ass, or the feel of her lips and tongue. He never told his wife.

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