Sissification continues


Sissification continuesAs I sat in front of the mirror my long locks looked great and as I applied my final bit of red lipstick to my lips I looked the sissy slut I had craved to be ever since I had been introduced to cock by my now ex girlfriend.Tonight however was going to be a new experience for even me with my introduction to Black Cock and just hoped I looked sissy enough for them. I had been chatting online with two guys both in their 50’s and after very little persuasion I was inviting them to my house.Then the knock at the door came, it was time for action. Opening the door the two guys smiled their approval at how sissy I looked and inviting them in I smiled approvingly at them as well. Just to explain these two guys were both married so time was of the essence.Inviting them into the front room they were greeted to porn on the tv getting incesu escort them more in the mood and almost instantly they were taking their clothes off. Now these guys did not have the greatest bodies in the world but when they took their boxers off all I can say is wow as there big black cocks appeared before my very eyes. They both laughed at my reaction and with one movement from them I was down on my knees in front of them, taking them in my hands I just started to lap up both of their cocks sucking on them and loving their hugeness in my mouth and could feel my head being pushed to force me to take the full length, I was in sissy heaven as my mouth wetted these glorious cocks. As I sucked on one the other guy stood behind me and started to slap my face with his cock telling me what a sissy bitch I was and how much I am going to like Big Black Cock. All I could do was nod in approval as my mouth was pounded for what seemed like forever and I loved every minute of it.At this point I heard the two guys say she is ready and my body tingled as I knew exactly what they meant. I was ordered to remove my panties and then was put on all fours my cock hungry ass sticking in the air. I felt one of the guys hands open my legs a little more then felt his spit lubing my ass, which helped with the lube I had already used in anticipation. I then gasped as his big meaty head entered my sissy man pussy and slowly at first started to fuck me, all of this while I sucked on the other cock in front of my face. My body was on fire from all the pleasure I was getting as my two holes were pounded so hard. The guys were telling me what a dirty slutty sissy I was and this just turned me on even more. After again what seemed like a forever time of pleasure I felt the cock in my arse starting to throb and as it plunged in deeper it exploded its cum deep inside me, I moaned as I felt the hot cum in me making me suck on the other guy a lot harder. I then had the pleasure of the guys swapping roles and immediately felt another big cock enter my cum covered man pussy as the other cock entered my mouth tasting his cum and my arse and cleaning him up. After a few minutes of more great pounding I felt the familiar throb and then gasped again as a second load of hot cum entered my man pussy. I was now their mixed sum sissy bitch they told me as I dutifully cleaned the other cock as well feeling their cum dripping down my legs and all over my stockings. At this point the guys got dressed and with out a word left me in my cum covered state. After they left I sat there and lapped up their cum smiling as I tasted how good it was.

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