sister and I are Close Then Mom (4)


sister and I are Close Then Mom (4)Coming out of the bathroom with just a pair of pants on as I usually do, I walked to the living room to see mom sitting in her chair and Clare on the couch in her usual spot. Mom looked up as I stepped to the end of the couch, then she stood up, “Are you ready son?” giving me a quick view up her short dress, (that stopped half way to her knees when she stands) with out knowing she did so.”Yes mom, I’m as ready as I will ever be.” Mom turned toward her bedroom door so I went around the coffee table and followed her.Stepping into mom’s bedroom, “Close the door please, son.” as she stopped next to her bed.”Sure, mom.” closing the door behind me, “What’s this about mom.””Sit down here by me.” as she sat down on the side of the bed.I sat down next to mom on the bed, then she said, “I really do not know how to start this, but I am wondering about something.””Okay, what are you wondering about?”Mom looked up at the celling then back down at the door, then at me, “How close are you and Clare to each other?””What, how do you mean?” not sure if mom knows anything about what we have been doing or not.”Well, watching the two of you together today, is making me wonder if you two are just happy to be together again as brother and sister, or is there more to it than meets the eyes. First at the car lot, if I didn’t know better, I would think you two are a couple, and the same at the lumber yard, and then watching the two of you work around the house here, the same thing. The only thing I haven’t seen you two do is kiss like lovers or a couple.”I looked mom in the eyes, “Before I give any kind of answer to your wondering, I’m going to say this. We are adults here, and I will answer you as a responsible adult, and I want you to answer my question as an adult that you are, when I’m done aswering your’s. Deal?””O okay, it’s a deal.””There is more between Clare and I than just brother and sister, and we do not want everyone to know, because everyone will then be looking down on us for one, another I know some one would spread the word around till I got arested and so would Clare and our lives would be shot down the tubes, or we would have to move to another country or state, where no one knows us, so that we could live as husband and wife. Had any one we all know, or just one of us knows, said or asked about the way we act around each other, we would just say that we are glad to be here together again after me being gone so long in the army, to anyone we didn’t know, we might say we are boyfriend and girlfriend, depending on what they catch us doing.””So you two are having sex too?””Yes mom we are, and we are in love with each other and have been for a long time, but you have been my first love.””What?””You are my first love from back when I first started thinking about girls and what they looked like under their clothing and all. I would lay in my bed at night before going to sleep thinking about you and what it would really be like, to make love to you like a husband and wife do when they are in bed together. I would jack off every night thinking about you. When Clare started filling out in all the right places, like she is now, I even thought about her as well and some times, wished I could be with both of you at the same time.””Is that why you’ve been doing what you do every morning, when you come in for breakfast?””I guess you might say that, but really I do love you and I do know you have needs just like any other woman like Clare, or any mrs. Jones, down the street here. Now for my question. Do you, or do you not, love what I’ve been doing to you of a morning?””Son…””Now remember, we are adults here and we answer as adults.””Okay.” then in a whisper, “I do.””Mom, you need to speak up.””Okay, I do.””I do what?””I do love it.””And you want more than that right?”Mom took a deep breath then let it out fast enough that you could hear it, “Yes I do want more, but you are my son and I’m your mother.””Okay, let me put it this way and do not say the word but and add any more to it. You would let me as a man, that is not your son, take it to the next level, right?””If you were not my son, yes I would.””Is that all that is keeping you from letting the two of us coming to this bed, or my bed, and making love to each other and show how much we do love each other, is that I am your son?””There is two things really.””What are the two things?””For one, you are my son, the other is, Clare is usually in the house some where.””What if you knew that Clare wants to be there with the two of us if we did make love to each other?””What?””You heared me, If you knew that Clare wants to be there when you and I make love to each other she wants to watch us.””I would be afraid she would get jealous of us, or maybe want to join in and I’m not sure I could handle either one of them let alone handle you and I being together.””Do you think you could handle it, if it was so much better than you would ever think it could be, like way better, than you think it would be.””It would have to be a whole lot better than what it was with your dad and I do mean, a whole lot better, for me to even handle you and I being together like that.””The only way to find out if it is a whole lot better or not, is to let us try it at least once.” putting hacılar escort my hand on her bare leg, just below the hem of her dress, and started rubbing her leg real slow.”You got me on that one, cause I do not know.””Let me ask this. How does it feel with what I do to you of a morning, the same as what dad would do or better than what dad did of a morning?””Your dad never done that to me the whole time we were married and together, so I guess I would say you’re better than him at it.””The way I see it, we love each other and all ways have from the time I was born to date now. So why not just let go and go for it, to see if it would be better than it was with dad or not, even thou we are mother and son?””Because Clare is around some where in the house and I do not want to take a chance on her seeing us like that.””When I said that she might want to be there when we do, she really does want to be there when we make love to each other.” as I rubbed her leg, I moved the hem of her dress higher up her leg till I was able to see a little bit of her pantys that she has on and a bit of her panty covered crotch between her legs, cause she had parted her legs some, like to a relaxed state while she sat there next to me.”You make it sound like we are going to and I didn’t say we were going to be doing anything.””I was taught to talk positive, so that is what I’m doing.””Yes I know, you were taught to talk positive.””Now answer me. Knowing Clare wants to be there with us, why not just turn lose and go with it?” as I rubbed around her leg along her pantied crotch as I gave her leg a little bit of a massage.”I do not want her there if we do, and especially, for the first time we do it, if we do, do it.”As mom answered my question, I noticed her panty crotch was getting wet with my touching her there, as I massaged her leg, “Okay. What will you do, if you happen to walk into my room of a morning and see Clare in bed with me or her and I making love to each other, or maybe even feel, finding us making love to each other?””I guess I will not do anything, now that I know you two are having sex together now. As to how I may even feel, if I see the two of you having sex, I really do not know how I will feel.””Okay, I’ll buy that. How am I making you feel now, with what I’m doing to your leg?””You’re making my leg feel good. You are being a little to brave I think thou, by rubbing as high as you are rubbing.””Since you didn’t answer the question, I will answer it for you. You are liking what I’m doing and the reason I know you’re loving it really, is, your pantys are wet,which is getting you to wanting me to do more. Am I right or wrong?””You’re right. I just can not let you do that right now. So please stop, we need to go out and get ready to watch the movie that is fixing to start.” then she stood up from the bed.I stood up with mom, but kept my hand on her leg under her hem and brought my hand around and cupped her ass cheek with it and put my other hand around her across her left tit, giving it a quick squeeze, before I slid it across to her other tit and gave it a few squeezes, as I stepped around infront of her, then kissing her on the lips with a lengering kiss before breaking the kiss.”Jim, not now, let me think about this for a while.””You are very beautiful mom and I do love you as much as I do Clare.””Thank you and I do love you too son. Now let me go please.”With one more squeeze of her ass and tit I stepped back and turned toward the door.When mom was done making sure her dress tail was down like it should be, she stepped toward the door as I opened it for her to step out into the living room where we saw Clare on the couch, with three open beers for us, on the coffee table.Mom picked up a beer, “Thank you Clare.” then she sat down in her chair.”You’re welcome mom.”I picked up a beer and handed it to Clare then picked one up for me and sat down next to her, “I thank you too Clare.” taking her hand into mine like a lover would do and reasted them on my leg next to her.Clare looked at me like what about mom and in wonderment as to what was said in the bedroom.I just smilled and mouthed to her ‘later’.*****When the movie was over with, mom said, “Good night you two love birds,” as she stood up and started toward her bedroom.Clare looked at me with a surprised look on her face then back at mom as mom walked over to her bedroom door and stepped into her room closing the door behind her self.”I take it mom knows about us now?””Yes she does. When we get to my our room, I will tell you about what was said.” as I stood up and picked up some of the empty beer bottles and Clare picking up the rest of them.Clare had on a short form fitting skirt on and a tight T shirt and I could see she had no bra on and when she bent to pick up empty beer bottles, I could see she had no pantys on under her skirt, which she had taken her shower and changed, while mom and I were having our talk.I stopped at the bathroom to pee and Clare followed me in, so I asked, “You need to pee too?””Yes I do and bad too.””Go.” I watched Clare lift her skirt up and sit down and pee with her legs apart where I could see her peeing into the toilet.When Clare finished peeing and wiped her self and moved out of the way of the toilet, I stepped up to the toilet and pulled my zipper down and fished out my hard dick and peed my self. When I finished peeing, I put my dick back in my pants the best I could but left my pants unzipped, flushed the toilet, turned toward the door and opened it and stepped out into the hall and walked toward my bedroom with Clare following me and holding hands with her.In my bedroom we sat down on the edge of the bed and I told Clare every thing mom and I had talked about in her bedroom.When I finished telling Clare what was said, she said, “Does that mean we can be the lovers that we are in front of mom here in the house, and sleep together either here in your room or in my room?””As long as it is just the three of us in the house, yes we can be ourselves.””Oh, great!” putting her arms around me and giving me a big hug and open mouth kiss with tongue.When we broke the kissing, Clare looked at me, then said, “I hope she will let you make love to her and she will find out, just how great it is to make love to you, with you, how ever you want to put it, then want more of it and will let me be in the room with the two of you then, so we all can be together some at the same time.””She said she needs time to think about her and I having any kind of sex.””Are you going to keep doing to her what you’ve been doing to her every morning.””I’m thinking about it.” as I stood up and reached for my alarm clock and reset it to go off in the morning.”Hearing you telling me what all was said and it being about making love to mom and you and I being lovers all ready, has me horny and ready to make some of that love together right now.” as she stood up taking her T shirt off and dropping it on the floor and then unhooked and pulled the zipper down on her skirt, pushed it down over her hips and let it fall around her feet on the floor, stepped out of it and climbed back up on the bed, after she pulled the blanket and sheet toward the foot of the bed.I sat the alarm clock down and unbuttoned the button on my pants and slid them down and pulled them off of my feet and laid them on the floor next to the bed, with Clare’s clothes.I got into bed next to Clare and laid down facing her and putting my arm across her chest on a tit, with a hand on a tit and crossing one of her leg’s with a leg of mine.We started French kissing as I squeezed Clare’s tit, and she rubbed her clit against my leg, just above the knee.After kissing for a little bit, I started kissing along Clare’s jaw line to her ear lobe then after a couple of feather light kisses on her lobe, I kissed down her neck to her chest and down to her tit and around her tit, toward the center to her nipple.After kissing and licking and nibbling the nipple on Clare’s tit, I kissed my way over to her other tit and around it to the center where her nipple is, then kissed and licked and nibbled on her nipple, before sucking and nibbling back and forth from one nipple, back to the other nipple.The whole time, Clare is moaning while I kiss, lick, suck, and nibble on her nipples and tits.After a few passes from one nipple to the other nipple, I kiss and lick my way down to Clare’s belly button, then make a trip around it before going to the center of her belly button and very lightly flick my tongue into her belly button and very lightly kiss it, then kiss and lick my way down one leg to her foot.I kissed, and licked, down to Clare’s toes, on her foot, then sucked on a toe then to the next toe, till I had sucked on and between each toe on her foot, then licked down her foot to the heal and back to her toes, then made a revers trip across her toes to her big toe where I started kissing and sucking first, the first time across each toe.When I finished kissing and licking on and between each of Clare’s five toes, I kissed and licked my way up the back side of her leg to the bottom of her butt cheek, then around to the inside of her thigh, to the front side of her thigh, before kissing and licking across, where her pubic hair would be, if she had not shaved it off.I let part of my tongue cross over the hood, that hid her clit, as I passed by toward her other leg. I then kissed and licked my way down Clare’s other leg, just as I had done with her first leg. I did a repeat on her second foot as I did on her first foot with the kissing, licking, then did the same to her toes, as I did to her other five toes, even licked the bottom of her foot to the heal and back to her toes, like I did first time on her first foot. Again, I kissed and licked my way up the back of Clare’s second leg to her butt cheek then around to the inerthigh, on around to the front of her thigh, then made a revers trip across her lower belly, where her pubic hair would be had she had any hair there.Just before I got to Clare’s clit hood, I licked down beside her slit on her outer pussy lip, across her tante and up the other side of her slit on her outer pussy lip then over between the two pussy lips, and licked down then back up to her clit, where I stopped and sucked on it a bit, while I flicked my tongue lightly over it, before licking back down between her pussy lips again.”Oh yes Jim, lick my pussy, eat my pussy Jim.”When I sucked and licked Clare’s clit, she moaned out a little bit louder than she had been. I licked down and back up a couple of more times before I licked down and stuck my tongue into her pussy hole as far as I could, and started pumping my tongue in and out of her for a few times. Each time I licked and sucked on her clit, she got a little bit louder with her moaning each time.As I tongue fucked her with my tongue, Clare would raise her hips trying to get more of my tongue into her pussy, each time I stuck my tongue into her, “Yes Jim, fuck my pussy with that tongue of your’s.””Oooohhhhh Jimmmmmmm, Make meeeeee cummmmmmmmm, I’mmmmm about toooooooo cummmmmmmm, make it happppppppeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn.”I licked up to her clit and flicked my tongue across it with my mouth open as much as I could and sucked, just as Clare started cumming with her orgasm.”Yesssssss, I’mmmmmmm cummmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg.”Clare’s body jerked around as she rode out her orgasm for a good minute maybe just a bit longer, I do not know how long for sure thou, but that is what it seamed like to me any way. How ever long it was, I do know I could not catch all of her cum in my mouth no matter how hard I tryed, I even had to close my eyes, to keep from having her cum in my eyes.When Clare finally came down out of the clouds she rose up to and she collapsed on her back for a little bit while I kept licking her clit, she finally said, “Stop, I can’t take any more Jim. I need you to put your hard dick in my pussy now Jim. Please fuck me now.” with the last four words being more demanding.I crawled up over Clare and kissed her, while I used a hand to rub my cock up and down between her pussy lips, to get it wet with her pussy juices, then she broke the kiss, “Quit teasing me and put that big bad boy in my pussy now, I need it in me now.”When I felt the intrance to Clare’s love hole, I pushed my rock hard cock into her, all the way to the hilt with ease, with her pussy being so wet.”Finally. Now fuck me Jim, hard and fast.”As I started fucking in and out of Clare’s pussy, “I think you need another build up before I go to hard and fast.””No I don’t, I need you to fuck me hard and fast now.”With that, I speeded up slowly till I was fucking Clare as hard and fast as I could. It wasn’t long after, I felt her pussy muscles go to cunvulsing around my hard cock, “I’m cummmmmmminnnnnnnnnngggggggg Jimmmmmmmmmm.”I then felt Clare’s juices squeeze out around my hard cock and soaking my balls and my pubic hairs. I had to slow down on fucking in and out of her, due to her pussy squeezing down so hard on my hard cock.When her pussy let up some of the pressure on my cock, I speeded up again slowly, like I did the first time, till I was going in and out as fast and hard as I could. As I pumped in and out of Clare’s pussy, I reached down and squeezed her tits, one in each hand, till I was going fast enough, I had to put my hands down on each side of her to keep my balance.Just as I got to pumping in and out of Clare as fast as I could, she started in with another orgasm again, “I’mmmmmm cummmmmmmminnnnnnnngggggggggggg againnnnnnnnn.”I kept pumping in and out the best that I could as I felt her cum squeezing out around my cock and getting my balls and pubic hairs wet and she kept cumming and gushing for a good little bit before, “Jimmmmmmmm… Stop… I can’t stop… cummmmminnnnnngggggggggg.””I’m about to cum tooooo.””Ooooohhhhhh, I’mmmmmmmm…””I’m cummmminnnnngggggg Clarrrrrrreeeeeeeee.” as I felt my cum shoot out the end of my cock then, filling her pussy up with my cum. I shuved my cock in as far as I could and stopped pumping in and out to hold it in her, as far as I could.When I finally stopped cumming, I collapsed down over Clare putting my waight on my elbows and kissed her on the mouth with as much passion as possible a person can till I felt her legs drop off from around me and her arms slid off from around me too. while still feeling my cock jerking up and down inside of her pussy for a little bit longer and still hard too.Then I thought I might have heard a slite noise outside of the bedroom door, but I wasn’t quit sure if I did or not, so I stayed right where we were, with my dick still stuck in Clare’s pussy, feeling it cunvulsing every little bit around my dick and my cock, flexing every little bit.”Oh wow Jim, that was great… I love you and your cock so much… I don’t want you to take it out of me at all… I want it to stay inside me all of the time…””I know the feeling Clare, and I love you and your pussy too.”Clare then reached up and put her arms back around me and we kissed as she pulled me back down to her mouth.When Clare and I broke the kiss, I said, “I think mom might have heard you with all the noise you made and was at the door there and left when we finally finished cumming.””Oh wow!” then with a moment to give a quick thought, “If she did, do you think it will make her want you to make love to her, like you do to me?””I really do not know right now.””I know that if I was her, and heard what you did to me just now, I would want you to make love to me, if I were her right now.””Yea, well, the two of you are two different women, that is for sure.”I’m sorry you all had to wait this long to be able to read this part, but with the company over the New Year holiday, I could not work on it, due to u******e k**s running around me here. I will have the next part out at least a day or two after this one is posted. Thanks for reading and your understanding.

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