Sister-in-law Comes to Stay Ch. 01


Margaret and I have been married for nineteen years now. Both in our mid-forties, we are comfortably well-off. With two jobs and no children, we are comfortable within ourselves and comfortable with each other. We didn’t realise it at the time, but that was our problem. There was no longer any drive or passion in our lives or in our relationship. Neither of us was unhappy, but nor were we really making the most of life any more.

Like most couples, our sex life had started off frantically for the first few years and then had slowly settled into a more routine pace. But in recent years it had sort of drifted away almost completely. Now it consisted of a very occasional, roll-on roll-off, missionary fuck that was performed more out of duty than passion and a more frequent, self-administered hand-job after viewing some on-line porn late at night.

It had been such a gradual process that I really didn’t seem to miss it much anymore. On a business trip to Thailand a couple of years back, I had the opportunity to take a stunning young Thai girl back to my room for the night for about the cost of night at the pub back home. In fact her “Mama” was practically forcing her on me. I admit I thought about it, quite hard. But I walked away, partly from a sense of fidelity to my wife and, let’s be honest, mostly through fear of a sexually transmitted disease.

I guess we should have talked about our problem and maybe sought some professional advice but we didn’t. While everything else was steady, a sense of inertia settled over the sex side of our marriage and we seemed to have come to terms with it.

Margaret has a sister, Jill, four years younger than her. Jill had married around the same time as us, but had left her husband some five or so years ago. It turned out that, through some hereditary quirk, neither Margaret nor Jill could have children. Margaret and I had quite quickly come to terms with that, but Jill had tried IVF several times. The lack of success put a huge strain on her and her relationship that eventually she could not manage and they eventually split.

We had been quite close to Jill and her husband Peter through that time. But after the divorce Jill upped and moved to the other end of the country for a new start and now we rarely saw her, though she and Margaret spoke at least once a week by phone.

A couple of weeks back, during a call with Margaret, she mentioned that she was having some work done on her house and wondered if she could impose on us to come and stay for a few days. She had suffered a major water leak and the house needed to be dried out for a day or two before the redecoration was done. We hadn’t seen Jill for more than a year, so Margaret immediately agreed.

Jill arrived on the Wednesday evening. Having traveled all day, she went straight to bed after exchanging the initial pleasantries. We were both at work on the Thursday so Jill was able to sleep in and spend the day on her own at the house.

Margaret and I arrived back from work around the same time, just after seven pm to find the table laid, a dinner in the oven and two opened bottles of wine on the table.

“I couldn’t remember if you liked white or red” explained Jill.

Margaret and I showered and changed quickly and we all sat down at the table. Jill had prepared a huge roast beef dinner with masses of vegetables and, my favourite, Yorkshire pudding. Both bottles of wine were swiftly consumed and two new reds opened in their place.

A cheese board, with an excellent selection, followed the dinner. I poured the girls a large port each and a good shot of single malt whiskey for myself to go with the cheese.

By the time we had finished it was past ten thirty. We were all feeling pretty full and just a little tipsy from the drink. We sat on the sofas and talked for a bit until Margaret got up and said she was ready for bed. I was a little surprised as she had arranged to take the Friday off work to spend some time with Jill. I was the one who had to work in the morning. Nevertheless, she went upstairs, leaving Jill and I chatting in the lounge.

We exchanged news of what had been happening in our lives in the last few months and then Jill asked me if I had been in touch with Peter recently. I said that I hadn’t seen him for over two years.

“But you two used to be quite close,” she said.

It was true that we had spent quite a bit of time together through their problems and the divorce but Peter had changed a lot over that time and I hadn’t liked the changes I saw, particularly when he had been drinking too much, which had become a more and more frequent occurrence. Eventually we had simply stopped contacting each other.

Jill wanted to know more and I explained that the main issue was the way he would talk about her when he was drinking. He was really quite bitter about the relationship and its breakdown, but he bottled it all up until he had a drink or two, which he usually did when we met. I had never taken sides in their disputes fake hospital hastane and wasn’t going to start.

“So what would he say about me?” asked Jill.

“It was usually just stuff about you not being able to have children,” I replied, not really wanting to take this conversation any further.

“Oh!” Jill exclaimed and I could still see the hurt in her eyes.

Without thinking, and in a stupid attempt to lighten the mood, I said “Yes he could never understand how a girl who loved sex so much couldn’t get pregnant.”

Jill’s eyes shot up and she gasped. I realised I had stepped way out of line. Peter had often told me how much Jill liked sex and how good she was at it. In fact he hardly ever stopped talking about it and went into far too much detail. He swore it was the sex that he missed most of all after the break-up.

“You two talked about him having sex with me?” asked Jill.

I apologised but confirmed that was the case. I was now feeling very awkward and looking for a way to get away and join Margaret in bed. But Jill was seemingly not going to let that happen.

“So what exactly did he tell you?” she asked.

I tried to avoid answering, but Jill was insistent. So I told her how Peter would talk about how wild she was in bed, what her favourite positions were, what toys she had in the drawer under her bed and, in particular, how good her oral skill were. “He told me you were the blowjob queen” I said.

I looked at Jill’s face. She looked somewhat embarrassed but also a little proud.

With a little too much alcohol in my bloodstream, I muttered under my breath “What a shame you must have got your sister’s sex-drive too.”

Jill heard that and was shocked. She said that she always thought Maggie (she has always been the only person to call Margaret that) and I were fine together. I reassured her that there was no problem between us, but explained that our sex life had all but disappeared over time.

“I know how that feels,” said Jill, as she turned towards me on the sofa. “If it wasn’t for the toys that I still keep under my bed, I wouldn’t have any sex life at all.”

She smiled mischievously as she said this and my eyes automatically dropped to her chest. Jill had nice boobs. Not too large, but well-shaped. She was wearing a thin white blouse through which I could just make out the lacy pattern of her bra.

Seeing where my eyes were now focused, Jill’s hand came up towards her neck and started fiddling with the top button of her blouse. I thought she was trying to tease me, but it seems she was making her mind up about something. After a few seconds she flipped it undone and her hand moved to the next one down.

“I don’t suppose…” she said and her other hand dropped to my thigh about three inches from my crotch.

As I watched her flip the second button undone and her hand brushed the inside of my thigh, I felt blood rush into my penis as if flood-gates had opened. Within seconds I was just about fully stiff and could feel my dick pressing hard against the material of my pants.

Jill’s hand slipped across my thigh and over the bulge in my trousers. I gasped at the touch.

“If you want to say no, just up and leave now” said Jill. “No hard feelings. But now is your chance. If you choose to stay, there’s no going back.” With that she gave the solid lump in my trousers a good squeeze.

Raising my eyes to hers, I could see that she was deadly serious. I knew that I should just stand up and go to bed, but something wouldn’t let me. It had been months since I had last had unsatisfying sex with my wife. Now, even though she was in bed upstairs, my need for sexual gratification made me oblivious to the risk.

Without taking my eyes off Jill’s face, I moved my own hands to the buttons on her blouse and undid the rest of them. Slipping the flimsy material off her shoulders, I removed the blouse. She immediately put both arms up behind her back and unclasped her lacy white bra. I took hold of the straps and gently pulled it forward, exposing her beautiful creamy breasts, crowned with two rosy pink nipples. Now there was no going back.

My hands began to wander over the soft flesh of her breasts. I caught her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and gently rolled them, watching as they puffed up.

As I did so, Jill was undoing my belt and urgently unzipping my fly. She grabbed my trousers and pants and I lifted my ass off the sofa a little so that she could pull them down my legs. My prick, now free from its constriction, sprung to attention.

Jill moved off the sofa and knelt in front of me. She pulled the trousers and pants down to my ankles, over my feet and off. Pushing my knees apart, she moved forward and lowered her face to my lap. Taking my stiff dick in one hand she gently retracted the foreskin fully and took the head into her warm mouth.

Within seconds, I realised that Peter had not been exaggerating her oral skills. Even though fake taxi porno I had not enjoyed a blowjob for a couple of years now, this was clearly something special. She applied just the right amount of suction for my dick to feel it was engulfed in a warm silkiness. Her lips moved up and down, taking no more than an inch or two into her mouth. This was no uncontrolled deep-throating, it was a sensual delight. Her tongue was darting all around my sensitive head with quick light movements that sent shivers through my body. I already felt the urge to come building in my body. Jill stopped moving her mouth up and down and now concentrated her tongue on flicking rapidly back and forth across my frenulum. It brought me immediately to a climax and I shot my load with a grunt into her mouth.

Jill maintained the light suction while she captured all my seed and then slowly pulled her lips up and off my still rigid dick, cleaning it of every last drop of liquid. I didn’t see her swallow, but she clearly did as she was able to speak.

“Wow, you needed that!” She exclaimed. I realised she was right as, embarrassingly, I had lasted no more than a minute in her mouth.

I said nervously “You’re just too good at that.”

Jill smiled back at me and replied “Out of practice, but it’s good to know I’ve still got it.”

“I suppose we should find something to do while I recover,” I said. “Maybe I should return the favour.”

“Damn right!” said Jill getting up from her knees.

She turned her skirt round to get at the zip, undid it and slipped the skirt down her legs to the floor. Stepping out of her shoes, she was now standing in front of me, naked except for her small white panties. I ran my eyes up and down, admiring her body. While her boobs are clearly her best asset, Jill has a trim waist and a fairly flat tummy. Her legs are not that long, but they are quite shapely. As my exploring eyes traveled up her legs to her crotch, I noticed that there was a small patch of damp beginning to form on the white cotton of her panties.

I reached forward and slowly pulled the panties down from her hips to her lower thighs, revealing her pussy. Jill was shaved, except for a small triangular patch of trimmed hair that pointed down to the quite prominent pussy lips below. I brushed the small patch of hair with the back of my fingers. I had not seen anything so pretty in a long time. Margaret had long since reverted to leaving her bush “au natural.” I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on those pussy lips.

I pushed Jill backwards into an armchair. As she lay back, I removed her panties altogether. Now she was completely naked and I pulled off my shirt to join her.

Kneeling in front of her, just as she had for me, I ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh from just above the knee to just below her pussy. As I moved upwards, she widened her legs and hung them over the arms of the chair. Like this, her pussy was fully exposed to me. Her lips were quite pink and I could see the shiny moisture forming between them.

Avoiding her pussy for now I switched my attention to the opposite thigh and ran my tongue back down to her knee. I repeated this several times, going up one thigh, across and down the other. Each time my face went across in front of her pussy I hesitated for a second or two, breathing in the musky smell of her sex.

Eventually, as my mouth hovered once again above her pussy, Jill let out a small moan of impatience, raising her hips up off the chair towards me. I lowered my face, placed my tongue at the base of her slit and wiggled it a little to separate her inner lips. Then I ran it slowly upwards towards her clit, stopping just short. In that short distance my tongue had gathered quite a bit of her sweet pussy juice. I moved back down and deposited it just below her pussy. As it ran down to her anus I caught it and with the tip of my tongue spread it around her little pink puckered hole. I ran my tongue round and round the entrance to her back passage and Jill let out little gasps of pleasure.

Putting my hands up between her legs I held her buttocks in my palms and pulled her cheeks apart with my thumbs. I tensed my tongue and pushed it into her tight little asshole. I moved it in and out a few times, gently tongue-fucking her ass. As I did this, her own hand dropped down and found her slit. She began sliding her fingers up and down her pussy, spreading her wetness all over her puffy mound and lips.

I moved up from her ass and began nibbling at her labia. Holding one between my lips I stretched it out, exposing the inside of her pussy and its inviting hole. I slipped a finger into her cunt and began to massage. Her juices were really flowing now and it felt so slick in there. Before long, I had a second finger sliding in and out.

Jill was starting to breathe much heavier now. I continued the rhythm of two fingers moving in and out and rubbing the top wall of her pussy while I moved my lips up to her clit. Pushing the hood back family stroke porno with my lips I started to flick across her little button with the tip of my tongue. Jill put her hands on the back of my head and stared to press my face harder into her pussy.

I clamped my lips around her clit and sucked, quite hard. The little nub came into my mouth and I continued to lick away at it. Many women are much too sensitive around the clit to allow this, but I knew from Pete’s drunken conversations that Jill loved it.

As soon as I started, she began to let out little cries of pleasure. The more she cried out the harder I went at it. Without realising we were soon making enough noise to wake the street. Suddenly Jill’s orgasm washed over her. She began to pant heavily like a dog after a long run. Her legs came off the arms of the chair and clamped around my ears. Jill let out one last cry and then her pussy started to convulse like mad around my chin.

As the intensity of her orgasm subsided and she released the pressure of her legs, I raised my face from Jill’s pussy and immediately saw Margaret standing in the doorway in her short nightie. I froze and we stared at each other for what seemed an age.

I had Jill’s love juice dripping from my chin and she was still sprawled across the chair with her eyes closed. They sprang open, however as Margaret said “Well you two seem to be having fun.” Then she announced clearly “I’m going back to bed.”

She spun on her heels and started down to hallway, leaving Jill and I frozen like two naked statues. As she got to the stairs, she looked back over her shoulder and said “Well come on then you two!”

Not knowing what to expect, Jill and I stared at each other, then meekly stood and padded out of the lounge to follow her. Neither of us thought to pick up our clothes.

I went first with Jill following behind. As I got to our bedroom I pushed the door open to be greeted by an amazing sight. Margaret had thrown her nightie on the floor and was now on all fours on the bed with her backside in the air towards us. She looked at me over her shoulder and said “My turn, I think. Unless you’re not interested in fucking your wife!”

With this sudden change in her attitude it crossed my mind that she might have suspected something would happen if she left Jill and I alone together or perhaps the two of them set this up, though they later swore they didn’t.

But I didn’t have time to worry about that then. I took a step or two into the room, while Jill turned to make her way to the guest bedroom. But Margaret called out to her saying, “You too Jill. You started this so you’d damn well better stay to finish it.”

I moved forward to the bed and stroked Margaret’s inviting ass. I couldn’t remember the last time I had actually seen her completely naked, never mind in such a compromising position. I ran my hand between her cheeks and down to her hairy pussy and was stunned to find it was dripping.

“How long were you at the door?” I asked.

“Plenty long enough!” was all she would say.

By now my dick was fully recovered from its previous exertions and the shock of being discovered and was standing proud once again. Jill was still hanging back so I motioned to her that she should get on the bed too.

She did so, but instead of presenting me her ass also, as I had wanted and expected, she rolled onto her back and somehow squirmed her way underneath Margaret so they were in a sixty-nine position. On reflection, this was even better. Two sisters ready to eat each other’s pussy. It was the sort of thing I was used to wanking off to. Now it was happening right here in front of me.

I moved close to the bed and was in the ideal position to slide my prick into Margaret’s sopping wet snatch. I placed the head at the entrance and then pressed forward slowly, until I was balls-deep in my wife’s pussy.

As I was savouring the feeling of taking my wife doggy-style, which I had not had enjoyed for a very long time, I felt Jill suck one of my balls into her mouth and roll it around. This made my cock grow even harder and Margaret moaned as she felt it expand deep inside her.

Slowly I pulled back, easing my cock out until the head just started to pop free. Jill released my ball from her mouth and I could now feel her tongue dancing its way along my shaft, tickling at my head until I started to push it back into my wife’s hungry gash.

Then I heard Margaret gasp as Jill’s attention moved to my wife’s pussy. We continued like that for a few minutes with me very slowly penetrating and withdrawing and Jill delighting both my cock and my wife’s pussy alternately with her tongue. Meanwhile I could see that Margaret had buried her face into her sister’s pussy and was lapping away.

As I started to increase the pace of my thrusts, Jill began to focus all her attention on Margaret’s clit, bringing her closer and closer to an inevitable climax.

Margaret’s moans and cries became louder and more frequent. I increased my intensity, until soon I had to hold her ass in place with my hands while I pounded at her pussy. Jill was hard at work too with her fingers and tongue and before long Margaret screamed out as she experienced a huge orgasm, possibly her first real one for some years.

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