Sister-In-Law Says Thanks


This is going to be awkward, I think to myself. I’ll definitely have to do this again. I’m driving through the night, thinking over what just happened. But let’s go back a bit.

We’re away at one of my wife’s family events, incredibly boring, but I take time away from my weekend to fly out and spend time with her folks. I’ll fly back Sunday evening by myself, which I actually appreciate, at least I’ll get some sort of rest during this weekend.

When I get there on Saturday, my sister-in-law, let’s call her Zoe, comes up to me and asks whether I could give her a lift to the airport on Sunday as she’s flying out a bit earlier than me. No problem, I tell her. She gives me a hug – she’s “friendly” like that – and to me that would be it already. Little did I know…

In the evening there is some drinks and socialising planned, which only the drinking part is really interesting to me. We show up and Zoe, as if she was waiting for someone, greets us at the door and gives me another hug, this time slightly longer and tighter. I put it down to her having had a few drinks and just being her “friendly” self.

As the evening wears on, I get nice and buzzed. Maybe it’s just the drink that’s getting to me, but I feel like Zoe is somehow trying to establish body contact. Walking past me, I can feel her butt rubbing against me. She leans over my shoulder to reach something – I can feel her boobs on my shoulder.

I don’t mind that at all – actually, she’s actually really cute. She used to dance competitively and has one of those dancer butts, shaped like apples and firm but also soft. Her boobs are quite small, but really perky and really fit her body type. Her face is probably the most attractive part. She’s got huge green eyes, nice full lips and really knows how to wear make-up appropriately. I’ve known her a while and noticed she also had a tongue piercing. In naughty moments, I imagine why she got it… Anyway, I think nothing of it, maybe she just does that to everybody.

Sunday comes along and it’s time to say our good byes and get on the road. It’s about an hour-long drive, mostly on the motorway, hardly any traffic at this time. We get out on the motorway, I put on cruise female agent porno control and try to strike up a conversation with Zoe. Before we got to anything, I can feel her grabbing my had, gently stroking it. She looks me in the eyes and tells me how thankful she is that I could give her lift.

“No biggie…” I say.

“It is!” Zoe insists.

She doesn’t know how to thank me, I’d always be the one to do things for others and never ask for anything back.

I’m wondering if she’s still intoxicated from last night. I mean I don’t mind helping out, but it’s not like I’m saving the world.

She asks me how much longer we’ve got to the airport. “About 20 minutes.” Click, she’s unbuckled.

Before I know what’s going on, her head is in my lap, she’s unbuttoning my jeans. Trying to drive while also halfway trying to stop whatever is going on, I just think “What the fuck is this?” I get out an awkward “Hey?!” as Zoe tells me this is the least she can do.

My soft dick gets covered by her lips immediately and completely disappears in her mouth. As I get harder she doesn’t manage to get much in anymore, as this is a really awkward position.

It feels really good, but the awkward angle and her limited movement is not going to make me cum. I don’t want to discourage her, and as her head is bopping up and down I give her a “oh yeah” to keep her going. Unfortunately, we’re already rolling up to the airport before I can actually get anything out of this and we don’t have time to stop somewhere.

She doesn’t even stop until we park the rental car, fully aware people can see her and know what she was doing as she comes back up.

Her lips are covered in saliva, she looks at me, realising we’ve arrived as her the look on her face turns almost sad. “Oh my god, I really wanted to give you a nice treat, I’m so sorry I didn’t make you cum!” she says almost apologetically.

I don’t know what to say and only get out a “Don’t worry, I appreciate the gesture!” realising that’s a really weird thing to say after something like this.

Awkwardly we walk to security and through to the gates. Zoe’s on a slightly earlier flight, but to the female fake taxi porno same city and my car is parked at her house because she lives quite closely to the airport I’m flying into. Shouldn’t be a problem to just pop in, get my car and head back home and jerk off thinking about what could have been if we had more time earlier.

She’s already home when I get to her house and calls me in. “I’m just going in to say hi and then head out!” I’m thinking.

“Could you just come to the living room, please?” I hear Zoe.

Yeah, why not. I come into the living room and I can literally feel my jaw drop. Zoe is in the middle of the living room, kneeling down, wearing the most amazing negligee I’ve ever seen.

Black and red lace, tight around the waist, no undies. Her boobs are completely free, only supported but a little suspender underneath them, making them even perkier than I imagined them.

I can tell it’s quite cold in the room, her big pink nipples are virtually standing upright in the air.

I am speechless. The sight of her on her knees in this outfit is making my head spin. She directs me over, saying “time to finish you off properly”. I decide to switch off my brain completely, disregarding that this is my much younger sister-in-law virtually begging to suck me off.

Standing in the middle of the room, she looks up at me, unbuckling my belt, telling me “I felt really bad giving such a shit blowjob. I can do a lot better, I promise!”

I’m thinking this is a dream, but she is actually pulling me in closer, nibbling on my jeans, undoing the buttons with her teeth. My boxers come off, my rock hard dick bouncing in front of Zoe’s face.

She grabs my hands and places them on her awesome tits. She asks “do you like these? I was trying to rub them on you as much as possible yesterday… Squeeze them as hard as you like. They’re all yours!”

I give them a gentle squeeze, but she tells me to go a lot harder, pinch her nipples. I assume she really means it, so I go for it, squeezing her tits nice and hard, doing what I want with them, giving them gentle slaps to see them bounce.

She tells me “That’s more fuck in traffic like it!”. Her hands firmly grab my butt cheeks and pull me in closer. She begins licking up and down my shaft, making me feel her pierced tongue all over my throbbing cock. Her huge green eyes staring directly into mine, she takes my dick into her mouth. She doesn’t mess around and immediately takes it in almost the whole way.

Unlike in the car, this is absolutely amazing!

She is bouncing her head back and forth and my rock hard dick, gently gagging every time she takes it in all the way.

She pushes me into her throat all the way. I can feel her nose against my pelvis. Her eyes completely fixate on me, I can feel her pierced tongue massaging my balls, my dick all the way inside her mouth and down her throat – a technique I’ve never felt before.

She grabs my hands off her tits, takes my dick out of her mouth and tells me to finish myself off for her.

A bit confused, I grab my dick and start jerking it. “No, no, no!” she tells me.

She takes my hands and places them on the back of her head. “I want you to fuck my face whichever way you want to. Tell me when you’re ready to give me your cum, I want to get it out for you! Now go ahead fuck my face!”

I go for it, knowing there are no limits to what Zoe will let me do today. I push her head straight down my dick, all the way in. She lets out a big moan, I know I can keep going this roughly.

I keep fucking her face, hard and fast. At this pace, I’m going to explode shortly. “I’m ready!” I tell her.

She pulls back, takes my cock in her hands and strokes it ferociously. She opens her mouth wide, sticks out her tongue, licking the tip of my dick and tells me to plaster her face with cum.

I can’t hold it anymore, let out a huge moan and blast my first load all over her tongue.

She immediately closes her mouth, swallowing the load as my second stream of cum blasts all over her lips, nose, eyes and onto her forehead.

She turns her head slightly as my next cum load covers her cheek. She turns the other way to make sure her whole face is covered in my steaming cum.

She takes my dick back into her mouth and begins sucking it really hard, making sure not a drop of cum is left in me.

She looks even more amazing covered in my cum with my dick in her mouth…

As I begin to soften up, she gets up and tells me, “You’re not done, yet, are you? I’ve got more holes for you!”

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