Sister Sarah Ch. 10


I left for work the following morning after kissing my sleeping sister, and whispering, “I love you,” in her ear. She looked so perfectly beautiful as she lay there deep in slumber. This morning, only her pert breasts were exposed, and I stopped to soak in the radiance of her beauty before hesitantly leaving for the day. At least it would be another short day. I don’t have a lot to do today, but still have to go to the site to take some notes, and log my findings. As I stood gazing at her, I couldn’t help but feel those butterflies, as I pondered just how much I love this beauty lying before me.

Around noon, I had finished capturing the notes I needed, and headed back to the condo to get on VPN, and log what needed to be logged. I walked in the door to find my sister wearing the shirt I had worn the day before. She was seated on the couch reading something on my iPad, the TV creating subtle distraction in the background. My shirt was open with, so Sarah’s perfect breasts were on full display. Her feet rested on the coffee table, and her legs were gapped open, exposing her freshly shaven puffy lips. I could just eat her alive. Literally.

“Hey, baby!” She said, as she jumped to her feet to come and greet me.

“Well hello,” I replied, stretching my arms wide to embrace her.

The shirt trailed behind her swift movement, and I grew erect at the site of the exposure. Her firm titties bounced only slightly as she approached, and jumped into my arms. I caught her, and grasped her thighs as she wrapped legs around me. I held her close there in the entry, and kissed with a passion that would curl anyone’s toes. Her stiff nipples pressed into my chest as we made out.

“I missed you,” Sarah told me.

“Oh, sweetheart. I missed you, too! What’s with the shirt,” I asked, still holding my mostly naked sister in my arms.

“I could smell you on it, and wanted you close.”

“Awe,” I replied, and kissed her again.

“Kiss my nipples,” Sarah said, and lifted herself up higher to make it easier for me. I took one in my mouth, and sucked gently. Her head went back, which lifted her tits even higher for me to love on.

“God I love that,” she said, lowering back down on my waist. “Will you fuck my boobs again later?”

“Sure thing, love. I have some work to do first, but I promise you that I’ll fuck your ‘boobs’ again later when I’m done.” I loved hearing her call her amazing breasts her boobs. It was so adorable.

“I’m hungry,” Sarah said. “Want me to make us some lunch?”

“Sure, baby! That sounds great.”

“Anything special you want?”

I felt like that was a loaded question. There she was, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, standing there with her breasts only partially covered, and her smooth, moist pussy peeking out from between the flaps of my shirt. Honestly, I’d eat her right now, but I seriously have to get this information in.

“I’d love to eat you,” I told her. “Whatever you’re having is fine,” I told her, as she stood blushing at my comment.

I watched as my sexy little nymph busied herself in the kitchen, making us grilled chicken sandwiches. Her cute little tush peeked out from beneath the shirt as she bent over or reached up for things. My cock was spewing precum into my pants. I had elected to go commando today, so a significant wet spot was appearing on my khakis. I left the erotic site before me, and went to the bedroom to get comfortable. Now, that meant disrobing completely. As I walked back to the dining room where my computer was, my bouncing penis flung strings of its viscous fluids all over my legs, and the occasional bounce had strings wrapping their way around my shaft. I was plenty wet and ready for action by the time I made it to the dining room. I sat on the wooden chair, and opened my laptop. This was going to be challenging, since I was so worked up. My cock flowed juices down onto my balls, and pooled under them as I sat there attempting to work.

I pushed my work aside when Sarah came in to serve me lunch. We ate quietly, her reading the iPad, and me trying to keep my fingers on the keyboard. She knew I was needing to finish working, and allowed it so I could turn my attention to her later on. Just a couple of hours later, I finished. Sarah had returned to the couch in a similar position as when I came home earlier. She was lost in her own little world, and didn’t even notice that I had finished, and put my computer away. My cock stiffened again as I saw her sitting there with her legs and shirt both opened up. I sneaked into the living room, literally crawling. I crawled from the hallway to where she sat, my cock leaking a trail as I went. Sarah gasped as I reached her, and covered her pretty pussy with my mouth. She came immediately when I pushed my tongue up inside of her silky snatch. I fucked her tight pussy with my tongue, and drank of the fluids that flowed from within her. I looked up at her, and watched as her back arched, and her breasts quivered as she came. brazzers porno She finally came down, and released her legs that had tightened against my head. Her pussy tasted so delicious, and I continued to consume the remaining moisture that she gave me.

My penis ached and throbbed, needing the touch that only my little sister could provide. Sarah started to slide down off the couch. I pushed the coffee table back with my ass to accommodate the needed space. Her dripping pussy landed straight on my rod, engulfing me as she settled to her knees. She pulled me to her and kissed me as she reached down between us to feel where we joined. I pulled out some so she could get her hand around my penis. I remained partially inside of her pussy as she started stroking me with her hand. The motion stimulated her clit, and she came again. Her breath was ragged in my mouth as our lips just touched while she experienced her orgasm.

“J, I want your cum on my boobs,” she reminded me.

I pulled out, her hand still grasping me firmly. She leaned back on the couch, offering her wonderful breasts to me. Sarah never released my penis, and she squeezed in pulses as I raised myself up over her body. Each squeeze brought forth globs of precum that coated her body as I got into position over her. I stepped up, and let my cock drip into her open mouth. I lowered it to her lips and let her drink from the source. My sister greedily drank my precum as if flowed from my pole. My legs started shaking as my orgasm drew near. Sensing it, Sarah directed my penis towards her pert breasts just as I erupted. She stroked me strongly, coaxing cum from me, slathering her tits with the sticky fluid. Burst after steaming burst shot from my tip, and thoroughly coated my sisters breasts. It flowed between them, all the way to her spread pussy, and dripped from her nipples. She smiled up at me as she stroked my still-swollen penis, coaxing all she could from me. As my bursts subsided, she leaned up and took my penis into her mouth, and sucked the remaining drops from me.

“I love the taste of your cum, J. Can I have some more?”

“Baby, I have to get back to work,” I replied, needing to get back, but not wanting to rob her of her desire.

“Ok,” Sarah replied, seemingly broken-hearted.

I looked down at my sister, her body flushed, and glistening with sperm. I leaned down to kiss her lips, then reluctantly returned to my computer. I sat at the table, and noticed that Sarah was toying with the sperm that coated her luscious tits. She was scooping up my potent seed, and bringing it to her mouth. Her eyes never left me. My cock remained solid, and the site of her consuming my sperm from her body made me stay hard. I glanced at her occasionally as I worked, and noted that she was still staring at me. I watched as she crawled across the floor towards me.

“Sarah, what are you doing,” I asked.

No reply. Her firm ass in the air, and her nipples pointed at the floor, she continued to crawl towards me. Sarah reached me, and crawled under the table. As I continued typing, trying desperately to focus, I felt her hot mouth envelop my aching dick. She remained on all-fours, and sucked me as I worked. I spread my legs, and scooted down slightly. I felt my penis pass my sister’s tonsils, and rest deeply embedded in her throat. It was then that Sarah started to hum. She knows this drive me crazy. I have no idea the tune she hummed, and it didn’t matter. All I know is that I was soon depositing another load of cum down my sister’s eager throat. She pulled off enough to let me finish shooting in her mouth, but never dislodging me from her lips. She sucked gently as I came in her mouth, and when I had finished, she swallowed every drop. She stopped only long enough to tell me she loves the taste of my cum, but immediately returned to sucking me.

My spent cock softened just slightly, and I returned to my work as best I could with it still in her hot mouth. Sarah rested her head on my thigh, and kept sucking my cock. She wasn’t sucking eagerly, but gently and lovingly. Since I had softened a bit, I could feel her working the head across her tongue, using the same action a baby would with a pacifier. The feeling made me grow harder, but I tried to concentrate on work. I only had a little bit left to do, then I could be done. My penis ached as it grew harder still. I had just came twice, once on my sisters soft breasts, and once in her mouth. I felt my balls grow up tight against my body, and knew I was about to inject her wanton mouth with more semen. Finally, I finished my last email, and hit send. I pushed my laptop back, and leaned back in my chair just as I started to cum for a third time. Sarah continued to rest her head on my thigh as I pumped her mouth full of cum yet again. My cock throbbed in her mouth, her hot lips about half way down the length. My exhausted balls couldn’t keep up with her hunger, but I did my best to satisfy her desire once more. I felt her gulp the castingcouch-x porno mouthful of sperm down her throat, swallowing my protein into her stomach.

“Baby, I’m finished working. Can we sit for a while?”

“Sure, J,” she replied, popping my spend rod from her mouth. I admired the way she looked, still covered in drying semen. “Let me get cleaned up.”

I followed her to the bathroom, and wet a wash cloth with warm water. I gently wiped my seed from her naked body, as she watched lovingly. She knew I adored her so, and I could see the love in her eyes as I bathed her. I dried her with a hand towel, and kissed her. I pulled her to me, and pressed her hot, nude body against my own.

“Want to go get some sun,” I asked. “We’ve been cooped up in here most of the day.”

“Yes!” She happily said.

I watched as her sweet little ass made its way to the back door. Not even looking around now, she plopped herself down on the couch swing on the patio, and leaned back, clearly satisfied. ]

“Can I bring you a drink,” I asked her, as I watched her lean back, and spread her legs open getting comfortable.

“Please,” she replied. “Sweet tea?”

“I’ll be right there.”

My dick was so sore from fucking my sister, and cumming in her mouth so much, but as she sat there in the bright sunlight with her body on display, I started to grow hard again. I was lost in thought, and completely forgot about getting us drinks briefly. My dripping penis led me around the kitchen as I prepared our drinks before finally joining my naked sister on the patio. I found her sleeping, as she basked in the sunlight. I carefully set our drinks on the end table, and stood watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful and sexy sitting there, and I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was to have her. I watched her breathing slowly, her breasts rising and falling with each breath. I eyes wandered down to her perfectly bare snatch, just sitting there waiting for attention. Gently, so as not to wake Sarah, I knelt between her spread legs. She woke as soon as my tongue touched her puffy outer lips. Our eyes met, and she watched as I parted her lips with my tongue as I pushed it inside of her delicate folds. My mouth covered her pussy wholly, and I scooped her juices out into my mouth, devouring her steaming snatch. She spread her legs even wider, and pulled her legs up under her, her feet pulled tightly against her ass. Her hands found their way to her breasts, and she molested herself as I ate her vagina out. She started moaning, and bucking slightly, and I felt her cunt grip my invading tongue. I knew she was going to cum.

I withdrew from her honey hole, and inserted three fingers inside. When I did, she came violently. She thrust her hips up, almost falling from the couch. Her pussy sprayed me with her hot fluids as I fingered my sister’s cunt through her powerful orgasm. Each time she thrust her hips towards me, she sprayed me. I was coated with her sweet juices, as were the insides of her legs. As she came down, her feet went back to the ground, and her soaked pussy lay splayed open before me. Sarah’s hands remained on her breasts as I leaned in to lick her juices from her. She was spent, and sat there breathing deeply, unable to move. Once I had cleaned her pussy, I joined her on the couch. Immediately, she came to me to lick her juices from my face and chest. Like a kitten, she lapped at her juices, cleaning them from me with her tongue.

Finally, she sat beside me, thoroughly satisfied, but exhausted. I put my arm around her, and held her close. The puddle of her juices dried below us as we just sat. I caressed her body as she lay against me in the sun. We both dozed, only to be roused by the temperature dropping from the setting sun. Sarah pulled her legs up, and nuzzled against me for warmth, as we sat watching the setting sun. It was still warm out, but our sleep made us somewhat chilled.

“Are you hungry, baby girl,” I asked.

“Not at all. I ate so much cum, I think I can skip dinner tonight.”

“Me, too. Want to take a walk on the beach tonight?”

“Yes! Do I have to wear clothes?”

“No, baby. If you don’t want to wear clothes, you don’t have to.”

Satisfied, she snuggled back agains me. “When can we go?”

“Whenever you’re ready, love.”

“Can we go now,” she asked, sitting up and looking at me excitedly.

“You don’t want to wait until it’s dark?”

“I don’t care if someone sees us. Let’s go.”

We got up, and went into the house to get some towels. We locked up, and I put the key on a band around my ankle. Together, we headed naked to the beach. We arrived to find a few people out there still, but it was relatively deserted. A couple in the distance were lying on the sand making out, and it appeared to be our neighbors, who had seen us naked a couple of times before. He had his hand down her bikini bottom, and was very obviously delving into her pussy as they kissed passionately. clips4sale porno

Sarah asked me, “are you rested?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, can you make love to me again?”

“Here and now?”

“Well, not necessarily this very moment, but here on the beach.”

“Sure, my love. We can do that.”

We walked on towards our neighbors, but kept a bit of distance between us. They were by now the only ones remaining as far as we could see. It was getting darker, so we couldn’t see far, so it was unknown if we would see anyone else. As we passed by, the saw us.

“Hey,” the woman called out, recognizing us. “You’re our neighbors, right?”

We approached them, having been recognized. They had already seen us naked, so it was nothing for us to let them see us again.

“Beautiful night for a stroll, right?” I asked as we stood next to them.

“It is, but I never imagined doing it naked,” the man replied. “You guys aren’t worried about getting caught?”

“Not really,” I started. “At least not anymore. I mean, when we first started doing this, but it’s just natural now.”

I watched as the woman sat watching us, and started absentmindedly rubbing her pussy. My cock was already almost fully erect, having been in the presence of my naked sister, and started to rise to full, and leak its silky fluids. The longer we stood there, the more I flowed,

“You guys are brother and sister, right,” the woman asked.

“We are,” Sarah stated with confidence.

“And you’re comfortable being naked with each other? God, that’s hot,” she said.

“Yes, we are,” Sarah said. “And a lot more.”

“What do you mean,” the man asked, clearly wanting us to continue.

Sarah grasped my dripping penis, and turned to kiss me. We made out in front of our neighbors on the beach. The sat watching as we kissed, my hands cupping her ass and pulling her close. She got close enough to me that our genitals touched. Sarah rubbed my slippery rod up and down her steamy snatch, melding our juices.

We stopped kissing, and turned to look at our friends on the beach. Sarah continued stroking my penis, having plentiful lubrication. Our neighbors just sat there with their mouths open, the woman still playing with her pussy, but now her hand down her bikini bottom. The man had an obvious erection now, his trunks tented.

He stammered, “so you guys…you guys have sex?”

“Fuck, that’s hot,” the woman said. “Out in the open, too?”

Sarah pulled me into an erotic embrace again. As we kissed, she gently pushed me back, encouraging me to sit. I sat, and she joined me. She got down on all fours, and took my penis into her mouth. The woman now toyed with her breasts, and the man rubbed his cock through his trunks. My sister sucked my penis slow and purposefully. She stopped briefly to look at the woman and answer her question.

“Yes,” Sarah breathed, and returned to sucking my throbbing penis.

Our neighbors didn’t say anything, but continued to watch my sister eagerly sucking her brother’s cock. Sarah stopped, and pushed me back. I lay down, and she straddled me. The woman watching scrambled over to see what was about to happen, and took up a viewpoint between my open legs. She watched as my sister grasped my dripping rod, and guided it into her soaking wet pussy. The man had his hand down his trunks now, stroking himself. The woman watched intently as my sister’s pussy devoured my penis. She was in utter shock as Sarah started riding me. Her tits jiggled as she pumped my pole, and I pulled her down so I could suck on them. The woman came to our side, right close to us, and got a close-up view of me sucking on my sister’s delectable breasts. I pulled on Sarah’s ass, spreading her cheeks open for the man to look at while we made love in front of them.

As we continued to put on a sexy show for our neighbors, the man pushed his pants down, and was now openly masturbating to us. The woman was on the other side of us, and pulled the ties on her bikini top, letting her small but perky tits free. She looked sexy with the bikini just hanging on, with her breasts fully exposed beneath the loosed fabric. She pulled the bottoms to the side, and frantically jammed three fingers into her snatch. Sarah smiled down at me as I looked at the woman, but kept sucking on her tits.

“Put it in my ass,” Sarah said, as she got off of me.

I got behind her, and lined up. My cock was spurting gobs of precum onto her bum, and I pressed my head between her firm cheeks, and got her well lubricated to accept me. The woman knelt beside us, and watched closely as I pressed my tip against my sister’s hole. When my head popped into her rectum, the man came. He pulled on his cock, and came all over himself. Exhausted, he lay there watching us. The woman pulled her bikini off completely, and openly masturbated as my penis went fully into Sarah’s butthole. Her fingers pummeled her snatch in rhythm to my strokes into Sarah’s tight ass.

“You should see how much he cums,” Sarah panted as I pounded her ass.

“Can I see,” the woman asked.

“Cum on her,” Sarah told me.

“Really,” I asked, unable to believe my ears.

“Yes,” the woman and Sarah said at the same time.

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