Sister Takes Solace in her Brother


I was sitting at home on a Friday night, yet again, when my phone rang. I quickly answered it. “Hello?” I said. A few seconds went by without an answer. Then I finally heard “Andrew?” “Yes who is this?” I asked. “I… It”s your sister, Rachel.” I heard her say. it sounded like she was holding back tears. “Is everything okay? What”s wrong?” I had a pretty good feeling I knew what it was. “It”s nothing I just…” she stopped for a minute, “It”s just that my husband…”, “What did the asshole do to you?” I nearly screamed into the phone. Rachel got married to her boyfriend about six months ago and since then he”s been treating her like garbage. “He didn’t”t do anything…yet, but lately he”s been more possessive and won”t let me do anything. I”m getting scared. I want to leave him, but I don”t know what he would do.” “Since you met this guy I knew he was no good. I think you istanbul travesti need to get away from there and sort things out” I told her. “I know”, she said, “but I don”t have anywhere I can go.” She sounded like she was about to cry again. “Rachel it”s OK,” I tried comforting her, “why don”t you just stay with me?” She was quiet for a moment and then agreed. “I”ll pack my stuff and while he”s at work I”ll drive out there.” “OK, just please be careful, I love you Rachel.” “I love you too,” she said, and then we hung up. It was about five o” clock when she got to my apartment. I heard her knock on the door, and I quickly opened it to see her for the first time in years. When she started going out with the man she”s having trouble with now we had a major fight and hadn’t”t seen each other since. What I saw in my doorway was a beautiful woman. istanbul travestileri Rachel wasn’t”t tall, but she did have nice, long legs. Her hair was a light brown and it went slightly past her shoulders. She had nice breasts, probably c cup, and her skin was nice and tanned. Rachel was always a sporty girl since we were kids. She wore a t-shirt and short shorts. Needless to say she was in great shape. I invited her inside and for a while neither of us said anything. Eventually she did speak up. “I”m so sorry for how things have been between us. I was stupid and you were just trying to do what was best for me. Even after I was such a jerk to you, still let me stay here. Thank you so much.” “It”s OK Rachel, we shouldn’t”t dwell on the past. What matters now is that you”re safe.” After a bit of catching up she asked to use the shower. travesti “while you”re in there I”ll start dinner.” While I was cooking I couldn’t”t help but think of my sister”s body. I imagined her naked and wet in the shower. I had an intense urge to try and sneak a quick look. I quietly stepped towards the bathroom door. Listened for a minute and when I was sure she was in the shower I cracked the door open. She had her back turned to me and I could see her sexy ass. Not daring to look any more I snuck back out of the bathroom. When I got back into the kitchen a noticed I had an erection. I couldn’t”t stop thinking about my sister in a sexual way. I didn’t”t know if it was messed up or not, but I didn’t”t care. When she got out of the shower we talked about growing up over dinner. After we finished eating I suggested we could watch a movie, something to get her mind off of the ordeal. I made some popcorn and she picked a movie. She chose a comedy and put the DVD in. Not until the movie started did I realize that I hid one of my pornos in that case. As we sat there on the couch waiting for the movie to start it opened with two people fucking each other.

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