Sisterhood of Sin — 11 — The Gift That Keeps On Giving


I’m meeting my husband’s mistress face-to-face for the first time. Actually, she’s his ex-mistress, since a job transfer took her away to a distant city. I spoke with her on the phone when I vetted her a couple of years earlier, but we’ve deliberately stayed apart since then. Deirdre was good for Dan. She kept him out of trouble. He didn’t need to cheat with risky women while he had her and me to keep him happy. He helped her with expenses. She gave him relief once each week, usually right after work, from living with me, a wife who had both a career and a calling that often took her focus away from him. Deirdre did not make any demands on him or complain when he could not see her due to business travel or other commitments. She was superunderstanding. She made it clear to him that she only wanted sex and friendship, not a long term commitment. That apparently satisfied him. Dan did not know that she was doing and being what I told her he might need. He did not know that I paid her from my NQA account. He does not know that she is a sister. That was by design. We wanted him to feel that he was getting away with something. He seemed happier that way. It alleviated the jealousy he probably felt knowing that I was having sex with other men as part of my sisterhood activities. Unfortunately, that secrecy meant that Deirdre and I had to make sure that I didn’t learn anything that only she knew about him, so that I wouldn’t inadvertently reveal that I knew about her. And being his mistress, she was bound to learn things that I didn’t know about him, and that made me a little jealous and a little uncomfortable, especially knowing that the sisterhood could be data mining him to increase their hold on him. But now that she is mostly gone from his life, we’ve both decided it would be okay to meet in person. I’m thinking it might mean that she’s as curious about me as I am about her. “Cathy?” Most sisters know me as Cate, but I was careful to get Deirdre to know me as Cathy, thinking that Dan would talk about me and that it might be awkward if she slipped up and called me Cate. “Deirdre?” “Wow! Dan’s right. You really do look like Julie Delpy. She’s one of my faves.” She gives me a big hug. I decide that the first impression of her is a good one. “Aw, thank you, Deirdre. I think he exaggerates the resemblance, but at least he compares me to a woman who is beautiful and talented.” “Well, he’s right. The resemblance, and the beauty, is obvious. Maybe it’s the French ancestry.” Deirdre is truly beautiful, younger than me by eight years, taller, thinner, a smoldering brunette with blue eyes, long luxuriant hair, and a better tan than I could ever have. I should have felt threatened by all of that, but being suitably different and close in appearance to the two women whom Dan cheated güvenilir bahis on me with, she was much like my best friend Kyra, the first woman I encouraged to seduce my husband. That is part of how she got the assignment. I’m buying her dinner. We’ve met at a nice place in a city that I’ve visited many times on business. She hasn’t lived here long and I’m happy to take her to a new place in her new town. I thought I might feel overdressed, but she is as elegantly dressed as I am. “So, what do you want to know, Cathy?” I hope to put her at ease by getting the awkward ‘you’ve had sex with my husband’ fact into the open. “Well first thing, just please tell me… was he really as good of a lover as his profile suggests?” “Oh, yes. He’s one of the top five for me, and that’s saying something. I’ve been a black card sister for over ten years. And he wasn’t my only… client during the time we…” “You hesitated on the word client. Please tell me what you were thinking. I once wanted to be able to think he was a lousy lover, to take some of the blame away from me. Now I just want honesty.” “He wasn’t just a client. It wasn’t all sex. It was genuine friendship. I hope it’s okay if I keep in touch with him.” “Oh, of course. I hope you stay close. If he visits here on business or you visit Columbus, feel free to… reacquaint yourselves. I can afford bonuses.” “Thanks. It helps to feel welcome. And no bonus will be necessary. I’m living pretty well now. It’s taken me a while to build a nest egg, but I just made my first one thousand share play the other day. Netted fifteen dollars per share.” “Ooh, congrats, Deirdre. It will really start to roll now. I’m so grateful for all you’ve done. I only wish I could have made you feel more welcome.” “Please, call me Dee. I sensed that welcome all along, Cathy. Dan was a rare gift for me. And it felt good to be so happily included in your lives. I could tell that you really love him. I’m not privy to much in our cause, but I understand that you’re both much more important to it than I am, and I was happy to be a part of that.” “We’re all sisters, Dee… I call it the sisterhood. We each have our roles. Dan and I are just corporate ladder climbers.” “No need to explain. I enjoy my role. I would like to keep in touch with you, too, if that’s okay.” “Of course, Dee. I’ve just… Dan and I have just… I’m kind of messed up right now and I’m struggling to find my way out of it. It isn’t his fault at all. I got into some kinky stuff for the sisterhood and it went a little extreme for me. Now I guess I’m a little too bored with vanilla sex. I want to know if he’s got any… wild sides that might help me. You already know I’m seeking another… friend for him.” “Another mistress. It’s okay to call us that.” “Yes, a mistress. I appreciate güvenilir bahis siteleri your help with that, but I’m also trying to improve our communication. Did Dan tell you any of this?” “Um, yes. I think it’s a good thing. You’re getting a little outside of his comfort zone and that’s good. He was… losing interest.”Losing interest? It is very good to hear that insight while I can do something to fix it. Like many women, during the truly unhappy years of my marriage, I tried and failed to do things to ‘spice up our marriage’ or ‘keep the romance alive’, mainly by placing demands on Dan that only lead to unenthusiastic sex at best. Mainly they were just misplaced cries for attention. I have to make sure that I don’t backslide into that, but I’m afraid of going into sex that is too dark for him. “Did you take him outside of his comfort zone?” “A little. Nothing too kinky. We told each other some fantasies and did some role playing. He has some good fantasies that you might want to pry out of him. If I told you them…” “That would be bad. I should learn them from him.” “Yes. I have a proposal for you. He’ll probably feel comfortable telling me some things about your progress. He really admires you, and he bounces ideas off me, like for gifts to you and places to take you. We converse privately, by phone or email. I can see passing on some of his feelings to you, about what you’ve done I mean. Like, I know that you were a little submissive one night recently and he enjoyed that.” “Good. Thank you. That’s exactly the kind of feedback I need. I’m thinking of being a little dominant soon, too.” “That would be… good, if you take it slow enough. He’s no fan of pain, and I think he is strictly hetero, but he… well, I’ll make a suggestion. I was feeling pretty aggressive one time and I… will it hurt you to hear intimate details?” “No, I’m curious. Go ahead.” “I straddled his face and ground my… self against him. I used his chin and nose. He seemed to get hard faster than normal.” “Was this after he already came once?” “Yes. I sucked it for the first one. Then I didn’t wait for him to go down on me. I just… humped his face. He cooperated, but I didn’t make a big deal of it. I was just a little dominant. So, it’s something you can try.” “Good. And you’ll tell me afterward if I’ve made him unhappy. Because I don’t want to keep going down a bad path.” “Yes. I care about him, so I’ll let you know if he sings a sour note or if he seems withdrawn.” “Thank you so much, Dee.” “Oh, and I never really explored this, but you might want to look into CFNM.” “I’ve seen than acronym before, but I don’t really know what it means. I take it the F and M are for female and male.” “It stands for ‘clothed female nude male’. Some men are more submissive when they’re in iddaa siteleri that situation. Even more so with several women present. It’s embarrassing and humiliating for them and some men secretly like that. They can’t help but get hard.” Wow! This is good to know, if it’s true for Dan. So simple. “And you have reason to think Dan might?” “Well, yes, from some of the fantasies we shared that we can’t talk about. And I used to start undressing him when he got to my place and he always stopped me long enough to undress me first. He didn’t want to be naked while I wasn’t. One of the things we learn for data mining our clients is that, if it seems like a man doesn’t want something, it might mean that he avoids it because he enjoys it uncomfortably much. You’ve got something submissive planned for him. If you remain clothed and get him undressed, it might help.” “Thanks, Dee. That might be very good advice.” I thought back to the times when I walked in on him while he was undressed. I knew it made him uncomfortable. I attributed it to being raised in an uptight Catholic family, not unlike my own. But I also knew that those situations could cause erections. I never thought to exploit it to dominate him. After sex, it wasn’t an issue. Remaining naked while I dressed was not a problem for him. “He did mention one other thing, you might want to know. That week with you and that other woman, Chelsea, that was a big surprise to him. He didn’t know about you and… that side of you. He really liked that. I never would have guessed that about him.” “Does that bother you, what I did with them? He was kind of wasted afterward.” “It bothered me all right, but not in the way I think you mean. He told me a lot about that week, especially about the first night, and it was… fun to hear about. It made me… aggressive toward him.” She seemed embarrassed to admit that, and I suspected it implied bicuriosity. “You don’t… you don’t have anything in your profile about other women.” “That’s because I have absolutely no experience with other women. But I heard from a mutual friend that you…” Something tells me not to say anything just then. She has a point to make and I don’t want to guess incorrectly. I wait and give her my most encouraging smile. She takes a deep breath and commits, “…are good with beginners.” Ah, that mutual friend must have been Beth. “I’ve always felt something for Julie Delpy, that sexy mouth, and the way she always looks so elegant. So much like you.” I smile to acknowledge her meaning and she smiles back, looking very vulnerable and anxious. I can’t resist her charm, and I have no reason to. “My god, Dee. I haven’t had a sweeter more enticing offer since, well, since Dan took my virginity. Do you have a few hours before you have to be anywhere?” “Yes, my sitter isn’t expecting me back before midnight.” “Would you like a cocktail at my hotel’s bar after dinner?” “Do you think they’ll have a good cognac there? Dan kind of spoiled me.” “I’m certain they will.” Dinner passes in a blur of anticipation.

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