sisterly love.

Beata Undine

sisterly love.sisterly love.It was a weekend in the middle of summer. I didn’t have much planned since I had to work early in the morning so I headed to bed early. What a bummer right? Well I was awoken in the middle of the night around 2am. I received a call from my brother in law to pick up my sister. She had been to the club and she was drunk. She only went there because the drive as well was drunk. They had nowhere else to go! So I got dressed and headed over to pick up my sister. My brother was working his usual graveyard shift so there was nobody else to pick her up. I arrived shortly and I can see my sister slumped over a post. My brother in law laughing around with his co-workers and how drunk she was. We put her in my passenger seat and buckle her up and that was that. brother in law said he’ll see me tomorrow and gave me a thanks. I began our journey home and my sister was sleeping away. At first she cuddled up against the door and had her feet up against the seat. It gave me a perfect view of her ass. She was wearing a red thong. I tried my hardest to keep content. I always THOUGHT of my sister as someone sexy but never seen her this close or if anything this long. It was clear for me to see plain and simple. I mumbled to myself over and over.. “She’s my sister and it’s wrong.” I manage to get stay focused and not get distracted by her ass staring at me. We were almost home. I figured I was in the clear. The last stretch home there are a few speedbumps I have to hit. I hit one and my sister changed positions. She rolled over and clearly gave me a few down her dress. I didn’t get to see much but her red silk bra. I was tempted again… to feel just a touch.. sneak a touch.. I didn’t. I pulled up to notice my sister in law was home (brother in laws sister) she was living with us for the time being until her new home was settled. I grabbed my sister and flung her arm over my shoulder. I had to support her body and my hand accidentally cupped her left boob for support. I let go quick just to adjust my grip on her.. “She’s my sister and it’s wrong..” I tell myself over and over.. My sister in law meets me at the door and gets her other arm. We bring my sister into her bedroom and my sister in law, Penny, tells me it’s okay she’s got it. “I can handle the rest.” I had no problem with that since I had work in a few hours. I went into the bathroom to take a quick piss before bed. Penny had plans on her mind already. Just like my other story she develi escort left her phone in bathroom. It was on video and inside her bag was her vibrator. I always knew Penny was always horny. She carried her vibrator everywhere. I went back to my bed and laid down. I couldn’t help but think about Penny.. She’s so sexy and always horny. Why can’t I find someone like that? A few minutes go by and I knew I wasn’t going to be sleeping anytime soon. I make my way to the kitchen to grab a water and I noticed the bathroom light was still on. Penny never got to her shower. My sisters bedroom door was cracked. I tip toed over to see what was going on. Penny was asking Carey, my sister, “What do you want to wear tonight?” She grabbed some clothes that looked like my sisters pajamas and threw them on the bed. I’m assuming Penny had a rough time standing Carey up since she seemed out of breath. Carey was now standing and Penny began stripping down my sister slowly. Down came the straps over her shoulder and now her dress was at her waist. Carey was standing there. Bright red silky bra covering up as she was a bit shy. Penny finally makes the dress all the way to Careys ankles. “Wooo… who you looking good for? Were you trying to fuck my brother tonight or what?!” Carey giggles and nods in agreement that all she had planned was to fuck my brother in law tonight. “Penny only said ‘Me too sister.. Me too.. I would fuck my brother in a heartbeat.. And what about your brother hmm? Would you fuck him?” – Carey answered with a studder.. “N.. No.. He’s my brother and it’s wrong..” Penny only laughed it off as if i****t brings off no bad karma. She changed topics quick on Carey and told her again how good she looked. “Wow babe let me see you, let me see what my brothers working with.” Carey began blushing and giggling feeling like a model like Penny. Penny tells Carey.. “Show me a little something something babe! You should come to a photoshoot with me!” Carey blushes and starts playing the part. She starts twirling side to side. Doing a sexy dance cupping to top of her bra. Penny pulls out her phone. I’m assuming she must have grabbed it while I was laying down. “Work it babe! Work it!! Show meee somethinggg.” Carey began to grow a little liquid encouragement and pulled down her bra. Quickly exposing her nipples and Penny was loving it! I began loving it too. It was the first time I got to see my sisters nipple this close without any chance of getting caught. Penny demands her to turn around and show her that ass. Carey bent over her bed pedaling her feet back and forth as Penny took unless photos. Penny told her one time.. Let me see it you’re beautiful. Carey stood there and showed off her beautiful natural breasts. No more quick flashes as they were just out as she held her bra open. Penny makes a move and goes for a feel. Carey makes a small move showing she wasn’t too comfortable. Penny just ensured her how beautiful she was “Wow no babe you’re so beautiful!” Before you know it Pennys hands were cupping and playing with Careys nipples. Carey’s head felt back as she was almost in ecstasy and loving the feeling. Next thing you know Penny goes in and began kissing and sucking her nipples. That was it and they fell onto the bed. Penny was on top kissing her everywhere she could. Penny started from the nipples going to her neck. When they finally kissed at the lips. They starred into each others eyes. They began to really become intimate. They kissed playfully then deeper and deeper. Penny made her way down back to the nipples and finally down to the red silky thong Carey was wearing. She slid it off and began kissing Careys inner thigh. Carey wasn’t sure of this at first holding Pennys forehead telling her not to do it until Penny’s fingers found her way to Careys pussy. I saw it. Dripping with juice and Penny’s fingers slid right in. Carey could no longer resist and her head and arms flew back to the pillow. Penny knew exactly what she was doing pleasing every inch of Careys body. Carey began making high pitch sounds as Penny was fingering her and licking her clit at the same time. “Hhhhhhh…….. Fuck fuck fuckk” and just like a pipe burst came a squirt of Careys juices. “Aw yeah baby cum all over my face.” One hand pulled Pennys head back into Careys pussy knowing she wanted more. The other hand covered her mouth. “What about my brother?…. He’ll hear us..” – “Don’t worry he’s sleeping, his room was dark when I grabbed my phone.” – Carey let out a sigh of disappointment. “Don’t worry s*s, I wish your brother was here too..” Right then and there I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t see all this action from the crack of a door anymore.Pennys ass was high in the air as her face was deep in Careys drenched pussy. Since Penny was already getting ready for a shower she had nothing but a t-shirt on. Not sure if Carey even noticed. Penny gave her another finger fuck that followed up with another explosion of water. Penny enjoyed it and let out an evil giggle as she squirted. My sisters head bounced up wanting to see Pennys face but looked up to see mine. I was behind Penny and Carey had her O face going while she was surprised and excited to see me. She let out a smile and her head fell back. She was still intoxicated. Penny thought her work was done. She put her ass down and her feet were back on the floor no longer on her knees on her bed. She was kissing Careys thighs as if she was going to exit until I lifted her skinny self back onto the bed. Her knees spread and pussy ready I stuffed it right in. She let out a big “Oooooo……. I guess little brother decided to show up?…” and knew this was far from over.. I didn’t say anything I just began fucking her. Me and my sister knew it was wrong for us to fuck and it didn’t seem we were going to break that tonight. I grabbed Pennys elbow and made her finger Carey to each thrust. Stimulating each time my cock went inside Penny. Both ladies were moaning now. Both to the rhythm of me. I was loving it. Carey stared me in the eye as I fucked harder and harder. Each thrust making Carey gesture something. Each squeeze of her breast enjoyed how hard I was fucking Penny. She licked her lips sucked her fingers indicating she wanted to suck me off. I smirked and whispered.. “You’re my sister and it’s wrong.” Her face began making her O face again and I knew I was about to cum. I fuck Penny harder and harder and right before Carey let out her last squirt I tell Penny to spread it for me. I pulled out and came all over Pennys asshole and pussy. Dripping slowly. Both of careys hands were holding Pennys face deep in her pussy. The only interaction me and my sister had was who held Pennys head. I pulled her hair gently to suck me off. I make her choke on my cock as my sister ate Pennys ass out. Looking me in the eye. She began faded and fell back and fell asleep. Naked with my cum in her mouth. I pull Penny up and told her we should clean up. Not just this mess but me and her in the shower. It was something common for us.The next morning.. Carey woke up and it was casual. Everyone ate breakfast while the brother in law slept. Penny, Carey, and I all at the table eating breakfast. Carey couldn’t say anything cause she was hungover.. She finally broke out.. What happened last night?…….. I don’t remember anything.. Me and Penny laughed. I tried to hide it more though. Penny showed her the phone and Carey grabbed it quick and said “OMG DON’T SHOW MY brother THESE! WHAT THE?!”..

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