Sisters Ch. 02

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(please read SISTERS: CHAPTER ONE first)

‘Isn’t that Natalie over there mate?’ asked Leon, one of my team-mates from my earlier football match.

There was a group of 6 of us in the local pub, a bit of an old-man’s place but they served decent beer at cheap prices – a good place to start a heavy night of drinking. We had just started our second pint when Leon made his observation. I looked over to where he had indicated with a small nod of the head, and there stood 3 girls, waiting to be served. They were far too over-dressed for the place we were in – they were all wearing dresses, low cut at the front, short skirts and heels. Every guy in the place was staring, including us.

I couldn’t quite make out if it was Natalie or not, the other two girls we standing in the way of me getting a decent look at her face. Not that I minded too much, the two that I could see were very attractive. One had long blonde hair and a great firm ass, the other a girl who clearly had Latin heritage somewhere down the line – she had great curves, olive skin and cleavage you could get lost in. Eventually they had been served their drinks and turned to head to a table. That’s when I first got a copy glimpse of the third girl, and yes, it WAS Natalie. She looked fantastic – I recognised the dress straight away as it was one of Sinead’s. Natalie had obviously borrowed it and I would go so far as to say it was slightly too small in the chest area for her. For once, I could actually see her boobs and they were spilling out over the top of her black dress, which consisted of a corset-type top attached to a tight mini-skirt. Her legs were tanned and her calf muscles looked amazing in the plain black heels she had on. I knew her legs were great from seeing them in the past but they looked better than ever tonight.

‘Er, yeah it is. Why the hell is she here? It’s not exactly her type of place. Let me go over and find out what’s going on.’, I eventually answered Leon’s initial question.

I wandered over to their table, the whole way trying not to focus on Natalie’s cleavage too much.

‘Hi Natalie, ladies. I never thought I’d see you in the Crown pub?’

‘Oh hi Rich! Sinead said you might be in here at some point tonight. I hope you don’t mind but I kinda fancied a night out with Lisa and Michelle and because I’m not here for long I thought we could gatecrash your night so I get to spend some time with you too – you don’t mind us joining you boys do you?’ Natalie asked, a big smile already on her lips. I couldn’t exactly say no, and to be honest, the chance to spend some time with Natalie without Sinead there actually excited me a little. I wasn’t too sure why, perhaps so I could get decent glimpses of Natalie’s boobs without having to worry about Sinead catching me!

‘Er, yeah, of course that’s fine. We were just going to have a couple here and then head over to Gray’s a bit later on – that sound ok with you three?’ I asked. Gray’s was the local wine bar, a little more classy than the Crown but it got very busy very quickly on Saturdays so we needed to get there fairly early.

The girls agreed that was a good plan and came over and joined me and the guys at our table in the corner. Leon and the rest of my team-mates were pretty pleased when I returned with the three hot girls, I immediately felt a sense of jealousy and felt like I needed to make sure none of them tried anything on with Natalie. I needn’t have worried though, for the next hour Natalie refused to leave my side.

‘So, what do you think of Michelle and Lisa? Cute eh?’ she asked.

‘Cute? Yeah, I mean they’re both attractive but they seem like fun too.’ I carefully answered.

‘Oh stop being all nervous Rich. I might be Sinead’s sister but I’m not here to check-up on you! Just treat me as one of the guys tonight, please?’

‘Natalie, I’m not going to sit here and say, yeah, your friends are really hot, am I? And as for treating you as one of the guys, it’s kinda hard when you’re dressed like that!’

‘Glad to know this dress is making something hard Richie!’ Natalie beamed at me as she skipped off to the bar.

I had to say, I was having a really good time with Natalie, and her being around my friends was absolutely fine. I’ve never had these sorts of nights out with Sinead, she was happy for me to go out without her and then just have quiet nights in when we were together. I was pretty sure it was the beer helping me on my way, but by the time we headed over to Gray’s, I really couldn’t keep my hands off her. I kept ‘guiding’ her towards the door by putting my hand on her bare shoulder, and when the group was filing out of the pub I allowed my hand to graze over her ass cheek for absolutely no reason. I was pretty sure I could blame the alcohol and the crowd, but it was still a little risky. I mean this was my girlfriend’s SISTER. We walked up the street toward our next drinking hole and once again, Natalie managed to separate me from the pack.

‘Get a feel of something you canlı bahis like there did ya Richie?’ Natalie playfully asked.

‘Er, what do you mean?’

‘Oh for God’s sake! As we were leaving the Crown, your hand quite clearly groped my bum. But of course you’re going to deny it aren’t you?’

‘Well it was pretty crowded Natalie, if I did touch you I apologise.’

She stepped in front of me, turned to face me and stopped, forcing me to do the same. I could see our group wandering off a few metres ahead. Natalie opened her handbag and showed me the inside.

‘Take a look Rich. I left my mobile at home tonight, so please stop worrying that Sinead can hear what’s going on , or that I’m going to send her messages of what her darling boyfriend is up to! As we left the pub, you touched my ass because you wanted to, NOT because it was crowded, NOT because it was an accident, but because you saw something you liked and you decided to get a good feel. Are you actually going to dent that?’

I could sense that there was no point in arguing with her. Plus I was pretty sure I could blame anything I did ‘accidentally’ on alcohol if anything did get back to Sinead.

‘Ok Natalie, I’m not going to lie. You look really good tonight and sometimes I wish Sinead would make the effort, dress up and come out with my friends. I’m proud to call her my girlfriend and I’d like to show her off a bit. So I’m sorry if I’m acting a bit odd tonight ok? I promise I won’t grab you again.’

‘I’m not being a bitch, but Sinead would never look this good in this dress – we both know that. Just face it, a part of you kinda wishes I was your girlfriend tonight doesn’t it? Doesn’t it?!’

I had given up by this point. I wanted to get to Grays and carry on drinking before I completely sobered up, but I still found it difficult to not stare at Natalie’s boobs, even in the middle of a heated discussion!

‘OK! Part of me wishes YOU were my girlfriend right now! OK?! That what you want to hear?’

Natalie smiled as if she’d just won a prize.

‘That’s absolutely fine babe, I find honesty in guys really hot. I also reward honesty you know? Perhaps later on I’ll show you your reward. Anyway, come on, the others will think we’ve gone home’.

With that she turned and sped off again. I followed and eventually we were in Gray’s, the girls sipping cocktails and the guys knocking back the beers once again.

About 2 hours later I found myself squashed on a sofa in between Natalie and Lisa, the Latin friend. They were having a conversation across me and I think Natalie noticed I was trying to plan my exit.

‘So Lisa, I was telling Rich earlier that I really find honesty in guys a turn-on. What do you think?’

‘Oh yeah, I hate it when guys lie, even if it’s to spare someone’s feelings. Are you an honest guy then Rich?’ Lisa asked.

Before I had chance to answer, Natalie butted in.

‘Oh yeah, he definitely is. He admitted that he deliberately touched my bum earlier, and that he wished I was his girlfriend tonight!’ she said.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Having these discussions between me and Natalie was one thing, but her sharing it with a complete stranger to me was a bit off.

‘Whoa Natalie! What are you doing?’

‘Rich, Lisa here also finds honesty to be a turn on. Don’t worry, she doesn’t think anything less of you for it.’

Both girls erupted into laughter. Natalie leaned close to my ear and whispered:

‘Besides, Lisa is very drunk right now. So drunk in fact, I think you should take her to the toilet so she can freshen up. We don’t want her being sick out here do we? She needs to get some water splashed on her face.’

‘Well why don’t YOU take her then?’ I asked, ‘I can’t exactly go in with her can I?!’

Natalie leaned away from me and in a normal voice that both Lisa and I could hear said:

‘If you’re discreet about it, of course you can. Just take her to a sink and let her splash her face. I’m going to the bar to get some drinks so don’t be long!’

Lisa was already on her feet as Natalie headed to the bar.

‘Come on then Richie-baby, escort me to the toilet!’ she exclaimed.

I had no idea why I was doing this but I led her past the bar towards the toilets in the far corner. It was actually fairly dark so nobody I knew saw me go in with her, and luckily enough there were no other girls in there either. As Lisa stood there facing the mirror, she asked me what I thought of her dress.

‘It looks great Lisa, you look really elegant.’ I said. It wasn’t how I would honestly describe her but I didn’t think she’d want to hear my genuine description.

‘Elegant? You think I look ELEGANT tonight? This dress is supposed to be sexy not elegant!’ she said.

‘Oh, well yeah you do look very sexy Lisa. Your legs look amazing, love the tan, and yes, your cleavage looks fantastic. That better?’ I offered.

‘That’s more like it Richie, keep that honesty up and I’m sure you’ll end the bahis siteleri night with a smile on your face.’

‘Haha, I doubt that, I don’t think I’ll be seeing Sinead tonight in my state.’

‘There are plenty of girls around other than Sinead you know babe, nothing wrong with a bit of fun on the side.’ Lisa suggested.

‘Er, I don’t think you should let Natalie hear you say that. This is her sister we’re talking about remember?’

‘Rich, are you really THAT naïve? This has all been Natalie’s idea! Do you really think she wants to spend time with you tonight in order to get to know her sister’s boyfriend? Do you really think she wore that dress and didn’t really it left little to the imagination? Do you really think she wanted to go and sit in the Crown for a drink because she likes the place?! She did it because she thinks you need to loosen up a little.’ Lisa explained.

I knew that Natalie was very strong-minded, and as I have said before, she rarely thinks about other’s feelings before she acts. But would she really want her sisters long-term boyfriend to cheat?

‘Lisa, I know Natalie can be selfish but this story seems a little far fetched to me. She just seems like she wants a good night out.’

‘Ok hun, well you keep thinking that way if you want but you’re kidding nobody but yourself. She wanted you to come in here with me so we could fool around a little, and then I could report back to her as to how drunk you were. Do you really think I need to freshen up? I’m fine, and because I’m not that drunk I don’t intend to throw myself on you like Natalie wants. But don’t say I didn’t warn you hun.’

And with that, she readjusted her boobs in her dress, making sure plenty of cleavage was on show, and exited the toilet. I stood there for what felt like ages, trying to assess the information just given to me by Lisa, before I too headed back towards the bar.

So I was to believe that Natalie had some plan for tonight that involved me cheating on Sinead, and by the sounds of things, with her! She’s supposedly sent her very attractive friend on a mission to test how drunk I was, and after that backfiring a little, I am now having to go back to them and have an awkward conversation. I really wasn’t sure that Lisa had told the truth anyway, so my plan was to act like nothing had been said and just try and enjoy the rest of the night. I though going out drinking was supposed to be a relaxing affair!

As I approached the bar, I was grabbed by Leon and the rest of the guys who had lined up a pretty impressive array of shots on the bar for us to down. There must have been about 30 and we wasted no time in downing them, one after the other in quick succession. After my 5th in about 1 minute, I started to feel very dizzy as the alcohol began to hit me. At that moment the DJ turned up the volume and we spent the next hour or so swapping between hitting the dance floor and then back to bar for more shots. Needless to say, an hour later I was feeling the effects quite badly and needed to take a seat. I’d forgotten that the girls were even there to be honest, I didn’t remember seeing them since the toilet incident, so I was quite taken aback when Natalie appeared and asked if I wanted to sit and chat for a bit. She’d even bought me a fresh beer so how could I refuse?!

‘Are you having a good night?’ she shouted over the music.

‘Yeah, but I think I need to lay off the shots for a while!’ I shouted back.

‘I can barely hear myself think in this place, do you mind if we head somewhere a little quieter?’ she asked.

I looked over to my mates, who were at this stage all talking to a large group of girls on the dance floor. They seemed happy enough and I thought they wouldn’t miss me if I left for 30 minutes or so.

‘Sure, we can try and get back in later then.’ With that, I downed my beer and we walked towards the exit.

‘Where are your friends? Where’s Lisa?’ I asked, noticing Natalie was alone.

‘Oh, they weren’t really feeling it tonight and decided to get an early night I think. So it’s just the two of us, unless that worries you of course?! Have you taken a shine to Lisa or something?’

That question brought back the conversation I had with Lisa in the toilet, which I had managed to forget about for a while. Downing that beer certainly hadn’t done my dizziness any favours and I had to steady myself a bit on the way outside.

‘Er, not exactly. She’s very hot, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think I’m her type. Must be something to do with having a girlfriend I guess.’

I thought I’d remind Natalie about her sister, just in case she’d forgotten. Natalie fell silent for a short while, until we were sitting at the bar in a quiet restaurant across the road.

‘Lisa told me that you had asked her to fool around with me a bit?’ I questioned, expecting Natalie to flat-out deny it.

‘Yeah, I asked her and she seemed pretty up for it. Obviously she’s not your type though as she told me she left you bahis şirketleri in the toilet alone?’

‘Why would you ask Lisa to try it on with me? I’m going out with Sinead, your own sister? Is this all some sort of test to make sure I’m good enough or something?’

‘No not at all’ she said, putting her hand on my thigh. ‘I know you’re perfect for Sinead, but I get the impression sometimes that perhaps you get frustrated from time to time with her? I could be wrong, so I apologise if so, but this morning it didn’t exactly sound like you were having the best sex of your life!’

I really never imagined that I would be sitting at a bar talking about my sex life with Sinead’s older sister, but I suppose that’s what alcohol can do for you. Natalie looked back to the bar and surveyed the cocktail menu. I took the opportunity to look at her body again as she sat in the stool crossed-legged. Her legs really were fantastic, toned perfectly but not TOO muscular, tanned beautifully and her dress left little to the imagination when it came to her ass. And as for her boobs, I found myself staring at her them, still straining against her dress.

‘Ahem?’ came the mock cough from Natalie. I looked up and realised she was looking at me through the mirror behind the bar.

‘Oh God, sorry, pervert alert! Can you tell I’ve been drinking?’ I joked, hoping she would let it go.

‘You know, for most of tonight you’ve been staring at my body Rich. Is there a reason for that? I mean, besides being male and drunk I mean.’

‘Er, not really, that’s pretty much it. Men love beautiful women who dress provocatively, and when drunk I find it hard to not stare. I’m sorry, not exactly a trait the girls like in a man is it?’

‘Well I guess it’s a compliment, so I’m fine with it.’ Natalie answered.

There was silence for about 30 seconds before she began again:

‘You know I’ve been told my body looks a lot better without dress on.’

‘I, I’m sure that it does Natalie. Whoever told you that is a lucky guy.’ was the best I could come up with. At this stage I was so sure Natalie would be happy if I just grabbed her and pulled her in for a kiss, but I still had Sinead in the back of my mind and I wasn’t willing to risk ruining years of a good relationship, just in case this was still some sort of sisterly test.

‘Well it wasn’t actually a guy who said that, it was Lisa tonight while we were getting ready. Perhaps I should get a second opinion from a guy?’

‘I’m sure Lisa knows what she’s talking about. You look really good in the dress Natalie, I shouldn’t really be thinking about anything else from that.’ I said, honestly.

‘You shouldn’t, but I’m guessing you are? You’re a very cute guy Richie, I’m sure there are plenty of girls who would love you to see them out of a dress! Lisa didn’t exactly take much persuasion when I asked to her play that joke on you earlier.’

‘That was a joke?!’ I asked.

‘Well, yeah, sort of. Although I was surprised to hear nothing happened. Lisa is a very attractive girl with curves in all the right place, I really thought you would have done something with her.’

‘Why would you want me to?! Lisa is VERY attractive, and if I were a single guy I wouldn’t have thought twice about it! But I’m dating your sister, do you WANT me to cheat on her?’

‘It’s about protecting her! Of course I don’t WANT you to cheat on her, or break her heart. She loves you so much and you guys are so good together. But she tells me things about your, er, private lives together shall we say, and after me clearly walking in on an embarrassing situation earlier, I’d say you have some issues in that department.’

‘Issues?’ I asked, wondering what the hell Sinead had said.

‘It doesn’t really matter what the exact words were, but basically I’m worried that you might not be having the most fun possible when you have sex. Do you understand what I mean by that?’

I could only assume Sinead had told Natalie about the size issue. We really didn’t have any other problems, well not that I knew of anyway!

‘Er, yeah, I think so.’ I said, very uneasy about this conversation, but also a little intrigued as to where it was going.

‘So my big fear is that on nights out such as these, you might go out with your mates and end up hooking up with some random girl just so you can have you uninhibited sex before going back to Sinead and playing happy families again.’

‘So your way to counter that is to have a hot girl throw herself at me in a toilet?! I’ve never even thought of cheating on Sinead anyway!’ I responded.

‘I’d rather know you were doing it for the right reasons, yes! If I knew you were getting a blow-job, having sex, whatever, with someone I knew, just so you could really let-loose and then go back to Sinead and be gentle, I wouldn’t be pissed off. But if I knew you were cheating on her just because you could, and you didn’t care if you were with Sinead or not, I would fucking kill you. So yes, there is a method to my madness!’

‘So you WANTED me to have sex with Lisa, just so I could go crazy and not worry about hurting her, so I could then go back home to Sinead and pretend like nothing had happened?! That’s insane!’

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