Size Matters Ch. 04


** All teen characters appearing in this story are of legal age. **

The ceiling of his bedroom came into view as the middle aged man regained consciousness feeling refreshed and a little strange all over. There was an artificial breeze flowing through the room as he tried to move feeling an acute ache in his lower back. Louis realized in short order that he wasn’t wearing pants…or underwear. It was at that moment that he was thrust backward in time as memories of a wish fulfilled flooded his mind bringing with it a joyful haze that he hadn’t felt since he was a kid on Christmas morning. The portly, most put upon gentleman found himself lying diagonally across the bed with his head facing the foot. Something felt kind of off about things as he tried to gather his wits lowering his hands to his sides with great effort to his exposed crotch which was now shaved clean. He winced as his fingers traced a few shallow cuts in the puffy area just below his protruding tummy. The ceiling fan was going full blast, shaking a bit as his legs stirred trying hard to bend at the knees. His hands went up to his face finding that he’d been shaved as well. His pulse ratcheted up along with his heartbeat for a brief, few seconds as he found his hair untouched.

“That shit was out of control; something had to done to get those pubes under control.”

“¡Dios mío, estás loca, Angie!”

“Come on, you had a fucking afro down there Uncle; don’t be that way.” The innate innocence in the sound of her voice contrasted with her actions as he glanced over in the direction of her voice finding the large teen’s back facing him. She’d put on a brassiere in the time before he’d passed out but otherwise remained nude sitting on the edge of the bed. Her hair was down contrasting with the olive hued tint of her skin. The straps of her brassiere cut into the soft flesh at her shoulders probably more from her weight than her relatively modest breasts.

“It’s just that you should ask before doing such a thing.” She glanced over her shoulder at him with a mischievous smile before dropping something to the floor as she rolled handling his package.

“¿Debería preguntar antes de hacer esto, tío?” The large, curvy girl applied a light, feathery touch stroking him to full hardness in moments.

“Well?” The middle aged man flushed crimson.

“¿Y cómo te sentirías si hiciera este tío?” Her round face looked truly innocent and button cute as she leaned down lapping at an exposed nipple before outright sucking on it. Louis chuckled nervously as she leaned in further, jerking harder on his tumescence.

“Oh, that feel so good, little flower; I am a lucky man.” He was unable to stifle the wide smile on his face, feeling even more embarrassed. Her chubby fist was large enough to hide most of his pulsing erection as the teen kissed him softly.

“¿Te gusta cómo se siente este tío Louis?” The voluptuous girl traced a path down his pudgy belly to his clean shaven crotch, twirling her tongue for effect.

“Oh, FUCK me…” Her plump lips caressed and plucked at the sensitive skin making him squirm, while her meaty arm found a home across his abdomen. Her tongue darted out in quick, little intervals until the area round his erection was drenched in her saliva.

“Sí, voy a hacer ese tío; pero primero tienes que hacer un poco de leche para mí. Me vas a dar ese Louis cum. Voy a tomar toda esa mierda para que no te quede nada para mi tía de mierda!” She punctuated her statement with a lick on the underside of his glans that nearly sent him over the edge.

“OOOOHHHHH IT’S GOING TO LEAK OUT!!” Louis whimpered as she jerked exceptionally hard on his shaft while sucking hard at the junction where his right thigh met his balls. A loud, wet slurping sound filled the trashed looking bedroom.

Her hands and experienced lips quickly drew away from his member as the Rubenesque teen leaned on her side regarding him with a knowing smile. The curve of her fifty-six inch hips was omnipresent and sexually imposing as she took a reclining thinker pose beside his prone body.


“Do I have to go to school?” Louis realized he’d been suckered into her web as she casually checked the cleanliness of her nails.

“Ah, come on little flower.”

“I asked you a question uncle; do I have to go to school or not?”

“I-think you are supposed to go to school, right?” His erection was pointed directly at the ceiling with both of their eyes focused on it for different reasons. The portly, middle aged man could hardly believe how completely she’d seduced him and know the eighteen year old was making a power play.

“That’s NOT what I asked you.”

“Uhm, we talked about this little flower; you have to go to school, okay?” Louis was gritting his teeth as he spoke knowing what he would be giving not acquiescing to the teen’s wishes.

“AAAAHHHIEEEE!!” Angie thumped his turgid erection with a rough flick of her pointer finger. Her cute, childish looking features clouded over as she slammed his bathroom door behind herself with enough force to nearly splinter the cheap material. Angie Delgado’s otele gelen escort anger was still a force to be reckoned with whenever she didn’t get her way.

“Dios mío, ¿qué voy a hacer con esta chica?” He didn’t know if he could control the willful, girl especially after sleeping with her. He was embarrassed that he was still rock hard as the sound of his shower going full blast filled the bedroom. The there was the specter of her Aunt Conception and her bratty daughter, Brenda. Louis shuddered at the thought of his girlfriend’s actions should it be revealed that he slept with her niece.

“Hey, little flower?”

“WHAT?!” His erection was still pointed at the ceiling as he cautiously called out to Angie. Part of him wanted to placate her so that he could sample her wares once more, but Louis knew better.

“Hey, let’s keep what happened here in the house, alright?” He half whined at the closed door. She didn’t respond right away giving the older man pause and sparking a bit of panic. No matter what, she was still legal at eighteen years of age, but Conception didn’t need a lot to make trouble. If things got out, he’d be most certainly framed as a degenerate. He chaffed a bit more at the fact that his girlfriend knew where he worked and would probably do her best to get him fired. This train of thought nearly gave Louis a coronary as the door to his bathroom opened.

“What, you ashamed of me or something?” His hand covered his thumping heart as he peered up at the ceiling fan.

“No, off course not; but your Tia Conception could make trouble is all I am saying.” He was honest.

“Don’t worry about her, she ain’t gonna do shit Uncle.” The emotion in her voice was palpable and raw enough that it gave him pause. Angie sounded self-assure, years beyond her age as he came to realize just how complex this girl actually was right under everyone’s nose. He recalled the shocked expressions on her relative’s faces when Angie had been forced to reveal part of herself when threatened by her cousin Brenda.

“How can you be so sure, little flower?”

“Because the fucking cops ain’t here right now and that puta knows everything, Louis.”

“WHAT?!!” His android phone landed on his exposed chest startling the fifty something. He quickly took a look at the activity on his screen realizing that something had been sent to his girlfriend a couple of hours ago while he was soundly asleep. He found the picture of his flaccid, spent penis that had been tested to his girlfriend. That photo left no doubt about what had gone on in the twenty-four hours since Angie Delgado was kicked out of her home.


“Calm the fuck down man; I know that bitch and she’s probably somewhere crying me a river.” Her round, cherubic face was affixed with a look that hinted at the considerable violence she was capable of inflicting when prompted, her teeth were gritted in anticipation of his next move.

“Ah, I’m fucked up Angie; I’m gonna end up in the jailhouse.” His voice faltered draining away any hints of aggression as she softened into a self-assured smirk.

“I’m legal, eighteen and shit so there’s nothing that she can do about it anyways, Uncle.”

“Conception can make a lot of trouble if she wants!”

“I wont let her mess with you; if she tries it, I’ll take care of her, so don’t worry at all, okay?” The glib, threat in her voice was clear and it gave him pause.

“Don’t talk like that, you’ll get into trouble with the police and everything!!” He was agitated at the criminal sounding intention in her childish sounding voice.

“A la mierda con la policía.”

“HUH?!!” He face palmed before slowly looking over at the nude teenager standing in the bathroom doorway grinning at him. Angie Delgado was truly a thick, curvy vision with a pronounced pear shape that made him want to ravish her in the worst way. From the top of her head to her heels, Angie had a perfect diamond shape that sent pulses of powerful sensual waves directly to his tumescence until it felt like it would explode. Her cinnamon hued skin was glistening with the remnants of water from the shower which the Rubenesque Mexican girl hadn’t bothered to towel off.

“¿Eso es para mí, tío Louis?” He was breathing hard and ragged, unable to answer as she climbed up into the messy bed with him. She sat upright on her haunches, resting her humongous butt on the back of her calves as she leaned in with a soft kiss. The of her tongue teased his lips, drawing away when he opened his mouth expecting more.

“Pobre tío, su cosa es tan dura y desesperada; Sé lo que necesita.” Angie purred, gently shoving the older man onto his back as she brought her thick, shapely leg across his pelvis, straddling him. His member slid easily inside her without assistance. She gasped letting her weight do the work until she could feel the base of his pendik escort prickly, shaved mound against her opening.

He couldn’t believe how intensely; hot and tight she was around his girth with the large girl going so far as to intentionally flex on his length. Her cheeks were so immense that he couldn’t see anything else and didn’t care as she let her full dead weight nearly push him through his mattress. Louis gasped and wheezed feeling himself about to climax hard just from the sensation of her inner walls. Her legs were adjacent with his arms on the outside of their coupling, locking them at his sides.

“If I move, will you cum?” She asked.


“Good.” Before he could respond in any manner, her massive butt rose into the air until only the tip of his unit remained inside, quickly slamming downward into his crotch to thunderous effect. Louis mewled feeling almost like her would become incontinent as her meaty, jiggling cheeks rose again with methodical grace before smashing down with enough force nearly causing the portly man to jackknife into a sitting position. The tightening in his reddened sack and inner thighs was acute and painful as she rose again before pounding him harder than the first two repetitions as he exploded deep inside her cunt with an agonized, bleating cry. She was done, rotating her hips mashing and grinding his cock into hamburger inside her honey pot.

“Entonces, ¿quieres casarte conmigo o algo así?” He spoke without thinking making the amused teen laugh out loud at his proposal of marriage.

Angie dipped and rolled her hips with a level of athleticism and agility uncommon for a girl of her size as the poor man under her whimpered and screamed. Even though he’d gone limp, she continued working her hips until he rose to the occasion once more. Louis never noticed that she never made a sound while she got into reverse cowgirl position to pound him even harder for over fifteen minutes until her body was glistening with sweat. His hands were dwarfed by the sheer size of her butt groping pinching and jiggling her cheeks to his heart’s content. Every wet dream he’d ever had in his youth had come home to bear with the presence of Angie Delgado in his modest apartment. Louis doubted it would be easy to give her up after sleeping with skilled teen. Angie abruptly ended the tryst rolling to the side as he panicked worrying that it was over.

“Ven aquí estúpido.” Angie half laughed crooking a finger at him as she bent over the edge of the bed signaling that she wanted him to join her. He was trashed and worn to the bone from attempting to keep up with an eighteen year old rolling onto the floor with a loud thud. It was worth it as his hands dug into her wide hips, luxuriating in the feel of her pliant flesh against his fingertips. She suddenly pushed back against Louis with enough force that he had to catch himself from toppling over.


“Do I have to go to school?” His brown eyes widened as his manhood took a direct hit, realizing that she’d been toying with him the entire time. Her actions were simply a way of redoubling her efforts to get her way with the clueless adult.

“Uhm, no.” Louis knew he was defeated.

He was rewarded with a passionate kiss before she straddled the edge of his bed with her prodigious backside pointed in his direction. His hand slapped the right cheek making it bounce and ripple in a slight, rubbery manner. Angie responded unexpectantly with a loud sigh as his hands collided again and again into both huge cheeks as she dipped at the hip. A handprint faintly appeared in the olive colored flesh contrasting with the distinct tan lines on her backside. Angie seemed to like being spanked spiking his lust until he managed to shove his cock into her with roguish glee. His girlfriend barely registered as he continually rutted into her expanse seeking another glorious climax.

“Quiero tu leche; dame un montón de crema en mi gran tío Louis. Lo quiero tan mal; ¡Necesito que me cubras con tu leche de hombre! Fóllame duro y encera este culo gordo!” Her dirty talk added much to the proceedings providing just the right catalyst to send him over the precipice.

“¡ESTOY CUMMANDO, ESTOY HACIENDO LECHE PARA TI PEQUEÑA FLOR! ¡¡¡VENGO, VENGO CON MUCHA LECHE PARA TI ANGIE!! ¡¡¡CÁMAME!! ¡SEA MI ESPOSA!” He’d shattered into so many pieces proclaiming his loyalty to the teen misfit and meaning every word of it.

Herculean effort lent impetus to his actions pulling out of her snapping confines as his seed erupted all over her butt in repeated bursts. Several ropes hit her massive butt square on the right cheek as he jerked his semen like a madman in an effort to get both cheeks. Angie began jiggling and twerking her huge butt driving the older man wild enough to go back inside even though he was fast becoming limp. Angie glanced over her shoulder into the mirror on his dresser surveying the glazed mess left behind with a knowing smirk. Louis was a mess visually with his hair all over his head and a crimson hue to his skin as he rus escort stood to the side absentmindedly fondling himself. He was holding out hope that he would be able to fuck her some more before he collapsed. She continued bouncing and jiggling her butt, splashing his oily seed everywhere as Louis finally hit the wall psychologically.

“Uncle Louis; are you okay?” Angie noticed his condition afraid the exhausted man was on the verge of a heart attack. He simply nodded, sliding down the wall as she slowly tuned in his direction looking like the proverbial cat that caught the canary.

“Creo que estoy enamorado de ti, pequeña flor.” He admitted barely above a whisper.

“Uhm yeah, right uncle; can you give me some money?” Louis found her hand in his face as she looked up into her smiling features knowing she meant business.


Two hours later Angie was walking the short inner city strip with a pocket full of cash, enjoying her day. She’d tucked Louis into his bedding, leaving him with a pair of her panties before showering and exiting the apartment on a day trip. Angie would never admit that she was a little bit sore between the legs from repeatedly pulling out all the stops to enthrall her aunt’s boyfriend. She was sure that he wouldn’t turn on her after being allowed to indulge in his fetish after being sexually embargoed for the duration of his relationship with Conception. From her estimation, her aunt bartered sexual attention for things like bill payments and spending money while offering very little in return. This didn’t sit right with Angie, but she never interfered due to their familial relationship. Now that she was on the outs with her estranged aunt, all bets were off, and she had no qualms about screwing the selfish shrew’s boyfriend in exchange for a place to lay her head. Louis seemed starved for attention sexually and she wanted to fill that gap so that perhaps he would be able to stand up to Conception and her spoiled daughter, Brenda.

She was wearing her customary flower print dress noticing the material was a little frayed from heavy use. Angie thumbed through her cash finding enough perhaps to purchase another clothing item as a nearby, second hand boutique she was aware of in the area. The chubby beauty ducked into the Korean owned establishment which was made up of two converted storefronts. The walls separating the adjacent stores had been torn down creating an expansive interior which was frequented by the mostly latin locals. The front countertop was situated on a raised platform so that its Asian store keeps would be able to monitor customer activity amongst the aisles. Angie smiled up at the stern looking woman behind the counter as she walked in eating some corn on a stick. She’d slathered sauce and spice all over the snack with some of it dripping onto the thin, frayed carpeting.

“No eating in the store.” The woman barked in a harsh, cold tone.

“No hables ingles.” Angie replied still biting into the snack as she browsed some blouses on a nearby rack.

“Hurry up and buy!” Angie took exception at the store keep’s aggressive tone.

“Fuck you.”

The woman blinked profusely at her simplistic retort, panicking as she picked up the phone dialing instore as Angie continued up the aisle, shopping without a care in the world.

“?? ??? ??? ??? ???? ???!!” There was a doorbell sound as the older woman barked into the phone’s P.A, system in her native language as Angie looked up towards the wall mounted speaker furrowing her brow. Her shoulders tightened up as she craned her head looking across the aisles. In moments she found herself looking at a Korean boy probably about her own age, wielding a push broom. Angie glared at the anxious looking kid realizing he was probably following the woman’s orders noticing that he was hesitant to act. She leaned against the closest clothing rack looking back over her shoulder at the main shop keep maintaining her outward mask of accessibility. Her back was to the front counter obscuring the older woman’s view as she glanced back at the kid in her path.

“We got a problem?” Angie hooked a finger into the cleavage of her dress popping one of her breast out for him to see. He immediately flushed crimson at the sight of her erect nipple, looking flustered and shaky.

“Uhm, just hurry up because we’re gonna be closing real soon. Sorry about disturbing you ma’am.” His head hung low as he peered down at the floor, nervously looking up at her exposed boob again.

“Sure baby.” He silently gasped as she covered her breast again turning to go through the clothing rack once more. The flustered teen ignored the fact that she put her half eaten corn on top of the rack leaving it there as she moved to another clothing rack.

“???, ??,? ??? ?????? ?? ?!” The sort keep scolded from her perch at the front counter. The teen scratched his head using the push broom to sweep up some imaginary dirt in the aisle covertly staring at Angie’s pronounced backside as she glided between the racks. Little did he know how close he’d come to having his nose smashed into his face when he’d initially confronted the larger, streetwise girl. Her brown eyes settled on a particular dress that seemed to be calling out to her as she drew it from the rack realizing eyes still followed her about the store. Angie turned to the kid who was still sweeping in the aisle.

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