Size Matters Control Shatters

Size Matters Control ShattersdeletedI am going to tell you one very exciting and horrific incident happened with me in last month.My husband got an assignment from the office and he was to go to Bangladesh for 15 days so he dropped me and my k**s at village at his father house and their house is big and lovely. My k**s are fond of their grandparents and vise versa. One more my uncle in law lives in the same village and real brother of my Father in law and lives in separate house.One day my chachi sass visited me and k**s and invited me at her house and she is not having any k** and only my chacha sasur and chichi sass lives in their house and after 2 days I went to her house for 3-4 days along with k**s and she was very happy and welcomed me thoroughly and in evening my chacha sasur came and I gone to touch his feet to get blessings and he is 6 ft 10 inches tall and very broad shoulder man because he is a farmerAnd do most of the job at farm by him so he is very strong and my husband is only 5ft 8inch and very slim and weak in body. When I looked at him I thought about my chichi saas how she is lucky to have such a immense man but I came in kitchen and I asked my chichi saas why no c***d is born to her and she said they never tried to find out and some medical treatment taken by her from local vaidya of the village but no result.My chichi is of the same height of me and slim but she is fair and breast is very small and saggy may be due to non fertilization of her uterus. In night she slept with us and was very happy and around 10 pm my chacha sasur called her name and I saw she was scared at that time. in village at that time most the people go to sleep and everything come to standstill and my chacha sasur called my chichi saas and she was scared and this thing made me restless and puzzled so after 10 minutesI silently gone out of the room and proceed towards the toilet which türkçe bahis was in the corner of a huge verandha and near the entrance of the house and on the way I saw another room in which very dim light was on and my chichi saas was saying something to chacha sasur and I went near the window and that was slightly open and I saw inside my chacha sasur was fucking my chichi saas and she was weeping and softly crying and asking my chacha sasur to leave her alone but he likeA giant fucked her so hard after ejaculation he stood and I saw his penis and shocked my god it was very long and thick almost a killer tool and my chacha sasur was in out of senses and his face looked like a giant and a black tilak at his forehead made him more horrific.I silently returned to the room and after 15 minutes my chichi saas came and found me awake so she asked why I am not sleeping and she was looking very weak and weepy and I said when I was returning from the toilet I saw everything and she broke in weep and told me my chacha Sasur is performing some kind of aghori rituals and consuming ganja and after that he fucks her mercilessly to get a c***d and he in that state is totally barbaric and does not care about her and she is weak and can’t take full length of his penis which really hurts her and but regularly 15 days in a month he does this ritualsRemaining 15 days he doesn’t fuck her but pray daily and perform tantra in house and I was very scared that how will I stay in this house when this ritual will go like this and I asked my chichi saas to send me to my father in laws house in next morning but she said don’t worry my chacha sasur is good man without ganja and he won’t harm anybody and next day same thing happened and this time suddenlyI got an idea how about to enjoy that big penis of chacha sasur and I went to see their fucking and this time in the room no light was there and in total perabet güvenilir mi dark nothing was visible may be my chichi saas has already told her husband something about last day so no light was there but cry of my chichi saas was there and I came in the room and after half an hour she returned back and slept and I was awoke and excited andI thought if next day without knowing by anybody if I sleep in that room so my chaha sasur will not recognize me and I will be able to enjoy that barbaric sex and I started planning to perform it and next day I went in the market and bought sedative pills and chemist was known to our family and he asked why I am asking these pills so I told him I forgot to bring from the city and doctor has prescribed this d**g for me when I get uncontrolled BP so he gave me ten tablets andI returned home and in evening when me and my chichi saas were having dinner I mixed two tablets in powder form in mango shake and she gulped all juice and my heart was beating very fast and my lower potion was not in my control and my panty was getting wet every moment and I saw the clock and it was 8 pm and after two hours I will be satisfying the hunger of my pussy which was not in control now.At 9 pm all set for sleep and my chichi saas slept like u*********s and I was ready now and my heart beat was all time high in my life and I kept watching my saas and k**s and all were in very deep sleep and around 10 pm chacha sasur called my chichi by her name and I silently watch her and she was in deep sleep and I immediately changed in one saree of my chichi saas and I came out and my god my legs were shaking badly andI tiptoed towards room and entered in the room and it was dark and just by idea I moved towards bed and my chaha sasur asked why I am not bolting the door and I bolted the door and then he starts recite some mantra and he hold my hand tipobet and laid me on the bed and and start sliding my sari upward for getting ready for fuck and made position without any foreplay and trying to guide his penis in between my legs and instantlyI felt his hot hard rod at my thighs and I moaned ahhhaa and he by touching his finger he found out the opening of my cunt and felt very wetness and he said nothing and kept reciting mantra and as the moment his tip of the penis touched my lips of pussy I started moaning seeeea and haaaai and he very slowly send his penis inside and I was feeling every bit of his penis and was sliding upward was and after filling full spaceInside me started pushing my internal wall and now pain started and still some length was remaining and when he forcefully inserted full penis I felt my fallopian tube is going to burst and I kept myself away from screaming in pain and now he started thrust with full force and every stroke was very heavy and painful and pleasure was immense and I spread my legs apart as max was possible and he kept pumping for full 10 minutes like a giant andI came almost everytime as he stroked my pussy and almost my urine also came out with such pressure fuck and finally when he offloaded his sperm inside me and he laid on me and I was feeling very suffocating than forcefully I managed myself relieve from his weight and ran outside and went in the bathroom and found I was shaking and bathed in mine own sweating and when I washed and finally I came in the room and feeling very relieved that my chacha sasur could not find out that he had fucked me not his wife in that night.Next morning my chichi woke up and was very upset for not participate in ritual fuck and I told her as she was in deep sleep but she went to her husband and got fucked but she was surprised that how it is possible she remember nothing and accomplished tantric fuck and I stayed there one more day and returned and till date I have not got my monthly periods and thinking that maybe I am pregnant and going to give birth to a chacha sasur k** as my husband use condom and I am confused what to do next?

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