Skippy is away


Skippy is awayHello all just wanted to share last nights experience with you. Some of you here in xhamster world know skippy has went to NC as he runs a disaster clean up company. While he was away I had a little fun with a co-worker that I enjoy on occasion. So Thursday afternoon he comes walking into my office an says hey what’s going on Friday night? I said nothing as you know skippy is still away. He says great I have an idea an will fill you in shortly. I say okay an he leaves . About a hour later Tim from another unit comes to my office an says I was just talking to Matt an he told me to come see you about Friday night he had an idea. I said Matt told you to come see me? He said yes. Now my brain starts to wonder what did they talk about. What did Matt say to him? Now Tim is kinda attractive but I know for sure he is married to quite an attractive blonde that works in radiology. So I said Tim what was Matt referring too when he said come see me about Friday night. He said that skippy was out of town an that the two off you were going for drinks an he had invited me but wanted to make sure you were okay with it. I said sure will your wife be joining us? He said no it’s a girls weekend down the beach. I said sure it will be fun. So yesterday comes an Matt emails me alsancak escort about 10:30 an says want us to meet you at the brew pub? I said sure I’ll be there about 8:30-9:00pm. I leave work early go home an do a few things around the house, call skippy, take a shower an head out. I arrive to find the two sitting at the bar on the short side with only 3 seats so I make my way over in my one piece black dress that shows ample cleveage an black strapped high heels. Matt greats me with a hug an little ass squeeze an I turn to Tim an he grabs me pulls me in an grabs two hand gulls of ass. He lets me go an I say hello gentlemen have we had a little much to drink? So I order a drink an the guys are drinking an I’m in the middle of them two as now they are talking to each other around me an I see them looking at my boobs. Matt leans in an says wow you look amazing. I say thank you as I fell his hand on my knee rubbing it softly. Matt says I told Tim we would be enjoying you this evening. I now feel Tims hand on my lower back rubbing down toward my ass. So now Matt is rubbing my thigh an Tim is rubbing my ass now I see why they chose this corner. So I allowed them to rub an caress me for a bit to make sure they were good an worked up. I lean over escort alsancak to Tim an say are you ready to leave? Without a second thought he looks at the bartender an says can we get the check. Stand up pull my dress back down an straighten it an say to Matt see you at my house.I get home before them an go an sit on the sofa an text Matt an say just walk in. I have a glass of wine when I hear them coming in the door? Matt says where are you beautiful an I say whatever asshole I’m in here. They turn into the sports room to find me sitting there cross leg. Matt walks right over an leans in an kisses me a grabs a handful of tits. I kissed him back as I moaned. I fell Tim sitting next to me as he puts his hands right between my thighs. I moan more as now they are groping me like a****ls. I could feel my pussy getting wet as my legs have become spread an my tits are pulled out of my dress. Thes fucking guys are horny. Matt has now started sucking on one of my tits an Tim is sucking on the other, biting an sucking. Tim has slid him hand under my dress to find soaking wet panties. Tim grabs my hand stands my up an rips yes rips my lace things right off my body. He bends me over in front of Matt who is pulling his cock out an lifts my dress to alsancak escort bayan find my tight asshole an dripping pussy. Matt grabs my head an pulls me onto he’s already rock hard cock while Tim kneels bend me an starts licking my pussy till I cum in his mouth didn’t take long. He stands up behind me an rubs this huge cock up an down my ass crack while I’m still giving Matt the blowjob of his life. Without any notice I feel my asshole spreading as Tim is going to fuck me in my tight ass with his thick cock. As the head goes into my ass Matt cums all in my mouth as I start to gag Tim pushes all the way in. I scream as he doesn’t budge. He smacks my ass an says how do you like us now you married slut! He pumps a few more times an says I want what I came here for! A man that’s deep in my ass isn’t happy? So I pull away an say what the fuck are you here for? I have always wanted to cum on your feet. Matt tells me you give an amazing for job. So I say oh in that case take my heels off an sit down. I take my feet an wrap them around this mans huge cock an start stroking it. His cock is bigger then Matts an much bigger then skippy’s. I stroke a few times an he says I’m going to cum so I stroke faster an this load of cum shoots out like I’ve never seen before. So fucking much an it shot all the way up to my tits. I lift up one an lick it clean. As I lay there covered in hot thick cum I see them both grabbing their clothes an start dressing. I say what going on, Tim says thank you but we should get going. They left me there feeling like a totally used whore.

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