Slave Ownership


Slave OwnershipOverview of slave ownershipOwning a slave can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but you will need to put some energy into training and taking care of your property to get the most out of it.Your slave must constantly be reminded of its place and must never be treated like a human being. Doing so will only confuse it and make the slave unsure of how to please you.The slave must understand that its sole purpose is to please its master(s). It must dedicate all of its energy to that purpose. And when it is not being used, it will do nothing, waiting for the privilege of serving its master(s).This User’s Guide will help you get the most enjoyment out of your slave.Breaking in your slaveThe transformation from human being to slave generally takes 48 to 72 hours, and you will need to handle your new property carefully during this period to ensure a smooth transition.The slave will need to be taught its place, and it will need to be corrected when it tries to act like a human. It’s best to keep your slave covered completely in leather or rubber so you are not tempted to see it as a human being.The first 24 hours are most important. For this period, you should keep it hooded, so it is not able to see anything in the human world, not even for a second. It will quickly understand that it is an object to be used.After 24 hours, you may choose to let it see when that is necessary to serve you.Here are some of the most important things you can do to break your slave in quickly and effectively. These are all described in more detail later in this manual.• sensory deprivation (hood + ear plugs)• edging (keeping slave on edge of orgasm without allowing it to cum)• sensory overload (heavy electro)• sexual service of all kinds (getting fucked, sucking, licking ass, etc)• complete immobilization when not being used• full-time audio mind programmingDoing all of the above for the first 48 to 72 hours will be the fastest way to eliminate any remaining traces of human being in your slave so that it will best serve you.At the end of 48 hours, you may want to allow the slave a rare opportunity to make a decision for itself. At that time, you can ask it whether it wants to continue training for another 12-24 hours. If it says yes, you must not give it another opportunity to terminate the heavy training for at least 12 hours (after which time, you may give it the same choice).Storing your slaveThere are only four reasons for your slave to be able to move around:1. to serve you2. to prepare itself to serve you (e.g. cleaning its hole out or other necessary hygiene)3. to be fed4. to relieve itself (and diapers may be used to reduce the need for bathroom trips, but only for piss)When none of the above are in progress, your slave must be stored covered in leather and/or rubber, completely immobilized, unable to move any part of its body, including (and especially) its head.The best container to keep your slave in is a leather bondage suit. For short periods of time, you may make the bondage suit extremely tight, but for long-term storage, it should be very snug but not overly tight.The bondage suit covers all parts of the body except for feet (which should be in leather or rubber boots) and head (which should be hooded).Once in its leather container, the slave should be placed on its back in a 3 foot by 6 foot cage, and all outer rings on the bondage suit should be attached to the bars of the cage.A head harness should be placed over the hood and securely attached to the bars behind the head. Headphones should then be placed over the harness and hood.The inner rings on the arms should be attached to the torso, and the inner rings on the legs should be attached to each other.The slave can be left in this position indefinitely, until one of the above four reasons for movement exists.If you are present and paying attention, you should always keep your slave gagged. If you are not present or are sleeping, the slave’s mouth must be left uncovered—or gagged loosely, so it could spit the gag out in case of emergency (and, of course, it would be punished for removing gag if there is no emergency).You are safe to leave the slave by itself in storage if you follow the above guidelines.Note that if you need to have your slave use a computer for any reason, it is best to immobilize it in a sitting-up position inside the cage, with its head strapped to the bars above and its hands positioned above the keyboard.Controlling your slave’s mindThe key to converting a human being into ataşehir escort a slave is to prevent its mind from functioning as it used to. There are many tools you can use to achieve this.Audio mind programmingThis is the most effective tool, especially when used for long periods without any break. It deprives the slave of the ability to form its own conscious thoughts, and it forces it to focus on its new existence as an object to be used by its masters.The basic procedure is to have the slave record words you choose in its own voice and then listen to them, through headphones over its hood, thousands of times.The following is the recommended basic “chant:”i am a slave.i belong to ________.________ is my Master.i exist to please my pleasure is unimportant.if i displease my master, i will be punished.if i please him, my reward will be his happiness.i will never question an order from my Master.i will be grateful for any opportunity to serve time belongs to my masteri will serve him at any time he orders me to for as long as he tells me tomy thoughts belong to my Masteri will never conceal my thoughts from himmy master controls every aspect of my life.he controls what i seehe controls what i hearhe controls what i sayhe controls what i eathe controls what i wearhe controls what i dohe controls my mindhe controls my bodyhe controls my souli am a slavei am a slaveBefore beginning the break-in period, you can have your slave provide a recording of this (e.g. on an ipod or iphone) for you to use.As needs arise, you may want to have the slave record other special-purpose chants, to help it learn important lessons. For example, if the slave resists when it is told to lick its masters asshole, you could have the slave record “I want to lick my master’s ass more than anything else in the world. All I want is to be able to lick my master’s ass” and listen to it for several hours.During the break-in period, audio or video mind programming should be in use 100% of the time. Doing so with absolutely no breaks for an extended period of time will be most effective.Video mind programmingWhile this is somewhat more advanced, using video as well as audio can be many times more effective.You can have your slave create video clips for it to be shown repeatedly, for example seeing itself being severely punished, with the words “this is what happens when slave is bad” on the screen (or anything else you can think of).It is important to deprive the slave of the ability to see anything other than the video itself. One way to do this is to modify a pair of video eyeglasses by removing the arms and attaching it to a martial arts mask, which can be blacked out with black duct tape and securely attached over a hood.Keep in mind that you, as the master, do not need to do any work to set up a video mind programming system. You can simply have your slave do it.Sensory deprivationUnlike human beings, slaves have no need for any senses other than those currently being used to please their masters.Anytime you do not need your slave to see, you should use leather or rubber to cover its eyes. Almost always, this will be a hood. But keep in mind that certain hoods, such as the puffy leather hood from Mr. S, still allow some vision through the mouth hole, so you will need to put a leather blindfold securely on the slave before putting the hood on.If you do not need your slave to hear normal conversational talking, you should keep earplugs in its ears. You can still yell commands at the slave and do audio mind programming (by turning up the headphones all the way), but the slave will not be able to hear anything else and probably will not know whether anyone is present if no one is touching it.And, of course, if you do not need your slave to use its sense of touch (either hands or elsewhere), it should be removed.Privacy deprivationSlaves have no right to their own thoughts, and they should not be permitted any secrets from their masters.For this reason, you may want to require that the slave give you access to anything it may consider private. (And, if you discover embarrassing things, you should flaunt them in front of slave to reinforce the idea that it no longer has any private thoughts.)You may also find that the slave is willing to tell you virtually anything when it is in prolonged immobilizing bondage, especially if it has been there for a long time.Orgasm denial and edgingSlaves are sexually driven creatures, and the hornier they are, ümraniye escort the better they will serve you.For this reason, it is important to deny your slave of orgasms during the break-in period. Frequently bringing the slave right to the point of cumming and then stopping before it ejaculates will keep it in an extremely subservient state.You will need to make it clear to the slave that it must alert you when it is close to orgasm, and if it does actually orgasm, extremely severe punishment is called for.Sexual use of your slaveIt goes without saying that your slave is to be used for your sexual pleasure at any time. During the break-in period, you should use it sexually frequently, so that it understands that it is always to be available for this purpose.Prior to heavy or prolonged fucking, you may want to ask the slave if it is clean, and, if not, order it to clean itself out (giving it just enough freedom to do so).If you plan to use the slave for cocksucking, keep in mind that the puffy leather hood is the only one with a large enough mouth hole. The other hoods don’t allow the mouth to open enough to avoid slave’s teeth touching your cock.The same is true for butt licking. You can experiment with hoods and positions to find the best one for having your ass eaten by the slave.If your slave ever offers any resistance to any sexual act, it must be immediately and severely punished.Training your slaveAs with dogs, slaves can be trained to please their masters in countless ways, but you will need to put in the time—and you will need to be consistent in the demands you place on the slave (and the punishments you inflict when it does not please you).Teaching your slave that it has no way outThe single most important lesson for the slave to learn during its break-in period is that it has no way out. For at least 48 hours, there is absolutely nothing the slave can say to end its training.If the slave is permitted to speak, it will probably say whatever it thinks will work to get you to end its training period early. It may say it feels sick or that it isn’t “into it” any more.To be an effective master, although it may be hard to do, you must not only ignore the slave’s begging, but you must punish it severely for asking to end its training.Teaching your slave to crave its Master’s pissNow that you own a slave, it should never be necessary for you to piss into a toilet again. With proper training, your slave will learn to love your piss and to take an unlimited amount of it.During early piss training, you should use only rubber gear on slave’s head and body, and the funnel piss gag will be an invaluable tool.Teaching your slave to endure long periods of sensory overloadHeavy electro, especially on slave’s ass (with an electric butt plug), balls (with an electric cock ring, and abs (with sticky pads) will be one of your main training tools.Your slave will struggle and try to escape or yell or scream, but it will learn that it is helpless and needs to endure what it is subjected to.Don’t worry if your slave makes a lot of noise or even cries, it will be able to take as much electro as you can give it. Just start slow and gradually increase it. You can take it VERY high.Pulling your slave back “into it” when it slips outTo get the most out of your slave, you want it always to be aroused. If its arousal ever fades (which is likely, especially after a long period of mind programming and immobilization), you may need to take action to get your slave aroused again.This may be as simple as stroking its dick, but you may need to use other gear that arouses it. And if all else fails, feed it Viagra and try again.Teaching your slave basic commandsSlaves are generally much easier to train than dogs. By the end of the break-in period, your slave should know a large number of basic commands, like cock (suck master’s cock), ass (lick master’s ass), feet (lick master’s feet), ready (get in position to be fucked), suit (put on bondage suit), sack (get in sleepsack), hood (put on hood), muzzle (put on muzzle), and punishment (go get paddle and get in position for punishment, with paddle in mouth).The slave should act on these commands within milliseconds. If there is any delay, deliver a strong electric shock to the slave’s balls as a reminder that it needs to be faster.Using your slave as a source of amusementRemember that your slave is not human, which means that it is perfectly fine to play with it in ways that would kadıköy escort be inappropriate with a human being.You can wrestle with a fully-geared slave, place it in embarrassing or painful situations, virtually anything you can think of.Showing your slave off in front of othersLike a car you are proud to own, your slave is an object that can be used to impress others.You can invite friends over to see the slave, and you can take the slave out with you. Walking around The Eagle on a Saturday night with your new fully geared slave would be a fun experience for you—and one that reinforces for the slave its nonhuman place in the world.A slave dressed as a gimp getting shocked randomly and repeatedly can provide hours of great entertainment for you and your friends.While using your slave at home, you may enjoy letting others watch online, using a site like Cam4. And, of course, you will want to take pictures and video to document your slave’s break-in period.Feeding and watering your slaveYour slave should be fed three times a day, and you can choose whatever food you think will keep it healthy and able to perform to your standards.You may find it amusing to watch your slave try to eat while wearing mitts and other heavy gear. Or you may just want to shove food in slave’s mouth to get it over with.Your slave requires a large amount of water, fairly frequently. Failing to keep your slave well watered is the most likely potential problem you will encounter in the break-in period.Emptying your slave’s bowel and bladderSince your slave drinks a lot of water, it pisses a lot.If you are going to leave the slave immobilized for a long period, you should plug its ass (using the supplied silicone butt plug) and diaper it. But even a large capacity diaper won’t hold the contents of a full slave bladder.The best course of action is to lead the slave to a toilet and order it to empty its bladder and bowels, then to clean its hole.Keeping your slave clean and ready for useThe only reason you will need to fully release your slave from bondage will be for it to shower itself. When you do this, be careful not to allow it to escape.For safety, you can keep a rubber hood on slave in the shower until its body is fully clean then remove it just long enough to wash its hair. You can also chain its ankles together (e.g. with handcuffs) if you are concerned it will try to escape.In the unlikely event your slave does try to escape, you can use the high-powered stun gun to subdue it.Forced exerciseTo stay healthy and strong, your slave requires daily exercise, which itself can be a source of entertainment for you and your friends.For example, you can put the slave in heavy bondage (rubber, if you plan to make it sweat a lot) with a remote shock collar on its balls, and order it to do 50 push ups or do wrestling drills (like staying in a low wrestling stance for a long period). The shock collar will remind it that it must do what it’s told, even if it doesn’t think it can.Punishing your slaveInevitably, especially during the break-in period, your slave will need some correction.The intensity of the punishment should depend on the seriousness of the office.Being a little slow in getting his mouth on your cock merits a quick shock.Saying he doesn’t want to be a slave any more leads to a long heavy ass beating.Appendix 1: Gear for slave training and storageBefore beginning its break-in period, your slave can show you how to use any of the training gear you are not familiar with.Appendix 2: ElectroAs with other gear, you can have your slave show you how the electro gear works.The two main units you will want to use are:(1) the ET-312 (box with a lot of knobs)— connects to butt plug and, optionally, cock ring or blue straps (or pinwheel).(2) the remote control shock collar, attached to ballsWith both of these, the recommended usage is to start at a low setting and then work your way up, making slave beg for more through his gag as you go.With the shock collar on the balls, start at level one and deliver a steady shock for at least 10 seconds. Then tell the slave you are going to level 2. Let the anticipation set in. Then give him 10 seconds or more at that level. Keep going all the way through level 7 (the highest).Additional units/accessories you can use:• hand crank generator attached to butt plug with bare wires. when turned quickly, this is many times more intense than the 312 or the shock collar.• new electrastim unit, which includes a “motion sensor” feature that shocks the slave when it moves.For hours of entertainment, you could use the electrastim’s motion sensor along with the 312’s audio input (with a lavalier mic clipped onto slave’s gag).When the slave moves, the electrastim will shock it, then the slave will scream into gag, and the audio will cause the 312 to deliver a shock, which will cause more movement, and so on.

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