Slave week Two


Slave week TwoMy boyfriend likes to show me off, and I like getting off on it, too. Soone day he told me that a couple of old friends were driving up from out oftown. He wanted to show me off, and I agreed of course. On the day that theywere to arrive, I dressed up especially for the occasion. I wanted to showoff my body. I wore a leotard with nothing underneath, and a mini-skirt overthat. My boyfriend told me I looked terrific. He especially liked mymini-skirt. It was so short that the bottom curves of my ass showed fromunderneath. It made me feel very sexy.So his friends arrived and we just took them around town, to all the recordstores. That night, we went out for dinner, and soon after, the fun began. Icould see that his friends kept taking peeks up my mini-skirt, and I letthem. I knew I could trust them, and anyway, my boyfriend wouldn’t let thentouch me. Nevertheless, I kept letting them get peeks. After dinner, tipobet365 güvenilirmi we wentback to my boyfriend’s to watch a movie that we had rented. Well, I reallywasn’t in the mood to watch a movie so I told my boyfriend that I didn’t wantto sit through it. Well I guess he was feeling a little horny, because that’swhen he decided to pull out his handcuffs on me. He immediately had my handssecured behind my back.He then told his friends that he was going to havesome fun with me and that he wanted them to watch, and maybe join in if hefelt like really punishing me. He pulled me over his lap, so that my ass wassticking up in the air, brushed my mini-skirt aside, and started spanking meat a brisk pace. I started yelling at him to stop, even though I wasthoroughly enjoying it. When I continued to yell, he went to his room for amoment, and came back out with a ball gag. He had never used one on mebefore, tipobet365 yeni giriş He said that he was saving it for a special occasion, and this was asgood a time as any. He secured it so I could no longer talk at all. Then hepulled me over his lap again, and continued with his spanking. After hethought I had had enough, he stopped. His friends just watched us. Theyseemed hypnotized by the little show he had given them. I was getting hot.He then had me stand up. He told his friends that he was going to give thema guided tour of my body. I was in no position to refuse, so I just stoodthere, gagged, and my hands restrained. He started rubbing my thighs and ass.I couldn’t help but moan, because it just felt so good. Then he came upbehind me and started rubbing on my now swelling breasts. I could hardlystand up as he did that. His friends were getting really horny from watchingthis and he tipobet365 güvenilirmi said he’d let me relieve them. He forced me to my knees, and hadeach of his friends come up to me, stripped from the waist down. he then hadme give them blowjobs. He took of the gag and told me to start. I was sohorny that I honored his command immediately. After they had a wonderful timecumming in my pretty little mouth, my boyfriend removed my handcuffs and toldme to undress completely. I took off everything and put them aside. Herefastened the cuffs. He then started shamelessly shoving his fingers in andout of my pussy and asshole. I felt weak in the knees so he lead me and hisfriends to his bedroom and tied my hands an feet to the bed posts, legs spread,my body hot and wet. They all undressed and began to have their way with me.I came that night… sixteen times. It was truly rewarding. After that, myboyfriend invited two female friends over, and we did watch the movie, allsix of us naked, and constantly feeling each other off. Later that night, myboyfriend took me home, he said that I had made him very proud, and kissed mepassionately.And thus was the end of another day of being my boyfriend’s total andcomplete sexual slave.

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