‘Slave Wife Gets the Cane’


‘Slave Wife Gets the Cane’We are both naked & on the covers of the bed next to each other. I have my left arm under her head & I am gripping the wrist of her left hand with mine such that she is powerless to resist what I am doing to her. The thing is though is that she wants to be powerless as it arouses her – arouses her intensely.I stretch out my right hand & grip her erect nipple between my fore-finger & thumb. I squeeze hard & she gasps out & recoils. I then move my hand to her left nipple, grip it & squeeze even harder. She lets out a little yelp. I smile – evilly.I then allow my right hand to travel down to her crutch. I slip my fingers into her cunt. It is damp but I want her damper, soaking.‘Turn over onto your front,’ I command her.She likes relinquishing control as it turns her on.She shifts over onto her elbows with her head dipped into the pillow in a position of submission which makes me feel a little more powerful; a little more sadistic; a little more horny.I grab hold of her right arm from under her with my left arm & with my free hand I rake my nails hard down the lightly freckled flesh of elegantly curved back. She screeches out & twists but I manage to hold her in her position. I then place my türbanlı ardahan escort heavy & muscled legs over hers to prevent further attempts at resisting me. I run my nails again down her back which leave scarlet tracks. She again screeches out but louder. I then smack alternately smack each of her buttocks with the palm of my hand. She yells out & struggles to escape. But it is in vain – I am too strong. I smack her & smack her & smack her. She writhes & cries with the stinging impacts. I then scratch her reddened back with my nails again. At this point I feel she is ready.‘On your back, now,’ I order her.She complies.I pull her bare arms behind her head, her rich chestnut coloured hair flowing across the pillows, & hand cuff them to the headboard.Briefly I observe her naked body stretched out with her tits & nipples thrust out, her shaved mound raised – yummy.I put my lips to hers & slip my tongue into her mouth. I then pull my face a little way away & tell her that I love her. She tells me that she loves me back – very much. I extend my right hand to her cunt which is now soaking & my left hand to her left engorged nipple which I begin to knead gently türbanlı ardahan escort bayan – gently-ish.I put my mouth to her right ear & begin to whisper:‘You are my slave wife & the whole reason of your existence is to serve me & make me happy. You have no other purpose-‘I commence to rub her clit slowly.‘When I get up in the morning you prepare my breakfast, make my sandwiches, wash me & dress me. & when I have gone to work only then are you allowed to eat & shower yourself with cold water. & the reason you are only allowed to cleanse yourself with cold water is because hot water is more expensive & you know you are not worth the extra expense-‘She starts to groan & I see that her eyes are now half closed as she begins to immerse herself in the fantasy I am weaving for her. I continue.‘& when you shower you have strict instructions to shave your cunt & under your arms as you know how I abhor body hair. & you remember, how could you forget, the time recently when you were less than meticulous & during my inspection bristles were discovered & you were then made to bend over for a very hard & stinging whack of the leather paddle for your oversight-‘Her breathing türbanlı escort ardahan becomes deeper.‘& once you have showered & dried it is time for you to go shopping & put on your overcoat & sandals which are the only clothes you are allowed to wear – at home there is no need for you to wear or own clothing. & when you have put on your overcoat & sandals, which you wear whatever the weather, you walk to the shop with your head lowered & are not allowed to converse with anyone except to do with your tasks-‘I am pressing harder down upon her clit & rubbing it quicker now.‘When you return from the shops you immediately remove all of your clothes before starting upon your jobs: washing-up, washing, ironing, cleaning & scrubbing et cetera. You are also aware that you must be ready to satisfy me at a moment’s notice should I come home suddenly & wish to fuck you up the arse or cunt or need you to suck my cock. Naturally, your own needs are of no consequence to me. You exist purely to serve me-‘My middle finger is dripping with her juices.‘& then you remember the time when I came home & ran my finger along the window sill only to find dust & when I confronted you over it you went red with the embarrassment of being found to be wanting in your duties. & then I had told you that you would have to be punished: ten very hard strokes of the cane across your bare buttocks. Ashamed, you had requested two extra strokes-‘She arches her back accompanied by repeated stuttering gasps & I massage her clit & cunt furiously. & then she slumps back onto the mattress before laughing……

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