Subject: Chapter 3 – Sleeping Dad This series is a work of fiction involving a Dad and his son engaging in sexual activity. Please turn back now if that hurts your sensibilities. If you like what you read please send a message/feedback/suggestion ail Also, please consider donating to fty to keep this site and stories like mine going. ————————————————————————- From the previous chapter… Matty was rock hard at the thought that slipped through his mind. He wanted to smell it. He wanted to taste it. He licked his lip. Matty bent down, inches from his father’s chest, barely breathing. His pink tongue darted out…. Matty licked his lips in anticipation. He bent forward over Steve’s chest and took a long sff. His Dad’s body was wet in sweat from the sex before, mixed with myriad other fragrances, from the girl that surely was on top of him, alcohol, cigar smoke, his natural musk, body wash and cum. Matty was just high on it. It was just him and his Dad in that moment. Matty took another whiff and reveled in it. It was like crack for him. Then very gingerly, he stuck his tongue out and licked the top of his glisteng pool on his Dad’s chest. The taste electrified him. It was even more pungent and sharp than that finger down his Dad’s butt crack. The sality hit him first, then there was a soft sweetness to it. then came some acid from the sweat and alcohol. “Someone should ferment cum and see what alcohol can be produced”, Matty thought to himself distracted. He would have bottled this man juice himself if he could. Matty straightened up. A million thoughts runng through his mind muddling his mind further. He was shocked at his daring. Things had gone from a 0 to a 100 in a matter of minutes. He has done things he had barely imagined, let alone fantasized. It felt wrong and he felt guilty. But at the same time, in a complete paradox, it felt right and comfortable. As if there was no one else he would have tried this with or been so turned on by. He needed some deep introspection. But that was for later. Matty shook his head. “I might not get another chance” He thought to himself. He just wanted to push himself to see where this ght would go and what he wouldn’t dare to do toght. So Matty bent again and stretching escort kocaeli his tongue out as much as he could he ran it over his father’s chest all the way from the chest and straight down to his belly button. He paused to look at Steve, to see if he shifted. But Steve seemed to be blissfully unaware, still deep in whatever dreamworld he was in. Matty returned his focus to cleang up his Dad. He stuck his hungry tongue in his Dad’s belly button which had collected a shallow pool of the cum and sweat. Matty dipped into it with fervor and lapped it all up. He swirled his tongue round and round his belly button which seemed to taste extra pungent and musky. Matty had a habit of swirling a finger in his own belly button and smelling it. It was a quirk he had developed since a young age and he liked the funky smell of it. Now here he was cleang up his maker’s belly button. It was an ine he thought to himself bemused. Matty himself was a outie and for a split second he was jealous of his Dad’s navel having the ability to collect his juice. Before he knew it, Matty had cleaned up all the cum and sweat on Steve’s chest, belly and hip. As Matty stood there bent double by his Dad’s navel, only then did he even realize how close he was to his father’s crotch. As much as Matty had noticed dicks and liked to play with his own, he had never had a craving to suck one. So he caught himself by surprise wanting to taste the source of the protein and nectar he had been addicted to this far. For the first time he noticed his father’s crotch had gone from a slight bulge from earlier to a semi-rigidity causing his dick to slip out from the top of the elastic band. It peeked out, less than half an inch. Matty gulped and wet his lips again. His own dick was raging hard and drooling like a swollen river in a rainstorm. The inside of his short was already wet again. His cock was pulsing and twitching as if with a dirty mind of its own. Matty got real close to the waistband and his father’s dick. Steve was uncut, just like him. They were Catholics but not religious. Thanks to that he wasn’t circumcised. Matty remembered how as a boy his Dad had shown him how to clean his foreskin and maintain good hygiene. That had never been sexual. Purely educational. Infact he barely kocaeli anal yapan escort even remembered the episode except the lesson of hygiene. So he was even more intrigued at how much he wanted to taste that foreskin and see how good a job his own dad did with it. Matty stuck out a tentative wet tongue and gently licked the top of his Dad’s dick. It was mostly foreskin, with a little bit of pink head showing. Beautiful pink fat skin was crumpled up atop Steve’s dick with just the top of his dark pink pisshole showing. But that piss slit was still wet and slick with the result the folds of his foreskin was replete with Steve’s tasty juices. Matty wrapped his lip around the half inch of foreskin and let his tongue do the extraction of its precious dew. With just the tips of his lip he careful swiped as much essence as he could from his Dad’d semi hard cock. His eyes were closed and he was in heaven. Then several things happened. His Dad’s dick pulsed and a volume of clear precum oozed out straight into Matty’s hungry mouth. At that, Matty’s own young dick burst, no longer able to sustain the heat of the moment in a voluminous tirade of thick spurts of cum in his shorts. At the same time, even as he kept shooting ropes of cum without touching himself, his Dad groaned “Ughhh Sueeee. fuuuuuuuck.” Matty jolted away from his Dad and stood up straight trying to adjust his dick and cup the leaking so it didn’t pool where he stood. Matty stood shell shocked. Was his Dad aware of what was happeng? He stood there silent. Steve reached into his underwear and re-adjusted his dick. Then stirred trying to open his eyes. “Ugh, S-sue? Matt?” He was thoroughly confused. “Dad, its me” Matt said finally. “Its ok, I’m just checking on you”. With that Matt picked up the sheet he had discarded and fanned it over his dad like a fisherman throwing a net. Steve snuggled into the cool sheet immediately. “Ummm M-Matty. thanks son”. And with that Steve stretched his hand out as if to grasp him, then let it fall like he didn’t have the strength to hold his arm up and went back into another peaceable deep sleep. Matt held his Father’s strong hand and grasped it around his thumb. He lifted it up to his lip and kissed it. “sleep izmit yabancı escort well dad. Love you” he said softly then folded his Dad’s hand over the sheet and stepped back. “That was close”, Matty thought. He felt an odd sensation of deprivation and disappointment. He wanted to get right back under the covers and taste more of that saline sweet cock juice, his fathers essence but he dared not now. Wiser counsels seemed to prevail. Matty decided it was enough for toght. Savoring the taste of the remnants of his father’s sperm, Matty turned to leave the room and back into the comfort of his own bed when his foot slipped on something. He caught himself so he didn’t fall and create a ruckus. Matty bent down and picked up the culprit. It was a condom. Matty immediately starting getting hard again. This must be the condom that Steve must have fucked Sue with. Matty’s mouth was tingling like there was a juggernaut attraction between the two. The condom was an XL size and seemed to be knotted loosely at the top. Matt remembered something his soccer bud AJ had once shared with him. They were joshing with each other in the locker room and somehow the topic had shifted to the best means of masturbation and getting rid of the evidence. Matty preferred a sock or old underwear. AJ liked to jack off into a condom and then tie it up at the top so it wouldn’t cause a mess. then safely discard it in the morng. His Dad seemed to be a proponent of this philosophy too. He rarely ventured in his Dad’s room so had never come upon any condoms there before. Matty held up the condom. It seemed to be mostly air it sloshed slightly in the bottom Matty got excited again. He quietly stepped out of his Dad’s room with his prize and closed the door behind him. Once Matty was on his bed, he looked at his prize again and with trembling hands undid the badly and drunkenly done knot. He first took a deep whiff of its contents and got transported to the moment when his lips were around his dad’s foreskin again. He was erect again, his cock was sore from already cumming twice without touching himself. Then he opened the neck wider and stuck his tongue in it trying to reach the bottom and seek its delicious prize like a questing probe. It hit pay dirt. ————————————————————————- Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone. I still love hearing from you on what works and what didn’t. I try to respond to everyone so please continue writing to me. Chapter 4 will build on the relationship but will ramp up even more.

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