Sleepwalker: The Sexual Awakening of Kate N., P4


Sleepwalker: The Sexual Awakening of Kate N., P4Consumation With KateKate bit her lip and nodded profusely. I took her by both hands and helped her up off the bathroom floor. I kissed her again and we both began looking around the bathroom trying to figure out how where to land.”How should we do this?” Kate said, in her cute funny voice.”Why don’t I sit down and you can ride me.””On the toilet?”We both laughed nervously and I gestured “We don’t have much choice.”I went over to the toilet and sat down atop the closed seat. It was shockingly cool beneath my buttocks, which I just now realized were red hot. My whole body was in a state of flushed, feverish sexual excitement. I put my feet directly in front of me, parallel to each other. My cock jutted out into the air, begging for more attention.Kate came over and I took her hand. She pressed her left leg against my right leg and then swung her right leg over me. Right in front of me was Kate’s pussy. I hadn’t seen it head-on yet. She had a perfectly adorable little slit hidden behind a landing strip of black pubic hair. It was glistening wet and pungent with that distinct odor of coitus.As she went to sit down, she grabbed my stiff penis — still wet with her saliva and some pre-cum — and guided it into that pussy. The tip of my cock poised there for a second then, as my darling Kate let her weight go and settled into my lap, my cock slid straight up into her all the way to the base. She gasped in my face. “Oh fuck,” she said.I reached down and took one of her ass cheeks in each hand. She began to grind her hips into me and I could feel the tightness of her vagina squeezing at my cock. I rested my forehead against hers and we fucked. Kate’s small breasts brushed against my chest. I arched my back so our nipples would touch. Kate loved that. She made eye contact with a sweet, cross-eyed smile and pushed her chest forward. Our nipples kissed over and over while my cock filled her up so good. I really wasn’t going to last long.I looked at Kate’s face. Her eyes were closed and her nose was alsancak escort crinkled up and her teeth were bared as she continued to grind her hips into mine and take in the sensory pleasure of a long, stiff, pulsating cock filling up her pussy. She was so warm and wet and tight. Everything I’d imagined her to be. Yes, this was not going to last much longer. My body had a need — a natural, instinctive need — to fill this young woman with my semen. (If you’re wondering why I wasn’t worried about getting her pregnant, it’s because I’d had a vasectomy several years earlier. I paused for a moment to wonder why Kate wasn’t more worried about getting impregnated by her mom’s best friend’s husband. But, in the end, it didn’t matter.)Kate whined and shifted her weight forward so her upper chest was pressed against my face. She was perspiring quite a bit and I breathed in the scent of her sweat and licked at the salty wetness. She put her mouth right to my ear; I could feel her breath, heavy and loud.”Fuck me, Uncle Dave,” she said. “Fuck me.”And that pretty much sealed the deal. Well, that and the fact that Kate put the balls of her feet on the bathroom floor — one to each side of the toilet on which we were fucking — and started bouncing up and down mercilessly on my cock. Her ass cheeks began hitting my upper thighs with fairly loud slaps. “Oh Kate, I’m gonna come,” I whispered, praying that Ewa or my wife wasn’t crouched outside the bathroom door listening.Kate didn’t say anything. She just started fucking me even harder, raising her pelvis as high off my cock as she could get without losing it and then slamming back down so her wet vaginal walls slid against the veiny sides of my shaft and my cock head slammed into the back of her pussy.”Oh God, Kate,” I moaned pathetically. And then the orgasm hit and my dick exploded. A huge jet of cum spurted forth and Kate’s already wet, warm pussy got even hotter and wetter. I gritted my teeth and did everything in my power not to cry out. The strangest sort of guttural, escort alsancak throaty gasp emanated from me. I spurted again inside Kate. She was exhaling hard just next to my ear, still grinding but slowing down. There was a brief pause, maybe a second, and then my lower body spasmed and another burst of semen further flooded young Kate N.’s well-fucked womb. “Can you feel my cum?” I whispered to my new lover.”Yes, oh yes,” she replied. I started thrusting hard upward. It didn’t matter now. I was already cumming. The immense pleasure of the orgasm was still ringing throughout my dick and I wanted to enjoy every possible second before the inevitable fall. Another spurt gushed forth. I could feel my own cum drenching the sides of my cock inside of Kate. And then…I hit bottom. If orgasm is jumping off the side of a cliff, I’d hit the sand below. Exhaustion and worry began to flood over me. My cock suddenly became oversensitive and I had to stop thrusting. Kate sensed it too and she slumped her whole body against me. I pulled her against me as the orgasm subsided. Her sweaty skin pressed against mine and her breasts pushed hard into my chest. Oh, Kate, I want to hold you forever.The AftermathI turned my head a little and buried my face in her right underarm. Her scent was strong and scratchy and dank in my nose. She leaned back and flung her arms back, running her fingers through her hair. Her underarm was exposed to me and I ran my mouth across it, licking. So much for exhaustion and worry. Kate squealed and giggled and flinched. I pulled away and smiled up at her. My cock was softening inside of her. There was going to be a mess when she pulled off me.Kate put both of her hands on my chest and pushed. “We should stop,” she said.She put all her weight on her right foot and lifted her body off of me. My dick slid from her pussy and lolled to one side, still drooling semen. Kate stood up in front of me, naked and well-fucked. She looked down between her pussy and put her left hand to her crotch.”Ohhhh,” alsancak escort bayan she said.I watched in silent delight as a huge glob of my cum fell from her open pussy lips into her hand. She went to the sink next to me and rinsed it off. Thinking on my feet, I tore several squares of toilet paper from the roll, wadded them up and handed it to her. “Thanks,” she said, dabbing and then rubbing the TP against her pussy.I stood up and got close to her and put my right hand on Kate’s ass. “Can I have a last kiss?”A flicker of a smile crossed her face. She turned her head and quickly pressed her lips against mine then turned away and continued wiping my seed from her vagina and pubis. I reluctantly let go of her ass and stepped toward the door to retrieve my boxers. My dick was still leaking cum so I put on the boxers to block the flow. Then I picked up Kate’s white night shirt and brought it to her. She tossed the wet mass of TP in the garbage. It was soaked with Kate’s juices and my cum.She took the nightshirt from me and put it on. Her nakedness disappeared and she became young Kate again. I felt sad and very tired and strangely ashamed of the old, hairy body that Kate had just been riding. I also began to feel the creeping terror of worrying whether Kate would ever tell her mom or anyone else about what just happened. “Can you go?” she asked, rather coldly. “I have to pee.” She was going to try to piss the rest of my load out of her.”Sure,” I said. And then, lamely, “Are you okay?”She nodded her head slightly and quickly. Kate had an odd look in her eye — part panic, part “get the fuck away from me.”Then, stupidly, I asked, “Were you really sleepwalking?”Kate rolled her eyes and basically laughed at me. “Uncle Dave, I have to go,” she replied, gesturing to the toilet. “One more kiss?””Oh my God, go!” Kate said laughing again at me and pushed me toward the door. I smiled and put my hands up in a gesture of “OK, OK.” Then I turned and very slowly and quietly opened the bathroom door, slipped over the threshold back out into the bedroom and closed the door behind me.THE END© 2018 Davi RochaAll rights reserved.All the characters, locations and events in preceding story are fictional. Any resemblance to actual people, places or events is coincidental. Readers should presume all characters are of legal, consenting age.

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