Sleepwalker: The Sexual Awakening of Kate N., Part


Sleepwalker: The Sexual Awakening of Kate N., PartThis is a story of a young woman’s sexual awakening at the hands and cock of an older man — me. of, well, me. I’m an older man. I’m almost 50, with a still somewhat athletic build, hairy chest and body, and a decent-sized cock of about eight inches long rooted in a mass of wiry brown pubic hair. The young woman I’m about to tell you about is Kate N.. I’ve known her for a very long time. Let’s just leave it at that. Kate was adopted as an infant from China by her mom, Ewa, and her adoptive father who Ewa eventually divorced.If you want a visual reference for Kate, look up pictures of the actress Lucy Liu when she was much younger. The similarity is striking. Kate has the long silky sheets of black hair on either side of her face. The slim eyes with a bit of a cross-eyed look. The cute button nose and mischievous smile. I’ll describe her body below.Ewa is a former co-worker and long-time friend of my wife’s. She’s a skinny Polish woman with short hair, small breasts and striking cheekbones. Ewa has a very natural and open sexuality about her. My wife and I had had three-ways with Ewa in the past. Her eventually-ex husband was terrible in bed and my wife was very much bisexual. I’d always been “true” to my wife in the sense that, at the time of this story at least, Ewa and I had never fucked on the side. I knew we’d be fantastic together in bed. We’re both fire signs — she’s an Aries and I’m a Sagittarius, so it would be passionate and intense no doubt. Oh yes, it would be.These three-ways would happen only sporadically because, afterward, Ewa’s Catholic guilt would kick in and she’d swear we couldn’t do it again — at least, that is, until my horny wife seduced her again with Lambrusco or sangria and soft hands. Then I’d get to lick Ewa’s very small, sensitive breasts and kiss her gently on the mouth while my wife brought her to orgasm by fingering her and flicking a wet tongue across Ewa’s very prominent clitoris. My wife controlled the three-ways with great strictness and wouldn’t let me do much else. But that’s a story for another day. Inside the CabinAt the time this story occurred, my sweet Asian darling Kate was a community college student who was still trying to become a professional ballerina. She was surprisingly tall given her ethnic background and rail thin. Kate and Ewa, along with my wife and daughter and me, had decided to travel together to a nearby state park and spend the pendik escort weekend in a small rented cabin in the woods.The cabin was laid out like a suite. There was a master bedroom with a king-sized bed, couch and fireplace, and an adjacent smaller bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a comfy chair. Right between them, accessible through a door, was a deep, narrow bathroom with a sink, toilet and shower stall at the back.The plan was for Kate and our daughter (also college aged) to share the queen bed in the other room while my wife, Ewa and I would share the master. We joked with the girls that I, of course, would be sleeping on the couch and the two moms would take either side of the king-sized bed.But, given our history, I was expecting that my wife and Ewa and I would spend some quality naked time on that big bed. We would bring Ewa to a “clenched teeth” orgasm (can’t let the k**s hear!) and then I would let my wife use my stiff cock to masturbate her clit to an orgasm herself while I stole glances into Ewa’s seductive eyes and stroked her arms and legs. Last, my wife would suck me off while Ewa got ready for bed and made funny sarcastic comments about my “O” face. “Hurry up, Dave!” she would joke in her still-strong Polish accent But none of that was meant to be. My wife and Ewa got into a catty argument at dinner and didn’t say a word to each other on the ride home. Ewa could be very cutting with her words and my wife could never appreciate criticism of her hairstyle.So, when we got back to the cabin, Kate and my daughter retired to their room and I let Ewa and my wife take turns in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Ewa took the far side of the king, rolled away from us facing the wall and dozed off. My wife plopped down in a huff on the other side of the bed and pretended to read a book. I got ready for bed myself and changed into plaid cotton boxers and a t-shirt. I laid down on the couch with an old quilt and waited for sleep.Ghost in the RoomMy next conscious memory was awakening suddenly in that pitch-black room feeling way overheated from the damn quilt. I stripped off my shirt so I was only wearing the boxers. Ewa was breathing heavily as she slept and my wife was snoring somewhat more loudly. When my eyes adjusted, I saw something — or should I say someone — else. It was Kate, standing in the doorway of our room wearing nothing but a long white nightshirt that fell to just above her knees.I lay frozen for about 10 escort pendik or 20 seconds, expecting Kate to say something to her mom or maybe go over to Ewa’s side of the bed and shake her awake. But Kate just stood there still as a statue for a while then began mumbling something. “Kate, are you okay?” I finally whispered.She didn’t reply but mumbled something unintelligible a little more loudly. She lifted her left foot and used it to scratch an apparent itch on the inside of her right ankle. Then she went back to just standing straight and still.I decided to investigate more closely. I flung off the quilt and stood up. Again, I was bare-chested and wearing nothing but the boxers. I took several steps closer until I was about a foot away from this sexy young Asian beauty. Yes, I’d always known Kate was going to grow into a beautiful Chinese woman and whomever she chose as a lover would be so lucky to be grated access to her statuesque beauty and succulent mouth and pussy. ”Kate, are you okay?” I whispered again.She said something that sounded like, “Yes yes yes mum mum mum.” I was close enough now and my eyes adjusted enough to see that her eyes were open just a tiny bit and only the whites of her eyes were visible. Her lips were moving slightly.And that’s when I realized it: She was sleepwalking.My mind reeled at the possibilities. I could strip her naked and examine her whole body. I could give her a gentle kiss on the lips as I’d always wanted to. I could spread her asscheeks and get a long look at her puckered anus. But no, that would be wrong. Plus, what would I do if she woke up find herself totally nude and me kneeling behind her with a hand clutching each of her ass cheeks and my face pressed into her asscrack?No, the right thing to do is to take very young Kate N. by the hand gently and lead her back to bed. I took a moment to look at her again. So beautiful. Then I reached out and grabbed her right hand and tried to turn her around back toward the doorway from whence she came.The KissBut instead of following my lead, Kate squeezed my hand and leaned her face into mine. In the dark room, I was closer to her than I thought. Her nose touched mine and I flinched back. Kate started mumbling the nonsense words and I could feel her breath on my face. Oh, I couldn’t resist. I leaned into her and pressed my lips against hers, still clutching her hand like I was her high school sweetheart. Kate’s lips were so soft and I flicked my tongue pendik escort bayan forward just enough to feel hers. My cock started to harden in my boxers. Then I pulled back and waited, terrified. In my mind, I saw Kate suddenly waking up and ripping her hand away from mine. She’d scream and slap my face and push me away. Ewa would awaken herself and see this half naked older man standing in front of her daughter with his cock bulging from his boxers. There would be a terrible fight and the two of them would leave to drive home in the middle of the night. I would be humiliated and disgraced in front of my daughter and my wife would start talking about divorce again. But she didn’t wake up. In fact, Kate had a slight smile on her face and, instead of mumbling nonsense words, she was now singing them in the cutest, most alluring sing-songy voice. I stood close to her listening for a few seconds, then I had to do it again. I leaned in and kissed Kate N., this time longer. And, to my delight, she kissed me back. Kate pressed her lips into mine and I could feel the vibration of her continuing to sing. She clenched my hand harder and I squeezed back. I had to take it a step further. I had to see where this could lead. With my lips still pressed to hers, I put my right hand on Kate’s left hip. I felt the soft cloth of her nightshirt. Our lips started moving together more now, my cock was almost fully engorged and about to peek through the slit of my boxers.Making out with my beautiful young Kate! A dream come true! I clenched at the fabric of her nightshirt and pulled it up. I kept raising my arm until I was sure that her ass and pussy were exposed. Then I let go and, before the fabric could drop over her smooth youthful flesh, I slipped my hand over her hip and grabbed her right asscheek. Kate breathed in sharply and pulled her lips away. Oh shit. I’d done it. She was awake and the dream was over — along with a friendship and possibly a marriage. But, no, Kate’s eyes fluttered and she mumbled something like, “I wanna wanna wanna…” and she leaned in and kissed me harder, driving her soft, strong tongue into mine. I took a good handful of her left butt cheek and massaged the small, firm pillow. She squeaked like a mouse and pulled her lips away from mine again, breathing hard in my face. Then, with her hand still holding mine, she turned and led me into the bathroom.Part II coming soon (if it’s not up already)!© 2018 Davi RochaAll rights reserved.All the characters, locations and events in preceding story are fictional. Any resemblance to actual people, places or events is coincidental. Readers should presume all characters are of legal, consenting age.

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