Slippery Slope

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She had been in a weird mood all day. She was ovulating, meaning she felt swollen, achy and incredibly aroused. She had woken up this morning, cuddled up to his chest, with his arm placed around her shoulders. It was the best feeling in the world, and she savored it for several minutes. As he awoke, he planted kiss on her forehead. Perfection.

Then she started to feel the aching coming from her ovaries. She tried to massage them with her fingers, but these attempts were not very successful. Around the time she sat down to eat lunch was when the ache started to escalate. She put her head down on the kitchen table and moaned lightly.

This piqued his attention, he called over from the sofa, asking if she was okay. She lifted her head slightly, met his eye line, an responded in the negative. He got up and walked over to the table to stand beside her. He rested a hand on her shoulder, and gazed down at her. He could tell by how her arms were wrapped around her stomach what was wrong.

Come here honey, he urged her gently. She leaned against his torso in response. He started to pat her hair and once again placed a kiss on her forehead. She couldn’t help but smile at this. With a sudden spark of idea, he beckoned her to stand up and guided her upstairs by the hand.

His idea was for them to take a warm shower together. While she didn’t she how this illegal bahis could help the aching, it could relieve the passing arousal she had felt all morning, coming in waves and sneaking up on her the most unexpected ways.

In the bathroom, they both undressed and left their clothes hanging on the empty towel rack. He opened the glass shower door for her, and she walked in ahead of him with the water already running. Once in the shower together, she leaned into to kiss him sweetly on the lips. He did not reciprocate the kiss, instead he turned his head to the side and whispered in her ear that this was a business shower, not a pleasure shower.

She laughed at this but also couldn’t help but feel a bit of frustration bubble up. It was really cruel of him to tease her like this, especially in her current state.

She turned away from him coyly in response, so that her back was facing him. He took this opportunity to loop his arms around her waist and carefully draw her back so it was resting against his chest. She sighed in response to his touch.

Once she was steadied, he lowered his fingertips so they were resting at the level of her bellybutton, and on either side of it. He began to massage his fingers into her stomach, towards her swollen ovaries. She let out a gasp of relief. He leaned down so his lips were in her ear and said, how’s that honey.

She illegal bahis siteleri nodded back vigorously as he continued to massage her. This massage was so surprising and blissful, and after a few minutes he had managed to elevate the nagging ache she had been feeling. But there was still one sensation left that had only been heightened.

She craned her head upwards and gushed her thanks. Wiggling deftly, she turned around to face him and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him intensely. She explored his mouth with her tongue and savored the feeling of their lips together in the steamy air. He was smiling with pride as they broke away.

She reciprocated this smile, but she could not linger on this moment for too long. Her body would not let her. Her mind refused to dwell on her gratefulness for his emotional acuity, how he intuitively knew how to relieve her discomfort. Instead she was focusing on her strong desire to be fucked by him.

In his wisdom, he also knew how voraciously she wanted him in that moment. He decided against teasing much further, he knew how to bring her to climax swiftly.

Turning her around once more, her wrapped his arms around her, one hand resting on her left breast, and the other resting on her stomach. In preparation, she moaned loudly. He couldn’t help but tweak her nipple during the moan, canlı bahis siteleri causing her to flinch.

In her urgency, she bent over slightly at the waist and rested her palms against the walls of the shower stall. He took this cue to place his hands on her butt cheeks and spread them apart. He spend several seconds savoring this sight and teasing her. She trust her hips back towards him impatiently.

With this motion, he guided himself abruptly into her and immediately started rapidly thrusting himself in and out of her. She responded quickly by moving her hips, adjusting their angle to a slightly steeper one. She found an angle that she knew could bring her to a steady and intense orgasm.

She settled in and waited for his thrusts to bring her to a climax. She knew he was building up to the same place as her, and she wondered if he would be able to last long enough.

She could feel his finger tips digging into her hips and his breaths come out more heavily than before. She looked over her shoulder to see his reddened face, straining with the effort of fucking her. Upon seeing her face, his mouth opened in a small “O” shape and his eyes shut.

Witnessing his orgasm so closely sent her over the edge. The waves of pleasure irradiated out from the pit of her stomach and forced her to brace herself firmly against the wall.

They rested in that position for a few seconds, before pulling away from each other slowly. She turned around and wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest. They both drew in a deep breath together and leaned into their bliss.

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