Smith Family Perversions #2

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Big Dick

Smith Family Perversions #2As soon as Mr Smith’s cock popped from Timmy’s gaped ass his cum began to ooze from the abused hole. Sarah and Sasha both dropped to their knees and started lapping up their Daddy’s seed. Sucking, slurping and using their fingers in the ruptured hole they extracted as much cum as they could, swapping it between themselves in deep passionate kisses.Mrs Smith meanwhile had gone to work on her husband’s dirty cock. “MMMM so fucking warm and tasty” she mumbled as she sucked the ass slime from the still rigid prick. Following a trail of ass juice, she lapped it off the base of her husband’s cock then over his fat hairless balls and down into his ass crack.Timmy couldn’t move and his ass hole burned so badly but the sight of the perverted family made sure his cock stayed hard. Sasha and Sarah joined their Mum and Dad on the couch and soon all 4 were swapping cum, ass juice and spit. Finally, the two depraved daughters collected the assorted goop in each of their mouths and swallowed.“Fuck that’s tasty, so fucking good” Sasha yelled, “Always love Daddy’s cum and some good ass slime”. Mr Smith reached across to his daughter and grabbed her by her dirty blonde hair. He forced her mouth onto his rock-hard cock and kept feeding it into her throat. Mrs Smith and Sarah immediately shoved two fingers each in Mr Smith’s ass hole and started roughly finger fucking him. Sasha’s eye’s bulged with the cock deep in her throat, then she felt the first hot stream of piss hit the back of her throat. Mr Smith held her head over his cock and bellowed “DRINK IT YOU DIRTY FUCKING WHORE”. Even Sarah and Mrs Smith held her down with their free hands. Sasha swallowed as fast as she could but the piss stream was too great and it spurted from her mouth and nose. The final result was Sasha puking up the cum goop that she had swallowed earlier as well as the piss. Mrs Smith grabbed a handful of slime and covered her daughter face in it then kissed her deeply. As Mr Smith’s cock continued to spurt piss the 3 women sucked and hovered as much of the slime and piss as they could. Pretty soon all 3 had the piss and slime in their hair, on their faces and running down onto their full fake boobs. “Wooooo” screamed Sasah, “that was fucking hot Daddy. Love your piss!”“Thank you, baby girl. Well what’s next for our little faggot boy? Think you Mumma should have a go at his shithole? I think that would be fun to watch”“Oh, fuck yea” screamed Sarah. “Mummy would wreck that boi cunt so much”. Leaning over she gently stroked her boyfriend’s face. “You liked how Daddy fucked your boi cunt didn’t you Timmy?”“NO” Timmy screamed. “My ass hurts so bad, please let me up”All the family laughed at the help young man tied to their couch. “You aren’t getting you up until we’ve had our fill sweetie” Sarah told him, “and there is so much gaziantep escort more we want to do to you. You took Daddy’s big cock pretty well for a virgin. Not too much screaming but I think there is going to be a lot more when Mummy fucks you”Sarah looked across the room to where Sasha was helping Mrs Smith strap on a vicious looking dildo cock. It was long and thick and made even more menacing by the hard bumps that protruded from shaft. Timmy’s eyes followed and he pleaded in a scream “NOOOOOOOOO”.All the family laughed knowing they were in total control. Mrs Smith was ready now, the huge strap-on obscenely jutting from her body. Sasha handed her a cigarette and lit it for her, doing the same to her own. The older woman held the cock with one hand and asked “You ready for a pounding Timmy, just like you gave my ass?”Timmy was unable to speak and Sasha leaned close to her mother and whispered to her. Both women laughed evilly and Sasha left the room.“Timmy, I was going to fuck you without any lube on my cock but Sasha decided to be nice to you so we are going to lube it. Hope you appreciate it”. Sarah who was sucking her Dads still rock-hard cock looked up and saw her mother wink. She smiled evilly as well.“Sarah darling, can you get me a cigar and fit me up so I ready for when your Mum wrecks this little sissy whore”“Sure Daddy”. Sarah went to the sideboard where she lit her own cigarette, had a couple of deep drags on a joint and popped 2 more of blue pills from the bowl. She cut the end off the expensive fat Cuban cigar and while her Dad watched closely she inserted the end into her wet cunt. Handing the cigar to her father she smiled. Striking a match, she allowed him to puff deeply on her cunt wet tip and light the cigar. He drew deeply and seemed very satisfied. “How big Daddy?” Sarah asked as her father smoked lazily on his cigar. “Big baby, this is gonna be so fucking good”Sarah selected a metal object from the sideboard and returned to where her father lay on the couch. He had pulled his legs right back and exposed his puckered ass. What Sarah had chosen was a metal fist on a thin metal shaft with a wide metal base. She knew her Dad liked the toy because he loved the feeling deep in his ass but also because of the thin shaft, he could wear it for extended periods of time.Sarah knelt between her father’s ass cheeks and began rimming his ass hole. From the earlier fingering, it was a little loose and she could fit her tongue quite deeply into it. “God, you taste so good Daddy” she murmured as she slobbered as much spit as she could on her father’s ass hole. Spitting on the end of the metal fist she inserted the small finger end into his shitter. She pushed steadily with one hand and with the other she slowly massaged her father’s cock. Mr Smith’s eyes rolled giresun escort back as his daughter continued to penetrate his ass.Mr Smith moaned gently and his daughter pushed more and more of the metal fist in his ass. “Take it Daddy, take this big metal fist in your shit hole then we can watch Mummy abuse Timmy. Does it feel good Daddy? Does it stretch your shit hole wide?”Sarah continued to work on her father’s cock and she never let up the pressure on the metal fist plug. She would occasionally deep throat the massive cock but was sure not to provide too much pleasure until the plug was deep in his ass.Sasha returned with a tube and started to squeeze the contents out onto the shaft of her wicked strap on. Pretty soon the smell of ginger pervaded the room. Sarah started laughing. “You sick cunts” she said to her sister and mother, “after the fucking Daddy gave his ass that’s really gonna burn”Mrs Smith giggled like a school girl ‘We know baby and the knobs on this cock is really going to wear out his shit chute something fierce. Better get the ear plugs”.It was just at that moment that the metal fist plug popped past Mr Smith’s ass muscle and sank deep into him. “How’s that feel Daddy, by the look of your cock it must feel pretty good”.Mr Smith’s cock was almost purple and Sarah rolled a metal cock ring down to the base. Mr Smith growled as his youngest daughter kept up a light jerking on his cock but now all eyes were on Mrs Smith.With Sarah and Sasha holding Timmy’s legs just to make sure the ties held and Mr Smith jerking Timmy’s cock, Mrs Smith got into position. The strap-on dripped ginger juice and she placed it at the entrance of the boys fucked ass. With one thrust she slammed as much as she could into his wrecked shithole. The noise Timmy made wasn’t a scream. It was almost not human. Mrs Smith had driven almost 6” of the massive cock into his ass in one thrust but she didn’t stop there. Immediately she withdrew and thrust again. This time more of the strap-on disappeared. “Fuck him Mummy, make the little sissy fucking scream his lungs out, **** his ass” Sarah bellowed as she watched her mother abuse her boyfriend’s ass.With the initial assault over Mrs Smith settled into a constant rhythm of fucking, each stroke forcing more and more of the cock into Timmy’s wrecked shit hole. They could tell that the burn had started and would only be made worse by the abuse happening in his anal canal. Sasha climbed up onto the couch and positioned her cunt just above Timmy’s face. Soon a strong stream of piss was directed right into his open screaming mouth. He started to choke and cough but none of the Smith’s let up their abuse.Instead Sasha started to grind her cunt hard against Timmy’s face, fucking it like she was desperate to cum. Despite Timmy’s abuse, the pills he had escort bayan been given were working well and his cock was still rock hard. Mr Smith kept up his constant jerking on the boys’ cock until he could tell that Timmy was about to cum. He thrust his head deep onto the boys’ cock and sucked hard until he felt the hot cum hit the back of his throat. Expertly he let the boy fill his mouth with his seed and then looked towards his youngest daughter. Sarah knew exactly what she needed to do and she opened her mouth while her father dribbled her boyfriend’s hot seed into her mouth. Father and daughter the swapped the cum until finally they each swallowed a large mouth full.“You’re right baby, he does have nice cum” Mr Smith laughed. “You know me Daddy, only the best” Sarah giggled. She could see that her sister was getting very close to cuming as she ground her cunt onto Timmy’s face, so she reached across and spread her sister’s ass. Her tongue found her sisters hole and worked its way in. Sasha now fucked harder. “How’s my shit hole taste little sister” Sasha huskily asked as she grabbed Sarah’s hair and pulled her further into her sweaty ass crack. “Perfect” was Sarah’s reply. At that moment Sasha cum. She fucked Timmy’s face as hard and with the same lack of care as her Mother was fucking his ass. As she collapsed off him Sarah drove her fingers deep into her sister’s cunt, scooping out all the juice and then fed it to her mother as she continued r****g Timmy’s boi cunt.Mrs Smith greedily sucked at the cunt juice of one daughter on her other daughter’s fingers and increased the tempo of her fucking. She had almost driven all the strap on dildo into Timmy’s ass and a huge pool of ass slime had appeared on the couch.It was then that Sasha exclaimed, “He’s still got the nipple clamps on! Fuck lets rip them off, it’ll hurt like a motherfucker”. Sarah grabbed her sister and whispered something to her and they both laughed. They went to the sideboard where they took a few more drags off a joint then each lit up a cigarette. They returned and knelt on either side of Timmy. Taking one clamp each they looked at their mother who increased her tempo even more the the count began.“ONE”“TWO”“THREE”Each sister ripped the clover clamp from Timmy’s nipple and the boy screeched in pain. Each sister grabbed the flattened nipple and started to roughly massage it while his screeching continued. By now their Mother was seating as she fucked the boys ass to a sloppy mess. Sarah asked “Ready”Sasha laughed “You bet”Each one took their cigarettes and at the same time held the burning hot tip to the tortured nipple. Timmy tried to move but couldn’t and the girls made sure that each nipple got a good burning. His screeches were horrific but worse was yet to come when each of the girls took a clamp and placed it back on the just burnt nipple.Above the screaming Mrs Smith began to groan and her tempo reached fever pitch. Each thrust moved the boy as she drove the vicious dildo fully into his ass. Finally Mrs Smith herself screamed and with a one last brutal thrust into Timmy’s ass she cum.TO BE CONTINUED

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