smoke miss


smoke missOn a normal day on the train i was on my way home from work tired and horny i catch a young lady looking at me from the other side of the carage i smile at her and think no more about it and look back out the window. She was very cute long black hair nose ring stud red lip stick and very powerful eye liner on i looked her up and down and she had very nice tits and even though she was sat i could tell she had a cute ass dressed in tite black jeans and a strappy top with a skull and crossbones on it. I turn around and she is there sat next to me “hello” i seid she smiles at me and asks “what stop are you going too i tell her and she seid “good me too” thinking this is a little to good to be true i asked her name “you can call me amy and i will call you mine for the night”and she kissed me. This seemed far to good to be true now we got off the train and she pulls out a pack of smokes she halkalı escort offers me one i take it and when she puts one in her sexy moth i light it for her she looks up with her head still tilted down with the smoke streaming up her face i felt my cock start to go hard there is no one else on the station she pulled close to me i started to kiss her neck while she is still smoking i can feel her smoke against my face. she took my hand and took me over to the trees in the park just round the corner she took a deep inhale of her cig and opened my mouth and blow all of it down. I now have one of the hardest cocks ever amy felt it though my jeans and lowered her top down so i could see both her nipples where pireced too she wasnt wareing a bra. By this time she had finished her smoke and had pulled out anouther she pushed me against a tree and started to undo my jeans she stoped put her new istanbul escort cig in my mouth and lit it while she moved her glossy red lips to my ear she tells me to be a good boy and keep it in my mouth and my hands on her shoulders or i will punish you. I do it not not wanting to think of what sort of punishment a girl who randomly take a man off the train and starts being so forceful in public lucky theres noone around. Amy knelt down and got my fully erect 8″ cock out she looked impressed but not overly so and she started to suck while she did this she was nippleing and biteing my member every now and then it felt so hot and for the first time i feel she has a tounge stud in too my cock head was throbing i couldnt hold if in any more a hot stream of cum filled amys mouth she griped my cock as hard as she could to get all the cum she could out. Wow i seid she told me “shut up well done for beylikdüzü escort keeping this in your mouth” she slaped my face so the smoke she told me to keep in my mouth whent flying i didnt mind at this point i just didnt want this to stop amy told me it was her turn she leid on the floor undid her jeans and pulled them down to her ankels she told me to get on with it as she lit another smoke i kelt down and started to lick and play with her klit she started to moan she seemed to be likeing me licking her sopping wet pussy she told me to keep my head down she had a suprise for me as she seid this her boddy started to shake and i could feel she was about to cum. I wasnt readdy for it but she was a squrter my face was covered in her lady cum amy right away stood up and pulled up her jeans she told me she needed that now go home i asked if i could have her number she giggled and turned away back to the train that had just pulled up i shouted cant i have any way of geting hold of you she smiled and seid be on the same train tomorrow. i went home and couldnt wait to go to work the next well be on the train the next day

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