Subject: Smoking A Bowl With Dad 10 It was getting late in the evening by the time I finally got out of bed again. Dad was asleep on the futon …… good ….. He had been up for way too long. I almost reached for the pipe but I grabbed the laptop instead. Feels like all I had been doing for days was getting high and getting naked. I glanced over at dad and realized the head of his dick was sticking out of the front of his boxers …. for half a second I contemplated blowing him while he slept, but I left him alone. I sat in the recliner & started up the computer. I should at least apply to a couple more jobs for him with the time I had. I filled out a couple applications for warehouse jobs on an employment page, checked my email to see if my housing bullshit was ready yet, & checked the email I set up for Dad to see if he had any responses to his application yet. None. I was about to put the laptop away & wake dad up with some head, but it struck me that I should probably check Uncle Stephen’s cloud to make sure Dan didn’t fuck up again …….. Also because I kinda wanted to see Uncle Steve’s body again. There were no new vids on Uncle Steve’s account, I just went straight to Dan’s. That little fuckin pervert. There were a couple more videos of boys he was spying on in the bathroom at school, I went ahead and deleted those. There was a video in what I assumed was his bedroom of him jerking off, I deleted that one too. Next came another video of his 10 year old little brother sleeping ………. Dan rubbed his hard little prick across his brothers lips over and over and over, I knew I was going to have to have a fuckin conversation with him about that. It’s fucked up. Granted everything the last 2 weeks had been fucked up, Daniel was just the most fucked up one of us all! I deleted that vid too while adjusting myself ………. then came the part that pissed me off. Somehow Daniel had his phone recording while he was here the last time, there was a terrible angle of Red’s huge uncut dick pissing, fuck there’s mine too. The anger just grew. I heard my own muffled voice through his pocket: “Dan, go home dude” “You don’t want to hang out?” “Fuck No ……. it’s way too early for that bullshit” there was the squeaking of bedsprings from what I assume was me crashing again. Then the camera came out of the pocket & aimed directly at the futon. There was Dad in his boxers oblivious to the fucked up 12 year olds plan. Dan put the camera on something, checked the angle & glanced back & forth between Dad & the camera. He walked towards dad and said something I couldn’t make out…… then started taking his clothes off. Dad sat up straight & was obviously not happy with what was going down. Clear “NO” “STOP” “WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!” harsh whispers could be made out. Dan slid his pants and underwear down, from the angle of the camera you could see his smooth round ass, perfectly shaped back & thin legs. He stepped towards dad, turned & just sat next to him. They both glanced up in the direction of where I was sleeping and started having a conversation in low hushed tones. Dad made a jack off motion with his hand and Dan nodded. Dad rolled his eyes and lit the pipe, as he was taking the first drag Dan said something to him that made his brow furrow and shake his head NO emphatically. Dan said something else & Dads face shot up in my direction with half shock half anger written in his expression. Dad turned his head and exhaled away from Dan, another question from that fake innocent face. I’ve seen Dad cave before & this was that look. He istanbul travesti lit the pipe, was obviously giving Danny instructions, then put the pipe to his lips. Dan inhaled and almost immediately coughed up a lung full of smoke. Dad kinda smirked and finished the hit. Dan looked up expectantly, Dad lit the pipe again & I could see his best “teaching Dad” face as he explained something to Dan. Dad & I had the same conversation when I was just about that age. He was explaining to Dan how to hit the pipe ……. I was disturbed and disappointed in him….. My Dad really was a shitty person. Dan did what he was told & took a perfect hit, exhaled then laid back on the futon letting his first real hit take him. Dad looked his nephew up & down, glanced toward where I was sleeping then back to Dan…… There were thoughts crossing his face, so he hit the pipe again. A HUGE hit this time. He also leaned back as he exhaled looking down at his naked nephew. Dad reached down & tugged on his dick through his boxers, Dan looked up at his uncle smiling giddily & grabbed his own small prick. They sat there for awhile laughing stroking then Dan reached over & grabbed Dads dick. Dad glanced up and around again & let his nephew pull his hardening cock through the front of his boxers. He closed his eyes put both hands behind his head & just let the boy do what he wanted. He stroked it, sucked on the head, licked the shaft ……. all while glancing & smiling twistedly at his camera. He tried to slide Dad boxers off, but it took dad to raise his hips to help Dan pull them down. Dad kept his head back and hands behind his head as he kicked his boxers to the side. Dan looked up at him ….. then stood on the futon and sat on his naked uncles lap facing the camera. Dads thick dark dick stuck straight up between Dan’s legs completely obscuring his little cock & balls. He reached forward and was obviously jacking his own dick against dad’s with both of his hands. I’d be lying if I didn’t say my dick was raging. The video cut out just as Dads hands went around Dan’s waist. I glanced over at Dad ……. I should have been more disgusted at him than I was …… but seeing him stretched out ….. his hairy chest & belly rising with each breath, the head of his cock sticking out of his boxers, his stubby face that was almost a mirror of my own ……. There wasn’t disgust. Just pure fucking lust. Obviously our whole family was fucked up. I repositioned my hard cock and went to the next video…… A naked Daniel was walking out of the bathroom, the shower was running behind him…… He pointed his camera at his hairless naked body & showed what had to be Dads load running down his chest & abdomen. He glanced around and tasted it with one finger. Then the camera pointed towards the bed …… where I was sleeping. He crept up to the side of the bed ……. I was laying on my back, one arm thrown over my eyes, the thin sheet was covering only one leg and part of my hip. He reached out very carefully and pulled the sheet away from my crotch. I was only wearing the thin gym shorts I wore around the house. He very carefully cupped my dick through the fabric & stroked it a couple times, my body shifted and the video ended. This little dude is super fucked, the next vid was about 15 seconds of Dad in the shower. Dad shifted on the futon & stretched. He looked up & saw me on the laptop. He smiled “mornin bud, what you up to?” His stretching body made my dick jump but my face must have shown something was wrong. He sat up fast……. his dick & kadıköy travesti heavy balls clearly visible now through the leg of his hiked up boxers. “What is it? What’s wrong Jay?” I always liked just being called “Jay” felt alot better than that B.J. bullshit …….. “Daniel” I said trying to ignore dad’s cock or that he called me Jay. “What the fuck did he do now?” I flipped the laptop around & hit play on the video with him in it “whaaaaaat the fuuuuuck?” Dads eyes were panicked “why would he do that!?” “Why would you!?” The look on his face was seriously pained ….. He acted like he wanted to lash out but he just said “what else did he get?” I ran through the videos I already deleted. Showed him what he did to me while I was sleeping & the shower scene. “Delete it all” so I did. “What else is there?” He asked with a sadness in his voice. “One more long vid it looks like” “Is it of us?” “I don’t know, Dad” I moved next to him on the futon & hit play……. Dan sat the camera in a well lit blue & white bathroom, he covered the phone with towels & checked his handiwork several times. He was naked all except for a tight pair of trunks. He seemed nervous then came the moment he had been waiting for, he went out of frame …. “Dad? Daddy can you come here?” He added a layer of worry to his voice. “What’s wrong buddy? “Can you come in here?” “What’s going on buddy?” Dan came back into view of the camera followed by Uncle Stephen. “Close the door this is embarassing” Dan whined & glanced directly at the camera when his dad turned his back. “OK what’s goin on? You’re worrying me” “There’s something wrong …….. down …… there” Dan sounded like an innocent kid as he pointed down to his groin. “Oh man, ok ……. go ahead and show me” Stephen sat on the toilet and we got a view of his face for the first time. Daniel slid his underwear to the floor, & stood totally naked in front of his father. “OK what’s the problem bud?” Uncle Steve was clearly uncomfortable staring at his naked sons package. Dan stepped closer ….. “look!” He pointed again. “Are ……. you mean the hair!?” Stephen said confused. “Yeah! My stuff is growing hair!” At this point I could see through Dan’s manipulative childish whine ……. probably something he’s used to his advantage his entire life. “Yeah son, you’re gonna be a teenager in less than a year ……. it’s about time you started …… that” “Everybody does it?” “Boy, did you not learn about puberty at school?” “An older boy said that’s how girls get boobs” “Well yeah but…..” “Am I gonna grow boobs!?” “No, calm down” Uncle Steve gave an annoyed sigh “This is what happens when you send kids to fuckin Christian Academies …… They don’t learn anything about fuckin basic science” Stephen began explaining puberty to the manipulative little shit who already knew all these things ……. “Wait” interrupted Dan who was still totally naked “so you have hair there too?” “Yeah bud” “More than mine?” “Oh yeah” Steve chuckled “Can I see?” There was palpable silence in the video while Steve sat there staring at his son. “You’ve seen me get out of the shower.” “I’ve never looked at your …….. you know” Steve sighed & stood, untucked his shirt, undid his belt & unzipped his fly. He waited a second before pulling down the elastic band of his underwear exposing a huge thick black bush. Dan stepped even closer “Am I gonna grow THAT much!?” “Probably not ….. I was already pretty hairy by the time I was 13” Dad turned to me & chuckled “Yeah that asshole had a hairy chest when he was 10” I bakırköy travesti turned back to the video just as Dan asked “what do you mean they drop!?” “They get bigger & hang lower” Dan made a show of touching himself very close to his dad “I don’t understand……. how ……. will you …….” “No Daniel, I’m not going to show you my testicles” Dan stepped back and looked like a whipped dog, he made himself look like the embodiment of embarrassment & shame. “I …… I’m sorry Dad …….. I just don’t get it, I’m sorry, I’m stupid” his voice cracked on the last word. The boy is a master actor I have to give him that. “Wait……..” Uncle Steve sighed heavy “Nothing to be ashamed of …..” He kicked his shoes off. Unbuttoned his shirt & took it off revealing the solid white under shirt he was wearing. Then took off his slacks, sighed & slipped his briefs down. He stood in front of his son with his huge hairy cock and low hanging balls on display. “Will mine get that big?” “Possibly” “When?” “It takes awhile” Dan was holding his cock staring at his Dads massive package, he was almost shaking with excitement. Steve noticed his sons growing hard on. “Ok that’s probably enough” Steve reached for his clothes & Dan blurted out ” how do I make this stop, it’s embarrassing sometimes” he let go of his dick and let it stick straight out for his dad to see. Another heavy sigh “….. you have to ……… masturbate” Dan just gave a cartoonist cock of the head like he didn’t know what his dad was talking about. “Its a private thing ……. you …… you grab it and rub it up and down til you orgasm.” Before Dan could ask another stupid question Steve continued “it’s where white stuff shoots out of the end and it feels awesome, ok we’re done” “……….. Dad” Dan said in a small voice “I don’t get it…….” Dan started fumbling with his dick. “I’m not gonna show you Dan, thats just one you have to figure out on your own” Dan looked beaten down again “I’m sorry Dad, I didn’t mean to make you mad ……. you just told me I should always feel ok coming to you about anything ….. I’m sorry” Stephen stood walked right next to the camera & we heard an audible “click”. Dad & I looked directly at eachother & simultaneously said “no fucking way” Stephen walked back into frame & leaned against the sink “ok …… take you dick in your hand like this” he wrapped his huge hand around his soft fleshy cock. “& move it back & forth like this”. His son stood directly in front of him mirroring his every movement. “Here try this” Stephen squeezed some liquid hand soap into his sons hand. “That’ll work for now” Stephens cock kept getting larger & harder, Dan never took his eyes from it. There was absolute silence except for their breathing & the sound of hand soap squishing around Dan’s cock. Stephen started jacking faster & harder. Dan mirrored the motions. With a sharp cry Dan shot his load directly onto his Dads leg ……… Uncle Steve stood upright, he was almost menacing in his stance. He glared down at his oldest son, his bottom jaw sticking out, his muscled arm beating his club of a dick. He let out a deep growl & arcing ropes of thick cum shot out at high velocity hitting Dan in the face and chest. His body jerked a couple of times then he shook his cock sending the last drops of him of his dick onto the floor. “Wipe that shit off me” he said in a totally different voice than I had ever heard him speak. Dan quickly grabbed a towel & wiped his load off his Dads leg. “Get in the fucking shower, clean yourself up, this never happened” Stephen got dressed and left the room. Daniels cum dripping face was priceless as he got to the camera to turn it off…….. He looked like he realized how badly he just fucked up. Dad & I looked at eachother again …….. we were both sporting huge hard ons.

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