Subject: Smoking A Bowl With Dad 5 You like reading crazy stuff like this? Then consider a donation to Nifty. Help them keep a place for us to share our fty/donate.html “I’ll tell you now if you want” We were both incredibly high. Dad was lounged back in the futon in just his boxers, one hand absent mindedly gripping his dick the other arm draped on the back cushion. I was leaning against his arm with my head resting on his shoulder. We had always been close, but acted more like brothers than a father son relationship, we had never sat together like this. Maybe when I was little, but definitely not in the last ten years. My hands were loosely holding the torch & pipe in my lap while I mindlessly watched the scenes change on the tv. Dad put his arm around me more without taking his eyes off the screen & traced my collar bone with his finger and lightly rubbed his knuckles against my jaw. The sensation of being this high & being this close wasn’t something I had experienced before. I could smell his skin & pit, feel his hair on my face & his finger moving slowly across my skin. I could feel my heart in my throat…… “So Steve was a serious pussy magnet back in the day, he was going to college when I was in high school & when he would come home he always had a different chick with him” he chuckled “mom hated it but she never said shit to us. So I was like 14 ….. This was before me and your mom started dating …. ha honestly I was a virgin …. so he brought this girl home right? They had some drinks and out of the blue Stevie says: Hey Brad want to fuck her? I was shy and everything, I tried to say no but he kept going: yeah you don’t mind do you baby? You want my little brother to go first? So she agreed and got naked on his bed and he showed me her pussy up close and was like: this is how you eat pussy. This is the clit. Shit like that …. then he told me to get naked and fuck her. He got naked too ….. man he’s always had a better body than me …. so she was on her hands and knees and I started fucking her from behind. Steve got on his knees in front of her and put his dick in her mouth, I didn’t last long and didn’t fuckin think about wearing a condom or pulling out so I busted a nut in her. Steve was kind of a dick about it: damn dude you already blew your load. He made me switch spots with her and he started fucking her …… with my load still in her man….. and she started sucking my dick that had to taste like nut and her own pussy …” Dad kept telling his istanbul travesti story, the details made my dick plump up but it also made Uncle Steve look really really bad. I lifted the pipe and hit it with the flame as he continued “Yeah he brought maybe 3 or 4 other girls home like that and we’d fuck them together. Up until I got with your mom, then it was just her dude” he moved his fingers from my neck and ran them through my hair a little when he said it. I held the pipe up for him so he could take the hit from my hand. He inhaled and I turned the pipe back and forth until he had taken in all the smoke from the bowl. He lifted an eyebrow like he had just had an awesome idea turned his head towards mine lined his fave up with mine and exhaled the smoke slowly into my mouth. His lips barely rubbed against mine and it sent a shiver through my whole body. It was a huge hit and it felt like it took forever to take it all in. The hand in my hair pushed my head forward so our foreheads were touching & our noses pressed together he finished shotgunning me the smoke and full on put his lips on mine. My dad’s tongue was in my mouth and my lungs were full of smoke. I exhaled though my nose in a huge cloud around his face. My whole body tingled from my toes up and every time he touched me it was like a static shock. He brought his other hand around rubbing my abdomen and chest. He was getting more and more into it. I was super high, still holding the pipe and torch, he was making out with me harder and harder. He shifted his body and we slid sideways on the futon. The back of my neck was resting in the crook of his elbow and he had somehow maneuvered on top of me rubbing and grabbing my body with his free hand. He found the pipe & torch from my hands and put them on the table next to us without ever taking his mouth off mine. I was ok with this but I needed to reposition or breath or anything. He pulled down my shorts with his free hand and pulled off his own boxers kicking shorts and boxers to the floor. My naked dad was on top of me grinding his rock hard dick against my own semi hard cock. Whether it be the smoke or the situation that was keeping me from getting rock I didn’t know. He pulled his arm free from behind my neck and finally pulled his mouth away from mine and lifted his upper body up with his arms. Ok this was better. I repositioned myself so his legs could be between mine and I could wrap them around him. He stared at me while while he thrust his hips against kadıköy travesti mine and pushed our dicks together. It felt amazing having Dad on top of me, especially with the euphoria of the smoke still coursing through me. He leaned back and rested on his knees, grabbed the torch & pipe, & took a big hit ….. then passed it to me. I was laying flat on my back with my legs around my dad’s waist and he was flopping my semi soft dick side to side so I found it a little difficult to light and take the hit, but I managed it. As I was blowing the cloud and feeling amazing I noticed Dad spitting in his hand and lubing up his dick. “Whoa whoa Dad, I’m not prepared for that at all” I’ve only ever been fucked by 2 guys and neither of them had a dick near as thick as dad’s. “No ….. I’m not going to, just gonna rub the head on it” He started rubbing my ass hole with the tip of his dick and I had to admit it felt fucking amazing. Dad would let ropes of spit slowly drop from his mouth to his dick and use his hand to stroke it in. I felt amazing, but I was sweating really bad so I pulled my shirt off. Rivers of sweat pouring down my pecs and slight hint of abs. I lit the pipe while Dad was playing with my ass and when I exhaled in pure extacy he pushed his dick inside me. “Fuuuuck” I almost screamed “you said you weren’t ……aaaaaaaah …….. pull out pull out” “Ssshhh just relax ….. relax” both of my hands were on his sweaty shoulders trying to push him back. He stayed perfectly still just staring at my face as I tried to breath and relax through the sharp pain in my ass. After what seemed like an eternity he slowly started to slide his really thick dick further in …. then slowly out … in ….. out ….. I was moaning half in pain half in pleasure …. then the moans and grunts started to be mostly pleasure. Dad leaned low over me dripping sweat onto me, I had my legs as wide and high as I could in this situation to provide the right angle. He was getting faster and more aggressive. I wrapped my arms around him, held on tight to his sweaty back, and pushed my forehead to his chest. It was fucking amazing. I was trying not to scream and moan like a little bitch while my dad fucked my ass but he would hit a spot where I couldn’t stay quiet and I’d make a loud sound. He was hammering me fast and hard like a fucking rabbit and it just came out of my mouth before I could stop myself …. it came out like a fucking whine “Fuuu uuuuuu uuuuuu uuu ckkk Da … Da … bakırköy travesti Daddy” When that pitiful whiney ass embarrassing fucking sound came out of my mouth he slammed his dick into me hard and deep. I let out a painful yell as he grabbed my hips rough and pulled me to him as he pushed deep inside me. He grunted and let out a guttural yell, his body shook, and I felt his dick swell and contract inside of me. His hands digging into my hips hurt and his dick in me hurt, but it was the best fucking sex of my life up til that point. Dad’s dick pulsed a few more times in me, then he regained his composure and pulled out way too fast. I yelped as his dick came out of me. I got up and headed to the bathroom to clean up and felt cum and sweat run down the insides of my legs. While I was in the shower Dad came in the bathroom naked and stood over the toilet one hand against the wall the other holding his heavy dick. “I tried not to be loud or sound like some little bitch” He turned and smiled through the shower curtain just as a thick stream of piss sprayed from his dick. “It’s fine” he chuckled “you haven’t called me Daddy since you were a kid though so that was weird” “Fuck! I know! I feel really REALLY fuckin stupid, it just came out!” I explained while rinsing off the soap. “It’s fuckin weird” “Your daddy’s dick was inside you, I think it was already pretty fuckin weird” he said in a way more serious tone than I expected. I watched the heavy stream of piss finally trickled down to sprays and drops then he shook it a couple times and said “ok get out, let me wash my dick” I dried off, grabbed a beer and a slice of the pizza and went to the recliner. I didn’t even put on any clothes, was too hot anyway. I sat the laptop across my legs feeling the machines warmth on my dick and started acrolling through social media and shit like that. Dad came out of the bathroom also naked, dick swinging, drying his hair with a towel. “Go make sure that fucking video of you is off of there B.J.” He stood next to me so he could see the screen, his dick almost touching my arm. I went to Dan’s portion of the cloud. Dad & I simultaneously let out a “whaaaaaat the fuuuuuck?” The last entry time stamped less than a half an hour ago was of Johnathan, Steve & Sarah’s youngest son, sound asleep. The room was dark and his face was barely lit…… then Daniel pulls out his dick and starts beating off above his little brothers face. We both stared in abject shock as my Dads 12 year old nephew busted a nut onto his sleeping 10 year old brothers face. I turned and looked up at Dad “what the fuck?” then realized his dick was mostly hard “What the fuck Dad!?” Dad pulled the computer off my lap revealing my own hard on ……. “What the fuck B.J?”

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