Smoking TV tart. Part 2.

Big Tits

Smoking TV tart. Part 2.The knock on the hotel door meant he’d arrived, and as I slipped on my cool plastic mac, being careful not to dislodge my long talons, it helped to conceal the stiffening bulge under my tight plastic skirt. I opened the door, to a tall dark stranger, enveloped in a long shiny, double-breasted rubber mac. He grabbed my arm, gently linking, and, without speaking, I tottered along carefully, in my new boots, past reception, and into his big black BMW. My heart was thumping, tempobet yeni giriş and the pulse throbbed even tighter down below. We set off, and he simply said, “Smoke. You fucking slut.” It was hard, with the long red fingernails, to find the fags and lighter in my bag, amongst the ‘tart detritus’ of lipstick, gloss, condoms and bottles of poppers. My trembling fingers made things worse, but I relaxed a little as I sucked in the soothing menthol smoke. As I exhaled tempobet giriş as erotically as I could, he looked at me, and pulled his coat to one side. One hand moved to hold my fag holding hand, and he placed it onto his bulging cock. I glanced across, to see he had on a rubber catsuit under the coat, glistening like my lips. “Keep smoking, you slut.” I withdrew my hand and inhaled again, replacing it on the rubber bulge, but rubbing with my palm in gentle circles. tempobet güvenilirmi “We’re going to meet some friends of mine, and you WILL do EVERYTHING I ask of you.” My next inhale was followed my a long lingering exhale all over his ever burgeoning, throbbing rubber crotch. “We’ll soon be arriving at a car park, and when we get there, there’ll be several other cars. You will get out, light a cigarette, then walk slowly from vehicle to vehicle, making a circle of each car. You WILL put on your sexiest strut, in those ‘FUCK ME’ boots, and you’re most erotic smoking, too. Then you will come back here, and refresh your lipstick. Okay?” I just nodded, like the bimbo I was, and waited, and smoked, and caressed until we parked up. I opened the door…….,

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