smoking weed


smoking weedIts somewhat legal since evryone know its going to be official on october17I never really was into smoking until the legalization happenedI like to drive at night and stop at a park to smoke one in my subaru outback , just chilling playing some pokemon hitting parcs around my placei was smoking when he kinda make me jump by hitting my windowit was starting to rain around 2am , surprised to see a big chubby black gray hair dude hitting at my window”hey boy im walking home im fucking tired from work and coudnt stop smelling weed , can i come in and smoke, i can pay””yes i guess no problem, its raining come in”he wait for me to pass the spliff and instead showed him i had more rolled”we can smoke a fresh one here”and there we smoke together in my suv the car getting smoky and warmi had a pretty good head buzz”damn this some good shit”i watch him get off his work pants complaining about em being wetwanting to let em dry moving to the back seat so he could hand it over on the hook to the car sideshe sat back on the back seat”this is a nice car, way much space here””come here lets smoke some more””its ok i had enought., but here you can smoke ”walking on my knees to give him the spliffand he took it”you have konak escort the fire?”on my knees back infront fetching the lighther in the front consolebefore crawling on my kneestoo dark to really see how big his bulge was in his boxer, watching me fetch him firei light him up ”thanks boy, here you are so sweat its all for you”looking at his crotch , his cock was out, i felt his hand pushing down on my head to my obvious fatemouth open around a stranger black daddy in the comfort of my carso suddently help down on his fat cockdoggy mouth betwen his legs , both his hand helping me take him as he likes, moaning has he slowly fuck my mouth open ”yes slow, just let daddy inside boy, get my cock in there good and slow”releasing me looking if id do a good jobbouncing my head up and down to make him happysucking up my first big black cock ever , falling in love with the feeling of it sliding up and down in my small mouth”you like my cock , you suck it so good boy”watching me nodge mouth driping around his veiny cock”alright boy, im gonna try up your ass””oh im not sure, i just want to suck yout cock ””well you have a choice come sit on it or i flip you ass up and drill you as i please””but….”and konak escort bayan i got pull foward so hard my face hit the back seat hardno time to stop him from pulling my arm in my back and holding me with one hand the other pulling my short leaving me ass up squirming face pushed in the back seat on my stomack ass upfeeling a huge spiting sound and the feeling of it falling on my hole before a finger got in ”ohhhhh fuck please please nooo ahhhh””relax up that cute ass boy, its going to be better for both of us””ohhhh fuckkk no , i cannttt ahhhh””oh yes you can look im already getting in easy , you need 2 fingers in maybe”a secomd finger joining the first”omggggg ahhhhh shitttt aghhhhh ahhhhh ohhh ohhhhhh””that way better , you open up good , dont you see , that cute hole need some cock”plunging his 2 finger deep and out deep and outspitting on my hole just to make me feel how wet and open i was getting”oh you really made me hard, maybe its time”and i felt his big head open me up”ohhhhh fuckkkk noo please your too big””dont be stupid, you just took my head like a cunt”plunging down in me, slaping my ass calling me a cute slut”oh fuck boy, i love fucking up that tight hole””its escort konak my lil fuck hole tonight, daddy owns that hole”fast and hard making me bounce on the back seat , ass up moaning from the fat cock stretching me open like a cock sleave”ohhhhh boy take daddy cum in there”my world crushed down , as i felt the bbc twitch and explode in mefilling me up with warm cum i could feel filling me wholehis fat cock sliding out before slamming back in ”helllll yeahhhh scream on my cock boy, scream for daddy , im gonna make you into daddy lil fuck doll””ohhhhh yeag, im not done, tonight i go home empty , you will take it all in you , all night”making sure to hump deep between each worda wet sound filling my suv, my ass so wet and full of cum it made a wet pussy noise”ohhhhh listen , im making that pussy sing already””that is a good pussy, yes weak boy, stay ass up taking daddy fat cock, you want it now i can tell that ass love my cock”wanting to argue but kept moaning at each stroke hit deep in me”yes that it weak and taking cock , give it up to daddy sexy boy, ”ohhhh fuck here boy, ohhhh yes deep in that ass”taking a 2nd load, moaning ass up filled againthe fat cock keeping fucking me, making me feel it will never stop”ohhhhh you feel it dont you, you fill it all in you, big loads deep in your pussy ass””damn look i goes in and out , so much easier now , he little boy slut””getting fuck in his car like the slut he is”mind fuck and kept taking him deep becoming a true lil fuck doll

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