Snow White’s First Submission

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Bend Over

I had been talking with this girl on and off for months. Her profile didn’t say much, except that she was 22. But two things were clear: she didn’t want her face to be too clearly visible, and she loved sex. It wasn’t an in-your-face feature of her profile, mind you. It was just something I sensed… and which was confirmed by our little chats. It was always light hearted, but we almost exclusively talked about what I could or could not make her do, in a very sexual sense. It was all fun, but it didn’t gear up until one night, mainly because I actually did not know if she would please me aesthetically (less than revealing pics, remember?).

One night, while I was away from home on holiday, I sat bored in my room. And I decided to message this girl. We shall call her Snow White. I started to engage in some light sexual flirtation, as was our custom. But this time, I decided to assume more forcefully my dominant position. I was not experienced at all in this kind of play at the time, even if I always was quite sensitive to its appeal. And boy, did she see it too. She immediately was much, much more explicit. And that night she ended sending me pics of herself posing in sexy black lingerie, with her dark eyes smoldering, her mouth open and inviting, her hand working up some moisture between her thighs… She was gorgeous. Thin, ghostly pale, with red lips and black hair. Snow White indeed. I commended her for her good service, and we planned to meet later in the week.

We had no further contact until the meeting, which took place at a bar, not a long way from my apartment. I guessed we wouldn’t say goodnight with a kiss on the cheek. She was dressed with a short black dress, high heels and sooty eyes. We hardly talked, she hardly smiled. But she curiously looked quite at ease… We didn’t touch any sexual topic, just making light conversation about school and such. Purposefully avoiding the fact that I knew what she looked like naked, and that we knew what was coming soon. We drank our beer in quasi silence, watching each other with hungry eyes. And when we were finished, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I couldn’t take it any more: “Come. We’re leaving”. That’s when her first smile appeared.

We got to my flat in record time. I live at the 5th floor, without elevator. As you can guess, I made her walk in front of me, so I could take in her beautiful ass, with that clinging dress leaving little the imagination. Thong or nothing? I couldn’t wait to find out. As soon as I closed the door, she jumped me. She smothered me with the fiercest kiss I’ve ever known since high school, all tongue and no restraint… After a moment of pure passion, our hands running al over our bodies, our mouths locked, I backed off. No. That would not do. Sloppy. I told her so, holding her face in my hands.

“What’s the matter?”

“Don’t kiss me like that. Let me teach you how to do it”

I then proceeded to show her exactly what a good kiss was. It should be like a wave, first light and shallow, then deep and passionate, sometimes only a playful pecking, sometimes wet as the rainforest. All the while holding her face, pulling it away when she made a mistake. I could tell she loved it, the restraint, the rules I showed her with my body. I could feel her squirm, and I had been rock hard for some time now. When I was satisfied with her progress, I pulled her face away and said with a smile:

“Now. Let’s see what other things your mouth can do. On your knees.”

I felt kind of stupid uttering that line… I knew she like D/s play, but I never really experienced it so blatantly. To my surprise and delight, she answered “Yes, sir”, and immediately dropped to her knees, her dark eyes watching me expectantly. Keep in mind, we were still just an the entrance of my small flat, not even near my bed. I proceeded to take out my dick. And she immediately seized it, swallowed it whole, just as eager as she was when we first kissed. I stopped her immediately.

“Have you learned nothing? Bad girl!”

And holding her face in my hand, I slapped her. Lightly. But goddamn, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I saw her whole face light up with pure lust. So, that was REALLY what she liked. It kinda flipped a switch in my mind and I started to talk to her like I’ve never talked to any girl before. I was incredibly surprised at how easily it came to me.

“You don’t get to swallow everything right away, you greedy girl.”

I then proceeded to teach her how to suck my cock, the same way I taught her to kiss me. Contrary to the kiss, I like it sloppy. With plenty of saliva dripping down, with her tongues licking everywhere from my balls to my shaft, with her hand active, and with the occasional deep swallow that she seems to yearn for. She was way more adept at sucking dick than at kissing, and she only got one more slap, when she almost makes me cum with overenthusiastic deepthroating.

“You’re not allowed to drink my cum yet!”

We are still fully clothed at this point. But I think it’s time for something more.

“Get up, we’re going to the bedroom!”

She obediently get up, wiping her slobbering mouth with the back of her hand, her sooty eyes running. Beautiful. As we get to my bed, I commanded her to strip. But… slowly. Well… that, I didn’t have to teach her. She removed her colthes in the most sensual manner I had ever seen. Letting her dress slip to the ground, she the selfsame black lingerie in which she took the pictures she sent me. So. A thong, then. It doesn’t stay on long, and soon she’s kneeling on my bed, her eyes expectant. She had a smooth and white body, with perky tits and a tight little ass I’ve ever seen. Her pussy isn’t all shaved, with a neat landing strip. I then lost all restraint. I get out of my clothes in a flash and take her, biting her neck, her tits, grabbing her ass and I whisper in her ear:

“I want to eat you..”

She let’s out a low moan of pleasure, while I finally got my hand between her legs. I expected her to be wet, but nothing could have prepared me for the dripping mess that was her pussy. I played güvenilir bahis şirketleri with her clit and marveled at how sensitive she is, gripping me tight and givng little yelps of pleasure as I feel her tense up. I got two fingers in, and started to work my way up to three, Snow White now laying down, me kneeling beside her, taking in the sight of her pleasure. I order her:

“Suck my dick, now!”

And she obediently obliged, her moans of pleasure muffled by my cock… That was always something I loved, hearing girls cry their pleasure while gagged by my dick… I continued to play with her pussy, alternating between rubbing her clit and getting my fingers deep, which drove her crazy… She was so wet I used her juice to lubricate her ass, and working the two holes at once… She loved it. She had to spit my dick out when she comes, crying so very loud… Not even letting her a moment of respite, I tell her:

“Get on all fours. Now.”

Kinda groggily, she obeyed. As soon as she was in position, I slapped her ass, hard. She cried in pain and surprise. And also, I think, pleasure.

“That’s for spitting my cock out without permission.”

I then put a condom on, while she looks at me.

“You know what’s coming, now…”

And indeed she did. She put her ass in the air, and spread it out with her hands, lowering her head. She was ready. I went in, as deeply as I could, with no buildup, going at it hard, slapping her ass, gradually turning it a lovely shade of red. She was now yelling nonstop:

“Thank you! Thank you!”

She even seized my hand and put it on her ass when I stop slapping her as I was getting close to cumming. I was surprised and pleased at her eagerness, but I thought “she can’t tell me what to do!”! I pulled out and said:

“You don’t get to choose when you’re spanked!”

I pulled out the condom.

“You only get to drink my cum! Come here!”

She scrambled toward my cock, and swallowed it whole. She gagged while I fucked her throat, while maintaining a fierce handle on her jet black hair. When I felt like I was about to explode, I pulled her head off my dick, and ordered her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. I finally cum in her mouth, and she swallowed it all, licking her lips, enjoying every drop. She smiled up at me, her face all sticky and her makeup ruined. I smiled down.

“You did good.”

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