So This is Christmas

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I had just finished putting up the Christmas tree. All of the lights were working, some blinking randomly. The ornaments and garland reflected the twinkling lights from the tree. The angel stood proudly on top, her wings spread, face gazing serenely out, and her halo sparkling. All in all, it was a beautiful tree, even more beautiful than the designer trees.

I glanced around the room, critiquing the rest of my holiday decorations. The pine garland trimming the balustrade, the candles on the mantle, and all the other little things I did to make my house festive. It was perfect. Or as perfect as I could make it.

I wasn’t done yet, I still had things to do. I had to wrap presents, bake cookies, make eggnog; but at this moment, I really didn’t feel like it. I paced the room, every do often glancing at the clock. I knew it wouldn’t be long. Two more days, in fact. Two more days until you, my beloved, would be here with me. Two days that would feel like an eternity.

A soft sigh escaped my lips, as I turned the lights off and blew out all the candles. Tears filled my eyes as I remembered that this was the first year I was truly content at Christmas. Hot tears spilled out of my eyes and down my cheeks as I brought to mind the image of the person who made me so content, you.

I walked to the bathroom, decided on taking a hot bubble bath. I turned the tap on, letting the sound of the water sooth my frazzled nerves. I poured in my favorite bubble bath, the one you got me. I inhaled the soft scent, my eyes closed. A smiled played out across my lips. I quickly removed my clothes and stepped into the hot water, sinking to my chin in fragrant bubbles.

You are never far from my mind and this was no exception. My thoughts strayed to the time we spent in Tahiti, wrapped in each others arms; the weekend you took me to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, but we never made canlı bahis it out of the hotel; our vacation to Rio; the trip to the mountains because you were bored. My mind filled with the memories of the sultry nights we spent in each of those places and in this very house, not ten feet away, in my bed.

I felt my pulse quicken and the telltale tingle beginning deep in the pit of my stomach. My hands smoothed over my body, cupping each breast. My nipples hardened instantly at the memory of your lips on them. I tugged them each, gently, twisting each ripened peak slightly. I gasped at the jolt of pleasure that shot through me like an electrical current.

My hands dipped lower, over my stomach, remembering the innumerable kisses you placed there. My skin felt soft, sensitive, my own touch igniting fires beneath it. I grazed my nails lightly over my flesh, sending delicious little shivers throughout my body. Still, my hands moved lower, until they met the tender skin of my mound.

I traced my lips with a finger, my body arching in response. I imagined that my fingers were yours, teasing me. One finger found the top of my slit and eased into it. The warm water from the bath rushed over the sensitive skin of my pussy, eliciting a gasp to escape from my mouth. I bit my bottom lip as my finger traced along my slit, spreading my lip open to the water. I trembled as my finger slid over my clit. I wanted nothing more than to stroke that little bud until I came but I held back, imagining what you would do. You would tease me, giving me glimpses of pleasure then backing off, until I was writhing for your touch. I knew I couldn’t achieve the exact same torment as you could, but I could come as close as possible.

The water lapped at my breasts, like little tongues, as my fingers continued their quest. They stopped momentarily to flick gently across my clit and I bit bahis siteleri my lip harder. They found my tight opening and eased inside, causing me to groan. I hooked them up, rubbing them against my g-spot. I could feel my orgasm building but I wanted to hold back, so I pulled my sodden fingers from inside and moved them back to my clit. I wanted you to be here with me, bringing me to the release I so badly wanted.

My hips began moving, thrusting towards my hand. I kept one hand on my clit, teasing and tormenting it while I plunged two fingers from the other as deep within me as they would go. There was no turning back now; I knew I would cum in mere moments, the thought of you foremost on my mind. My orgasm raced through my body, every muscle trembling as the inner walls of my pussy milked my fingers as if it were a cock buried in me. I moaned your name, over and over, as if by doing so, you would appear before me.

When the waves of bliss receded, I quickly washed up. Stepping out of the tub, I pulled the plug and reached for your t-shirt. It still smelled faintly of you, even after the many months we have been apart. Sighing, I turned the lights off and headed to my bedroom.

I climbed into the king sized bed, so cold and empty without you. I snuggled under the blanket and wished again that you were here to keep me warm. I closed my eyes, fighting back tears of loneliness. Soon, I was asleep, lost in dreams of you, my beloved.

I was dreaming that you were here with me, raining kisses all over my body. I could feel the hot moisture of your lips and tongue as they caressed my skin. I tried to move my hand to my tingling pussy only to find that it wouldn’t move. I tugged and realized that it was bound to the corner of the bed. I tried the other, finding it similarly fastened. My eyes flew open in panic, only to be met with darkness. I began to struggle bahis şirketleri against the ties that bound me, knowing that it was futile. I opened my mouth to scream but another mouth covered it, its slippery tongue invading. I felt the hard little ball of a tongue ring as it clicked against my teeth. I tried to bite in defense but the strange mouth was too quick. It was gone before my teeth met.

“Shhhh,” I heard in an unrecognizable voice. “It’s okay.”

Too scared to speak, I just nodded.

The stranger chuckled, trailing its fingers along my body, teasing my nipples until they hardened. They found my pussy, wet despite my best efforts to remain unaroused. They slid inside with ease and I gasped. The thumb began rubbing my clit and I couldn’t help the jolts of current running through me. I felt my peak racing towards me and I was unable to stop it. I came then, my juices dribbling out around the fingers buried in me. Tears spilled out of my eyes because I felt I was unfaithful to you. Sobs wracked my body along with the spasms of ecstasy.

“Don’t cry my love,” the soft voice said.

I turned my face away from the voice, attempting to hide my tears of shame. I felt the blindfold lifted from my eyes. I was still too ashamed and angry to open my eyes.

“Look at me,” the voice commanded in a whisper.

I forced myself to turn towards the sound and pried my eyes open. I searched for the face of my attacker. Once I found it I blinked rapidly, my eyes growing wide in shock.

You were sitting next to my on the bed, your fingers still caressing my sensitive pussy. I shook my head, unable to believe that you were here with me.

“What-how-when-, ” I stammered.

“I took an earlier flight to be home with you. I missed you so much.”

Tears spilled from my eyes again, this time they were tears of joy. I opened my mouth to speak again, only to be silenced by your tongue licking my wet slit. You sucked my clit between your teeth, nibbling gently and I came again, my body arching against your lips.

You looked up at me, smiling, and said “Merry Christmas, baby.”

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