Sodomized by my sister

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Sodomized by my sisterI got married when I was 17 and now at 19 my wife says she wants a divorce and moves back to her mom’s house. So here I am stuck paying rent on a 2 bedroom apartment for the next 6 months all by my lonesome. As fate would have it my older sister Patty was getting a divorce too so I ask her if she wanted to move in and split the rent on the apartment. She moved in and everything seemed to be going ok until she caught me in a compromising position. She had come in from work while I was in my room playing some music and sucking myself off. I got a nice 7″ cock that’s 1 1/2″ in diameter and a pair of balls bigger than XL eggs. So there I am rolled up onto my shoulders with half of my cock in my mouth shooting a nice big load right down my throat. I was too into my pleasure and didn’t hear her knock on my door. She opened my door and got a real eyeful. Talk about busted!! I got a dildo in my ass and cum running out of my mouth and dreaming of my ex-wife sucking me off when SMACK right across my ass. I fall off of my bed like a dog licking his balls and falling off of the couch. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” Patty screams at me. “What the fuck does it look like I’m doing? I am getting myself off since I haven’t had any pussy in several months.” Patty is standing there with her hands on her hips, “You don’t see me trying to eat my own pussy just because I haven’t had any dick for awhile do you?” “No, but you sure do go thru a lot of batteries. You need an electric vibrator because the energizer bunny can’t keep up!” “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE” she screams. “Well guess what? If you were fucking me, you wouldn’t need so many batteries and I wouldn’t need to suck my own dick!”Patty stormed out of the room and I figured, ah fuck it! I put some porn on and got myself off again. It was actually diyarbakır escort pretty easy because while it was embarrassing getting caught, I did notice she was looking at my dick a lot while we were arguing and it damn sure stayed hard the entire time. I heard her get out of the shower and a few minutes later she knocked on my door. She comes in wrapped in a towel and says she is sorry for yelling at me. It’s just she has never seen a guy sucking his own dick, especially her own brother, and it kind of freaked her out. I tell her it is no problem, it’s just that I miss my ex-wife so bad I have to have some release and I wasn’t up to the bar scene yet. She is nodding her head in agreement and says she is not ready yet either. Patty is just standing there looking down in a minute of awkward silence. She looks up at me and asks if she can watch me suck myself off again. While I was completely shocked, it only took a few seconds for a “HELL YEAH!” on the inside, but a “Well, I don’t know?” on the outside. Now there is no way I can turn down her request but I had to get a little in return too. “OK, but I need a little visual stimulation to get me going.” Without a word she drops her towel and stands there in all her glory. My sister is a fine looking woman, 5’0″ 120#’s and 34DD’s,2″ areolas and 1″ long nipples ,with black hair and blue eyes and the prettiest pussy you ever seen. She has a natural hairy bush that just begs for you to stick your tongue in it and eat it until she cums in your mouth. Just looking at here has my dick so hard it hurts as I pull her into my arms and we start making out like horny teenagers. 10 minutes of wild kisses and caresses and I can’t take it anymore, I have to taste her pussy. We get into a 69 with her on top and I am eating her pussy fethiye escort like my life depends on it. I have my middle finger in her ass and my thumb in her pussy as I fuck her with my tongue and suck her clit as her pussy juice is dripping down my chin. Patty is bobbing up and down on my cock and has 2 fingers in my ass fucking me as fast as she can. I can feel her trembling as she starts to cum, she squeezes her pussy harder against my mouth as her cum is flowing. After her 4th spasms she cries out, “Oh GOD, OH GODDDDDDDD!” and starts squirting everywhere. Now I have never been with a woman that can squirt when she cums so that caught me by surprise but I pulled her pussy tight against my mouth and I drank as much of her cum as I could. With a mouth full of pussy and cum I couldn’t warn Patty that I was about to shoot my load so I just let her have a mouthful. As my cum is squirting into her mouth, her hand is furiously fucking my ass with her fingers. About my fourth squirt she shoved her entire hand into my ass, I bucked and spasmed and blacked out. When I came to Patty was kissing my face and spreading our cum all over our lips. “What the fuck was that?” I exclaimed. “Oh just something I wanted to try for awhile!” she says with an evil grin. “HOLY SHIT” is all I can say. We lay there in each others arms for awhile trying to recuperate and bring our heart rates back to normal. Patty got up and says she will be back in a few and leaves the room. I get up and take a whiz and grab a wash rag and clean up a little. When I am done Patty comes back into the room wearing an 8″ strap on cock and says, “We never did get around to you sucking your cock for me, so how about you suck yourself off while I fuck your ass?” “Sure why not!” I exclaimed as I move to the edirne escort middle of the bed. I didn’t want to fall off again! I put the pillows under my ass while she put some lotion on her pseudo cock and raised my legs up to her shoulders. Now you can imagine my ass was a little sore after having her entire fist inside of me so I told her to take it easy. She placed the lubed upped head against my butt hole and applied a little pressure, I was surprised when it slid right into me with almost no resistance. It only took a few minutes of her fucking my ass for my cock to come back to life. Patty wraps her hand around my dick and is jacking me off in rhythm to her cock going in and out of my ass. I am really getting into this as I push back against her cock to meet her thrust. Every thrust she makes, her cock massages my prostate and I can feel my cum building up in my balls. I tell Patty I am getting close and she rolls me up onto my shoulders and guides my cock into my mouth. Patty straddles my ass so she can stroke my cock and massage my balls as she continues to fuck my ass as hard as she can. I grab my cock and I am pulling it into my mouth trying to get every inch I can into me. I swirl my tongue around the head and lick the pre-cum from the pee hole as Patty pounds my asshole. She leans down and I grab her tits and pinch her nipples as I say “more, more” from around my dick. Patty drops more of her weight onto her strap on burying it to the hilt in my ass which forces my cock all the way into my mouth. It only takes a few strokes like that and I am squirting ribbon after ribbon of my cum into my mouth. Patty sees my cum spilling out of my mouth and grinds her strap on hard into my ass send her over the edge. She starts squirting and squirting soaking me in her cum from my ass to my head. “OH MY GOD!! I have never cum like that in my life” she cried. “Yeah, well I would say today has had several firsts in it!” I pulled Patty into my arms and she licked the cum from my face and gave me a well deserved cum kiss. “Let’s hit the shower, k**do,” as she leads me to the bathroom.

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