soldier in the car

soldier in the carI am driving along and notice a red Mustang next to me being driven by ahot black guy in an army uniform. He is like 20, hot as fuck and puffing ona cigar as we drive.He notices me looking and gives me a chin up nod and I return it. I keeplooking over and subconsciously licking my lips and notice that he keepslooking at me.We come to a stop light and he rolls down his window and I do the same.”Follow me” he says and pulls off when the light turns green.We pull into a secluded parking lot for an abandoned warehouse and heparks. I park next to him and he motions me to come over.I get into his passenger seat and he puts his hand on the back of my neck.”Whats up?” he asks.”Nothing…” I kind of nervously mumble”Like what you see?” he asks kaçak iddaa nodding down to his 9″ thick cock he haspulled out.I nod yes and he uses the hand behind my neck to guide me down to hiscock. I start sucking him deep working him in and out of my mouth andthroat”You like that black soldier cock?” he asks as he moves his left hand ontothe back of my head and slides the right down my back and into my pants.”Yes Sir” I mumble as best I can with his cock deep in my throat. I feelhis hand squeezing my ass cheeks and then his finger slowly massaging myhole. I subconsciously push up against it, sucking him as deep as I can thewhole time.Suddenly he pushes me deep onto his cock and holds me there as he jams hisentire finger deep into my hole in tipobet güvenilir mi one thrust. My body tenses in painpleasure and shock but I keep sucking even more hot for his cock and cumnow.He holds me down on his cock until I am struggling for air then lets me upjust long enough to take a breath then pushes me deep down on his cock, thewhole time finger fucking me with one then two fingers.I feel his balls tighten and he starts to cum down my throat. I swallow andhe pulls out of my mouth so the last blast hits my face.He pulls his fingers out of my ass and puts them to my lips and Iinstinctively suck them clean.”You’re a good little slut boy, know how I know?’ he asks and I shake myhead no. “Cause you didn’t touch your tipobet giriş cock once you were totally focused onmy pleasure – and you came like five minutes ago.” I look down and itsclear I cummed in my pants.”Live around here?” he asks”Yes Sir like five minutes up the road.” I answer truthfully and he smiles.”You got anyone who uses you regular slut boy?” he asks and again I shakemy head no. He smiles “Good, that means your now mine exclusive.”He reaches into my pocket and grabs my phone. He adds a contact for `Corp’and his number and address. He takes a picture of the stripes on his armfor the contact. He then dials his own phone from mine and adds my numberas a contact, taking a pic of my cum covered face for the contact pic.”I call or text your at that address in 15 minutes, no excuses. Late andyou will be punished, understand?””Yes Sir” I reply.He smiles again, tassels my hair n tells me to get going. I am barely outof his car when he pulls away and all I can think is how much I hope hecalls soon.

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