Solo Vacation – part 3

Solo Vacation – part 3I knew what Island House was going to be, sort of a clothing optional resort with a little bathhouse element to it. For my first vacation by myself I thought I would give it a shot and see if I would be brave enough to participate in the possible goings on. I arrived on Saturday December 13th and got a quick tour and went to my room. I spent a few days wanting to get naked and wander around to see what would happen, especially in the “video room” with 24-hour porn and a sling table! I hoped that I could cut loose and have a little fun I do not have in Dallas. I am 44, 5’8”, 210lbs; a pretty average white guy but I have very nice muscular legs and butt though it seems a toss up which men recall more, my muscled lower body or my long hair.This happened on random days/times during my trip.I was pretty hooked on the whole openness of the place by now and had seen the inside of every place on the property now. I had had more escapades in the pool and video room though. On one particular visit to the video area on a Thursday night, there were just a couple of men in there and I came in and sat down. Blatantly staring at the man across from me playing with his cock under his towel. He spread his legs a little and I got down on my knees. While I sucked his cock, the other man moved closer to watch and soon I was feeling his cock while he ran his hands all over türkçe bahis my body. Two more men came in and I got on the bench in the middle of the room to lie on my back to try to get more deep throating and see if I could get a load. Man #1 (50s, thin, a little rough looking) pulled out of my mouth just as I felt he was getting close but instead of not letting me swallow it, he came all over my face and neck. Man #2 stepped up (20s, farm boy build) and started fucking my face with gusto. I was not able to hold back my gagging with him pounding me so hard. The other men were feeling all over my body and fingering my ass. Man #2 started to cum in my mouth but part way through also pulled out and smeared his load on my face and in my hair. I got off the bench and got on my knees for man #3 (late 40s, stocky and really hairy) and he lasted less than a minute and was dumping cum in my mouth. Man #4 came up and rubbed his hands on my face and smeared the cum all over and into my hair even more. Then he proceeded to jack off onto my face and chest. I was left alone in the room so I laid down on the fuck bench thinking about what had happened.On Sunday, the day I left, I finally came! All this time getting men off (and enjoying it thoroughly) I decided to just go for broke and be nasty. I had checked out of Island House and was killing time until I had to leave for the airport with poker oyna a temporary pass to the resort. My clothes in a locker and my naked ass is in the video room! One older man was in there, he looked like Ben Franklin, playing with his cock and sniffing poppers. I came in and sat down and he came over and started sucking me off. I have a hard time with getting oral but I thought I could let him try. A 50ish man came in wearing boxer-briefs with a mesh front pouch, unusual wear for a bath house environment comparatively speaking, and sat down to watch the cocksucker work. I wanted some so I motioned our visitor over and while I was getting sucked (not well either) I began to suck him. The old man gave up and just sat back and watched as I sucked the visitor. He even grabbed the old man’s poppers and began to use them while I sucked him off. He was getting verbal calling me a cocksucker and a faggot. He liked the feel of my mouth on his cock and I was able to get him all the way into my throat. He came deep, and he came a lot. He pushed me off of him and said he would be back later. Another older man (late 50s, early 60s maybe) with a fit body came in. Very tan and his arrow-straight 7 inches was already hard. I got to work on his cock and he kept pulling me off of him because he did not want to cum so fast. After the third of fourth time he asked if I like to get bets10 fucked. I told him no I do not like to get fucked, I LOVE TO GET FUCKED. I got on the fuck bench and he put my legs up and started fucking me for all he was worth. He was hitting that spot just right and I wanted to cum so bad that I began to jack off while he fucked me. I was begging for it: fuck me, fuck me harder, pound that ass… He slapped my ass and hammered me while I jacked off. We were both covered in sweat and I was getting really loud. “Ben Franklin” was still there and there were several men around me watching and jacking off. I was moaning incoherently and loudly when I exploded all over myself, the fuck table and the legs/feet of them around me. I felt like I had fired a missile and lay there covered in my own cum completely exhausted and unable to move. The man fucking me fucks me slowly for a bit before pulling out and jacks his cock until he came all over my cock, balls, stomach. The two men left standing around me after my orgasm jacked off on my face and body. I was left alone in the room with “Ben Franklin” to recover. I weakly got up and made my way out of the room, down the hall, outside and downstairs to take a shower before I had to leave. It should not have been a surprise to those I encountered on my walk of shame considering where I was coming from but they still seemed to be a little shocked with the obviousness of my being freshly fucked and four loads of cum dripping down my face and body. I showered and dressed in time to get a cab and head off to the airport.I will stay at Island House again!

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